Overgeared - Chapter 302-304

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Chapter 302-304

Chapter 302

Grid's party would fail at the Elfin Stone raid . It was regrettable, but it couldn’t be helped . Elfin Stone was too strong .  The Overgeared members all thought so, except for Yura .

She believed that Grid would produce results that would overturn everyone's expectations .  This wasn't an inadequate belief that stemmed from her liking towards him .  It was because she became a Demon Slayer and realized the power of a legendary class .

"Didn't struggling with the strong help you?"

She believed that Grid would succeed in the raid .  Yura smiled at Grid .  Grid's expression was full of confidence as he replied .

“Yes, it was a very big help . ”

There was an insurmountable wall in Grid's consciousness .  It was none other than Hell Gao .  The great demon whose body was sealed by Sword Saint Muller, with only the soul remaining .  He was very strong . It was impossible to defeat him unless the fire stones were taken .

But now it was different .  Grid was comparable to Hell Gao . No, he might even be stronger after gaining the experience of defeating Elfin Stone .

‘Sooner or later, I will hunt Hell Gao again . '

Then it would be different from the past .  Grid would raid Hell Gao without resorting to the fire stones, and would eventually reach a higher ground .

'I must become the best . '

He didn't want to ever sacrifice his colleagues again due to his own helplessness . It was enough to only experience that dirty feeling once .  Grid's expression as he vowed was more mature than before .  The growth of the 28 year old youth was continuing without stopping .

How charming would he be once he was over 30 years old? Yura's heart thumped at the thought .  She trembled as Grid stared at her .

"But why is your level so low? The 5th place ranker is only level 203? Have you been cheating people?"

What was this? He seemed to go back to the time when he spat things out without thinking .  But Yura accepted it well .  She thought he was better than a man who was pretentious or always bluffed .

"Check my class . "

“Class? Aren't you a black magician?" Grid only saw Yura's level in the guild members information and belatedly confirmed her class . Then he was shocked .  "Demon Slayer? What is this? Huh? Uh? L-Legendary…!"

At the press conference for the 1st National Competition, Lim Cheolho had stated this: There were a total of nine legendary classes .

However, two legendary classes were part of Overgeared .  Grid's heart was overflowing with joy .

"You are really welcome!"

Grid was so happy he wanted to embrace her .  But he didn't want to be labelled as a molester and refrained .

After that .

Grid left Reidan with Yura and Huroi . It was to join up with the Pavranium Expedition .  He had 84 days left in his quest to secure the remaining pavranium .  City 13 was one of the most difficult ones, and it was already cleared .  Their power was strengthened, so it would be easier to secure the rest of the pavranium .


The 13th vampire city .

After Grid died killing Elfin Stone, the surviving party members searched all over the city .  The ultimate goal of this expedition was to secure the pavranium .  But it was difficult to find .  The scale of the city was too big and it was also dark .

“The torches have already run out . "

“If I had known this, I would've packed more . "

"Zednos . You're a third advancement magician, and yet you can't use any light magic?"

"I only learned wind magic . "

“Sigh, you should learn the basic spells, regardless of attribute . "

"I'm willing to continue with this path . Who knows? If I keep learning only one type of magic, I might obtain a hidden class . "

"Ugh… What if we ask for Minor to be sent? He would find it quickly . "

"Let's look a little more . "

Four more hours passed .  They killed the scattered remnants of the vampires' familiars while searching and eventually found a deep cave .  The entrance was covered by a rock wall, making it look like a secretive and suspicious place .

"This seems like it?"

Vantner took the lead .  The moment when all the people behind him entered the cave .

[The Guardian of the Labyrinth has detected an intruder and woken up from a long sleep . ]

[The traps have been activated . ]

Papat! Pa pa pa pat!


A rain of arrows fell from the ceiling while spikes rose up from the ground .  The chain lightning that came from the walls was stronger than many magicians .  In the past, Grid couldn't cope with the damage from Braham's traps and survived due to his immortal passive .  But it was somewhat lacking to threaten the current Overgeared members .

