Overgeared - Chapter 1248

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Chapter 1248: 1248

The emergence of the great demons had something in common—there was no precursor . The great demons always appeared abruptly and were disasters, causing numerous casualties . This was why the world was turned upside down by this situation . Could humanity only watch helplessly as the great demons destroyed their kingdoms? Five great demons appeared at the same time? How were they supposed to deal with this?

People were baffled by the world messages . They couldn’t figure out what to do . This was when Basara became the focal point .

“I’m different from the emperors of the past . ”

The greatest strength of the Saharan Empire lay in its vast territory and its billions of people . The empire’s vision spanned almost every part of the continent . It wasn’t a waste of money and manpower for the empire to manage over 50 borders . The empire’s ability to collect, gather, and disseminate what was happening on the continent in real time was unmatched .

The five great demons were discovered by the empire the moment they left Talima and crossed the volcanic zone . The scouts of the empire that existed in various forms were now following the great demons . The information they sent back was being spread across the continent by Empress Basara . This was in contrast to the emperors of the past, who despised and neglected the great demons’ invasion .

That’s right—Basara dreamed of harmony and politics that focuses only on the empire wasn’t her purpose . She knew that living with the other kingdoms and races, moving forward together was the way to lead the Millennium Empire .

‘This disaster . . . it is an opportunity to bring harmony to all . ’

The empire had too many sins in its long history . There were an overwhelming number of people who doubted or loathed Basara when she advocated unity . The victims and stunned witnesses still didn’t trust her . However, Basara believed she could change it . This was why she went directly to the front lines . She wanted to introduce herself to the world, make her true heart known, and protect the world with everyone .

“We have been able to avoid the worst case scenario thanks to King Grid’s expedition against the Berserk King . There are sections where the path of the Berserk King is expected to overlap with the paths of the other great demons . We have avoided needing to deal with more than one great demon at once . ”

Basara’s heart was greatly overwhelmed . She felt something as majestic as the day when she saw an exceptionally high sky . She was impressed by Grid’s insight that saw the core of the Berserk King just by looking at the path of the Berserk King’s march . Basara felt that Grid really was the great man who changed the empire . Today, she especially missed him .

‘13 minutes . You only need to buy time for 13 minutes . ’

The empire gathered all the ready-to-maneuver troops . They even deployed the imperial guards to the front lines . Moreover, all the magicians and scholars led by the great magicians were gathered to make the Reverse Summoning magic circle .

That was two days ago . According to the scholars’ predictions, the time remaining until the completion of the Reverse Summoning magic circle was only two hours . However, that very same two hours also meant it was 13 minutes after the Berserk King’s scheduled arrival .

“Look here . ”

In the barracks where the leaders of various kingdoms were gathered . . .

Basara pointed to one side of the map . It was the path that the Berserk King was taking and there was a small fortress there . “Henlutu Fortress of the Arc Kingdom . The magicians of the empire are gathering there to install the Reverse Summoning magic circle . ”

“The Reverse Summoning magic circle . . . ?” Duke Jinteri of the Glaucian Kingdom dared to ask a question .

He had felt strange since the beginning when he led the Glaucian Kingdom’s army at the command of his king who couldn’t refuse the emperor’s call to overthrow the great demons together . The ambassador of the empire had issued a memorandum that said ‘fight against the great demons and overcome the world’s crisis together’ but instead of an order, it said ‘please . ’ The empire also expressed their thanks to the nobles and armies of the ‘small kingdoms’ who joined the battlefield .

He had heard that the empress was completely different from the emperors of the past but he didn’t know it would be this different . It was an incomprehensible sight and perhaps he was dreaming right now . This was why he dared to ask a question . It was to the existence who wasn’t afraid of the gods in Heaven and the demons underground . The result—

“It is a magic circle that sends back a being that came from another dimension,” she answered with a friendly smile, not a cold dagger stuck in his neck .

