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Overgeared - Chapter 1214

Published at 7th of May 2020 02:27:05 PM

Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214

“Haha . ”

Piaro returned with the soldiers from digging potatoes and noticed that His Majesty had returned .  His fighting energy soared like it was provoking the sky .  Piaro could perceive the ferocious spirit that made even Mother Nature nervous .

“Mercedes must be sad . You just embraced her only to apply for a duel . ”

Piaro assimilated with the wind through Natural State and ran to the training ground . He was happy to see Grid and Mercedes sharing a hug .  Mercedes showed her love for the first time and rather than responding to her courage, Grid applied for a duel . Mercedes must be feeling hurt .  Mercedes immediately removed the faint smile she showed to Grid and faced Piaro with an expressionless face .  “We never shared a hug . ”

“I’ve already seen it . ”

“I was just dizzy for a moment . His Majesty supported me . ”

“Hehe, it is refreshing . ”

Mercedes didn’t know that her cheeks were slightly red .  Piaro smiled at the rare sight of her being distracted and knelt down in front of Grid .  It was a tribute to Grid, who gave the Red Knights a second life . He was also thankful for Grid’s safe return .  “This Piaro eagerly welcomes Your Majesty who has returned from your exploits that threatened the skies . ”

“I heard you captured the Gauss Kingdom perfectly while I was away? You’ve really worked hard . ”

“This is the life Your Majesty has given me . If you hadn’t taken me away, I wouldn’t be who I am now . The only reason why I was able to win the war was due to Your Majesty’s grace, so Your Majesty shouldn’t praise me . ”

“ . . . . . . ”

Piaro was originally lacking in thought .  No matter the position of the people around him, he just smiled and went his own way .  It was rare for him to be so excited .  Grid smiled when he saw that Piaro’s always wrinkled and dirt covered clothes were ironed today .  “Why does it feel like your spirit is soaring into the sky? Are you happy these days? Is it because of your wife?”

“ . . . Hum hum, I won’t deny it . How can I not be happy when Your Majesty made me a human again and Beniyaru gave me love?” Piaro frankly replied and then activated his pure energy .

The mud stuck to the hand plow and sickle were burned away by the strong pure energy . The hoes and sickle showed a sword-like sharpness that was intimidating .

“I, Piaro, will accept Your Majesty’s application for a duel . ”

“It is good that you’re so straightforward . ”


[The duel with ‘Piaro’ has started . ]

[In dueling mode, no one will die even if they reach the minimum health . ]

[The battle is decided the moment one side’s health reaches the minimum . ]


Just as Grid had grown steadily, Piaro had also grown .  In particular, his Natural State had reached a deeper stage since being taught by Braham .

“The greatest strength of Natural State is the variability of energy . ”

Piaro engraved Braham’s teachings once again into his heart and entrusted his body to the wind .  He closed his eyes and read the nature of the wind touching his skin . Then he reproduced it with pure energy .

“ . . . . . . !”

“ . . . . . . !”

Grid and Mercedes’ eyes widened .  Piaro’s pure energy, which was originally hard and sharp, changed so it was as soft as water and as flexible as the wind .

‘It is a property that can’t be broken with force . ’

Mercedes looked anxiously at Grid .  Piaro was entering a new phase she had never seen before .  Mercedes was concerned that Grid would become frustrated .

“Ah . . . !” Mercedes exclaimed .  It was because Grid enhanced his power and speed and was rushing straight at Piaro .  She obviously thought that he would be swept away by Piaro’s pure energy, which was like the wind itself .  The same was true for others .

“His Majesty is acting recklessly . ”

Dante, the white-haired knight—he didn’t have Keen Insight like Mercedes but he had experience . Based on his many years of experience, he noticed that Piaro’s pure energy contained a peak strength .  He had come running after hearing a commotion while training the soldiers and thought that Grid would soon fall .

‘His Majesty will be swept away by Piaro’s pure energy and his back will touch the ground . ’

Dante clenched his fists .  He could feel his heart boiling . He was overwhelmed with the desire to teach Grid, who had greater possibilities than anyone else . There would be no regrets if he could give even a bit of help to his benefactor and new master .

