Overgeared - Chapter 1165

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Chapter 1165: 1165

[Your deity stat has reached 10 points and something special will happen . ]

How long did it take to get here? Grid was thrilled when the deity stat, which had been opened thanks to Isabel, finally reached the target . Great excitement and anticipation rushed inside him, shaking his heart .

‘Will I become a half-god?’

Grid already had a chance to become a half-god once .  The quest ‘Crossroad of Good and Evil’ that occurred during the Vatican raid had given him a chance to become a half-god . Additionally, if he evolved into a half-god then there was room for a significant increase in all stats .  Yet Grid refused to become a half-god .

At that time, Grid was qualified to become a half-god due to the First Holy Sword and 4th Evil Taren, not because of the status he built up himself .  If Grid had chosen to be a half-god, he would’ve gained the Holy Sword of the 4th Evil and become hostile to all the gods on the West Continent .

Now it was different—Grid was deified by many beings and was qualified to become a god on his own .  If this achievement made him a half-god then the gods of the West Continent had no justification to be hostile to Grid .

‘Please . . . ! Please, a half-god!’

Hangyeol might be a consumable, unlike Garam, but it couldn’t be denied that he had the blood of a god .  A yangban’s death was a major milestone in history and it wasn’t unusual to be part of an epic .  Then why wasn’t an epic appearing? Additionally, what would happen to Dante in the future? The old knight had become hostile to the Hwan Kingdom just because Grid used his name and face for the skin mask .

Despite the many questions, Grid decided to focus on the events ahead .  He waited eagerly, hoping to be qualified to become a half-god .  The light that surrounded him grew stronger, as if responding to Grid’s expectations .  It was a far cry from the light that occurred when Rebecca, goddess of light, gave him a blessing . It was a hot and intense light, unlike Rebecca’s unrelenting light .  It was like a blazing flame .  If the flames on Hexetia’s nipples became bigger then it might feel like this .


He was Pagma's Descendant .  If he became a half-god then he should be a blacksmith half-god .  If so, wouldn’t his relationship with Hexetia become uncomfortable? He was the only one among the gods who could be considered a friend . Grid would feel sadness and awkwardness if Hexetia considered him as a competitor and harbored animosity .  The moment that Grid was feeling anxiety . . .

[Over the years, a total of 10,759 battle gears have been made . ]

[The battle gears you have created have become part of the world and are being used and spoken about . ]

[Most of the faith toward you is rooted in the battle gears you have created . ] 

“This . . . ”

Indeed, it was unfolding in this direction .  New notification windows were appearing in the field of view of Grid, who couldn’t hide his regret .

[However, you don’t deserve to be the god of blacksmiths . ]

[Your blacksmithing skills are inherited from others . ]

[Part of your accomplishments as a blacksmith is attributed to Pagma, which has led to the dispersion of faith . ]

[The battle gears you have created isn’t a means of proving your divinity . ] 

“ . . . !” No, wait .  He was sorry to be the blacksmith god but that didn’t mean he didn’t want it .  He didn’t want to be completely disqualified .  The moment that Grid’s anxiety was heightened . . .

[The means to prove your divinity comes from the epics you have written . ]

[Your myth comes from a canyon dyed with red blood . ]

“ . . . !”

[In the canyon, you saved the lives of many people, just as you have done before . ]

It was only for a moment .  His experiences over the past decade unfolded like a kaleidoscope in front of Grid .

In the kaleidoscope, Grid rescued Irene after she was kidnapped by the Yatan Church, fought against the golem army to save the people of the Eternal Kingdom, rescued the Ul Clan and other minorities who were on the verge of being destroyed by the empire, and felt compassion for the legends of the previous generation who suffered on the Behen Archipelago .

Grid was the one who protected the Overgeared soldiers in the war, the one who defeated the great demons trying to turn this world into hell, and held out an outstretched hand to the people of Pangea who were afraid of the yangbans .  However, there was a fact that Grid didn’t know—he was the protagonist, who along with Kraugel, prevented the demise of the empire .  

[A total of 183,791,595 NPCs have been saved by you . ]

[The title of Hero King is lacking . ]

[The people’s gratitude toward you constitutes your divinity . ]

[As compensation for your deity reaching the required amount, the title Pangea’s Duke of Virtue has evolved to Duke of Virtue . ]

“XX . ”

Things were going well so why this? He couldn’t help swearing .  The more the system spoke, the more uneasy Grid became and the more his anticipation chilled .  Nevertheless, he hadn’t given up hope .

[Your fervent heart has saved and protected human lives and will be embodied as a reward for achieving divinity . The new title, Duke of Fire, has been acquired . ]

“ . . . !”

This was the moment why Pagma was the Duke of Fire was revealed .  Pagma was a hero who saved countless lives .  He became the Duke of Fire after his hot heart, which was trying to protect people, was embodied as flames .  The difference with Grid was that Pagma had sacrificed too many people for the cause .  Perhaps this inclination led to his failure to get the Duke of Virtue title .

