Overgeared - Chapter 259-261

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Chapter 259-261

Chapter 259

The day before the seven guilds invaded Reidan .

Pon and Regas travelled through the desert and discovered a dungeon entrance that reminded them of an ant hill .

"This dungeon isn't marked on the map, is it?" Regas asked .

Pon checked the map and nodded . Then Regas immediately entered the dungeon .  There was no time to stop him . It was a really remarkable performance .  Pon followed after Regas .  

10 seconds after they entered the dungeon .  The entrance to the dungeon disappeared into the desert .

"Wow . "


Pon and Regas were surprised after entering the dungeon, and then a series of notification windows appeared in front of them .

[You have entered the Vampire's Underground City (13) . ]

[Benefits will be given to the first dungeon finders! The gold and item drop rate in the dungeon will increase by 8%! This benefit will last for 10 days and will disappear when you die . ]

It was regrettable that the experience rate didn't increase, but it was still good . But the rest was the problem .

[The entrance of the dungeon is blocked . Contact with the outside world will be blocked . ]

[You can't escape the dungeon until you have died or kill the dungeon boss . ]

It was an unusual type of dungeon .  The most powerful duo in Overgeared were tasked with 'collecting information about the western dungeons and finding the ideal hunting ground . ' This was the moment that they fell into a desperate crisis .

“We're trapped…"

Pon was well aware of vampires .  They were a top-ranking combat species that possessed attack cancelling skills and enchanting skills . They were especially strong in dark places .  The entry of light was completely blocked and they were trapped in a city of vampires…

'We will die . '

As Pon was feeling frustrated, Regas looked at the dungeon unfolding before him with bright eyes .

“Isn't it unbelievably amazing here?"

High buildings and pointed spires .  Gothic buildings reminiscent of Notre Dame Cathedral and Cologne Cathedral were scattered throughout the dark dungeon .  The spectacular and dreary scenery overwhelmed the onlookers, but Regas was pleased about finding a new dungeon .

"We should hunt before the buff ends . "


Anyone would be afraid of the death penalty . In particular, it was more severe for rankers .  But Regas wasn't afraid of death . He might be 12th on the unified rankings, but he enjoyed the challenge .

‘In any case, this is fun . '

Regas smiled at the sight .

Pon smiled and moved .

"Let's go . "

They had to fight anyway, so they should do it thoroughly .  It would be ideal if they killed all the vampires and boss before the buff ended .

Pon and Regas moved in secret .  It was the start of an epic struggle .


Jude .  He was Grid's knight and served at the captain of the security forces in Reidan .  He would stop any harm from happening to Duke Grid's city .

This was Jude's perspective .

"Captain, get some rest now . "

"I don't want to . "

There was no rest for Jude .  He always tried to maintain Reidan's safety, except for when he slept .  He even ate when he was patrolling .

'Captain is admirable . '

'I have to work harder!'

Jude chewing dry bread while patrolling became a model for the soldiers .  The soldiers of Reidan became more diligent every day . They endured the harsh training and their growth speed was very fast .  They were basically overgeared soldiers, so it was only a matter of time before they were reborn as elites .

“Today . Reidan . Safe . "

Jude didn't know .

One night a week ago .  Hundreds of people had tried to invade Reidan while he was sleeping .  He never knew that they were repelled by only four farmers .  Was it because he was an idiot with only 20 intelligence?

No .  This was Lauel's intent .  Lauel didn't announce the Reidan invasion so that the people weren't disturbed .  It was easy to cover up .   It was night time and the enemies could only reach the wheat fields outside the walls . They even retreated quickly .  Only a few people knew about what happened that night . It was sad, but Jude wasn't included in this minority .

"Jude . Today . Strong . "

Today, Reidan was peaceful .  The people believed it was due to Jude's merits .

"Captain Jude! Please work hard today!"

“Thank you!”

Jude was proud every time people greeted him . He worked harder as he patrolled .  Everything was for Duke Grid .


[The hidden quest 'Fun and Enjoyable Training!' has been completed . ]

As soon as the notification window popped up, Kraugel put down the farming equipment that he had been holding for a month .

'The end . '

It was disappointing .  He was glad to be able to leave on new adventures, but he was sorry to say goodbye to Reidan .   In hindsight, this was the first time he'd stayed in one place for so long .

'I'll miss it . '

He looked over the vast wheat fields .  The fun and precious memories from the last month, which couldn't be forgotten, were engraved on his mind .

