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Overgeared - Chapter 134-139

Published at 18th of March 2018 11:25:32 PM

Chapter 134-139

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Chapter 134

The sanctum of the Judar Church wasn't far from the Dominion Church . If a shortcut was used, they could arrive within three days .  But few people used the shortcut . Almost everyone used the main road, even if it took double the amount of time .

The reason was simple . The habitat of the griffons existed on the shortest route . A moment of distraction meant a person could be surrounded by dozens of griffons .  Nearby lords adopted the punishment of leaving convicted criminals in the griffon habitat, and those who visited such a dangerous place were extremely rare .

But right now .  

A young Asian man and a black person were walking into the griffon habitat, like moths flying into a fire .  They were Grid and Toban .

"Toban, what are you doing? I'm bored . "


Toban, who was tensely spying on the griffon's habitat, blocked the mouth of the yawning Grid .  He started sweating as he said, "How many times do I have to tell you? Do you want to die after being discovered by the griffons because of your loud noises?"

The griffons were level 260 .  With strong wings and high stamina, they were able to strike from the sky and capture their prey . Due to this, they were one of the top predators amongst the field monsters .  Even high level rankers wouldn't be able to fight back when ambushed by a group .

That's why Toban was cautious .

“Please be quiet and follow me . I’ve used this path dozens of times . If you act as I say, we can safely pass through this canyon without seeing any griffons . "


"Minimize the sound of your breathing as much as possible and move in a crawl . Okay?"

Toban confidently lay on the ground and took a crawling position .

Grid watched him silently before frowning, "Isn't your tone too annoying? Are you trying to teach me? Huh? A slave doesn't fear his master?"

Toban realized his mistake and clarified .  "A-Ah, Grid . Don't be angry . I just wanted to advise you…"

"How annoying . I'm not listening to you . Crawling? Are you crazy? Didn't I do it enough as a soldier?"

South Korea had yet to unify with North Korea . It was well over 100 years of truce, but North Korea's provocations still continued . In order to defend the country from North Korea, the strong young males of South Korea had compulsory military service, and it was the same for Grid as well .

"Have you been to the military? Do you know crawling?"

“The military…?"

Toban was born in the United States . He had no interest in military service, so he didn't have many experiences meeting a soldier .

Grid clicked his tongue .  "A guy who never entered the military is talking about crawling… Hey, you civilian . I was part of the South Korean army and I'm still a reservist . Do you know how much I suffered while crawling during training? I still tremble when thinking of that time . But now I have to crawl in a game? Furthermore, it is with someone who doesn't even know how to crawl?"


Toban was overwhelmed by Grid's words and couldn't refute them . How could he know that the act of crawling would upset a soldier? He stood there blankly after realizing it .

"A person with no concept of crawling…" Grid grumbled before pulling something out of his inventory . It was a scruffy looking cloak .  Malacus' Cloak .

Toban panicked, "H-Hey, Grid! Are you crazy? Why are you bringing that out? I told you a few times to keep it in your inventory!"

Toban was one of the members who participated in the Malacus raid . He was well aware of the option that Malacus' Cloak had .  The bloody smell from the cloak was enough to stimulate the hundreds of griffons inhabiting the high cliffs!

"You're committing suicide!" Toban imagined the scene of griffons flocking after smelling the blood and paled .  "What? Quickly put the cloak back in your inventory!"

Grid looked at the panicked Toban and ridiculed, "Why do you think I selected the shortcut? Was it just to shorten the time? No, that wasn't it . In the first place, my purpose is to hunt griffons . I can't overlook the griffon habitat here . "

Griffon bones, leather and tendons were used extensively in item production .  Weren't griffon tendons one of the main ingredients in the Gale Spear? Grid had decided to hunt griffons, since Pon said that he paid a large amount of money to purchase the griffon tendons .

Now it was the right opportunity .  There were no areas with griffons in the vicinity of Winston .  He couldn't let go of the griffon habitat that was here .

"I will get everything from the griffons today!"

“Crazy bastard!"

"What? What did you just say?”

Grid glared at Toban angrily . But Toban didn't shrink back . The griffons were scarier than Grid .

"I now know that Grid is incredibly strong! Your abilities can be compared with the top 10 users!" 

"Hehe, is it that much?" Grid was happy about the praise, but he also scratched his nose from embarrassment .

The agitated Toban made closer to Grid and spat in his face as he shouted, "But that isn't enough! The number of griffons here are immeasurable! Making a disturbance will make us be surrounded by hundreds of griffons . Even the 1st ranked Kraugel wouldn't be able to kill all the griffons by himself! But you want to hunt the griffons while wearing Malacus' Cloak? Put it away now!"


Certainly, the griffons were hard monsters to hunt . Weren't they level 260? Grid used the benefit of hindsight and placed Malacus' Cloak in the inventory .  Then he said to Toban .  “Okay, I understand . I'll give up on group hunting . Instead, let's defeat as many as possible . We will go and hunt the griffons one by one . Understood?

Grid was determined to hunt griffons .  Thus, Toban was forced to give in .

"Yes, if it's one at a time… It will take some time, but it's good enough . "

To be honest, Toban also wanted the experience and loot that came from hunting griffons .  The moment that Toban decided to hunt griffons with Grid…


A little while ago .

The problem was Toban's agitated shouting .  Dozens of griffons were gathering after hearing his voice .

"Keok…" Toban found the crowd of griffons in the sky and flopped down .  "Damn…! It is over! We will die!"

Grid snorted, "Stop talking nonsense . How can I die in a place like this?"


In no time, Grid was equipped with shining white armor, gloves and a silver crown . There was also a black greatsword in his right hand .  The spectacular and dignified figure gave hope to Toban .

'That’s right… Grid is strong!'

He had singlehandedly defeated Asuka, Black Teddy, Box and Toban in a fight .  His level might be low but he was one of the strongest users due to his legendary class . Toban believed that it might be possible to win against the griffons with Grid .

"Grid! Give me a command!"

He had already agreed to be a slave and he would do his duty as a slave! Toban was fully prepared to take Grid's directions .  Grid threw Malacus' Cloak at him .

"First of all, put that on . Then run away . "


Toban couldn't figure out Grid's intentions .  Run away with Malacus' Cloak? If he put on Malacus' Cloak, wouldn't he become the target of the griffons? Why would he wear Malacus' Cloak when he was trying to run away?

Grid cried out with frustration, "You still don't understand? You are bait!"


Toban doubted his ears .  A human, a species that had the best intellect on the planet, was being used as bait for a monster?

"Are you serious?"

Grid replied impatiently to Toban, "Do I sound like I'm joking? This is a command . "

“No way! Acting as a bait for monsters, it is against human rights! It is not ethical!"

"What does ethics have to do with this? What right does a slave have to talk about civil rights? We can get rid of this crisis if you act as bait, while I handle them one by one from the rear!"

It was true . Fighting with dozens of griffons meant it was likely both of them would die .  Toban felt like crying .  A few days ago, he had been glad about receiving a SS-grade quest for the first time, but it was different now . This wasn't a quest from a god, it was a curse .


Jeurereuk .

Recently, the number of times Toban wanted to cry had increased significantly . He eventually equipped Malacus' Cloak . The bloody smell spread in every direction and the griffons' attention concentrated on Toban .


The griffons who were just as violent as orcs . They were excited by this delicious smell . The sharp beaks aimed exactly at Toban's head .


Toban defended with his shield .


There was a big impact and Toban's body was pushed back a few steps . In this gap, a griffon flapped its huge wings, creating wind pressure, and wielded heavy paws .

"Eh? Ehhhh?"

Toban stumbled from the wind pressure . The griffon's paw aimed for his chest .  


