Overgeared - Chapter 1305

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Chapter 1305: 1305

There were wailing walls in every area . It was a field that couldn’t be handled by the average level of players active in that area . Winston’s Chaos Mountains was an example of such a wailing wall . Now . . .

“Beautiful, it is beautiful . ”

At the center of the East Continent was a reservoir that surrounded a huge peach tree forest . It was a place that contained the passage to Heaven and didn’t easily allow people to approach, so it was called a wailing wall . It was also the worst one in the East Continent .

‘Should I fight?’

The moment Grid left the forest, he encountered an immortal ghost and he rolled up the ends of his skirt . He knew it would be a tough fight, so he eliminated anything that would get in the way of his movements .

Immortal ghosts—they dreamed of becoming daoist immortals, but failed and fell . They were beings who lost their bodies and lives due to their failure and moved around as spirits . The grandmaster predicted that the reason why they inhabited the reservoir was purely the Five Seniors’ intention . It didn’t matter if they were daoist immortals or immortal ghosts . They were all just servants for the Five Seniors . They were chosen as a type of guard dog .

“T-The smell of flesh is very good . ”

The reason they failed and became an immortal ghost was due to their ugly natures . Additionally, the spirits were driven by instinct and obsession, not reason . It meant they were all wicked . The immortal ghosts were those who showed their ugly faces without any pretenses .

“Y-You are the best among the 266 women I have eaten! Ahh! Ahhh!! I-I want to eat! Eat you right now!”

They were strong because only instincts remained . The immortal ghost deployed all the skills and swordsmanship it had honed during its life so its combat power was explosive . Even the grandmaster had pulled out Saharan’s Sword when three or more immortal ghosts appeared .


Before visiting the Hwan Kingdom and experiencing Chiyou’s Test, Grid couldn’t fight against the immortal ghost and had to rely on the grandmaster . Grid and the grandmaster’s group were able to cross through the reservoir and reach the peach tree forest thanks to the grandmaster’s protection . However, now . . .

“Flower Revolve . ”

Grid met an immortal ghost alone and chose to fight back without avoiding it . It was like an old painter who cut off his ears seeing an explosion of starlight and moonlight . Dozens of sword energies appeared around Grid and the world swirled . This vortex sucked up the dozens of sword energies from the immortal ghost and eliminated them .

“ . . . . . . ?”

Since only instincts remained, it was faithful to emotions . The flustered immortal ghost cocked its head when all the sword energies meant to hunt the human disappeared . At the same time, the momentary silence ended . The sword energies swallowed up by the vortex were returned to the immortal ghost .

It contained more destructive power and curses than before as it swept through the reservoir and flooded at the immortal ghost . The immortal ghost had launched all types of techniques at Grid and it took him only two seconds to return them with Flower Revolve . The immortal ghost quickly took out a talisman, but it couldn’t handle the counterattack . The time was too short .



The immortal ghost couldn’t bear the impact and floated back before falling into the reservoir . There was a great ripple as the immortal ghost sank to the bottom of the reservoir until it calmed down again . The immortal ghost wasn’t dead . The ghost submerged at the bottom of the reservoir jumped up instantly and appeared on the surface of the water . It was amazing that it could ignore the pressure of the water .


The dark ghost emerged in the air and its swaying body was like a candle in front of the wind . Spirits were immune to physical attacks and were somewhat vulnerable to daoism . It was even its own daoism .

“Hurts! It hurts!”

The immortal ghost’s eyes were red . It recalled the pain of its former life when it failed to ascend and rushed angrily at Grid through the water . It was someone who wanted to become a sword immortal among the daoist immortals . The immortal ghost’s swordsmanship was more threatening than its daoism . Thunderbolts were created every time its sword was swung and the sky was soon covered with clouds due to the linked actions . The immortal ghost’s swordsmanship was powerful, but unreadable .

‘This is it . ’

It was the swordsmanship that confused the grandmaster for a while . Grid had abandoned his spirit of challenge when he saw the swordsmanship that injured the grandmaster’s shoulder . He judged there would be no benefits if he struggled to fight these ghosts who were as powerful as yangbans, yet were classified as monsters, not bosses or NPCs .

However, this wasn’t the case anymore . The immortal ghost he had been reluctant to face now seemed like suitable prey .