“I . . . see . Thank you for teaching me, Your Majesty . It is a national honor that will last for generations . ” It was different . The world had changed . Duke Jinteri replied politely as he realized the truth and tried to subdue his thrilled heart . Basara nodded humbly and went back to the main topic .

“The empire is planning to send back the Berserk King, who is considered the most dangerous of the great demons who have invaded this time . It is just honestly unknown if we can complete the magic circle before he arrives at Henlutu Fortress . ”

However, the empire had no choice but to gamble . It was because once the Berserk King passed through Henlutu Fortress, there was a section where he would overlap with Dantalion’s route . The moment the two of them joined forces, the Arc Kingdom would perish .

In order to avoid the worst-case scenario, they had to risk setting up the magic circle at Henlutu Fortress . It was just that the analysis of the probability of the operation succeeding was barely 10% . The speed of the Berserk King’s march exceeded the magic circle’s installation speed .

At this point, Grid came . She was grateful for the presence of the helper called Grid, and felt reassured .

“Now the story is different . Things have completely changed . King Grid coming forward has significantly increased the chance of the Reverse Summoning magic circle being completed . We are able to make the best choices rather than preparing for the worst . ” Basara pointed to two of the smallest of the five asterisks on the map . “The Berserk King will be entrusted to King Grid . We will focus all our power on repelling Ronove and Dantalion . ”

Basara’s clear gaze studied the faces of those sitting down on the left . The leaders of a total of 11 nations, including the Saharan Empire and the Overgeared Kingdom, nodded with determination . Seeing this scene, Basara smiled and her somewhat anxious eyes shifted to those sitting on the right . The representatives of nine races, including orcs, elves, short green people with red eyes, a short-legged person with a hunched back, etc, all stared at her with dissatisfied expressions .

She sighed and gave a small nod to them . Basara’s heart was heavy . She knew how much anguish and determination they would’ve felt when making up their minds to join the empire when they had been discriminated against and abused by the empire all their lives . She once again regretted the absence of the half-draconians, who she couldn’t reconcile with, and disclosed the strategies prepared by the hundreds of strategists in the empire .

First, she put forward the strategy against Ronove, who could transform into red fog to freely move . Then she talked about Dantalion’s method of peeping into his book . Their force was largely divided into two . The force that would target Ronove was the empire, four kingdoms, and five races . The force that would attack Dantalion was the Overgeared Kingdom, five other kingdoms, and four races .

Ares, king of Valhalla, looked pleased after finding out he had become a team with the Overgeared Kingdom . Then he raised a question, "Excuse me, Your Majesty . Then who will block the Eccentric Duke and Sitri’s hand?”

They might be cooperating for a while due to a common enemy but Valhalla and the empire were strictly enemies . No one pointed out Ares’ aggressive manner of speaking and Basara herself didn’t mind . She admired and acknowledged Ares’ broad-mindedness for deciding to join her for the peace of the world, even though she was an enemy .

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“Sitri’s hand is only part of the great demon and has no sense of reason or wisdom . Thus, he seems like an easy opponent but the reality was different . The average person can’t get close to him at all because he emits the same magic as hell, regardless of his body burning . ”

“His body burning? Doesn’t this mean he will self-destruct soon? Isn’t it enough to ignore him?”

“If we wait for Sitri to self-destruct, half of the continent will be devastated . ”

“So who can stop the guy who can’t even be approached? Are you going to target him with the Reverse Summoning magic circle?”

Basara smiled . “Humanity has the Rebecca Church . ”

At the same time, in the Kalatan Fortress in the Arc Kingdom . . .

“ . . . . . . ”

The fortress was quiet . The Rebecca followers felt a sense of fundamental fear at the sight of a big hand, like 10 elephants glued together, slowly crawling in the plains below the fortress . It felt like they had encountered something that condensed all the sinister things in the world .

Gulp .

