Overgeared - Chapter 328-332

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Chapter 328-332

Chapter 328

Reina .  The leader of the popular girl group Farina, she fell in love with Doohyun at first sight two years ago and confessed to him .

The result? It was cold .  She had received many confessions, but it was her first experience with being rejected .  Reina received a big shock and her pride was shattered . Love transformed into love-hate, and love-hate turned into obsession .

She spread rumors that she was dating Doohyun, causing severe damage to his image .  That's right .  It was Reina who gave Doohyun the stigma of a high school girl killer .

"Kim Doohyun…"

Last year, as soon as her CSATs were over, Reina started dating Go Jimyung . But she was still obsessed with Doohyun .  In the first place, she dated Go Jimyung in order to induce Doohyun's jealousy .  However, there were no results until today .

“Do you think that I will let you flirt with other girls?"

Reina was trying to do something crazy once again .

Shin Sehee .  Pretty . No, to be honest, she was a very pretty girl . She looked prettier than Reina, despite all the makeup Reina wore .  Was she just pretty? Her grades were in the top of the country and she got a hidden class in Satisfy . She was even the sister of the famous Grid .

In other words, a perfect daughter-in-law .

According to Reina's conjecture, Doohyun attended the festival in order to seduce Sehee . Why else would a world star participate in a high school festival? Reina had no intention of forgiving Sehee .

She planned to use Go Jimyung to thoroughly trample on Sehee .  


'I'm too late . '

The fighting competition's waiting room .  By the time Doohyun arrived, it was Sehee's turn . She was standing next to the two Satisfy capsules on the stage .

'We will talk after the match . '

A smile appeared on Doohyun's face .  He imagined a scene where he became friendly with Sehee and Grid, then he would meet Noe one day .  However, Doohyun's smile didn't last long .  It was because he saw that Go Jimyung was Sehee's first opponent .


Doohyun knew better than anyone that Reina wasn't a normal person .  Was it really a coincidence that her lover participated in this festival and faced Sehee? Unfortunately, the odds weren't great .

Doohyun ran off somewhere .


‘Oh my, she looks so beautiful . '

Announcer Lee Minjung had great skills and a beautiful appearance .  The reason why she was able to climb to the position of top MC was because she was aware of how to use her beauty .  However, even she paled in front of Sehee .

Big eyes and a small face . Sehee looked like a doll . There was a reason the press called her Little Yura . It was an unusual beauty .  The discouraged Lee Minjung suddenly regained her spirit .  She shouted towards the audience members who were watching the stage with shining eyes .

“From now on, I will start the Young Ladies High School's Satisfy fighting competition . But before that, shouldn't we first take the time to talk with the participants?"

Lee Minjung's ability was outstanding .  She increased the atmosphere by interviewing the nervous Sehee and excited Go Jimyung .  Once the audience's excitement reached its peak, Announcer Lee Minjung finally announced the beginning of the first match .


“Sehee, have strength!"

"Go Jimyung! Just like when you play baseball!"

Sehee and Go Jimyung entered the capsules as the crowd cheered .



Rania Coast .

Lights flashed in the place designated as the stage for the competition, before scattering like glass fragments .  The sparkling light reflected off the sea shone on the white clothes of the beautiful girl who appeared .

She was Ruby, Shin Sehee .

“Sigh, a hidden class has a gorgeous effect when logging in . " Go Jimyung pulled out a mace and approached Sehee .  He spoke in a very small voice .  “A brother and sister both got a hidden class, do you have a relationship with the S . A . Group? Will you introduce me?"

Sehee didn't answer .  From the beginning, she didn't like Go Jimyung .  It was because she felt that Go Jimyung had a hostile relationship towards her . In particular, the wily look in his eyes was uncomfortable .

Go Jimyung frowned, “Not answering, are you ashamed?"

"Just start . "

Sehee replied bluntly and sent an invitation for a spar .

Go Jimyung refused, "Look at how rude you are . Grid's personality is the same, so aren't you truly siblings?"

Sehee's eyes sank coldly .

“Are you messing with my family?"

“I never said anything . I just told the truth!"

Buuong .