"Titan . "


Vantner summoned an illusionary giant . It was a skill that increased the physical defense power of each party member, as well as blocking the projectiles .

Jjejeong! Jjeejeeeong!

Most of the arrows were neutralized by the giant .  The thorns rising from the ground pierced the soles of their feet, but the increase in defense allowed them to avoid any fatal wounds .

"Wind Curtain!"

Chain Lighting was weakened by Zednos' magic .  Thanks to that, the party members could escape from the traps .  Two very large golems were waiting for them .

“Wow, they're huge . Aren't they a bit bigger than the ancient weapons that attacked Reinhardt?"

"This golem…"

Jishuka and Vantner were familiar with these golems .  The two people thought about it .

"They resemble the golem that Grid fought when he obtained the pavranium . "

“However, they look much bigger and stronger . "

“It means this place definitely has pavranium . "

“Okay, let's take them down lightly . "

The two guardians of the labyrinth! They were 150 levels higher than the golems that Grid defeated in the past . They were also stronger than the ancient weapons that invaded Reinhardt .  But the Overgeared members also grew . The golems couldn't exert any power against the elites of the Overgeared Guild .  No matter how high their stats, the golems had simple defensive patterns, so they weren't a threat to rankers who had transcendent control skills .

"The defense is quite high . "

“Slow down and concentrate on the feet . Knock it down . "

"Zednos, look for the mana core . Then I can deal fatal damage to the mana core with my quick-draw sword technique . "


20 minutes after the battle started .  The guardians of the labyrinth had high defense and health, but they eventually collapsed .  The party members' expressions brightened as they identified all the minerals that dropped .

It was because they imagined Grid's happiness .  As they were thinking this, someone's voice was delivered into their minds .

[Now dogs and cows dare touch my things . ]




He was referring to them, who were in the top 20 of two billion users?

"Who are you to say that?”

Vantner growled and asked the voice .

[I am the great magician Braham . ]

Braham was looking forward to it .  He wanted to see their terrified reactions when they heard his name .  However, the Overgeared members responded in a completely unexpected way .

“It's just a specter of the past . "

“You're the one who installed the traps? You have a sneaky personality . "

“If you're dead, you should leave peacefully . Why are you staying in this world to harm people?"

“Give us the pavranium . "

[You guys…!]

Braham knew that the intruders were Grid's subordinates .  It was thanks to Euphemina, who was currently in the Siren Kingdom . Braham had watched them through Mumud's Orb when she had been staying at Reidan .  Braham didn't like them .

[You truly fit together! All of you are just like Pagma's Descendant!]

Grid, the thief who stole the pavranium instead of making the Vessel of the Soul .  Even now, he was sending his minions to rob Braham's pavranium .  It was an act that couldn't be forgiven .

[I will show you!]

Grid would take a direct hit if he killed these guys! Braham pulled out the weapon he had prepared for when he would reunite with Grid .



An old coffin emerged from the ground .  The Overgeared members were surprised at the sight of the coffin .

"Another vampire?"

"What magician can summon a vampire?"

The Overgeared members determined that it was a vampire, but this was a big mistake .

Creak .

It was a skeleton, not a vampire, that emerged from the open coffin .


In Satisfy, skeletons were summoned using bones .  What skeleton was kept in a coffin? Zednos turned pale as he found the orb in the skeleton's hand .

"Mumud…! I knew that name was familiar . He was Braham's disciple!"


“That skeleton, it's a lich!"


A lich was on a different dimension from a skeleton .  They possessed infinite magic power and were rumored to surpass the 10 great magicians of the continent .  Braham's soul fluttered as he identified the nervous reactions of the Overgeared members .

[Demands are a privilege of the strong . You want me to give you the pavranium? You children who don't understand who you are going against, I will punish you . ]


The lich stood up .  The magic power emitted by it was reminiscent of Elfin Stone .