"I'm leaving . "

He approached an impressive middle-aged man with a commanding presence and deep gaze .  The fact that he wasn't a simple person could be seen from his eyes .

Piaro .  The first ranked Kraugel couldn't win against him in the end .  Kraugel smiled gently and bowed deeply to him .

“Thank you for everything . "

It was the luck of a lifetime that he met Piaro .  Thanks to working tirelessly in the field and sparring with Piaro, Kraugel could finally cross the wall .  Sword Saint 4th Stage .  There was one more step until he became a sword saint .

"You should come back here often . You're always welcome . "

Piaro reached out his hand .  It was a dirty hand covered with calluses .  Kraugel could see a little bit of the road that Piaro had been walking in the meantime .  Kraugel grabbed the hand politely .

"Yes, Brother . "

Then when he next came to visit…

'I will be the best . '

Kraugel had been greatly disappointed when Piaro became a farmer .  He thought that Piaro gave up the road to being a sword saint .  But that wasn't it .  He realized it when they were together .  Piaro didn't give up . He chose a more suitable path for himself .

The class wasn't important .  It was important that he was a legend .  Currently, Piaro succeeded in combining farming equipment with swordsmanship, and Sword Saint Muller couldn't even be compared . Piaro had become the strongest man .  In order to compete with him…

'I also have to become a legend . '

Sword saint .  It didn't matter how long it would take, Kraugel was determined to achieve it .  He wanted to become equal to Piaro and face him .


'I have noticed . '

A man wearing a straw hat was saying goodbye to Piaro .  He didn't take off his hat to the end . Faker followed him and as soon as he left Reidan, he used White Light Steps .

'It truly is him…'

Faker was convinced after seeing the white light .

'The sky above the sky . '

The peak of two billion users, Kraugel .  It wouldn't be hard for him to throw Faker off his scent .  A faint smile broke out on Faker's face .  Kraugel had a relationship with Reidan and might become a positive influence on Grid later on .


[The hidden quest 'Fun and Enjoyable Training!' has been completed . ]

It was eight days after Kraugel left .  Damian also finished the quest .


Damian confirmed his ascending stats and skill level from the quest reward and was filled with joy .  It was unbelievable compensation for such a short period of time .  Damian achieved a dramatic growth compared to three weeks ago .

"It would've been nice to share this joy with Rin-chan . "

Damian felt regret .  He turned his attention to the horizon beyond the wheat field .

‘Now I just have to wait for Grid . '

Today was the day that Grid was scheduled to return .  Damian was filled with expectations .

'If Grid could seal Lifael's Spear…'

Isabel-chan could be saved .  On the other hand, he was worried .

‘What if Grid refuses my request?'

The Grid that Damian knew was a very greedy person .  He couldn't imagine that such a person would help others out of simple goodwill .

'Lauel says I should have faith, but…’

He had to prepare for the worst .  Damian started to prepare the treasures to be given to Grid .  He disposed of all items except for his main equipment, and even changed his savings to gold .

‘I'm willing to sell my house…'

Damian firmed up his heart .

And that night .

Grid finally returned . Asmophel was with him .

"Have you been well?"

Grid returned after five weeks and was now level 295 .  He grew even more after a long journey, making the Overgeared members overwhelmed .  In particular, Lauel was feeling a thrill .


The eyes that shone with a red light! It was completely to Lauel's taste .  Grid scratched his head as he looked at the people around him . His eyes were tinged with affection .

“What happened?"

Damian shook his head from where he was standing behind the Overgeared members and looked at Grid .  

'What's this? He doesn't know that his city was invaded?'

The invasion of Reidan by the seven guilds was a global issue . Even people who didn't play Satisfy a lot were aware of this incident thanks to the news .  Therefore, it was surprising that the person involved, Grid, wasn't aware of it .

Lauel laughed .  “Were you so busy with the quest that you didn't watch TV?"

“Yes . I'm so busy playing the game that I reduced my sleeping time . "

This quest was annoying in many ways .  It was a long distance to Titan and Asmophel's mansion was hard to find . It was due to the wards installed by Dark Bus .  Grid trembled as he recalled the day he saw Titan, the biggest city on the continent, much bigger than Reidan .  He was lucky that the last boss was weak . If the opponent had been strong, he would've started crying .

'I had a hard time but it was worth it . The reward was good and most of all, it was linked with a hidden quest . '

Grid wanted to finish this quest by reuniting Piaro and Asmophel as soon as possible .  Then he would logout, wash, and go to sleep . He also missed his mother's meals . He hadn't seen the faces of his family for several days .