Go Jimyung wielded his mace as hard as he could . It wasn't the usual form of swinging it since he was a top batter .  Sehee couldn't avoid the hit and coughed up blood .

[You have suffered 1,880 damage . ]

Sehee was only level 116 . She was focused on her studies so she didn't have much time to play the game .  However, the armur that Grid produced for her was epic rated and its performance was unrivalled .  Thanks to this, Sehee was able to endure the attack of the level 187 Go Jimyung without a fatal injury .

Go Jimyung's expression distorted further .

"What? Why are you only bleeding this much? Oh, aren't you Overgeared's little sister?"

"Didn't you get the application for a spar?"

“Yes, but you can't kill people in sparring mode . "

"Can you afford the storm that will happen? A famous baseball player ignoring the rules of the game and killing a high school girl, there will be public criticism . "

“I don't care about the public's opinion . I only want to be loved by my goddess . In the first place, I will retire without renewing my contract after this season . "

"You aren't even 30 years old . It seems a bit disappointing to retire already . "

“Kukuk! Is it disappointing? Do you know my annual salary after travelling back and forth between Korea and Japan for years? It is an average of 10 . 2 billion, 10 . 2 billion! I have enough money for my sick brother to not have to work for the rest of his life!”

There was nothing else to be said .  Sehee sighed and used Hope .  It was a top rated healing skill that consumed 10% of her mana to restore 10~30% of her health .

[Your mana has fallen by 816 after using the skill Hope . ]

[2,005 health has been restored after using the skill Hope . ]

"It won't be easy . "

It was inevitable for celebrities to have anti-fans, and Grid had many toxic anti-fans .  Sehee believed that her brother was the reason why Go Jimyung was hostile towards her, and she didn't want to lose .  This person who disliked her brother .

'It is hateful!'

[You have worn the +9 Wooden Staff . ]

It was her class-exclusive weapon that Grid enhanced .  Sehee swung it . Go Jimyung avoided the ridiculous attack and laughed .

"Puhahat! What is that wooden stick? Did you steal the stick that my sick grandmother used?"

Go Jimyung's mace descended .  He was a warrior with a blunt weapon as his primary weapon, so he wasn't very agile . Sehee was able to respond to it .  She raised the wooden staff with both hands and blocked the attack .


The difference in strength was too big .  Sehee's stats were aimed towards stamina and intelligence, so her strength was very low .  A warning window flashed in front of her .

[You have received a great shock, paralyzing both arms for one second . ]

One second paralysis in a battle was fatal . It was the perfect opportunity for the opponent to link their attacks .  However, this wasn't a problem for Sehee .

[You have resisted thanks to the effect of Upright Heart . ]

It was the power of her class .

Chaeng! Chaaeng! 



Go Jimyung frowned .   The lower levelled Sehee blocked the successive attacks .

‘This staff, is it a legendary weapon?'

The material looked like ordinary wood, but a white light was surrounding it .   Would someone really bother to enhance an ordinary wooden staff to +9? It was certainly an unusual weapon .

'It looks like Grid made it . '

A dark smile appeared on Go Jimyung's face .  Overgeared? He also had it!

“Didn’t I tell you? I have a lot of money . Do you think I'm armed with common items?"


Then Go Jimyung's mace started to emit huge flames .  It was the majesty of a unique rated weapon .

Peeng! Pepeng!


Sehee wasn't accustomed to PK and screamed when she could no longer defend .  The flames that constantly came from Go Jimyung's flames were painful .  Sehee used her two healing skills, but the cooldown time was 1 minute and 30 seconds, and 3 minutes, so she could only receive damage .

Sehee's body became darkened and Go Jimyung was convinced that he would win .


Youngwoo was foul-mouthed . The people who heard it couldn't help turning red .  His number of curses increased after he became friends with Huroi .  It meant Huroi was an effective teacher .  Of course, this was when he maintained his reason .

"This crazy bastard!"

Youngwoo finally got up from where he was sitting in the audience and rushed somewhere .  He couldn't tolerate the situation that was happening on the monitor .  Go Jimyung's ID turned red the moment he attacked Sehee .  This proved that the confrontation between the two people wasn't in sparring mode, but was an ordinary PK .