“Let's escape . We can wait until Grid comes back . "

“Yes, we don't have to fight it now . Let's go back safely . "

They were still exhausted after the Elfin Stone raid . The risk was high and there was no merit to fighting the lich without a plan .  The Overgeared members quickly judged the situation and tried to escape .

Step step .

At that moment, someone's footsteps were heard in the cave .



Grid always appeared with perfect timing .  He was like a character in a movie who appeared in a moment of crisis .  He was a person who made them feel a strange anticipation .

"I finally found it . Lich Mumud . "


The Overgeared members thought the footsteps belonged to Grid .  Their brightened faces distorted instantly .  They never imagined the true identity of the owner of the footsteps .

"Why are there so many guests?"

A man appeared in front of the Overgeared members and the lich .  He swept back his pale green hair and scanned the Overgeared members .

"Look at these guys who are rushing around because they received their third advancement . Don't you know how to play alone?"

Who could speak in such an unreasonable manner to the prestigious Overgeared members? There was only one person .  This man had the nickname of Crazy Person . Or Mad Dog .



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Chapter 303


He was ranked 6th after Yura disappeared from the rankings list .  He was originally thought to have an epic class, but now it was known that he had a hidden growth class .  He never showed up in public . However, a few top rankers knew his strength .  They often bumped into him at the hunting grounds .

“Hey, Overgeared noobs . "

Jishuka, Peak Sword, Pon, Regas, Faker, Vantner and Zednos .  Agnus didn't shrink back despite facing the party of eight . Rather, he poked fun at them .

“I've been looking for that lich for 11 months . Don't touch my prey or I'll kill you . "

"You bastard!" Vantner cried out furiously towards Agnus .  "If you don't want to die, don't make fun of us!"

Agnus shrugged .  “Bald Vantner . You're really stupid . "

Vantner's face turned red .

“I’m not stupid or bald! This is a shaved head! Aren't you the one interfering? We found this place first!"

"So what? Are you going to fight that lich?"

"Why not?"

“Kukuk! Aren't you funny? You look tired, probably from defeating the master of this city? Mumud was close to being a legendary magician . Now that he's beyond death, he's even stronger . He isn't something you guys can go against . "

“You bastard! Yet you want to raid him alone…? Oof! Oof!"

"Relax . Our purpose isn't to raid the lich . "

Jishuka blocked Vantner's mouth . Then she suggested to Agnus .

“I will give you that lich . We won't get involved in the raid . Instead, we have something separate to do . Can you not restrain us?"

“I will think about it if you kneel down . "

“You should act in moderation, Agnus . "

"Kukuk, yes, yes . I understand . "

Jishuka was surprisingly passive towards Agnus .  This was also a good development for the Overgeared members .  Agnus would get the lich and they could concentrate on securing the pavranium .

Vantner couldn't accept it .

{Are you going to just let him go? Why are we leaving it alone when he is treating us like this?}

Vantner was the lowest ranking member of the party .  He had no experience with Agnus .  However, the other members were different . They all had at least one hunting ground overlap with Agnus .

{It's better to avoid Agnus . }

The sky above the sky, Kraugel .  Pon acknowledged Kraugel as this .  However, that was just in a one-on-one fight .  Agnus was king of the dead and could rule over hundreds .

{He's a man who absolutely shouldn't be our enemy . }

Vantner didn't understand .

{All of you have been saying that he's great for a long time, but I honestly don't know . Is he so strong that we have to flee, despite there being eight of us?}

{We aren't running away . We are just avoiding him?}

{That is the same thing! Ah, damn! I'm sorry towards Grid! Ignoring the Overgeared Guild is no different from ignoring Grid!}

{…Speaking of Grid . If the two people meet, they will fight . }

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{Their personalities are similar . Grid and Agnus absolutely shouldn't meet . }

{We need to find the pavranium before Grid arrives . }


The determined Overgeared members scatter all over the cave .  Vantner was left staring at Agnus alone, and eventually had to follow his party members .  Agnus looked at them and muttered .