“But why are you talking about the TV? What happened?"

“Just something trivial… You can check it slowly later on . "

"I have something separate to do . Where's Piaro's house?"

Grid questioned and Lauel and the Overgeared members guided him . Damian noticed that it wasn't his turn yet and followed them silently .


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Chapter 260

"This is the place . "


Grid didn't know exactly what type of treatment Piaro was receiving .  He vaguely thought that Piaro would be well respected and comfortable because he was so talented .  But it turned out he was mistaken .

'I never thought he would live in a place like this . '

[Farmer's House]

A large-scale accommodation where widowers or single farmers lived together .

A great swordsman was staying in a shabby place like this? Grid was baffled .

"Isn't Reidan wide? Why is it so hard to give him a house?”

A great swordsman who was soon to become a sword saint . Wasn't he a good mentor to everyone? Lauel explained to Grid, who was looking at them with rebuke in his eyes .  "Piaro himself didn't want to stay anywhere else . He said that he doesn't deserve to live a comfortable life . "

Grid's expression became dark .

'It's because of guilt . '

He felt guilty for the family members and colleagues who died because he was falsely accused .  Maybe Piaro hadn't slept well for a single day in the last few years .

'On the surface, he acts brightly . '

Recently, Grid thought Piaro had overcome most of the wounds in his heart, but that was a misunderstanding .

"Duke Grid came…"

"That's okay . " Grid restrained Lauel from shouting loudly and asked Asmophel .  "Are you ready?"

Asmophel, who had been silent since arriving in Reidan, opened his mouth for the first time .  “I have been prepared to die for a long time . "

“Don't talk about dying so easily . "

The reward of the hidden quest 'Hidden Story' was that Asmophel's affinity would rise to the maximum along with Piaro .  Grid hoped that the named NPC, Asmophel, wouldn't die .  But the problem was that his survival depended on Piaro, not Grid .

'I am shaking . '

Grid took a deep breath and entered the house .  Among the farmers who were exhausted by deep labor, the mediating Piaro was sitting alone .  The moment that Piaro's eyes opened and made contact with him, Grid instinctively realized .

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'He has become stronger . '

Piaro was originally strong .  However, Grid fought against Piaro and was confident of winning .  Their skill with the sword might be different, but Grid believed he could defeat Piaro if he summoned Noe and Randy .

But he was wrong .  Grid's high insight warned that Piaro was a monster that couldn't be predicted . He was completely different from five years ago .

‘It's more than Hell Gao's presence…'

Surely he didn't achieve the status of sword saint while Grid was gone?

Duguen! Duguen! Duguen!

Grid's heart started to thump wildly .  He imagined Piaro becoming a sword saint and his excitement heightened .

"You have become stronger, Duke Grid . "

Piaro stood up and faced Grid .  His eyes gazed deeply into Grid .

'I want to fight . '

Grid wanted to test his skills against the current Piaro .  Grid was filled with an extreme fighting spirit .  But now wasn't the time . The quest came first .

"Did you kill Asmophel?"

Piaro's eyes filled with deep emotions .  It was a glimpse of his hatred towards Asmophel .

Grid replied .

"I didn't kill him . "

“You didn't?” He wasn't that weak, was he? “What does this mean?”

Piaro made a confused expression and Grid pointed to the doorway .

“I brought him to see you . "


The culprit of everything! If that guy came here, Piaro would tear off his limbs and grind up his bones! Piaro rushed out of the room right away .  His face looked like a scary demon as he saw his enemy . Damian and all of the Overgeared members, except for Grid, were overpowered by his pressure .


"…Piaro . "

A street where darkness descended .  The two friends who hadn't reunited in three years, the distance between them was quickly narrowed down .


Piaro's hand grabbed Asmophel's neck .  Asmophel's pale face twisted .  But it wasn’t due to physical pain . It was because all his emotions burst out when he saw Piaro and he wanted to cry .  Piaro, who had pulled out his sword, paused when he saw Asmophel's face .

"You . . ! Why is a shameful person like you shedding tears?”


Despite his constricted neck, Asmophel succeeded in spitting out the words that he had cried many times over the years .  At that moment, Piaro's heart thumped .  He sensed something . .  Maybe the atrocities committed by Asmophel were against his will .

However, that wasn't an important issue right now .  No matter the hidden story, Asmophel's sin couldn't be rationalized .


Piaro shook off his curiosity and tightened his grip around Asmophel's neck .  Asmophel didn't resist at all . He just repeated his apologies while being suffocated .  He had long been determined to atone with his death .