Due to the wind pressure, Toban couldn't even adjust his shield . It meant he was hit by the griffon's paw and couldn't avoid a serious injury .  No, why was this griffon so strong? Toban felt some doubts and checked the griffon's name . Then he cursed .

"Dammit! This bastard is a field boss?"

That's right . The griffon leading 22 griffons was a level 290 field boss name 'Griffon Captain . '

"Why has God forsaken me?"

Toban screamed . But after the unavoidable blow, he immediately drank a  health potion and used buff magic that concentrated on defense . Then he closed his eyes and prepared for the pain .  At that moment, Grid appeared behind the Griffon Captain and aimed Pagma's Swordsmanship, Kill at the perfect gap .


[The Holy Light Gloves option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target five times . ]

The damage of level 1 kill was 1500% of his attack power, while the level 2 damage was 1800% .  Grid also invested the 200 points earned from the pope into strength as always . In addition, the pavranium was blessed by God Dominion and had a damage enhancement effect .  

That wasn't all .

Currently, 23 griffons were recognized by Dainsleif as enemies . The additional 345 attack power from this, as well as the effect of Blacksmith's Rage and the 1800% damage was sufficient to threaten the boss monster .

Then there was a critical and the option from the Holy Light Gloves .  The amount of damage applied transcended common sense .

[You have dealt 284,000 damage . ]

'Didn't the pope only have around 300,000 health?'

Grid was surprised to see the notification window .


A single blow .  The Griffon Captain suffered tremendous damage from one blow and dropped heavily . It collapsed . It fell into a critical condition .  Toban's mouth gaped open as he asked Grid, "Grid… What is this tremendous attack power? Don't tell me you didn't exert all your skills in the fight against Box's group?"

Maybe a legendary class was greater than he expected .

Grid calmly replied to Toban .  “It’s not like that . This is pure luck . "

Grid was even more surprised than Toban .


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week .

Chapter 135

“It’s not like that . This is pure luck . "

Grid was even more surprised than Toban .  He never expected a critical hit and to trigger the option of the gloves along with Kill .

'A critical attack and five hits… It's absurd . '

He felt invincible .  The confident Grid declared, “Toban, I will completely get rid of the griffons . "

Until a little while ago, Toban put the griffons above Grid . However, he quickly changed his attitude after watching Grid turn the Griffon Captain into a critical state in one blow .

"Yes, it is possible if it is Grid! Let me serve as the bait!"

“Okay . ” Grid was satisfied by the answer and dealt the ultimate blow to the collapsed Griffon Captain .  "Pagma's Swordsmanship, Link!"

Level 2 Link dealt 800% of his attack power . The Griffon Captain was severely injured by Kill and couldn't withstand this attack .

Pipit! Pipipipit!

The Griffon Captain couldn't resist the bombardment of energy swords that came out . It screamed painfully and turned into light .

[You have killed the Griffon Captain!]

[4,500,900 experience has been acquired . ]

[3 griffon tendons have been acquired . ]

[4 griffon leather have been acquired . ]

[7 griffon bones have been acquired . ]

[The spellbook 'Tornado' has been acquired . ]

[Your level has risen . ]

There were three types of bosses .

The first was a hidden boss such as Malacus, Pope Drevigo and Vampire Countess Marie Rose .  They were usually humanoid NPCs and were the only ones who didn't respawn again after dying .  Their story was big enough to have a direct effect on Satisfy's world view and they were overwhelmingly strong, making the rewards (items and experience) huge as well .  

Unlike monsters, humans had an inherent limitation in their low health . But they had high health compared to ordinary users, so it couldn't really be pointed out as a weak point . Their artificial intelligence was also high, so they were real bosses with close to zero weaknesses .

Ordinary users didn't get a chance to meet a hidden boss and even if they did, they wouldn't dream of succeeding in the raid .

The second was a dungeon boss .  They appeared in the deepest part of each dungeon at regular intervals, and gave high rewards for those who succeeded in the raid .  

Their basic abilities were at least 10 times higher than normal monsters and they had diverse attack patterns that made them difficult to handle with a small group of people . In particular, they had huge health and it was likely to be a long-term raid .

Most users referred to dungeon bosses when talking about boss monsters .  It could be said that the goal of ordinary users was to raid dungeon bosses .

Finally, the third type was a field boss .

They directly threatened users all over Satisfy .  Their stats were at least four times higher than normal monsters of the same level and their health was halfway between a hidden boss and dungeon boss .  

The attack patterns didn't have a lot of variation so it was hard to say they were exceptionally strong . For users with excellent combat control, it was impossible to hunt a field boss that was 30 levels lower alone .

But there were occasional field bosses with mutations . The mutant field bosses were as strong as dungeon bosses and users needed to be vigilant . For example, the Guardian of the Forest that dropped blue orichalcum was a mutant field boss .  

Right now, the Griffon Captain was a common field boss .  Grid didn't like the rewards .

'What is with this loot…'

Field bosses were originally like this . The frequency of raids was high so they rarely dropped rare items .  However, users were able to acquire a large amount of experience and miscellaneous loot, so it was good to raid them .

In addition, Grid was quite lucky .  The Griffon Captain had dropped a unique Tornado spellbook .   The probability of the Tornado spellbook dropping was only 0 . 1%, and the Griffon Captain was hard to raid because they only appeared in griffon habitats .  But Grid wasn't a magician and was thus unaware of the value of magic books .

'It's just an old spellbook… no way it'll sell for an expensive price… Tsk, I'm glad I got a lot of experience and loot at least . '

As Grid was grumbling with disappointment…

Toban felt a chill as he wildly ran away from 22 griffons .  Then Toban belatedly realized his mistake .

'Dammit! I'm not in the party!'

The death of the griffon boss! Toban also expected to acquire experience and items, but the notification windows didn't pop up? He hadn't noticed because it wasn't an ordinary situation, but he currently wasn't in a party with Grid .  He wanted to ask Grid for a party invite right now; however, he was too busy running away from the griffons that he couldn't easily send an invite . He hurriedly exclaimed .

"Grid! Party! Quickly add me to the party!"

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Grid was puzzled as he asked, "Why?"

“What do you mean, why? So I can be in your party!"

“No, I mean why should you be in the party?"

Toban exclaimed, “You’re asking why? Isn't it natural to form a party when you go hunting with others?"

"Are you crazy? Why should I share my experience and loot with you?" Grid's eyes shone .  “You keep forgetting that you're my slave, and are thus not equal to me . Just follow me . ”


After Grid killed Box's group, Toban accompanied Grid and came to realize that the Holy Light set wasn't just a simple quest item, but a legendary set .  Therefore, he felt even more ashamed and guilty about trying to rob the items from Grid .

But this was this, and that was that .  At a minimum, they should hunt together in a party!

“You are really spiteful!" Toban was upset and started to blame Grid, “I'm truly sorry that I betrayed you, but it's too much to not even let me in the party! I might be small in front of you, but I am also a ranker . Experience is extremely valuable to me! I have to perform the role of bait, so you should at least give me some experience!"


Toban stopped and the 22 griffons surrounded him .  But Toban didn't shrink back as he only stared at Grid .

In the end, Grid had to take one step back .  “Okay, I understand . If you say so, I will add you to the party . If you wish, I'll even release you from your status as a slave . ”

"Eh? R-Really?”

Toban was suspicious but slightly excited at Grid's sudden change in attitude .

However, Grid then continued to say, “Instead, I'll tell Jishuka what you did to me, and I will absolutely never make an item for you . "


“How funny . You're being punished for trying to grab my rice bowl in the first place . "



The griffons roared and started to attack Toban .  It was impossible to defend against 22 griffon beaks with only one shield .  Toban realized he would die in this way and started begging Grid, "I was wrong! I was too agitated after seeing you catch a boss monster that I lost control! Please save me! I won't presume to join the party again . Just save me!"