“Don’t rush . I have to test the performance against you if I get Mumud . "

Braham shouted at Agnus, who was smiling in a disgusted manner .

[Why do things keep on getting twisted? Who are you?]

“Me?” Agnus' gaze shifted towards Braham's soul .  “I am someone looking for your body . "

Kwajik! Kwajijik!

The ground around Agnus split apart and hundreds of skeletons popped out .  Death knights and a lich were included .   Third advancement necromancers could obtain death knights, but liches were different . There was no lich summoning in the skill tree of the third advancement necromancer .

In the first place, liches were originally human .  Even the great magician Braham couldn't fully control Lich Mumud . He took advantage of the coffin for vampires .  Braham identified the lich summoned by Agnus and was astonished .

[You…! You are Baal's Contractor!]

“Don’t bring up that damn name . "

Agnus frowned and waved his hand .  Then the death knights and hundreds of skeletons hit Lich Mumud .


Mumud fired off magic power .  The flash of light shot forward in a straight line, turning the skeletons in front to powder . It was like a dark dragon's breath .

"Hoh . " Agnus didn't shake despite losing dozens of skeletons at once . Rather, he was pleased .  “As expected . ”

Now, become his .


Agnus burst out laughing .  In response, the death knights, lich and skeletons' eyes turned red .  Braham's soul shook like a lamp in front of the wind .

[This dog…!]

He couldn't lose Mumud .  Braham only had a handful of souls left, so Mumud was almost his only support .  But Baal's Contractor showed no mercy .  The powers of the death knights and lich strengthened the skeleton soldiers, gradually driving Mumud on the defensive .

[Indeed, you were chosen by Baal for a reason…!]


The death knight's sword struck Braham's soul fragment .  At the same time, Braham's voice stopped .  It took a few more minutes before Lich Mumud was under control .

"Sigh . "

Agnus made a tired expression . His dark circles had noticeably become thicker .  He sighed and swept away his matted hair . Then he approached the captured Lich Mumud and drew an unidentified sigil on the skull .  It was a sigil of absolute domination, that could only be used three times in total .


Lich Mumud screamed . It was strange, since the undead couldn't feel pain .

"Kukuk . "

After a while .  Lich Mumud stood next to Agnus .  Agnus stroked his skull like he was cute and looked around .

The Overgeared members had already left .

"I took too long . Well, it's okay . This has brought me closer to my heart's desire . I've become the owner of two liches . The third and final one will be saved for you, Braham . "

He would surely find out where Braham was buried .


Agnus laughed and left the cave .

After a while .

The Overgeared members appeared one by one in a corner of the empty cave .  They wore the invisibility cloaks and received a huge shock as they watched Agnus .  Vantner was sweating as he asked .

“Agnus is a necromancer with a lich? I can understand the death knights and skeleton soldiers, but how can he summon a lich? Even Braham can't…"

A lich and three death knights .  It was a power that could be considered an army . It was a level that could wreck a nation .

Pon looked troubled .  "His strength is on a completely different dimension compared to when I saw him last year . This is making me anxious . "

It wasn't good for such a crazy person to gain such power .


“The entrance is open . ”

The 13th vampire city .  The entrance that was like an ant hill was wide open .  The city's master Elfin Stone was defeated, so the entrance was released .

"Where are they?"

Grid was waiting with Huroi and Yura, and eventually sent a whisper to Jishuka .

We just arrived at the city's entrance . Where are you? Have you found the pavranium yet?

Jishuka hurriedly replied .

We found it! We will leave here soon, so head towards the 14th city first .

Why do we need to go first? We'll wait at the entrance .

-No, just go ahead!

'What is this?'

It was strange .  A thought crossed Grid's mind as he frowned .


Could they be in danger? They were considerate and didn't want him to get caught up in it? It was quite possible .

'How useless . '

Grid was no longer a person to be protected . It was the opposite .  Grid turned a cold gaze towards Yura and Huroi .