'Kill me . Brutally tear me apart, burn my body and drop my filthy soul into hell . It doesn't matter as long as your grudge is resolved . '

Piaro read Asmophel's heart through his eyes .  He had been friends with Asmophel for 25 years .  This meant that Piaro could read his mind through his eyes .  That's why the sense of betrayal was more prevalent .

“This awful bastard!”

The sword flew towards Asmophel's neck .  Grid saw this and turned his head away .

'I failed to get Asmophel . '

Asmophel would die like this .   Unfortunately, it wasn't a situation he could intervene in .  Grid judged this and was about to retreat .

"Shit!" Piaro cursed .  Grid turned his head again to see that the sword was stopped underneath Asmophel's jaws .  “Dammit!”

Piaro threw Asmophel away . Then he sat down .  His noble friend, Asmophel .  A great man and friend until the day of betrayal .  Piaro was the person who knew him better than anyone .

“Let me hear your story . ”

He wasn't about to forgive Asmophel .  He had just been curious since a long time ago .  Why their relationship ended in such a catastrophic manner, Piaro wanted to know it .


Asmophel didn't say anything .  He knew there was no excuse for what he did .  Piaro roughly grabbed his collar .  "Say something!"

He had lost everything .  Ironically, the only friend left was this enemy .  He was sorry to his dead family and colleagues, but he wanted to hear the story .  Asmophel read Piaro's feelings and painfully managed to open his mouth .  He spoke the truth that he had buried in his heart for as long as he could .


Piaro's murderous expression became distressed as he heard the story .  The biggest victim of this story was Asmophel .  Asmophel didn't try to justify himself . He described himself as weak and the worst trash .  But it wasn't a position accepted by the listeners at all .


Asmophel tried to speak as calmly as possible .  He constantly listed why he should die . He kept emphasizing his sins .  However, Piaro's hatred towards Asmophel lessened .


He slammed his fist into the ground after losing the target of his anger .  Tears flowed down from Piaro's eyes .  He was confused after knowing the whole truth .  Piaro couldn't kill Asmophel . But it was right to kill Asmophel in order to appease the souls of Piaro's family and colleagues .

As he was wondering what to do, Grid approached him .  “I know that it is hard to forgive . However, now that you have learned the truth, isn't it foolish to kill him?"


"Isn't there a separate target for revenge?"

Empress Marie .  The woman who took away the happiness of countless people due to her greed .

“Kill her . "

Grid said bluntly .  Lauel had a headache .

'Couldn't you phrase it in a nicer way?' 

'Become my person . Increase my strength with your abilities and become a weapon against the empress . I will be your sword and strike down your true enemy' etc etc .

Weren't they great lines? As Lauel was filled with regret, Piaro was forgiving Asmophel .

“I can no longer resent you after finding out that you were used in Marie's wicked schemes . "

Asmophel wept . He could only repeat his apologies .  It was the end Grid wanted .  He smiled as he watched them .

[The hidden quest 'Hidden Story' has been completed . ]

[The relationship between Piaro and Asmophel has improved . ]

[The affinity with the two people has risen to the maximum . ]

[If you recruit Piaro, there will be a 20% increase in the effect of the barracks and a 100% increase in the chance of getting a good harvest . In addition, you can create a 'knights division . ']

[If you recruit Asmophel, the effect of the techniques research institutes will increase by 20% . In addition, you can create a 'knights division . ']

[Knights Division]

You can have a group of knights .

The buff effect will depend on the person appointed as the captain .

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[Barracks Effect]

Affects the training speed of the soldiers .  

The soldiers will gain new tactics as their level and abilities increase, and the number of weapons that can be used will increase as well .

[Techniques Research Institute Effect]

Affects the speed at which soldiers and people gain skill experience .  

The higher the skill level, the greater the variety of skills available to soldiers and also increases the power of the skill .  

The reward of the hidden quest was more than Grid imagined .

'Amazing . '

It was a big hit .   This was an exorbitant level that couldn't be easily expressed .  Grid felt like he owned the world . He clenched his fists tightly as he felt a thrill .


Now he had a question .

'What is the 100% increase in the chance of a good harvest?'

What relationship did that have with a sword saint? Grid was puzzled until he suddenly recalled the notification window that appeared when he was in Titan .

[A legendary farmer has been born!]

'Perhaps…' No . It couldn't be .  'It can't be . '

He tried to shake off his sinister imagination .