"I don't want to . "


“…I will save you if you promise not to forget your position as a slave again . "

“I understand! Okay!"

It was wrong no matter how he looked at it . Grid was too spiteful . Toban was frustrated by the realization that he wouldn't be able to escape his current status for the moment .  At this time, he still didn't know .  The type of luck he would encounter while being Grid's slave… 


The power of the Tzedakah Guild was famous among NPCs . Numerous royalty and nobles of each kingdom tried to recruit the Tzedakah Guild . They were tempted several times by titles, territories, and riches .

However, the Tzedakah Guild couldn't decide who to go under .  They waited to work in Winston with Grid, so they resisted all types of temptations and quietly waited .

Finally, the Tzedakah Guild also earned a large reputation with the lady of Winston .

In the counterattack against the Yatan Church that began with the birth of the Eighth Servant, Lady Irene showed great favor to the Tzedakah Guild who cleared many quests and even succeeded in the Malacus raid .

"To the east of Winston, there is a village called Bairan . Monsters often pop up so the population is small, but the area is large and there are several mines, so the possibility of development is indefinite . "


"Jishuka, would you like to take over that village and receive the title of baron?"

Bairan was a very significant village to Jishuka .

The auction house in Bairan Village was where Grid first made the Special Jaffa Arrows and where his existence was announced to the world . In addition, the Guardian of the Forest appeared around Bairan Village so it was a place she visited often to perform quests .

‘There are several hunting grounds and dungeons for high-level users, and the distance to Winston is only half a day using a carriage…'

Geographically, it was easy to interact with Grid and it was a village where the guild members could easily level up . In addition, the population might be low but many users would come . If the guild managed it well, the taxes would be profitable .

Jishuka finally made her decision, "I am grateful for Lady Irene's favor . I will be loyal to you for the rest of my life . "

“I am glad to have a talent like you . "

[You have become a baroness of the Eternal Kingdom!]

[You have obtained the right to enter the social circle of the nobles . ]

[You have become the lord of Bairan . ]

[The estate management system has been created . ]

It was simple after that .

Jishuka convened the guild and immediately headed for Bairan Village . Along with the 100 soldiers residing in Bairan Village, Pon and Ibellin took care of nearby monsters to stabilize security, while engineers were employed to repair and extend and old castle .  

On the other hand, Faker and several guild members identified the characteristics and financial status of Bairan Village and discussed future directions for development .  The absence of Toban, their chief of staff, created more work for Jishuka and the guild members, but it wasn't a big burden .  In the first place, Toban wasn't particularly outstanding as the chief of staff so there wasn't much difference .

But there was an empty feeling .

“When will Toban come?"

It had already been a week since the guild members rejected his request for help with the SS-grade quest .  At one point, he had blocked all whispers so they couldn't help wondering if something was wrong .

However, they weren't particularly worried .  Toban was a top ranker who was dependable, so they believed he was earnestly completing his quest .

“He is busy with his quest . Well, he will come back when he can . On the other hand, when will Grid return?"

Vantner was still complaining about Grid .  Indeed, Grid was really late .  It had been a month since he left for his quest and he still hadn't come back . They couldn't contact him through the guild chat window or whispers .

“In the first place, Grid left because of a quest right? That guy has reached level 170 in the past month . It seems more like he is hunting in a dungeon to level up than doing a quest, just like Regas . "

Certainly, Grid's level up speed identified in the guild information window was phenomenal .

'Pagma's Descendant…'

Jishuka had seen Grid receive Braham's quest in real-time and investigated Pagma's identity .  Grid was the descendant of undoubtedly the greatest blacksmith in history, Pagma .

'As the class quest of a legendary class, the difficulty will be enormous . I can understand why he is late . '

It wasn't just Vantner who wanted Grid to return quickly . Jishuka wanted Grid to return as soon as possible .  The members wanted to see Grid's growth and were eager for Grid to produce their items .

On the other hand, Bairan Village developed rapidly . Users heard that the reputed Tzedakah Guild were ruling it and began to steadily migrate to Bairan Village .  If this trend continued, they would be able to achieve rapid economic growth . Someday, Bairan could be promoted from a village to a city, just like Winston .

But in the midst of this, there was some bad news .  Three of the six new guild members that they had high expectations for… Asuka, Black Teddy and Box left the guild one day without saying anything .

"They just walked away . What are they doing?"

"They were dubious in the first place . They would've just muddied things up if they stayed in the guild . It is better to let them leave . "

The existing guild members blamed the three people, but were quick to cool down .  However, the other new guild members were frightened .

Toon was appointed chief of security in Bairan Village and was doing his daily patrol . He couldn't resist his curiosity and whispered to Box .

Hey, what is this? I thought you were going to stay in this guild until you know the identity of the skull helmet?

Box thought this was fun .

I have already met him . It led to unwanted results . So I'm leaving .

Hoh…? Really? So who is he?

It's no fun if I tell you too easily . I will give you a hint . He is a very surprising person .

What? Is that it? Do you want to die?

Toon's tone changed after he became annoying by the hint . Toon restrained himself and said goodbye .

Toon, do you remember my suggestion? After you meet the skull helmet, make sure to leave the Tzedakah Guild and join my guild . We will always welcome someone with skills like you . Then I'm going .

“Che, what a wily bastard . "

Toon ended his whisper with Box and checked the guild information window . He was surprised by something when he checked the information of the 21 remaining guild members .  The level 110 blacksmith he met in Winston a month ago was now level 172?

"…Ohu . "

Toon's eyes shone with fighting spirit .

Too busy tomorrow so have the chapters today instead . Also, no Q&A this month .


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week .

Chapter 136

There was an old saying in games that 'levels were bullies . '

That saying was also established in Satisfy .  Satisfy might've revolutionized the world by implementing the first virtual reality system, but it was a game at its core . In Satisfy, level was the most primitive and important concept .

10 stat points were gained every time the level increased, and users would become stronger as their stats increased . The higher their level, the stronger a user could become because they could wear good items or acquire powerful skills . It wasn't just for these simple reasons . The higher the level, the more the unique functions of the stats showed .

Let's take the strength stat for example .  

If the user's level was less than 100: The user had 0 . 1 attack power, 3 health points and the weight limit increased by 20 with every point .

But if the user's level was above 100, it would be 0 . 2 attack power, 5 health points and a weight limit increase of 30 points per every point in strength . Once the level was above 200, attack power increased by 0 . 3, health by 7 points and the weight limit by 40 per point .

In this way, the effect of the stats increased every 100 levels . This was called the stats awakening .  The effect of the stats awakening was huge, so the higher the level, the better the effect .

However, that was almost unrelated to Grid, who had a legendary class .

A mere level 170 was able to knock down four rankers over level 200 and kill dozens of griffons who were level 260 . He easily hunted hundreds of griffons (thanks to Toban properly acting as bait), so he was a scammer who transcended the concept of level .

'The epic hidden classes are classified as powerhouses, and Grid is a legendary class… I'm speechless . '

They camped in the griffon habitat and spent all day and night hunting .  Toban suddenly wondered, “Grid, how did you get a legendary class?"

A lot of effort was needed to become a hidden class, so it was almost like winning the lotto .  It was basic common sense, but Toban wanted to know the specifics .  He wondered about the process Grid went through to become a legendary class . Listening to the story would be fun, and he could use it as a reference .

But these were never pleasant memories for Grid .  He didn't want to recall his worst memories of the several months of suffering, where he died dozens of times and lost most of his possessions .  

"Don't ask…"

Toban verified Grid's dark expression and gave up on listening to the story .

'He is furious . He must've suffered . Indeed, getting a legendary class wouldn't be easy… I would rather leave this place…'

They had been hunting in the griffon habitat for the past four days .  In the meantime, Grid had gained 10 levels and reached level 180 .  There was the feeling that Grid wanted to reach level 200 here .