“Hey, these #%@!% organizers! What are you doing? Sehee is in danger!"

A person wearing a doll mask screamed . He was glad that no one knew who he was .  Peak Sword calmed Youngwoo down .

"Look backstage . The management is around Go Jimyung's capsule . They will soon normalize the situation . "

"Calm down?"

Youngwoo struck Peak Sword .  At this moment, his worry for his sister allowed him to temporarily overcome a taekwondo master .

“Oh my!"

Peak Sword fell on his butt as Youngwoo ran straight for the stage .  Yerim watched him with a rapt expression .

"Cool . "

Yerim had been watching in her ghost costume .  She was fascinated by Youngwoo's appearance and exhaled .

"Is he like this in bed?"


The men gazed at the excited Yerim and immediately got nosebleeds .  Yerim's innate power of seduction was too excessive .  Perhaps she was a succubus in a past life .


"I will connect and mediate . "

Behind Sehee and Go Jimyung's capsules .  Kim Doohyun and the organizers were standing beside an extra capsule prepared for these type of situations .

"A warning message has already been delivered to Go Jimyung . He will soon calm down and switch to sparring mode, so don't worry . "

“He intentionally avoided a spar in the first place! Let me directly connect!" Doohyun cried out furiously .

But the organizers were frustrating to deal with .

“Haha, what reason would Go Jimyung have to do that? Doohyun-ssi, please calm down . A third party's entry into the contest will cause a disruption to the schedule . As you know, those who are participating in the competition have a tight schedule because they are VIPs…"

“Get lost!”


Doohyun and the organizers suddenly flew back . It was because a man in a doll mask ran between them and gave a drop kick .

"Eek! What are you doing?"


The unidentified man opened the capsule without permission .  Then he threw off the doll mask .  The eyes of the organizers and Doohyun widened as soon as the man's face was exposed .


“Yes, I am Sehee's brother . So don't interfere . And you . "


Doohyun was confused about being pointed out by Grid . Youngwoo growled at him .

"Don't think that you can create a dramatic scenario so that you can save Sehee like a white prince . "


Why was he saying? Doohyun was baffled while Youngwoo sat in the capsule and logged into Satisfy .

[Iris recognition…]

[The user's information has been completed . ]

[The user isn't registered with this capsule . Checking the capsule information…]

[A S . A . Group approved event capsule . Capsule number 31F000B4C . ]

[The log in location is forcefully designated as Rania Coast . ]

[A legendary presence, welcome!]

The familiar and unfamiliar notification windows alternated .

"You . "



Grid, Sehee and Go Jimyung faced each other .  The burning mace hitting Sehee like a sandbag was stopped due to Go Jimyung's shock .

"Grid! Why are you here?"

“Go Jimyung? You are permanently forbidden access to the Eternal Kingdom . "

Someday he would be the king of the Eternal Kingdom .  He could say such remarks because of this thought .  Go Jimyung's teeth grinded together at Grid's declaration .

"You are just the master of Overgeared! You don't have the authority to say this!"

"Just Overgeared?"

This low level person was treated Overgeared so lightly? The most important element in the game was items, and the power of items was great .

“Then I won't use items to defeat you . "

Grid spoke meaningfully and raised a finger .  Go Jimyung and the thousands of people watching were confused .  At that moment .

“Magic Missile . ”


A white flash shot out from Grid's finger .  Go Jimyung was hit in the heart and blood emerged from his mouth .


How could Magic Missile do so much damage? Go Jimyung couldn't believe it .  Grid aimed at the stricken Go Jimyung again .

“Magic Missile . ”


At this moment .  The number one search term on the portal sites was Magic Missile .  The second place search query was 'Grid's Magic Missile learning method,' not Grid .


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week .

Chapter 329

The Young Ladies High School's Satisfy fighting competition .  This part of the school festival was a hot topic of interest .  The 16 participants were celebrities in their field and it was a chance to see Saintess Ruby .

In fact, tens of thousands of people were watching the match on the Internet .

Eh? Why is Go Jimyung's ID red?

He isn't in sparring mode .

Wow, look at that jerk Go Jimyung trying to kill Sehee . Is he crazy?