“Restraint . ”

“ . . . . . . !”

The immortal ghost’s sword cutting at Grid’s body stopped like it was a lie . It didn’t show any signs of slowing down, perhaps because it had once aimed at becoming a daoist immortal . Even so, it was amazed by the pressure Grid gave off and briefly stiffened .

The stiffness lasted only 0 . 2 seconds, but this was enough . The immortal ghost’s swordsmanship was interrupted . The roaring thunderbolts and the clouds scattered and disappeared . The safe Grid linked the next sword dance in a relaxed manner .

“Wave . ”

The storm-like sword energy stirred up the world . The immortal ghost’s body tilted and then it was dragged in front of Grid . It was super close . It wasn’t in the range of a sword . The sword couldn’t be swung properly at this distance .

The immortal ghost instinctively felt the danger of being hit by this sword energy and stepped back, but it was meaningless . It might be immune to the ‘all speeds are reduced’ buff and the loss of balance, but it couldn’t be free from the debuff that ‘slowed movement speed by 30% . ’

Grid’s sword that moved forward was much faster than the immortal ghost’s speed of retreating .

“Pinnacle . ”

It was an instant skill . This sword that reproduced the attack of the Martial God, Chiyou, was close to perfection . No matter the distance, the trajectory or circumstances, it instantly activated and cut the target .

[The target has received 1,095,000 damage . ]

"!?" The immortal ghost’s red eyes shook as its chest was cut . A ghost was immune to physical attacks . Originally, only the fake body was cut and there was no damage to the soul . This was the feeling of pain to the soul . Grid confirmed the pain of the panicked immortal ghost and murmured, “It is useful . ”

[Grid’s Combat Techniques (Intermediate) Lv . 7]

[When equipped with weapons, physical attack power and magic attack power are increased by 25% and the hit rate of all attacks is increased by 7% . Additionally, magic casting time is reduced by 7% .

★You can choose to increase physical attack power or magic attack power .

★If you choose to increase physical attack power, then the magic attack power increase effect, hit rate increase effect, and casting shortening effect are deactivated . Meanwhile, physical attack power is increased by an additional 15% .

★If you choose to increase magic attack power, then the physical attack power increase effect, hit rate increase effect, and casting shortening effect are deactivated . Meanwhile, magic attack power is increased by an additional 15% .

*Current Status: Increase magic attack power . ]

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The most important effect of the Fire Dragon Sword was that it could convert physical attack power to fire attribute magic attack power . Grid used the power of the Fire Dragon Sword to replace physical attack power with magic attack power and was more like a magician than a swordsman .

The Pinnacle sword dance might only have physical attack power, but Grid inflicted quite a bit of damage on the immortal ghost with pure magic attack power . He also succeeded in lowering the defense of the immortal ghost with the additional effect of Pinnacle .

Of course, this was a linked blow .

“Flower . ”

Grid’s only sword dance with magic attack power .

[The target has received 3 . 170,500 damage . ]

They were beautiful petals that showed more power than Pinnacle . There was a decline in defense and the mark that allowed sword energy to bombard it . The immortal ghost lost its momentum and pulled out a talisman . It was a blue talisman . It was used for running away when disadvantaged . The grandmaster hadn’t known the purpose of the talisman and had let an immortal ghost escape .

However, Grid was able to discover the use of the talisman thanks to the grandmaster and he couldn’t miss the immortal ghost . “Transcended Link Flower . ”

“ . . . . . . !”

The immortal ghost couldn’t respond . It was because Shunpo was activated the moment Transcended Link Flower was used . Grid created the petals of sword energy while taking control of the immortal ghost’s rear .

“Transcendent, you . . . !”

“Alarm, Magic Missile . ”

The flashes of light pierced the dark soul again and again and again . The soul abandoned the fake body and tried to flee, but it was swallowed up by Storm of the Fire God used by Grid and was completely destroyed .

“ . . . Should I stay here a few more days?”

Grid had judged that it wasn’t worth hunting the immortal ghosts because they were classified as normal monsters despite being as strong as yangbans . He needed too much effort to hunt one, but wouldn’t receive a lot of experience in return . He thought that the profit compared to the expenditure wasn’t worth it . He thought it would be much more beneficial to fight the yangbans and gain the breaths of the Four Auspicious Beasts than to fight the immortal ghosts .