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Chapter 261

Piaro was a legendary farmer? How absurd . No, this was almost the level of paranoia . It was a development that wouldn't be found even in third-rate web novels all over the world .

‘Piaro dreamed of being a sword saint, so why would he be a farmer?'

The reason that Piaro increased the chances of a good harvest was…

'He probably learned a technique while farming as a hobby . '

It was a reasonable guess .  Piaro was a very versatile person, so it wasn't impossible .

‘I just had an absurd delusion . '

He was afraid that Jude was laughing at him .  Grid smiled before regaining his calm . Then he looked at Piaro and Asmophel .  They needed time alone .

"Let's leave here . "

Grid said and the Overgeared members followed him . Damian was with them .  Piaro and Asmophel started to have a long conversation once they were left alone .

On this day, both of them vowed .  Duke Grid who relieved their misunderstanding and helped them see the true object of their revenge .   They pledged eternal loyalty to the one who saved them from hell .


The road to the castle .  The stunning landscape of the significantly developed Reidan captured Grid's attention .

'It's definitely more than the old Reidan now . '

But it was far less than Winston .   The size was more than twice the sum of those two cities, but the overall facilities were less .   The problem was that the population was small from the beginning .   The best administrator, Rabbit, was active, but the speed of development was slow because there was no manpower .

“Lauel, are there plans to deal with the population crisis?"

“As you did before, we plan to secure and migrate the minorities that are being persecuted everywhere in the empire . "

Just like the case with the Ul Clan .  But there was a clear limit to this method .  The Overgeared members would suffer too much . In addition, it was unlikely that the empire would keep allowing it .

"Is there a natural way to increase the population?"


Grid didn't know it yet, but Reidan became famous thanks to the invasion of the seven guilds .  Many people were showing interest in Reidan .  Lauel was sure that at this moment, many users would be trying to move to Reidan .  But the problem was that the barrier of entry was too high .  It was unknown how many of them would reach Reidan .

"You shouldn't think too hastily . First, complete the mine development and connect the roads . Then the deployment of troops will be easier and the number of monsters will gradually decrease… We can only wait until then . "

“What is the speed of progress for the mine development?"

"There aren't enough skilled workers . In particular, securing miners is difficult . It seems like it will take more time than planned . "


It would be ideal if Minor acted as a miner, but the search for pavranium came first .  Right now, it was too early to stick Minor in the mines .

‘I shouldn't worry too much . By the way, why hasn't there been news from Minor?'

Minor was on a mission to find all the labyrinths in the west .  Grid was worried that he had run across monsters and was in a crisis .  No, that clever boy wouldn't be caught so easily .

'I shouldn't worry . '

Grid changed topics .  “Then Lauel, do other guilds already have a knights division?"

"Knights division? I don't think there would be a lot? If the guild creates a specific organization and call it a knights division, then it will become a knights division . Well, it's easy to mass produce . "

It seemed he didn't know there was a separate system called a knights division .

'Then I am the first master of a true knights division?'

It was probably the case .  It wasn't easy to obtain named NPCs .

'The first knights division…'

In Satisfy, the meaning of 'first' was very big .  It was an achievement that would often give special benefits .

'What benefits will I receive?'

Grid's heart started to become restless again . But this wasn't a problem .  In order to prevent the suffering and frustration that he felt in the past, he always maintained the proper tension .

"I'm glad you have returned safely . ”

"Duke Grid! Welcome!”

The entrance of the castle .  Grid was greeted by Administrator Rabbit and Jude, who had been informed of his arrival in advance .  Grid observed them with the Great Lord’s Sword and smiled .

'They have also developed . '

Rabbit had gained a lot of intelligence and political power, while Jude had gained a lot of strength and stamina .  It showed how faithfully they had taken on their roles .

"You went through many hardships while I was gone . "

Grid patted their shoulders .  Administrator Rabbit bowed humbly, while the pleased Jude snorted like a bull .  They accompanied Grid into the castle .  The 1,000 nervous soldiers saluted in unison .

"Kingdom’s hero! Reidan's sun! We greet the great Duke Grid!"


The shouts shook the castle .  Grid observed them as he walked past .  

'They aren't inferior when compared with the empire's soldiers . '

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It was a tremendous growth rate .  It was evidence that Jude's ignorant training method was having a great effect .  It was the power of the 'I have no Idea (SS)' skill .  He had no thoughts . Jude's ability to raise the soldiers made Grid smile .

The eyes of a man closely watching him shone .  It was Damian .

'This is the time!'