He has gotten into many incidents since dating Reina, and he's alienating his fans .

This is why you should meet a good person… ㅉㅉ What are the organizers doing? They're just letting it play out?

This XX, trying to kill our Saintess!

The public weren't fools .  The viewers saw that Go Jimyung was intentionally trying to hurt Sehee .  However, the Young Ladies High School didn't do anything to stop the match .  The audience and viewers condemned the Young Ladies High School and Go Jimyung, but their cries didn't work .  If they didn't help Sehee, she would eventually die of her wounds .

It was at that moment .

“Magic Missile . ”

Grid .  One of Satisfy's greatest users, he appeared without warning to punish Go Jimyung .  Did anyone blame him for breaking the rules of the competition? No .  The audience and viewers all cheered .

"Truly God Grid!"

Peak Sword felt joy .  Magic Missile . The Magic Missile fired fired from the middle finger crushed the other person's body and mind .  The ruthless attitude of Grid towards the enemy was very exciting to Peak Sword . A truly dependable colleague .

At this moment, five people approached him . They were solid men dressed in black suits .  They had a menacing atmosphere around them, so Peak Sword became alert .


"You will be arrested for lewd conduction, including sexual assault . "

"What? Sexual assault? Lewd conduct? Me?"

Peak Sword was dumbfounded .  He couldn't understand what these people were rattling on about .

"In the first place, are you even capable of arresting people? You aren't the police . "

"We might not be the police, but we have the power to capture criminals on this campus and transfer them to the police . "

“No, I don't know what you are talking about? Why am I being treated as a criminal?"

Ah, perhaps? A scene passed through Peak Sword's brain .  It was the miracle of Moses that Grid caused .

"Hah, truly . " 

He had become Grid's patsy .

'This is unfair . '

Peak Sword wanted to be honest . The molester was Grid, not him .  However, Peak Sword couldn't sell out a friend .  He couldn't speak honestly .

“Catch him!”

The guards hired by the Young Ladies High School were elites in their field .  They boasted excellent physical strength and athleticism .  Peak Sword wanted to cry out as he was dramatically chased by them .

'Why is it like this?'


'T-This… How did this happen?'

Go Jimyung couldn't understand the current situation .  Grid suddenly appeared and he fell into a critical state after being hit by two Magic Missiles? The confused Go Jimyung fell down as Grid stopped in front of him .

“You dare to beat up my sister? What type of guy are you?"

There was uncontrollable rage in Grid's sharp eyes .  Go Jimyung watched Grid's magic power concentrating and felt fear .  Was he worried that he would be killed and drop experience and items?

No .  If he invested time and money, he could recover this experience and items .  Go Jimyung was afraid of his girlfriend, Reina's, rage .  She asked him for this favor, so would she be disappointed and want to break up? He was horrified just imagining it .


He was thinking about how to stop his death and suddenly shouted .

"Stop! If you touch me then you won't be safe! I know gangsters!"


Grid jumped .  He was helpless in reality, unlike the game .   He couldn't easily overcome Go Jimyung's threat .

'You lousy bastard . '

Grid hesitated when he suddenly recalled Beast Master Toon .  He had been active in Overgeared since the days of the Tzedakah Guild, but wasn't he in the mafia? He was also constructing a building in Korea like the other guild members .

A wicked smile appeared on Grid's face .

"You know gangsters?"

"Yes! He is very cruel!"

“Is he worse than the Italian mafia?"

"What? The mafia?"

“Yes, the mafia . My friend is part of the mafia!"

Grid spoke arrogantly .  Go Jimyung was dumbfounded .  A friend was in the mafia? What type of bluff was this?

'Crazy bastard!'

Go Jimyung shouted at him, “If that is true then kill me!"

Grid didn't hesitate .

“Magic Missile . ”



Once again, a white flash emitted from the middle finger pierced the head of Go Jimyung .  Go Jimyung realized his mistake .

'This guy really has a friend in the mafia…!'

[You have died . ]

[You have lost 18 . 7% of your experience and the Flaming Mace (Unique) . ]



Go Jimyung sprang out from the capsule .  It wasn't a problem to lose experience or items .  He was afraid of Reina and he was also furious .  He was killed in front of thousands of people using Magic Missile!