However, his thoughts changed at this moment . Grid had become stronger and the immortal ghosts were no longer burdensome opponents .

“Let’s stay a few more days . ”

In the end, Grid made up his mind to embark on a fierce hunt before returning . The immortal ghosts rarely dropped items, but they were so strong and special that they gave a lot of experience . He gained a huge 2 . 1% experience from just killing one . . .

The smile on Grid’s face never disappeared as he stayed at this place that was called the wailing wall by others .


‘I’m so excited . ’

For the first time in ages, he was immersed in hunting . The high experience meant he could train the Overgeared Skeletons, Noe, and Randy at the same time . Therefore, he could only feel happy .

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‘I didn’t know so much time had passed . ’

He stayed in the reservoir for three days . It turned out to be hard to find the immortal ghosts . Due to the setting of ‘those who failed to become daoist immortals,’ the number was small and the respawn rate was terrible .

“I should hurry back before Piaro worries . ”

He didn’t want to leave because there was no more prey to hunt . It was because he was worried about Piaro . Grid expressed his feelings to Noe and climbed onto Overgeared Corn’s back . All his ‘Transcend’ related skills were on cooldown and he had consumed a lot of stamina . Rather than relying on the uncertain Shunpo when weary, it was much better to use Overgeared Corn as a ride .

“Let’s go . ”


Overgeared Corn replied energetically . His eyes were curved like crescent moons . Grid, in the form of Irene, brightened his heart .

“Ah, that’s right . I don’t need this anymore . ”

[Berith's Skin Mask has been taken off . ]


Overgeared Corn suddenly lost energy and cried out, but Grid ignored it .


“Ahh! What can I do?”

The Xing King had been unable to sleep for three days . The Overgeared Queen should’ve returned in four days at the latest . The Xing King was worried because there had been no news from her . He wondered if she had been abused by the wicked yangbans and bad thoughts kept popping up . It was natural to worry about the well-being of his benefactor .

“Gather the soldiers right away . ”

In the end, the Xing king couldn’t bear it . A tremendous 10,000 soldiers . All the soldiers of the capital were assigned to search for the Overgeared Queen . He intended to find her as soon as possible because the Overgeared Queen could be in a situation where she was severely injured . The soldiers had just received orders to begin their journey when a voice was heard .

“Her Majesty hasn’t returned yet?” Piaro returned to the royal palace after being stuck in the walnut forest for over a week . Prior to being a farmer, he was the great general of the Overgeared Kingdom .

The Xing King and his officials nervously expected the great general to be angry, but unexpectedly, Piaro was calm .

“I’m looking forward to it . ” Rather, Piaro was happy . He was smiling so brightly when there was no news of his queen?

‘Is it a false loyalty?’

The Xing King was having doubts when Piaro spoke meaningful words, “Her Majesty will have become stronger . ”

“ . . . . . . ?”

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The Overgeared Queen left for a short visit to the Hwan Kingdom . She hadn’t left for training purposes . Yet she would become stronger?

It happened when the confused Xing King was shaking his head . . .


The teacup in Piaro’s hand shattered .

“ . . . . . . ?”

The surprised Xing King looked at Piaro’s hand and his large hand shook . What happened?

Chill .

The Xing King was having doubts when he felt it . He was able to clearly sense the strong since he had seen the yangbans from his childhood . This terrifying energy was gradually getting closer to the great hall .

‘W-Who is it? Who is this monster?’

A monster reminiscent to Garam among the yangbans . The probability of a being with such terrifying energy being human was extremely low .

‘Don’t tell me?’

Had the black tortoise’s protection weakened? Would this kingdom be invaded by the yangbans again? The Xing King was terrified and frustrated .

“I greet My Liege!” Just then, Piaro rose from his seat and bowed to the entrance of the great hall . The person who entered was . . .

“It has been a while, Piaro . ”

It was Overgeared King Grid whom the Xing King had only seen a portrait of . The Xing king was thrilled to see he boasted a far more powerful presence than the Overgeared Queen, who he had thought was the real power of the Overgeared Kingdom . He had seen many people who were worse than the rumors, but it was the first time he saw a person who was more than the rumors .

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