But it was hard for Toban to bear .  For the past four days, he hadn't acquired any experience or items .  He was forced to wear Malacus' Cloak and act as bait, while Grid reaped all the rewards .  His number one position on the paladin rankings that he had firmly guarded for months might be taken away by the second ranked Damian .  

Toban was nervous about this and prompted .  "Grid, let's stop hunting now . Don't you have to clear your quest?"

"Hrmm…" Grid was troubled .

The griffon habitat gave a lot of experience, so he wanted to stay here until level 200 .

'The difference between level 180 and level 200 is huge…'

But it was an unreasonable decision .

'It took four days to gain 10 levels . It will take at least eight days to gain 20 levels, but I am reluctant to delay it that long . '

To be honest, he felt a little bit sorry for Toban .  He treated Toban as a slave, but he started to feel some remorse after a day or two .

'He's a ranker so he can't serve any longer for free… It will be good to end it here . '

It was the day when he felt remorse for taking advantage of someone! He never even imagined it .

'I need to be tougher in order to survive in this harsh world…!'

Why did God make him so naive and nice? Grid felt some resentment towards God as he made preparations to leave .

“Let's go . "


Toban exclaimed . He was relieved about finally being able to escape from acting as griffon bait .  Now it was time to go to the Judar Church . Grid wanted to finish this quest quickly . Toban wanted to regain his freedom .

Then the two people arrived at the Judar Sanctum in less than a day .  Toban paused in front of it .

“Leader Pascal is aiming for the Holy Light set . Perhaps he will be hostile towards you . There might be a fight, but if so, I won't be able to help you . Do you understand?"

"I am used to fighting alone . "

Grid wasn't particularly worried .  How could the leader of the Judar Church be stronger than the pope? He thought he would win if they fought .  But before that, he had to check his status again .

'Know yourself before knowing the enemy . Status window!'

Name: Grid

Level: 180 (140,090/5,531,200)

Class: Pagma's Descendant

* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase .

* The probably of item enhancement will increase .

* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally . However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item .

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions don't work well on you .

* You won't die when health is at the minimum .

* Easily acknowledged .

Title: First Unique Item Maker

* Dexterity +200

Title: Only Legendary Item Maker

* Dexterity +200

Title: Knight Slayer

* Stamina +100 .

* Strength +30

Title: Apostle of Justice

* All stats +10 .

* The Apostle of Justice's bravery is unmatched .

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Health: 29,560/29,560+7,000    Mana: 3,240/3,240

Strength: 1,584   Stamina: 962   Agility: 417

Intelligence: 439 + 200   Dexterity: 984    Persistence: 498

Composure: 364  Indomitable: 414   Dignity: 364   

Insight: 664  Courage: 308

Stat Points: 0

Weight: 25,519/57,480

[Abilities Details]

Basic Attack Power: 325   Weapon Attack Power: 412~579

Additional Attack Power:

* Pagma's Swordsmanship Lv . 1 (Deactivated):20% additional attack power .

* God Dominion's Blessing: 15% additional attack power .

Total Attack Power: 995~1220

Basic Magic Power: 220    Item Magic Power: 100

Additional Magic Power: None

Total Magic Power: 320

Basic Defense: 192    Item Defense: 539

Additional Defense:

* Holy Light Battle Gear Set: Defense +500

Total Defense: 1,231

At level 100, he gained 0 . 2 attack power per every point in strength and 0 . 5 magic power per every point in intelligence . In addition, stamina gave 0 . 2 defense per point .  When summing up, he rounded off the decimal point .

Grid's base damage, magic power and defense were abnormally higher than users of the same level .  This was because he'd acquired many stats through the production of items .  But Grid wasn't satisfied .  He didn't like the damage and defense figures applied from the items he wore .

The +5 Dainsleif's attack power was 549~772, but due to the 25% penalty only 412~579 was applied . In addition, there was a 40~55% penalty for his armor, so the value wasted was too big . It caused a feeling of loss .

'Being able to wear all items is fraudulent, but the penalty system is really annoying . If I'm going to be a scammer, make me a scammer . Why is there the penalty system?'

It was okay for now .  When he killed the pope, he was 30 levels lower and his defense was much worse .  

"Sigh… Okay!"

He thought positively as he entered the Judar Sanctum . He handed the paladin blocking his path the letter of recommendation from Isabel and said, “I came to see Leader Pascal . "

The paladin checked Isabel's introduction letter and quickly opened the way .

"Welcome Mister Grid . The leader is waiting . "


It was hospitable? Grid was surprised by the unexpected response and looked back . Toban was hiding behind a pillar .  Toban sent him a whisper .

-Grid, I’m sorry but I can't enter with you . I'm afraid that the leader will be angry if he sees me .


In the end, Grid entered alone .  Then he faced all types of delicacies .  The 11th leader of the Judar Church, Pascal warmly welcomed Grid .

“I am honored to meet the person who received the blessings of Goddess Rebecca and God Dominion!"

Pascal was an ambitious person . But his ability to read the situation was excellent .  He heard that Grid defeated Malacus and was recognized by the Rebecca Church and Dominion Church, so he knew how foolish it was to be hostile to Grid .

Besides, there was no reason to feel hostile .  If the pope's position became vacant, Pascal was be the first candidate to become the next pope, even without the Holy Light set .

'Rather, things have become easier . '

At the moment, there were few people in the Rebecca Church with the talent to become pope candidates . And the leader of the Dominion Church wasn't a greedy person .  Pascal was convinced that he would become pope . He felt strong gratitude towards Grid who caused all of this .

“I would like to hear your story about how you defeated the demon Malacus and the corrupt Pope Drevigo . Now, go ahead and sit . The food we prepared for you will become cold . "


On this day, Grid increased his affinity with Pascal, a pope candidate . Then the pavranium safely received God Judar's blessing .

[Golden Discs Made of Pavranium]

Durability: Infinite

Golden discs made of pavranium, the strongest mineral produced by the collaboration between the legendary blacksmith Pagma and the legendary great magician Braham .

By default, they revolve around and protect their owner . They will also take other actions when given commands from their owner .

* They have obtained healing skills due to Goddess Rebecca's blessing . They will increase their owner's health recovery speed by 300% .

* They have obtained an attack buff skill due to God Dominion's blessing . The owner's attack power will increase by 15% .

* They have obtained a defense buff skill due to God Judar's blessing . The owner's defense will increase by 15% .

Weight: 3


This long journey was finally heading towards the end .  Now he just needed to receive the blessing of God Yatan and the quest would be complete .

Pascal spoke to the excited Grid, “But Grid, it is virtually impossible to find the sanctum of the Yatan Church . They're very secretive . so the location of their sanctum has never been exposed in history . You said that you need God Yatan's blessing? It might become possible at some later date . "


Pascal's words were true . Grid communicated with Toban afterwards, but they couldn't figure out the location of the Yatan Sanctum .  It seemed like it would take a long time before he could discover it .

In the end, Grid was forced to return to Winston without achieving his goal .  Winston was boisterous when he returned .

"What? What is this event?"

The users were excited .  At the entrance to Winston, there were many famous NPCs and soldiers, including Phoenix . Even Lady Irene showed up .  The Tzedakah Guild were also gathered, and it was rumored that they had gone under Lady Irene a while ago .  

“Perhaps the king is coming?"

"Wow, it must be . The king probably heard rumors about Winston's development and is coming to inspect it directly . "

It wasn't easy to see the king of a country . There was a rumor that just seeing a king could cause a positive effect on their stats .  How spectacular would the procession be? Thousands of users were gathered like ants all over the walls and square as they watched the gates with anticipation .

Then after a while .