"Are you ready to fight?"

“Of course, My Lord . "

“I'm always ready . "

"Okay, then let's go . "

Grid's group went through the entrance .  At the same time .


Agnus popped out of the ant hill .  It was exquisite timing that allowed Grid's party to barely avoid him .

"Was I mistaken?"

He thought he felt something when he warped through the doorway, but he wasn't sure .  In any case, his work here was over, so Agnus looked at his schedule .

“Next is the Sword Grave . "

The legendary blacksmith, Pagma .  At the end of his life, he allegedly made and destroyed thousands of swords .  According to the history records acquired through quests, Braham often visited it…

Agnus sent a whisper .

Veradin, have you located the Sword Grave?

I'm sorry . I mobilized all of my resources, but couldn't find it .

Really worthless .

I'm sorry .

-Find it quickly . I'll head to the next one .

I will keep that in mind .

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"Tsk . "

Agnus clicked his tongue and started to cross the desert .  He didn't shed a single drop of sweat, despite the boiling heat .


"Huh? You're safe?"

Around 10 minutes after entering the 13th vampire city .  Grid reunited with the Pavranium Expedition .  Jishuka examined the puzzled looking Grid and asked .

"Are you okay? You’re not injured? You weren't bitten by a crazy dog?"

Jishuka told Grid to head to the 14th city first because she was worried that he would face Agnus .  Fortunately, it didn't seem like that happened .

"Why would there be a dog in the desert?"

Grid responded like it was absurd .  A relieved Jishuka handed him presents .

"Then take this . "

They were the items dropped by Elfin Stone, various minerals, and pavranium .

"Everyone has suffered . "

Grid bowed in thanks to Jishuka and his companions .  The party members smiled brightly .

“It was you who suffered the most . "

Strictly speaking, it wasn't the case .

Grid got a bus ride from them . If they hadn't given up the experience, he wouldn't have reached level 300 and they would've failed to clear the city . Securing the pavranium? He couldn't even dream of it .

Grid vowed .

"Once this expedition is over, I will give all of you the best items .

“Are you talking about the Grid set you mentioned before?"

The moment that the party members were becoming excited .

"What? Why is this girl here?"

Jishuka belatedly discovered Yura with Grid .  Yura calmly replied, "You still speak in such a violent manner . I'm afraid that it will have an adverse effect on Youngwoo-ssi's feelings .

"Youngwoo-ssi? He's Duke Grid . Can't you distinguish between reality and the game?"

“I will call him what I like . It's none of your business . "


Sparks flew as the two women's gazes crossed .

'Beauties are fighting over Grid…'

'Grid already has Irene…'

The party members were jealous of Grid . They were truly envious .  However, Grid didn't pay attention to them .  He was busy identifying the newly acquired items .

[Three pieces of ??? have been collected . ]

[The information about the ??? Pieces has been updated . ]


Grid's eyes widened .


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week .

Chapter 304

[Three pieces of ??? have been collected . ]

[The information about the ??? Pieces has been updated . ]


[Red Mirror Piece]

Pieces of a round mirror made of blood stones .

The exact function of the mirror isn't known .

The third prince of the Saharan Empire is looking for this mirror . It is recommended that you gather all the pieces and give them to him .

Weight: 3


Grid verified the updated information of the unknown pieces . Then another item passed through his head .

'Amethyst Shield!'

[Amethyst Shield]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 200 

Defense: 200   Magic Resistance: 200

A beautiful shield that shines purple, red, or black depending on the angle . It is a symbolic piece that is awarded only to the head of the Red Knights .  

It was an item lost three years ago when Piaro, who was framed as a traitor by Asmophel, fled to the Eternal Kingdom .

The third prince of the Saharan Empire is looking for this shield . It is recommended that you bring it to him .

Weight: 350

It was an item he acquired more than a year ago in Satisfy time .  The Awakened Guardian of the Forest had dropped it .  How could he meet a prince of the empire? He had placed the item in his inventory and forgotten about it .