"I won't forgive you!"

Go Jimyung kicked out angrily . He looked around and ran towards the capsule where Grid was sitting .  No, he tried to .

"Shouldn't you act more moderately?"

"It's you?"

Go Jimyung's face distorted like he was a demon .  Kim Doohyun .  A world star and Reina's old love .  The man who was an eyesore was now blocking his way at this crucial moment .

"If you don't want to be injured then get lost!"

Go Jimyung was once the greatest batter . In particular, his arm and shoulder muscles were very developed .  Most people avoided his eyes when he spoke in a threatening manner .  However, Kim Doohyun was different .  He stood in front of Go Jimyung with a silent expression .

Go Jimyung made a fist .

At the same time .


Go Jimyung's head shot up .  With the benefit of hindsight, he realized that Kim Doohyun's elbow has hit his jaw .



Go Jimyung was shocked at being pushed back, while Kim Doohyun whispered in his ears .

"Go and tell Reina this . 'The reason I've been ignoring your actions is because you're still young . But now that you are an adult, you will be held responsible for your own actions . '"


Thanks to the his natural strength and athleticism, Go Jimyung was a king in his school days .  After graduating from university, he made his professional debut and had never had a shameful day like this .

'You damn…! You will see one day!'

Go Jimyung became weak and fell unconscious .  Grid, who was spying on them from inside the capsule, ran outside .

'He is really stunned!'

Grid ran to check Go Jimyung's state and kicked him . Now he felt relieved .

"Then . " Grid glared at Kim Doohyun .  “Did you make Go Jimyung do this so that you can look cool in front of Sehee?"

Kim Doohyun was able to realize why Grid was hostile to him .

'He heard that I am a high school girl killer . '

Doohyun spoke bluntly, “I participated in the festival in an attempt to meet Sehee, so that I can meet you . "


Grid still didn't relax .  Doohyun took out his smartphone, entered Noe's fan cafe and showed it to Grid .

“Look at this . "


What was this? Grid remained alert while checking the screen of the phone .  Then he became aware of Doohyun's true identity .

Member ID: Noe's Slave

Member Rating: Best Member

"…Wow . "

Grid was confused .

Doohyun bowed and begged, "Please accept me into Overgeared!"

“…Your level?"

“Well… I have recently been busy so I didn't have much time to play the game . I'm level 190 . " 

Was he unqualified to join Overgeared? Doohyun's earnest expression was very different from his usual image .  Grid's anger disappeared and he now felt sympathy .

'Level 190 is pretty good?'

Grid thought again .

"Your class? If you are a production class then I will consider letting you join the guild . "

“I'm not a production class, but a pet master… A unique class . Is it not possible?"

Grid grabbed Doohyun's hands .




"There's less than a month left . "

This was how long King Wiesbaden of the Eternal KIngdom had left to live .  The 1st Prince, Ren's, face darkened .  He wasn't mourning his father's death .  He was afraid of the monsters living in Reidan .

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The golem invasion of Reinhardt .  Ren still remembered the words of Duke Grid .

“I, Grid, swear eternal loyalty to Your Majesty . "

He swore allegiance to King Wiesbaden, not the royal family .  This was like a declaration of war towards the 1st prince, so Ren was always afraid .

'I must strike first . '

Ren watched the situation of Reidan .  He knew that Reidan currently only had 1,000 troops .

'There won't be another opportunity if I don't strike now . '

Ren made up his mind and hurried to his palace .  Then he called the strongest warriors that he'd invited from all over the continent .

“I want you to join my army that will conquer Reidan . "

"I'll willingly do it . "

The warriors answered without hesitation, including a grey haired middle aged man .  His name was Hurent .  He was the one who lost to Grid in the 1st National Competition in just 5 seconds .

[The quest is in progress . ]

Hurent checked the notification window in front of him and smiled .

'Grid, I will pay back the humiliation in the past . '

Hurent's eyes were filled with confidence .


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week .