Finally, the gates opened and someone entered .  The soldiers verified the identity and blew their trumpets once, then the knights drew their swords and saluted the person . Then people smiled brightly and blew pollen .

However, they weren't enthusiastically welcoming the king . No, it wasn't even an NPC, let alone the king .  It was a scruffy user who looked like a beginner .  The man had a hat to completely cover his face and ID, like he was expecting the attention . Then Lady Irene ran to the man .


The users watching the situation simultaneously cried out .  Irene was praised as the goddess of Winston due to her beauty and kind heart, making her loved by many male users . So why was she hugging this scruffy and suspicious looking man?

"I've missed you so much . "

Irene stared at the man with an expression of love .  It was an unbelievable sight .

"W-What is this?"

Why did such a beautiful and noble NPC like a user like this? While the users were feeling stunned, Jishuka, one of the most beautiful women in the world, also approached the man .   She had a bright smile on her usually cold face .

"You came back safely . I was waiting anxiously . "


The users were dumbfounded .  Winston's lady was from an influential NPC family and this mysterious man was also welcomed by the top ranker and beauty Jishuka .  This scene became a huge issue and was reported to the media around the world . Of course, there was a hot debate on the Internet .

“Oh, I wonder who that man is?"

After dinner .

Sehee was sitting next to Youngwoo on the couch and showed interest in the mysterious man appearing on the news .  Sehee had no direct experience with playing Satisfy, but she often watched it on TV, so she understood why it was such a big issue .

"He looks like a beginner and a fool at first glance, so why is he loved by such big shots?"

Sehee asked the question and the yawning Youngwoo explained, "That's me . "


“I was away for a while on a quest, so everyone was welcoming my return . "

"Hehe… Don't I have a lot of popularity?"


The TV remote control in Sehee's hand made a strange breaking noise .  Youngwoo clicked his tongue .  "Wow… Even if the control is 10 years old, how can it break like this? Wow, the maker of this is really bad . We shouldn't buy a TV from here again . "


Sehee glared at her brother and went to her room . Once Youngwoo was left alone, he couldn't endure the fatigue and dozed off on the couch .

“… The first night… Huhuhu!"

The sound of sly laughter echoed through the living room .

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Chapter 137

Once every four months, two full moons would overlap in one night .  When the coastal waters of Brinichi experienced a low tide, a secret path would be revealed .

"I finally found it . "

The bottom of the sea showed a glittering path .

Splash splash .

A girl moved along the path, not caring about how wet her shoes and clothes got .  The mysterious and calm purple path continued into the depths of the sea .  The girl hesitated for a moment as she gazed into the depths, before taking a deep breath . Then she started to play the flute she had prepared in advance .

Beep . Bibiririr .

The melody spread over the calm waves .   The image of the girl playing a flute alone in the moonlight was as beautiful as a picture .  A notification window appeared in the girl's vision .

[You have played Laurelia's Flute . You can breathe underwater for 25 minutes . ]

Kkoruruk .  

The girl gathered up her courage and dove in . She was greeted with the magnificent sea creatures as she swam along the lit up path and reached the secret kingdom at the end .

[You are the first discoverer of the Siren Kingdom!]

[It is a place passed down in legends . If you create and sell a map of this place, you can earn great reputation and gold . ]

[If you sell the map first to the 3rd Prince of the Saharan Empire, a quest will be generated . ]

'I will leave the map making to a later time…'

In any area, the first discoverer would receive great benefits . But was it so easy to be the first discoverer among two billion users? It was an inspiring sight, but the girl's interest lay elsewhere .

The purpose of her arrival here was to acquire the method of making the orb that Braham's first disciple, Mumud used during his life .

'I need to find the production method quickly and bring it to Grid . '

The girl's ID was Euphemina .  In the past, she had asked Grid to produce an orb in exchange for saving Grid from Winston's dungeon .   Grid had promised to do it, as long as she obtained the orb's production method and materials .

After that .  

Euphemina had searched for what was the best orb in history .  She came to the conclusion that Braham's orb was by far the best, but the conditions of use were too high . Therefore, she searched for the orb used by his disciple, Mumud .

The end of her journey led to the Siren Kingdom .  500 years ago, he had married and settled here .  Euphemina needed to find Mumud's descendant and acquire the production method for his orb .  

"It isn't long now… Grid, I'll come find you soon . "

She wanted to meet him quickly .  It wasn't just anticipation for the orb Grid would make .   She was one of the three revealed epic classes in Satisfy, yet he had made her feel tremendous helplessness . Therefore, she wondered how far he had grown now .

"I don't have any ulterior motives . It’s just pure curiosity . "

She blushed while talking to herself, and the inhabitants of the Siren Kingdom thought that humans were strange creatures .



It was still dark early in the morning .  Shin Youngwoo, who fell asleep watching TV the night before, woke up .

"I have a bad feeling…"

Somehow, there was a chill down his spine .  He didn't remember it, but he seemed to have a nightmare .  He took off his coat that was wet with sweat and rose from his seat . Then he headed straight to the bathroom and turned on the shower .

He normally only washed once every three days, so why did he shower as soon as he woke up? It was comparable to the sun rising in the west!

'It's my first night, so shouldn't I wash and cleanse before it? Huhuhut…'

Shin Youngwoo couldn't suppress his smile .  He hummed as he washed up, then headed straight to the capsule . Before connecting to Satisfy, he opened up the Internet .

Tatak! Tatatang!

As if it was expressing his excited mind, the sound of tapping on the keyboard was light .  After a while, the search results for 'sex in Satisfy' appeared before Youngwoo .  There were hundreds of thousands of articles .  Youngwoo was thrilled while reading .

"Ohh…! It is possible for NPCs as well as users!! Huh? What is this?"

Satisfy was like another reality, so sex was naturally included .

However, the S . A . Group put limitations on it because of a fear that users would become irresponsible if there were no restrictions, and in the worst case scenario, it could be abused for criminal acts .

“…In Satisfy, sex could only happen when formally married, and the number of times is limited to once a month… If these conditions aren't met, sexual functions are impossible…?"

Youngwoo was silent while reading the conditions .  Then there was a bang from the keyboard! He had struck downwards .

"Dammit! Only once a month?"

Something he saved… No, he was finally going to get rid of the virgin status that he had been keeping for no reason! Youngwoo planned to share his love with Irene day and night, so he was frustrated .

"Only once a month…! I want to do it, but it's only once a month! Dammit! Who would be satisfied with that much…? Of course, not me . "

Youngwoo was lying on the ground like a child, but then he suddenly regained his calm .

'So what if it is once a month? I've never once experienced it in 27 years so once a month… It is amazing . '

Maybe because it was early .  Youngwoo recovered from the frustration and returned to the capsule .  After searching the Internet, he got a recommendation for a best-selling book called '100 Techniques to Satisfy Women' and immediately purchased it .

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"Oh…! Ohhh!"

It was a book that described scenes that Youngwoo had never actually experienced in detail, from an expert point of view .  Youngwoo read the amazing and sacred book more intensively than any tutorial lectures .  How much time passed?

"…It's a new world . "

It was the first time that he enjoyed the act of reading . Time passed by without him knowing it .   The sun was completely up outside his window . He checked the clock and saw that it was 11 a . m .  His parents were at work and Sehee at school, so he was alone in the house .  Youngwoo headed into the kitchen . He ate food to restore his stamina .


The feeling of satiation was great .  Then he took a bath and built up his knowledge .  

‘All the preparations are perfect!' 

Youngwoo returned to the capsule and logged into Satisfy with a confident look . But as he tried to log in, he suddenly got up and headed to the bathroom again .

'This time it will be perfect!'

The confident Youngwoo entered the capsule and logged in .

Buzz buzz .

Khan's smithy was the hideout of the Tzedakah Guild . Most of the guild members were already there, and their attention focused on Grid as soon as he logged in .  Then Vantner called out his name and made a fuss .