'The performance isn't very good, but I kept it because it's a quest item . '

How could he have forgotten about it…?

‘Well, a busy person can forget about the little things . '

His memory wasn't bad .  Grid had a habit of getting involved in incidents every day, so he rationalized it to himself .

'Anyway, there seems to be a big episode since the empire's third prince is always mentioned . ’

Could he get a hint from Piaro, the owner of the Amethyst Shield?

'Once this expedition is over, I should talk with Piaro . '

Grid determined and checked the remaining items .  First was Iyarugt .

"Legendary Blacksmith's Appraisal . "

[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye . If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found . ]


Rating: Unique (Growth)

Durability: 351/351  Attack Power: 793

* Sword Mastery Level +5 .

* The skill 'Blood Cry' is generated .

* Decreases the healing ability of the target by 50% when they are hit .

* A critical strike will cause a bleeding status that will last for 3 seconds . The bleeding damage will be proportional to your attack power .

* The target's bleeding effect will be maximized when three combos are achieved . At this time, the damage done to the target will increase by 200% for 1 second .

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* When five combos are achieved, the target's thinking ability will be destroyed for 0 . 3 seconds . At this time, you can link the skill 'Hell Sword . '

Iyarugt is a sword made by the only blacksmith of hell, out of a soul and blood stones .  It has exceptional damage for a one-handed sword .

The soul of Iyarugt will turn the wearer into a master of swordsmanship . However, he rarely accepts anyone as a master .

Conditions of Use: A person chosen by Iyarugt .

Weight: 290

[A hidden function doesn't exist . ]


A legendary rated two-handed sword had an attack power of 1,040~2,166 .  On the other hand, Iyarugt was a unique rated one-handed sword, but its attack power was close to 800 .  This was a tremendous number considering the fact that two-handed swords normally had more attack power, while one-handed swords normally had more speed .

'It also increases the level of Sword Mastery by 5 . The average damage might rise or fall slightly compared to Failure . It will be far superior if it's raised to a legendary rating . '

It was an excellent sword .  The material was far superior to blue orichalcum, but there was also the skills of the blacksmith .

'Hell's only blacksmith…'

Helmis .  A demonkin he met when he died in the Blackening State and fell to hell .

'Is it his work?' But it was strange .  'He seems to have an affinity with the blacksmithing class itself… If we meet again, will he teach me?'

Grid was filled with expectations .   But he didn't want to go to hell .  Of course, hell was very different from his imagination . It was a peaceful world with a clear blue sky and grasslands . The demonkin were also surprisingly friendly .

However, he shouldn't be misled by appearances .  A rash decision was always poisonous .

'Hell is the land of evil . '

He should avoid that place, as long as he didn't know what risks might be present .  Grid dismissed the reunion with Helmis and examined Elfin Stone's Ring next .

[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye . If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found . ]

[Elfin Stone's Ring]

Rating: Epic (Growth)

* During normal attacks, 12% of the damage done to the target will be restored to you as health .

* During skill attacks, 5% of the damage done to the target will be restored to you as health .

* This effect is only invoked once every 21 seconds .

* Strength, stamina and health +20

A ring that contains Earl Elfin Stone's unique magic power .

It raises the potential and survival ability of the wearer .

Weight: 1

'This is also amazing…!'

In Satisfy, a potion's cooldown time was long and healers were precious, so the value of a vampire's ring was astronomical .  In addition, Elfin Stone's Ring was applied to skill attacks .   This was a unique feature that went against common sense, and the compatibility with Grid's legendary skills was excellent .  The only thing lacking was that the cooldown time was 21 seconds, but that wasn't a huge disadvantage .

'It gives me a 60 point stat bonus…'

Wasn't it like gaining six levels? Grid's heart pumped .  He was glad about obtaining another top quality accessory after Doran's Ring and Dark Bus' Ring . It was worth sacrificing his life to succeed in this raid .

A notification window popped up in front of Grid .