On the other hand . . .

“Isn’t it too early for His Majesty to compete against Piaro?”

Singuled arrived at the scene after following Piaro, who had suddenly run off instead of digging for potatoes . Now he showed skepticism .  He had witnessed Grid’s skills many times but thought that Grid wasn’t a match for Piaro .  However, Hurent’s thoughts were different .  “We’ll see . You don’t know Grid very well . ”

“ . . . ?”

Singuled cocked his head .  Didn’t Hurent regard Piaro almost like a god? Yet he doubted Piaro’s victory? Hurent shrugged as he put down the sack of rice and sat on it . “Yes, he will be beaten by Grid . ”

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“ . . . ?”

Just then, there was an explosion .

“ . . . . . . !”

The first one to be surprised was Mercedes .  The moment when the airflow formed by Piaro’s pure energy collided with Grid’s sword, Grid’s body should’ve been swept up in the airflow . Instead, he unexpectedly held still in the midst of the airflow .

‘White Tiger’s Posture!’

That’s right—Grid crouched like a tiger and was rooted in the ground, similar to a giant tree .  The ‘immobile’ effect of White Tiger’s Posture was supposed to be a restraint but now it was used to support the body that should’ve been swept away by the air currents .

“ . . . . . . !”

The next one to be surprised was Dante .  He didn’t miss Grid staring straight at Piaro’s sickle that was heading straight at him .

‘He didn’t avoid it?’

Reading the attack in advance but not responding meant there were probably hidden intentions .  It was as expected .  Piaro also seemed to notice it .  However, his sickle was already aiming at Grid’s brow .  There was a noise like metal colliding with stone .  Piaro’s wrists cramped like crazy while Grid was fine despite being struck in the forehead .  He was immune because he linked White Tiger’s Posture with the Rock skill .

“ . . . . . . !”

The last person to be surprised was Singuled .  His sentiments were simple .

‘A stone head . . . !’

A pointed sickle .  Was Grid’s skull hard enough to endure a sickle wielded by Piaro .  Piaro kept wielding his sickle as Singuled clicked his tongue .  He repeatedly stabbed at one spot as if to deny Grid’s hardness .  Once Grid didn’t budge, he finally gave up and stepped back for a while .

‘Is he immune to blades?’

Piaro tried not to frown at his pained wrists .  He finally showed his true skills .  The First Style of Free Farming, Sowing Seeds, unfolded splendidly .  Hundreds of small, round seeds were scattered around Grid .  Previously, Piaro had linked it with Polishing to explode it or it was planted in the ground .

Now he was able to grow plants without planting the seeds in the ground .  It was due to entering the deepened phase of Natural State .  The seeds he threw were already holding the pure energy of the earth .  He could immediately sprout new buds even if he didn’t borrow the power of the land .

“Free Farming 2nd Style! Super Growth!”

Some of the hundreds of seeds in the air around Grid sprouted and enlarged .  Dozens of sweet potatoes larger than an adult man released stems that tangled together and took control of the space around Grid .  Piaro weaved the dozens of stems into one and started to wield it .

“Sweet Potato Battering!”

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Sweet Potato Battering was one of the techniques of Free Farming and it was originally a technique that could only be used by linking Sowing Seeds, Rapid Growth, and Harvest .  It was a concept where seeds were planted in the ground, the sweet potatoes grown and then harvested . Naturally, it had to go through all these steps .

Now Piaro was able to grow sweet potatoes just by scattering the seeds . It was possible to start Sweet Potato Battering immediately without going through all those processes .  Dozens of sweet potatoes hanging from the stems struck and devastated the land .  He swung the sweet potato stem like he was determined to crush all of Grid’s bones .  He knew he shouldn’t control his strength .


The soldiers gathered to watch the fight were flustered .  Every time the stem of sweet potatoes struck the ground, the entire training ground shook and the soldiers felt dizzy .  