"Hey Grid! What is this? What did you do to end up marrying Lady Irene?"

Two days ago in Satisfy .

Grid left for a quest and finally returned to Winston after 40 days .  Vantner had been waiting for Grid more than anyone else, so he was ecstatic when Grid returned .  Then an unexpected and shocking scene occurred .

Lady Irene, who was close to Vantner's ideal type, rushed into Grid's arms? After that, she made a shocking announcement at Grid's return celebration party at the castle .  It was that she was going to marry Grid .

"Aaaaack! Why? Why you? Why am I not you?"

Since staying in Winston, Vantner had worked tirelessly to acquire the favor of Lady Irene . It was common for love to bloom between a user and NPC, so he had a positive outlook .  But Irene was the only heir to Earl Steim, making her like a flower on a cliff .  Even Vantner, who was a ranker, didn't have a chance to meet with her . He couldn't even get quests related to her .

"Then you… How did you get so close to her? How did you captivate her heart? You have a lower level and are uglier than me!"

Vantner was filled with sadness, jealousy, anger and all types of bad emotions . Then he lost his temper as Pon spoke to him .

"Hey, it is too much to say that he is uglier than you . Bald person…"

“Shut up! I already told you that I'm not bald in reality, you bastard!"

“No, it's true that you told me a hundred times that you aren't bald in reality, but aren't you bald here? And think about the age gap . Don't you know that Lady Irene looks like a girl if you stand next to her? No, what type of guy goes after a young girl like that?"

"W-What? Why does age matter in love?  Don't ruin my pure love!"

“What? Do you want to be hit? Would you like a taste of my Gale Spear?"

"Try it! Let's both die today!"

The two people were arguing again today .  Thanks to that, Grid could free himself from Vantner . He approached Jishuka and asked .

"What is everyone doing here? Why are you gathered?"

"You're asking why? It's to attend your wedding as guests . You are getting married in Satisfy . It is also the first time we are seeing a user marry an NPC, so the expectations are big . "

"Hrmm… Aren't you busy ruling Bairan Village? Is it possible for a lord to leave their place?"

"It would be impossible to play if being the lord is so busy that I can't even leave for a day or two . There is time to spare . I also left Toban in charge in case of emergencies . By the way Grid, you seem to have changed a lot . "


“Yes, originally you would've cursed back at Vantner . But you just let it go in one ear and out the other… I think your personality has matured . "

"I'm already in my late 20's . I'm originally an adult . "

He answered casually, but he was also surprised to find himself changed .  Whenever he connected to Satisfy, his mind became calm and relaxed, unlike in reality .

This was the effect of his higher insight stat .  Currently, Grid's 600 points in insight wasn't enough to contemplate the world, but it could see through it to some extent .  So when he dealt with someone or faced an unexpected situation, he could make a reflexive judgment on how to act and calmed down accordingly .

"Where is Faker?"

Grid had obtained three items after defeating the assassins on the way to the Vatican .  One of the was Kenen's Dart Belt, while the other two were traps and poison .

The belt was classified as equipment and could naturally be used, but trap installation tools and poison combination machines were classified as items made by experts in their field, not equipment . It was impossible to use even for Pagma's Descendant, and he had to learn how to use them separately .

"I want Faker to teach me how to use an item…"

Jishuka shrugged at Grid .

"I believe he's here, but I'm not sure . He's very skilled at hiding . "

Faker, the number one assassin, was a master of stealth . Even if he didn't use a skill, he could erase his presence by controlling his stride and breathing .  In the past, he had become angry after being caught by Euphemina, who had high insight .  Now Grid had more insight than Euphemina at that time .

"Over there . " Grid found Faker standing with his arms crossed in a corner of the smithy and approached .  "Faker, can you teach me how to install traps and use this poison machine? I picked up these items by chance and they look pretty useful . "


Faker's eyes widened with surprise .  The people next to him couldn't even see him, so he was surprised to find that Grid had left the center of people and had discovered him .  He looked into Grid's deep eyes and confirmed it .

'He has grown . '

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Chapter 138

Several months ago, Faker didn't appreciate Grid when he first met him .

It was because Grid's blacksmith ability and combat ability were excellent, but his mental immaturity meant he couldn't exert all his abilities .  To be honest, Faker never expressed it, but he thought Grid was ridiculous . He felt that Grid couldn't take advantage of his class .

But now it was different .  A long time had passed and Grid seemed different from the past .

'If he keeps steadily growing like this, I can trust him with my back one day . '

As Faker was thinking, Grid showed the trap installation tools and poison combination machine to him .

“These are the items… I don't know how to use them . There's no manual . "

Faker was amazed as he looked at the items .  "They're good items . In particular, this poison combination machine is excellent . Where did you obtain it?"

"I killed an assassin called Shay who dropped it . "

“Shay…? A user?"

"Yes . "

Shay was the fifth ranked assassin user . He was a well established user, but it seemed he had been defeated by Grid and lost the item .  

'Shay is notorious for always going around with Kerb and Sniffer… Grid defeated the three of them alone? How strong is Grid now?'

It seemed like the degree of growth exceeded Faker's expectations .

'Jishuka and Vantner guessed that Grid was equal to or better than Pon and Regas…'

He thought it was a joke, but maybe it was real? Faker was an aggressive person, like the other members of the Tzedakah Guild .  He felt the urge to compete against Grid .  But now wasn't the time .

“Wouldn't it be better to learn how to use them next time? Look at the time . Your wedding is soon . "

“Ah, already?”

Grid verified the time and exited the smithy . This wasn't anyone else's wedding . He couldn't be late to his own wedding .  The Tzedakah Guild and Khan followed .  Khan looked depressed .

"Grid… Grid has become the husband of the lady…"

Khan lost his sick wife then his son . After being alone, he fell into drinking .  Due to the trickery of the Mero Company, he had been on the verge of losing the smithy that had been in his family for generations .

But one day, Grid suddenly appeared and saved him . He was able to escape from the pain of his life and rebuild the smithy .  Grid was his savior .  He was a similar age to Khan's dead son and Khan truly treasured him .

Now that precious person was leaving for a high place that Khan couldn't reach .  Of course, he was happy to see Grid doing well . However, he couldn't hide his sad feelings .  He barely swallowed back his tears as he spoke to Grid .

"Grid, you might be a commoner marrying into a family of nobles, but don't shrink back and live well . I am always cheering for you . "

Grid grinned at Khan's encouragement .  "I'm Pagma's Descendant . Why should I shrink back from nobles? And don't talk like we are breaking up . I will still go to the smithy like before, even if I marry Irene . Have you forgotten? I am your successor . "


It must be annoying to help a poor and sick old man, but Grid didn't show it at all .  Khan was thrilled and tears ended up spilling down .  Grid handed him a handkerchief and said, “Your son asked me to do something . He asked me to take care of his father . "

It wasn't a lie .  In the past, Grid had gone to Khan's family cemetery with Khan and encountered ghosts while Khan was sleeping .  Among the ghosts, Khan's ancestor gave him the clue to obtain Pagma's Swordsmanship, and Khan's son asked Grid to take care of his father .

A son who worried about his father even after death! Grid liked Khan and was touched by his son's devotion, so he tried to do well by Khan .  Of course, it wasn't an unconditional favor . To be honest, some of his actions were calculated to inherit the smithy .  But that didn't affect the fact that he liked Khan . That emotion still remained .

Then Khan's expression started to slowly contort .

"Grid… Why is your handkerchief so dirty? Is this a rag?"

“It isn't a rag . It is a handkerchief . But I didn't wash it, so it looks like a rag . Hahaha! Well, it is okay . Are you going to die if you wipe your tears with a rag?"