‘Am I the first person to obtain two ‘duke’ titles?’

Braham had said it—'Just as some of the direct descendant vampires have the title of ‘wise lord’, human beings also have the title of ‘duke . ’ Sword Saint Muller had the title of ‘Duke of Pressure’ and Blacksmith Pagma had the title of ‘Duke of Fire . ’ The title of a duke is a symbol of legends and gives great power to legends . ’

There had been no legend with two or more duke titles .

‘I am the first to do so . ’

Grid’s heart thumped .  He had surpassed the previous generation legends in one aspect and was deeply impressed, the emotions surging over him like a tsunami .  He felt like he had become a really incredible person .  The good news wasn’t over yet .  There was still something left .

[‘Divinity’ is enhanced as the main reward for achieving the required deity points . ]

Ah . ” Grid sighed .  It was definitely a good skill .  No, it was more than just a good skill, it was great .  It was a skill that removed casting time and cooldown time up to two times . . .

It was one of the best skills in Satisfy and no one could deny it .  However, it wasn’t universal .  The Divinity skill was gained from creating three myth rated items .  His skill in this field was comparable to a god .  The Divinity skill made Grid a ‘blacksmith equal to a god’ and was only applicable to blacksmith related skills .  It was definitely a good thing to be able to use Item Combination or Item Transformation more than once in a row, but it was worse than evolving into a half-god where all stats would rise .

Grid was disappointed .  However, he overlooked one important fact .  The current system didn’t evaluate him as ‘Pagma's Descendant’ but as a ‘Magic Swordsman of the Epics . ’ Grid shouldn’t have forgotten .  The first time he gained Divinity, he might’ve been Pagma's Descendant but he was now recognized as ‘Grid . ’ Pagma's Descendant was now only a part of him .

[From now on, Divinity will apply to all your skills . ]

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[From now on, it is possible to raise Divinity . One of the special things that will occur every time Deity gains 10 points is directly related to the rise in the level of Divinity . The maximum level of Divinity is 10 . Whenever it levels up, the number of consecutive uses of Divinity will increase by one . ]

[Once Divinity reaches level 5, your race will revolve from human to half-god . ]

“ . . . ”

Grid was at a loss for words .  Divinity had only applied to blacksmith related skills and despite the fact that it could only be used consecutively twice, it was evaluated as a great power .  Now it would apply to all skills and the number of consecutive uses could be increased up to 12 times .

‘If it reaches full level, I can perform a four fusion sword dance or the Undefeated King’s swordsmanship up to 12 times consecutively . ’

It was crazy .  Surprising! A scam! It was a much better reward than becoming a half-god with room for all stats to rise .

Grid didn’t think for a long time .  He opened the inventory with quivering hands and took out two scrolls he had valued and cherished so far .  They were the scrolls to enhance skills that had been neglected for a long time .  The target was naturally Divinity .

[The level of Divinity has risen . The number of consecutive uses has increased by one . ]

[The level of Divinity has risen . The number of consecutive uses has increased by one and the cooldown time for reuse is reduced . ] 


Patience was bitter but the fruit was sweet .  He had gained a skill that was hard to raise and Grid was delighted to use the skill enhancement scroll that he had saved .  Then his face stiffened . . .

[Duke of Fire is reacting to you . ]

[Your bad work of hurting people to save others has been embodied as demonic power . ]

[The attention of 1st Great Demon Baal can’t be avoided . ]

[The voice of Baal, filled with pure interest and malice, is heard . ]

-Duke of Fire .  Pagma's Descendant is following in his footsteps .

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[Great Demon Baal is attempting to corrupt you . ]

[The effect of Duke of Virtue if purifying your demonic power . Baal’s curse has returned in vain . ]

[Demonic power is purified and Blackening can’t be used . Due to the effect of Duke of Virtue, a new skill will be created . ]

- . . . What? It is different from Pagma .  Haha, how interesting .  How long can you really hold on?

[Baal is preparing a ritual so that you can’t be liberated from demonic power . ]

[Baal’s demons are beginning the ritual . ]

[It has failed . ]

[The Demon Slayer, wandering in a lonely manner through hell, has destroyed the foundation of Baal’s ritual . ]

[Baal’s gaze has missed you . ]

- . . . . !!

Baal’s voice was suddenly no longer heard .  Grid, who was liberated from demonic power and lost Blackening, hastily brought up the skills list . He needed to check his condition yet he wasn’t allowed time . A voice was heard .  “ . . . Your face is changing frequently . ”

“ . . . !”

It was a creepy voice .  The surprised Grid turned his head in a hurry . The owner of the voice was standing in front of Grid, in a completely different direction from where the voice was heard .  It was Garam .

[An unknown person is writing the fourth epic . ]

Why did it have to happen back-to-back? Grid’s expression distorted .