“It might be a spar but this is too ruthless against His Majesty . . . ”

Singuled shuddered . He saw Piaro smashing the training ground and recalled memories of the past .  For Piaro, who usually became a demon the moment he held the sword, a spar was no different from a real battle .  He was eager to fight against the strong in order to reach the realm of Sword Saint . Singuled was someone dissatisfied with this aspect of Piaro’s personality .  What knight was there who would fight against his liege with all his strength?

‘Did he lose his sense of chivalry after becoming a farmer?’

Meanwhile, Hurent spoke some nonsense to Singuled, “The sweet potatoes are being cooked . ”

“ . . . Are you hungry?”

No, why did he suddenly talk about sweet potatoes being cooked in the middle of a serious battle? Singuled felt it was absurd only to become shocked and his nose shook .  It really smelled delicious .  It was the smell of delicious cooked sweet potatoes .


Singuled started to focus on the confrontation that he knew was about to end .  He captured the moment when the sweet potatoes smashing the ground appeared through the dust .  Then he saw it .  Piaro’s sweet potatoes were all golden-brown in a cooked manner .  Once the cooked sweet potatoes slammed into the ground, they were only crushed and were no longer a threat .  The dust cloud gradually died down .  Then—

The outline of the veiled flames started to appear little by little .

“T-This is impossible!”

How hard did Piaro wield the sweet potato that he created a huge dust cloud that managed to cover the storm of flames? The startled Singuled’s vision shone red .  There was a storm of flames in the landscape he was seeing .  Grid stood in the center and was unscathed while Piaro had large and small burns all over his body .  The confrontation that seemed to be led by Piaro was actually dominated by Grid .

“ . . . I heard that you killed a half-god . ”

Piaro put down the stem of sweet potatoes he was holding and grew the seeds he planted earlier . They rapidly became watermelons .  The hundreds of watermelons contained the moisture of the ground and calmed the heat of the fire storm .  Grid felt admiration and spoke sincerely, “A half-god isn’t a god . Most of them were weaker than you, Piaro . ” 

“However, I’m sure there was someone who was superior to me . ”

A huge shadow covered the sky .  It was a shadow created by a strong pure energy .

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“With my lowly skills, I can only handle Your Majesty if I’m prepared for death . ”

A stone mortar appeared in the turbulent sky .  The ultimate technique of Free Farming used to target Grid’s enemies was now aimed at Grid .

“ . . . I was looking forward to it . ”

Grid felt the eerie tension and used Open Potential .  Pounding Mortar had a variable where it would be a three-stage hit if a critical hit occurred .  It wasn’t easy to fight back so he was determined to face it with strength .

“Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle . ”

Grid dominated the space .

“Pounding Mortar . ”

The space dominated by Grid was crushed by Piaro .

“ . . . . . . !”

“ . . . . . . !”

Dante and Singuled were shocked .  Mercedes clenched her hands hard and Hurent rose from his seat, once again carrying the rice sack on his shoulder .

“ . . . . . . ”

Grid was silently lying on the ground .  He looked up at the clear sky and murmured, “Um, it is much stronger than when I used it . ”

Over the past month, Piaro had grown so much .  Piaro’s Pounding Mortar that contained the energy of nature far exceeded the power of Pounding Mortar that Grid had reproduced .  This really . . .

‘ . . . It feels good . ’

Piaro’s voice was heard above the smiling Grid, “I’m ashamed of my past self who didn’t recognize Your Majesty’s capabilities . ” 

Piaro was also lying on the ground, his head aimed in Grid’s direction .  It was a draw .  If it was a real battle then both of them would’ve entered the immortal state the moment their health reached the minimum . It was unclear what variables would’ve occurred after that but at least in a duel, it was a draw .

Both of them were smiling brightly when someone came to shout at them .  “Lord Piaro! You won’t receive your salary for the next seven months!”

“ . . . !!”

It was Administrator Rabbit .  The image of Piaro, who was as agitated as hearing bad news out of the blue, showed the weight of the head of a household .

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