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Overgeared - Chapter 1267

Published at 18th of October 2020 03:08:56 PM

Chapter 1267: Chapter 1267

Talima’s agriculture had been completely mechanized . A variety of machines such as artificial elementals and golems took over the entire process of turning over the fields, planting seeds, and harvesting them . It wasn’t a system created because the dwarves were lazy . Rather, it was the opposite . The dwarves entrusted livelihood-related areas such as agriculture to machines so they could be faithful to their main job .

It was obvious just by looking at the industrial situation . The dwarves had unparalleled technology, but they only focused on their craftsmanship . At the same time, they produced five or more artificial elementals and golems, and hundreds of weapons every week . This showed that their working hours were unmatched .

In fact, the people who visited Talima always said they were a restless race . The dwarves were real workaholics who used an anvil as a table, only had a short break for meals, and used the rest of their time on labor . However, they went on strike today . Every one of them stopped working and ran to the streets to surround Pelot’s smithy . Even the festivities to celebrate the liberation of the empress’ soul was finished in 30 minutes . The person who captivated the workaholics was Grid .

Gulp .


The meal served during the dwarves’ break . . . Grid swallowed the bread soaked in water in one second and concentrated on hammering . The flames in his furnace were never extinguished . The smelting was delicate and the quenching exquisite . His hammering reached the peak as he continued to create new works . It was a work that imitated Grid’s hand itself . At first glance, it seemed to belong to a humanoid golem, but it was different . The final form of Grid’s work was originally designed to be his hand .


In order to increase his rapport with his work, Grid followed Pelot’s advice about how manual work was the best and carefully created two God Hands per day . He would’ve insisted on manual work even if he hadn’t received Pelot’s advice . The God Hands required representing dozens of joints and it was extremely difficult to produce the God Hands . It couldn’t be made properly when entrusted to auto production .

“Shit!” Grid swore harshly as he was concentrating . It was the first time he did so in ages . He had made a total of 10 God Hands and not a single ego appeared, so he had to be annoyed . He wanted to throw his hammer, but he couldn’t do it because he was a blacksmith deep to his bones .

‘Isn’t this too much? Isn’t it normal for an ego to appear at least once?’

Advanced Ego Item Making said there was a ‘certain probability’ of producing an ego . A ‘certain probability’ meant approximately 10-30% . Of course, if someone was unlucky then it would be less than 10% . However, on average, it was 20% . Now Grid suffered the worst situation . All 10 items failed . The five day struggle was completely meaningless . There couldn’t be such nonsense .

‘I wouldn’t have been mentally exhausted like this if I had failed when making weapons or armor . ’

There were no big problems if there wasn’t an ego in his armor and weapons . The equipment used by Grid currently weren’t ego items . Based on the value of the items alone, the ego was only a secondary effect . However, the God Hands were different . The God Hands that couldn’t move on their own were just hand models and had no value . Even if it was legendary rated, what was the worth if it was just a strange decoration?

‘These damn S . A jerks . . . ’

This was a skill he had just learned . Rather than increasing his chances of success using his privileges, it was more like lowering his chances of success .

‘I’ll let you see how effective it is . Tsk . ’

Empress Maribel foolishly drank a glass of poisonous wine from a strange guest she invited to her love room and bid farewell to the world . He was honestly relieved when he freed her soul, that had lived a long life . However, he missed her after only five days .

Of course, this didn’t mean he regretted it . The soul of the empress would only be an epic rating if he had to measure the level of the ego . She had the characteristic of being absolutely obedient to her master, but her calculating ability decreased a lot because she became an idiot after getting hurt . Complex commands couldn’t be executed immediately, and Grid could only control four God Hands .

The ego making technique that would replace the empress’ soul was clearly of more value . It was just that Grid’s bad luck acted as a variable .

“Hah . . . ”

Grid’s sigh deepened . He never had a single success while making 10 God Hands . The worst situation that ever happened dealt him a big blow . He wanted to log out and stay away from the game for a few days . He would eventually overcome his frustration even if he made 100 God Hands and failed . It was just unpleasant that he had to overcome it in the first place .

‘If it is going to be like this, it will be more efficient to infuse an ego that does specific actions . ’

Grid couldn’t control his anger and finally sat down while covering his face . The dwarves watched him and sighed with regret . Even the best blacksmith who created such great minerals and beautiful works had to face trials . . . The dwarves’ eyes were dark because they felt the road was still long and rough . They sympathized with Grid’s frustration .

“Still, isn’t his luck too bad?”

“I agree . He made 10 works, but couldn’t succeed with the rapport even once . . . "

Grid had the advanced ego making technique . It was a skill that could only be acquired by dwarf craftsmen who accumulated hundreds of years of training . The dwarf craftsmen gained an average of three egos every time they made 10 weapons . The chances of failing 10 times in a row were so rare that it only occurred once every few years .