The followers were trembling with fright even though Pope Damian and Rebecca’s Daughters were at the forefront . The followers witnessed Sitri’s hand and believed that if there was a demon who dominated the world, it must be that guy .

“it is an eyesore . ” White feathers fluttered above the fortress . It was the appearance of an archangel, an existing myth that ignited the morale of the Rebecca followers .

“Am I late?” The black-haired beauty joined one step late and apologized, calming the mind of Pope Damian who had been trembling with fear in his heart .

Meanwhile, Ares . . .

“ . . . Hoh? It is the combination of the Rebecca Church and the Demon Slayer . I don’t think there is a great demon who can’t be defeated by this combination . ” He nodded with interest when he heard the power based in the Kalantan Fortress from Empress Basara . Even so, he still had questions . “Who is blocking the Eccentric Duke?”

“The Eccentric Duke is an unreasonable force . ” Basara’s expression was once again confident . “The only one who can stop him is the Sword Saint who exercises the same irrationality . ”

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“Kraugel? Doesn’t he still . . . ”

Have a low level? Ares was barely holding back the words that reflexively wanted to pop out, when Basara’s words penetrated his ears .

“You might disregard the Sword Saint but there are countless people in the world who follow him, regardless of his intentions . They look very strong . ”

At the same time, in the Lilchard Fortress in the Arc Kingdom . . .

“Huhu, this is the fate of those who are admired . ” Spear Saint Kirinus said with a laugh while the silent Kraugel looked back quietly .

There were hundreds of unofficial rankers, including Black, White, Tarma, other Blood Carnival members, Death God Knight, and thousands of players whose names had been heard somewhere . These wanderers filled the fortress because they were fascinated by Kraugel’s swordsmanship or had no place to rely on other than Kraugel . It was like the middle of a market . There wasn’t any orderly formation but the pride they expressed showed they didn’t envy Grid .

“Hey! Kraugel! Drag it properly from the front! Eh? If you don’t do it well then you might be stabbed in the back in the future!”

“Tarma was the jerk who just spoke!”

“Ah, shut your mouth!”

“Shh . From now on, I will kill anyone who upsets Kraugel . Be careful . Don’t forget that if Kraugel runs away because of something we did, we will have to fight against the empire or the Overgeared Kingdom . ”

“It’s tiring to work with military people . Is this a game? It is an army . No matter the quest rewards, I can’t live in a group like this . ”

“So I guess everyone is stuck here . Hey, Kraugel! Have strength! Go and beat up that monstrous demon! In the meantime, we will do as much as we can!”

“ . . . . . . ”

Two days earlier, Kraugel had received a hidden quest . It was a quest presented by Empress Basara . She told him that if he was in charge of the battle, there would definitely be many people who would join his side and be his strength . It was surprisingly true . The problem was that there were few chivalrous people .

Kraugel stood alone on the wall and stared at the people, looking uniquely beautiful as he questioned them, “Why me?”

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“What? What nonsense are you suddenly saying? The great demon will soon arrive . Polish your sword one more time!”

The crowd swore and jeered without thinking about the point of the question

Kraugel frowned and spoke more clearly, “Besides this place, there is the battlefield that Grid is in charge of . Why did you come to my battlefield instead of Grid’s battlefield?”

Kraugel’s question was natural . Grid was much stronger than Kraugel . The one with the highest success of stopping the great demons was naturally Grid, not Kraugel . Yet there were thousands of people who took part in his own battlefield, not Grid’s battlefield . They were also the best talents .

Kraugel found it really hard to understand but the people he questioned laughed as if it was absurd .

“Isn’t this a stupid question? Are we crazy enough to go and hunt the 13th great demon?”

“Grid might be strong but even he can’t stand it . I expect him to be killed in one minute . ”

“ . . . I see . ”

Kraugel’s gaze turned to the canyon beneath the walls . He could see a warrior wearing a crown and silver armor walking alone .

Kraugel murmured, “This place will be annihilated . ”

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