“Tsk tsk, you're worse than an old widower… I'm relieved that the maids will take care of you after you marry the lady . "

On the other hand, the Tzedakah Guild were looking at Grid and Khan with warm eyes .  Grid looked great in their eyes, demonstrating that users and NPCs could really be friends .  NPCs had the same emotions as humans . They felt ashamed of themselves for ignoring this fact and treating NPCs as a simple artificial intelligence in a game .

Then the party arrived at the castle .


The knights and soldiers already recognized Grid as their lord . He was lauded as a hero and was going to become the husband of the lady .  They entered the castle's garden, where the beautiful bride welcomed Grid .


“Lady Irene…"

Her white dress highlighted her beauty .   Now Irene, who was making a shy smile, was beautiful enough to compare with Yura and Jishuka .


This beautiful and noble woman was being taken away by Grid! Vantner swallowed back his tears . Then he discovered Knight Bland crying with a runny nose and felt a sense of homogeneity with him .

“You too, Lady Irene…"


The two people exchanged glances as the grand marriage ceremony was held .

Dozens of senior nobles from all over the kingdom as well as foreign envoys were present . Earl Steim's speech and the congratulatory message from the king's messenger increased the atmosphere .

“There are foreign envoys and even a message from the king… It isn't an exaggeration that Earl Steim is one of the kingdom's greatest powers . "

Jishuka admired . She only went under Irene because of Grid, but now it seemed to be wise decision in many ways .

'No matter how I think about it, Grid is truly amazing . '

Jishuka thought with a smile . Then the military band started to play light and cheerful music .  Hundreds of people watched as Grid and Irene exchanged vows of love .

"Do you swear to respect and love one another until you become light and return to Goddess Rebecca's side?"

"I swear . "

“I swear . ”

No one said it first .  Grid and Irene responded and the same time, and the guests cheered like they were soulmates .

“Share the token of your pledge . "

'Token of the pledge?'

Grid couldn't understand the officiant's words . The bride's side had taken care of all wedding preparations, so he couldn't help panicking .  Then Irene handed him a pair of rings .  It was the finest gold ring with a diamond in the middle .

“Put these rings on our hands . " Irene shyly said .

Her red face was so lovely that Grid picked up the small ring with trembling hands . Then he slid it on Irene's finger . Irene also placed the ring on Grid's finger .  Then a notification window flashed in front of Grid .

[You have worn the Ring of Pledge . If you are with the person wearing the same ring, special effects will occur . ]

[You have pledged eternal love with Irene Winston von Steim . ]

[You have become the husband of a lady . ] 

[You can now check the estate's information using the authority of the lady's husband . However, you have no right to decide estate policy . ]

[You will gain more benefits and have a stronger voice the higher your wife's liking towards you . ]

[If your wife's liking is low, the worst case scenario is a divorce . Be careful . ]

[You have become an earl's son-in-law . ] 

[The Nobility stat has been opened . ]

[All stats have increased by 20 . ]

[You can advance into the social circle of the nobles . ]

[You will receive a monthly salary of 500 gold . ]

Grid's mouth dropped open .  His fortune seemed to be increasing thanks to his beautiful, competent, and kind bride .

On the other hand, Earl Steim watched his daughter blush as Grid put the ring on her and suddenly found Khan . He approached Khan and handed him a drink .

“Are you Grid's friend?"

Khan looked up with surprise and asked, “Why is a great person like Your Lordship interested in someone like me…?"

"Don't speak like that . Aren't you a blacksmith who represents the north and a friend of my son-in-law? It is an honor to talk to you . "

"…Yes . "

After that, there was a flurry of drinking .  Most people drank alcohol like water while blessing the bride and groom .  Vantner and Bland got drunk together and cursed the bridegroom, causing Knight Captain Phoenix to expel them .

There were foreign envoys and senior nobles who discretely laughed at the fact that the groom was a commoner, but the good mood was sustained because Faker secretly stunned them and placed them asleep in a corner .

On the other hand, the residents and users in Winston were also celebrating . There was the festive atmosphere of fireworks and music .

"Lady Irene got married!"

"Ahh! It is to our hero!"

“I hope that the lady will give birth to a son!"

"Yes! I am looking forward to the future!"

The NPCs learned that Irene's marriage partner was Grid and danced with joy .  However, the users didn't know the details and weren't very interested in Irene's marriage . They were delighted about other parts .

[Irene, the lady of Winston, has married and blessed everyone!]

[All Winston products will be exempt from taxes for the next 10 days . ]

[Users who set Winston as their residence will gain a 50% increase in experience and 30% increase in item acquisition for the next 15 days . ]

[Users who have settled in a city or village that belongs to Earl Steim will gain a 30% increase in experience and 15% increase in item acquisition for the next 10 days . ]

This was good luck!

The millions of users in Earl Steim's territory started to hunt hard to take advantage of this opportunity . Users heard the rumors and moved to Earl Steim's territories to experience this event, causing these areas to have an enormous population growth .

Among them, the number of population heading to Winston was unequaled .  But Winston's population was already saturated . The users who planned to move to Winston were forced to look at other villages near Winston .

Those villages included Bairan, which was managed by the Tzedakah Guild .  The village of Bairan was a territory under Winston and as a result, it was able to achieve tremendous growth in a short period of time .  Thousands of people migrated every day, hundreds of new houses were built, the number of shops increased and the economy was booming .

"Ah~! What is this? I am too busy!"

Jishuka and the Tzedakah Guild cried out . If this trend continued, the money would pour in, but they were worried about being too busy to have time to level up .

Then let's go back in time to the wedding night!

Grid was naked and facing Irene, who had uncovered her white body .


"I’m embarrassed…"

Irene had a wide pelvis and long slender limbs, like a model .  Her breasts were only a B cup, making it somewhat inadequate for Grid's taste .  But Grid wasn’t disappointed .  The shape of Irene's breasts was perfect and the harmony of colors was wonderful… The details will be omitted .  


“Oh my . "

The excited Grid lowered Irene onto the bed .  Then he immediately used the techniques described in the book he read before accessing Satisfy .  The techniques were very dazzling… The details will be omitted .


Whenever Grid's long and hard fingers swept over Irene's white and soft skin… The details will be omitted .


Irene shed tears as she was surrounded by pleasures she had never experienced in her 20 years of living . The pleasure she felt was so huge that she was almost scared .

"I'm scared… I feel like another person… It feels like I will fly away somewhere…"

His hands gave her such pleasure that it was hard to believe Grid was a virgin .  The reason he could demonstrate such excellent hand techniques wasn't because he read the book, but because he was influenced by his high dexterity stat .

The combination of his stats and titles meant that he had over 1,500 dexterity, transcending human limitations .  Sometimes delicate! Sometimes strong! He was able to perfectly control the tempo as his hands swept over Irene's whole body . It was almost enough to give him the title of caressing king .

"Grid… Hurry…!"


Irene looked up at him with a yearning expression .  The moment Grid met that gaze, he let go of his reason .   He took a deep breath as for the first time in his 27 years of life… The details will be omitted .

"Ahh… Grid! I love you…! I love you!! I love you!”

As the night grew deeper, the intensity of Irene's pleasure grew .  Combined with the title effects, Grid's strength exceeded 1,600 and his stamina exceeded 1,000, so Grid was comparable to the legendary virile king .  

Thanks to that, Irene was surrounded by pleasures that ordinary women never experienced… The details will be omitted .

[Irene's liking towards you has increased . ]

[Irene's liking towards you has increased . ]

[Irene's liking towards you has increased…]

Irene's love towards him grew bigger every time Grid moved his waist… The details will be omitted .  

Thus, the first night was a great success .  Grid was able to achieve the maximum liking with Irene in just one night .