[This item has a hidden function . ]

[The information of Elfin Stone's Ring has been updated . ]


Grid's eyes widened .  He was amazed to see the true function of Elfin Stone's Ring .

* If this ring grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summon Vampire Earl Elfin Stone .


He was able to summon the strongest and worst boss? There was no mention of whether the summoned person would be a subordinate, or if he would still be hostile to Grid .  But if he thought about it with common sense, Elfin Stone was more likely to be his subordinate .

Grid clenched his fists tightly .  He was thrilled as he imagined Elfin Stone becoming his slave .  However, there was one thing that bothered him .  Grid turned to stare at the party members .

“All of you should know the value of these items . It's too burdensome for me to gobble them up alone . "

The party members smiled brightly .

“Don't you normally do this for us?"

“We can get items from a legendary blacksmith for free, as long as we provide the materials . "

“Besides, don't forget that the main player in this raid is Grid . "

“In the first place, we wouldn't have raided Elfin Stone if it wasn't for you . "


He was deeply grateful for their help with his quest, as well as giving him such consideration .  Where in the world did such nice and kind friends existed? Grid vowed yet again .  He had to return double the grace they showed to him .  But before that, there was something he needed to do .

"Jishuka . Please fire Phoenix Arrow here . "

"Huh? Why?”

Phoenix Arrow was a symbol of Jishuka's authority, as well as her ultimate skill .  It was the strongest skill that summoned a fire bird and turned the whole area into a sea of fire .  Why did Grid want her to use Phoenix Arrow here? Grid pointed towards the pavranium that Jishuka had given him .

"To smelt this . "


Jishuka recalled a disgraceful moment from the past .  Grid had wanted her to use her ultimate skill as a substitute for a blast furnace . Her pride was upset .  However, she couldn't refuse her guild master just because of pride .  Moreover, Yura was also present . Jishuka wanted to prove that she was better than Yura .

"…I understand . "

Jishuka used Phoenix Arrow .  It was a tremendous decision considering her normal prideful personality .  Her colleagues looked at her with a pitying gaze .

'Grid's attitude towards women is too lacking . '

‘He isn't delicate…'

'Our poor Jishuka . Falling in love with an uncaring guy like that . '

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid became a bad guy who devoted himself to making an item .  Using the fire that Phoenix Arrow generated, he smelted the pavranium and attached it to Lifael's Spear .  As a result, a small handle was attached to Lifael's Spear . It meant that he could swing Lifael's Spear by holding it in his hand .

But it still wasn't complete .  In order to truly be reborn as Lifael's Spear, he needed to acquire the remaining 14 pavranium .

'If I collect all 14 pavranium…’

The length of the handle had to be increased in order to enhance the spear to its best performance .  At that time, it would be truly reborn as Lifael's Spear .  Its power would be comparable or even higher than Iyarugt's .

"Give me any equipment you want repaired . ”

Grid reached out to his party members . Then they entrusted him with the items that were damaged during the course of the city raid .

Ttang! Ttang!

Indeed, Grid was a legendary blacksmith .  There were dozens of items to be repaired . His speed was several times faster than ordinary blacksmiths .  Grid's true power was revealed when he was holding the hammer .

After that .

"Let’s depart . ”

After the maintenance, Grid's party left the 13th city and headed towards the 14th city .  They planned to conquer the 14th and 15th cities first, then start sequentially from 12 down to 1 .  They were tired at the thought of all the city masters being like Elfin Stone, but the party didn't shrink back .

It was because Grid's increased strength and the addition of Yura raised the morale of the party .  Unlike the concerns of the party, the expedition proceeded smoothly .  The masters of the 14th and 15th cities were only barons, not earls .  They were ridiculously weak compared to Elfin Stone .

"Indeed, if vampires like Elfin Stone were so common, then this world would've already been dominated by vampires . "

The party was able to deduce that the difficulty of the 13th city was exceptionally high .  Only Grid was suffering among the party members who had regained their composure .


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