Meanwhile, Grid experienced this in just five days .



The dwarves clicking their tongues were excited . They retreated to the side as a black-haired dwarf opened the door to Pelot’s smithy . A transcendent—it was the dwarf’s strongest warrior, Antrino .

“I heard the news . It is unfortunate . Why don’t you try changing your mood?”

“Changing my mood?”

“Would you like to go to the Elliter Mine? Learn magic engineering skills? I’ll guide you . ”

“Is it okay?”

“I said it before that it doesn’t matter if an outsider visits the Elliter Mine . The problem is the attitude of the magicians . Fortunately, they seem to welcome your visit . ”

The reason it took five days to gain permission was because the magic engineering school ignored King Charles’ edict . They could stay in their studios for 10 days to a month once they started working, and they finally checked the edict sent five days ago .

“Hmm . . . ” Grid didn’t stand up . Antrino thought Grid would be happy, so he was a bit disappointed when the reaction was lukewarm . However, he could understand Grid’s attitude . “Thank you, but I can’t right now . I can’t leave here until I make an ego . ”

“I hope you’ll be successful this time . ” Antrino sat down on one side of the smithy . Then he pulled out his favorite axe and started to sharpen it with a whetstone . The craftsmanship of the axe was excellent . It was much better than a decent human blacksmith . It was as expected for the dwarves .

‘Okay, let’s try it again . ’

Grid values relationships . He was excited and thrilled every time he made new friends . Grid’s anger had softened slightly thanks to Antrino . He collected the 10 God Hands he had made so far . They would be used as materials for a new God Hand after being melted in the furnace .

This was when the blacksmiths outside went wild .

“Wait! Wait a moment!”

“Overgeared King! Show mercy to us!”

“ . . . ?"

Grid was bewildered when the dwarves clung to the door and shouted . Mercy? He cocked his head at the dwarves’ shout .

“Those works! Don’t discard them . Please sell them to us!”

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“This . . . ?” A miscellaneous item that wasn’t classified as equipment—Grid pointed to the 10 God Hands that couldn’t be used without egos and the dwarves nodded . Grid thought it was absurd . “Why do you want this? Are you going to use it as a decoration?”

“Of course! It is a work that mimics the hand of the legendary blacksmith acknowledged by God Hexetiia . Of course it should decorate the middle of the smithy to be worshipped like a god!”

“I intend to pray to that hand every day! I intend to hand it down through my family so please sell it to me!”

Grid and Pagma had different advantages . Pagma wasn’t a legendary blacksmith yet when he visited Talima . Meanwhile, Grid was already a mature legend . Even the old dwarves who weren’t interested in Pagma’s works were forced to be fascinated with Grid’s works .

Moreover, it was a work that was modeled after Grid’s own hands . It was a work that all art collectors in the world would covet . What collector wouldn’t covet a delicate and perfectly reproduced work of the legendary blacksmith’s hand? It was uncommon for there to be a work that combined this degree of artistry and workmanship .

‘Certainly . . . ’

Grid felt better once he realized the value of the God Hands due to the dwarves . He was a bit comforted when he realized he hadn’t only suffered damage in the last five days .

“Make your offers . ”

The auction began . Grid was hoping it would be a money maker, only to doubt his ears .

“I want to exchange it with an artificial spirit!”

“Just one? What person is like this? I will offer three artificial elementals! It took me 124 years to complete these three, but I think it is worth it!”

“I will offer five iron golems!”


Grid had heard about it from Ke ong—creating artificial elementals required great effort, a long time, and a lot of money . However, the probability of the artificial spirit failing was more than 70% . He said it would be absolutely impossible to mass-produce artificial elementals with the power of only one or two dwarves .

Now the number of dwarves surrounding Grid was in the thousands . A moment ago, Grid had felt like he had fallen into hell . Now it was like he was swimming through the clouds .

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‘I feel good!’

It was the time . Grid instinctively resumed work as the dwarves shouted . His enthusiasm burned like the fire in the furnace, and his movements were perfect enough for dwarf craftsmen to use as textbooks .


Talima’s time stopped . The dwarves remained in place until Grid finished, and the entire city was locked in silence . It was around the time when blue moonlight was falling on the smithy . . .

“Beautiful . . . ” A wide smile was on Antrino’s face as he sat and watched Grid like an old monk .

[The item has been completed . ]

[The finished item has a very intense soul . ]

-Master,I was impressed by your unwavering willpower . You won’t be frustrated by any trials in front of you . In any despair, I will eliminate your enemies, and guard your side .

“ . . . . . . !”

Grid’s face was filled with joy as he got the result he finally wanted . However, it was only for a moment . His expression quickly disappeared, and his face stiffened . He saw a result that exceeded his expectations, and was so surprised that he stopped thinking for a moment .

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