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Chapter 139


Grid opened his eyes to the sound of birds chirping and raised his body . The first thing he did was look for Irene .  He was anxious at the thought that last night was a dream, then he sighed with relief .


A beautiful girl with silver hair, who he could assert was the loveliest person in the world, was sleeping on his right side .  Her glowing skin was shining through the blanket, creating a strange emotion inside Grid .

'My woman . '

Grid had never achieved love in 27 years . No, he couldn't even hold hands with a girl .  It was inevitable that he would feel like this towards his first woman .

'I will make Irene happy . '

Grid had a new goal .  Irene being kidnapped twice by the Yatan Church were the worst memories of her life . She would suffer from the trauma for a long time .  Grid vowed that he would never let her suffer the same misfortunes again .

'I need enough strength to protect her . ’

Doran would be pleased to hear this from the other world .  Irene was deeply asleep after the exertions the night before . He was worried that he would wake her up, so he got up as quietly as possible, dressed and walked out of the room .

Two maids were waiting for him in front of the door .

“Have you woken up, Sir Grid?" 

"I want to wash up, so please guide me to the bathroom . "


One maid was calm while the other had a lively nature .  Grid followed behind them without thinking and then panicked in the dressing area before the bathroom .  The maids started taking off his clothes like it was natural .

“W-What are you doing?"

How did the maids manage to take off so many clothes in merely seconds? It was like they used magic, rendering Grid naked in the blink of an eye .   He covered his important areas with both hands and shouted,

"Are you crazy? Why are you suddenly stripping me?"


They replied in a manner that seemed as if they thought his reaction was odd .

"You have to take your clothes off to wash . "

At the moment, Grid quickly grasped the situation and asked, "P-Perhaps you… Are you planning to wash me?"

“Yes, that is our duty . "

"It is natural for maids to wash their master's body . "


Noblemen were such perverted people that they forced young girls to wash their bodies!

‘These guys… Isn't this great?'

It was something he always wanted to experience once when he saw it in manhwas .  The elated Grid removed the hands covered his important parts . Then he proudly straightened up and said .

"Okay . Take it off and then wash me . "

"Yes . "

Grid had fallen for Irene overnight and swore that he would love her forever . However, that didn't mean he would be single-hearted .  He was a man! Any protagonist would dream of having a harem! Since ancient times, heroes were always surrounded by girls .  While Grid had no intention of missing this opportunity, reality was cruel .

'…There is no reaction . '

In Satisfy, sex was only available once a month and it had to be between married partners . If these conditions weren't met, the sexual function itself wouldn't work .  Cute maids were washing every part of his body with soft, delicate touches, but Grid didn't feel anything at all .

'This is crazy…'

A famous line came to mind .

'I… I am a eunuch…'

Grid was frustrated as the maids washed his body .  Somehow, the maids seemed to be laughing at him, so his self-esteem as a man was shattered .

After 30 minutes .


The maids finished wiping off all the moisture on his body before Grid left the bathroom with a soulless expression and put on new clothes .  They were the finest clothing that nobles wore .

The maids admired him as they exclaimed, "Sir Grid, you look so cool . "

“That’s right! The clothes fit well so you should stand tall!"

Grid confirmed his appearance in the mirror and felt awkward .  “If I wear cheap clothes, Irene will… No, I will ruin the lady's reputation . But these clothes aren't too much? I am the husband of the lady, not a noble . "

The maids explained .

“There will be a ceremony soon . Grid will officially be made a noble today . "

"Right, right . This isn't a costume . "

Their words were true .

After breakfast .  

Earl Steim summoned Grid .  “Irene is my only heir, basically giving her the authority of an earl . That child will become a countess after my death . "


“Aside from her title, Irene is the lady of a big city . It will be a problem if her husband is a commoner… I will like to give you the title of viscount, will you accept it?"

"Of course . "

The nobles of the Eternal Kingdom, an earl had the authority to appoint two viscounts and eight barons .  However, Earl Steim already had five viscounts under him . He was one of the two nobles representing the Eternal Kingdom, exercising power beyond the law .

Then Grid became the sixth person to be awarded the title of viscount by Earl Steim .

[You have become a viscount of the Eternal Kingdom . ]

[As Earl Steim's son-in-law, you have acquired the Steim last name . ]

[You have the authority to rule a territory . ]

[You have the authority to command soldiers . ]

[You can employ up to three people as knights . You can employ both NPCs and users . ]

[You can give a forceful command to the people . But it isn't recommended . ]

[You will receive a monthly salary of 2,000 gold . ]


Grid has a decent salary of 500 gold as the earl's son-in-law . However, he was disappointed because the amount was too low . Now he was a viscount and obtained an extra 2,000 gold, making it a total of 2,500 gold every month .

'2,500 gold in cash is…!' 

It was three million won . It was a huge fixed amount, so Grid was thrilled .  Earl Steim noticed his satisfaction and asked quietly .

"So… Did the first night go well?”

"…That . "

Grid couldn't easily answer .  The other person was his father-in-law . What son-in-law could explain the truth about what happened last night? In the end, Grid replied modestly .

“It is a level that I can be proud of . "


Earl Steim laughed with satisfaction at Grid's answer .  Then Irene entered the room .   Her face flushed as she read the atmosphere, then she said .

"Father, you will be able to see your grandchildren sooner or later . Grid… He is amazing . "

"Ohh! I see! My son-in-law is so great?"

"Yes, he is really amazing . I experienced more than I imagined last night . Perhaps there will be at least five boys in the future . I will give birth to children until I run out of strength and will make Father happy in your old age . "

"Yes! I'm looking forward to it! Really looking forward to it! Grid, please use your strength . I want at least 10 grandchildren!"


Grid couldn't tell the truth that he might not be able to give 10 grandchildren because he could only do it once a month .  He knew the circumstances of the Steim family so he didn't want to make Earl Steim worry .

"…I will do my best . "

Grid barely managed to answer and left the room .  Then Irene spoke separately to him, "Are you returning to work at Khan's smithy as planned?"

Irene was clutching his arms like she didn't want to separate from him . She would like to be with Grid 24 hours a day .

Grid lamented .  “Before that, there is something else I need to do . Irene, can you lend me a few soldiers?"

Grid had used his skills and increased Irene's liking to the maximum in just one month . Now he intentionally used that liking .  Irene couldn't refuse his request .

“I can lend you a few soldiers . But what do you need to do that requires soldiers…?"

The walls overlooking Winston! Grid stood next to Irene and spoke seriously while gazing at Bairan Village in the south .

“As your husband, I wish to fight for the peace of your territory . I will defeat the Guardian of the Bairan Village, which has frightened many people . "

Originally, Grid didn't have any talent for the game .   Before he became Pagma’s Descendant, he stayed in one city for a year and only reached around level 80 .  But now it was different .  He had gone through all types of incidents since becoming Pagma's Descendant and now knew what he had to prioritize in the game .

'I have to produce Failure first and foremost . '

The first item that Grid created, Failure! It was an absolutely fraudulent greatsword . Unfortunately, it had no value as a sell-able produce due to the usage conditions attached .  Dainsleif was already the strongest weapon currently in existence, so Grid hadn't felt a strong greed for Failure .

But now he changed his thinking . He felt that he needed Failure .  He had awakened to the common sense that it was 'natural' to have better weapons .

"You will fight for my sake, as well as this territory…?"

“That’s right . It is only for you . "


Sometimes, well-meaning lies were required! Irene was thrilled by Grid's words and replied with a touched look,

"You can take 100 soldiers and two knights, but please don't overdo it and remember to be careful . If you are hurt… My heart will be torn . "

She truly was lovely .

'I really got a good wife . '

Grid grabbed Irene and hugged her tightly . He swore that he would surely succeed in defeating the Guardian of the Forest and collect the blue orichalcum, so that her help wouldn't be in vain!

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