Since Grid arrived in Reidan .  Damian had been waiting for the right timing to say hello and he finally grabbed the chance .  Grid seemed to be in a good mood right now!

"Grid! It has been a long time!"

Damian went forward and greeted him .  He was nervous, but tried not to show it to Grid .  He went down on one knee and bowed .

Grid asked, "Who are you?"

"Heok . " It was an unexpected response .  "Y-You don't remember me?"

Damian felt like crying .  Grid looked at the disappointed person in front of him .  From Grid's standpoint, Damian was nothing more than an extra in the pope raid .  It was also a long time ago .

Damian reminded himself of this and formally introduced himself .  “I am Damian, a paladin of the Rebecca Church and the Goddess’ Agent . Around one year and two months ago in Satisfy time, I buffed Grid while you raided Pope Drevigo . "

“Ah . "

Now Grid remembered Damian .  The otaku paladin .   He hadn't known it at the time, but looking back now, Damian's buffing ability was remarkable .

"I remember . Then why are you here?"

Did he perhaps want to join the Overgeared Guild? Grid was filled with big expectations when Damian suddenly cried out .

"Please save Isabel-chan!"


Who was that again?

'Ah, I remember . '  One of Rebecca's Daughters . She had blonde hair and used an exceptional spear .  'Did something happen to her?'

No, why was this person asking for help from Grid?

'Ah right . '

A chill went down Grid's spine .  He remembered what he did .

'Lifael's Spear . '

It was a special weapon for Rebecca's Daughters that Pagma had sealed .  He had released the seal .  Then he neglected to return .

'Dammit . '

Isabel was dying because of him .  Grid became uncomfortable as he identified the situation .  He felt guilty about putting someone's life at risk, and he was also worried that Damian would claim compensation for the damages .

'I have no money . '

Damian begged the nervous Grid again .  "I will give you all my assets! So please… Please save Isabel-chan!"


Grid through Damian would claim compensation for damages, but he was actually rewarding Grid? And it was money?

'A pushover?'

At that time, Lauel sent a whisper to Grid .

Damian is a pope candidate . How about helping him? If he becomes a pope, Reidan will be able to form a friendship with the mighty forces of the Rebecca Church . The profit from it can't be converted into money .

'Pope candidate…'

In fact, Grid intended to help Damian from the beginning .  More than anything else, he felt sorry towards Isabel . In addition…

'Lifael's Spear . '

A divine item .   It was a great opportunity to observe it in detail .

'Finally . '

It would be possible to create divine items .  A weapon above Failure . No, maybe an item that exceeded Pagma's works would be born .  A smile appeared on Grid's face .

"How much?"


Damian panicked at Grid's sudden question .  Grid explained to the bewildered Damian .  "How much will you give me in return for sealing Lifael's Spear? How much?"

Grid had to take everything he could .  This wasn't a shameless greed . It was foolish to miss the opportunity to obtain something, unless he was a pushover .

'I have already been a pushover in the past . '

Damian said carefully, “I have currently prepared 530,000 gold…"

It was the amount he prepared as a deposit .

"Hrmm . "

How much was that in Korean money?

‘636 million won…'

Grid calculated it in his head .  Damian felt anxious when Grid showed no reaction and hurriedly said .

“I-If I dispose of my mansion, I can get an additional 1 . 2 million gold!"


"Yes! It is a small mansion where I live in Tokyo, Japan!"

'He will sell his house in reality just for an NPC?'

In the past, Grid would've laughed at Damian .  But not anymore .  Irene, Khan, Piaro .  Grid experienced the love of NPCs so he felt more affinity towards Damian .

'He isn't a bad person . '

He was a pushover .  That wasn't all .  Damian was a pope candidate . The possibility that Damian could become a pope should be kept in mind .

'I have to think about future relationship rather than be greedy for money now . '

If he did this favor for Damian, it would be a great help to Grid in the future .

"I will accept just 530,000 gold . "


Damian was well aware of what a greedy person Grid was .  He was completely determined to save Isabel-chan and had been expecting to spend a huge amount of money .  He was even prepared to sell his organs if he had to .  But it was a misunderstanding . Grid wasn't that evil . Rather, he was a generous person .

"Thank you! I really appreciate it!"

Grid was willing to help him! Damian was so thrilled that he started crying .  Grid, who was willing to spare Isabel-chan from suffering pain, looked like an angel to Damian in this moment .  On the other hand, Grid was excited .

'This is an opportunity to observe a divine weapon . '

He felt like he found a bundle of money on the way to picking up his lottery winnings .


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week .