Chapter 330

“Duke Grid still hasn't learned of my father's illness . The proof of this is that Reidan's army is still weak, so we must strike against Reidan at this time . There won't be another chance . "

1st Prince Ren was well aware of how strong Grid and his subordinates were . It was natural, since he'd witnessed their actions in the Reinhardt golem invasion .  Nevertheless, the reason he was hostile to Grid was firstly, it was obvious that Ren would be eaten up if he stayed still . Secondly, he believed in the power of his warriors, including Hurent .  

The contents of the linked quest was being updated in front of Hurent .

[Prince of the Eternal Kingdom – Chapter IV-]

Level of Difficulty: Not measurable .

1st Prince Ren has seen the strength of aura and has absolute confidence in you . He believes that you are the only rival for Duke Grid .

Advance to Reidan with Ren's army! 

Strike down hard on Duke Grid, who is making fun of the royal family!

Quest Clear Conditions: Occupy Reidan .

Quest Clear Rewards: Ren will be crowned king and you will gain the title of Merit King . If you establish a kingdom, special benefits will be given .

Quest Failure: Unpredictable .

[Would you like to accept the quest?]

It was impossible to measure the degree of difficulty .  Quests with users as the target often couldn't guess the difficulty or consequences .  Hurent smiled and nodded without hesitation .

“I am willing to help you . "

It was around 10 months ago in real time .  Hurent had been humiliated after losing to Grid in just 5 seconds . It was also in front of the entire world .  How much contempt had he received since then?

'I'm going to regain my honor with this quest . '

Merit King? It was just minor title .  Hurent wanted to regain the title of the strongest, and he believed that he was now qualified .

'Grid, I will show you the true power of an aura master . It will be in front of the whole world!'

His efforts over the past 10 months would cause a disaster .


Garosu-gil Road during autumn .

“What exactly is a pet master?"

After the festival was over .   Youngwoo went to a restaurant with Sehee, Yerim, and Doohyun .  Doohyun explained to Youngwoo after ordering the food .

"You can look at it as an enhanced version of a monster tamer . I can train monsters to act as pets or temporarily take away another person's pet . I can also buff my pets and your pets . "

Buff fellow pets? Even the strongest buffer, Huroi couldn't do this . Huroi could only give buffs to his own pet .  Furthermore .

“Take away another person's pet?"

“I can command the pets . The duration is a minimum of 15 seconds and it can go up to 50 seconds . "

“Can the pets that you command use their skills?"

"Yes . "

"It's a scam . "

It wasn't an exaggeration .  Taking an enemy's pet and using their original abilities? It would consume the mana of the pet and hit the enemy .  If the pet possessed a buffing skill, it could be used on allies .

Anyway, it was very useful . This could be a great advantage in combat .

"But the real power of a pet master is something else . "

Doohyun was speaking many words, unlike his usual self .  Was it due to the beautiful Sehee and Yerim? Not at all .   Doohyun was only looking at Youngwoo . To be precise, he was excited about meeting Youngwoo's pet, Noe .

"Your true ability?"

“I can check the details of the targeted pet . It means I can quickly grasp the stats, skills, weaknesses and advantages of the pet . Also . "


Youngwoo's eyes lit up .  The better Overgeared became, the happier he was .  He was full of expectations for what Kim Doohyun called the ultimate advantage of a pet master .

“I have the pet beauty ability . "


“Yes, so please introduce me to Noe . If I can, I will make Noe more beautiful . I want to be Noe's private hairdresser!"


A unique hidden class was dreaming of being a hairdresser? It seemed like this new member also wasn't normal .  Youngwoo recalled something that Vantner said about the Tzedakah Guild in the past .

“By the way, it looks like the people who joined the guild after Grid aren't normal . A crazy person attracts other crazy people . "

'Is it me?'

He belatedly realized that Yerim was holding some rolled pasta to his mouth .

"How about it? Is it delicious?"

Youngwoo was surprised and told the truth, “Not so much . It is too salty so I would rather buy two cups of ramyun . "

“The food that a sexy woman like me is giving you isn't delicious?"

“What sexy woman…? You aren't sexy . "

“Aish~ even with this?"

“Hik! Don't do that in a public place!"

'Grid, this person . '

Doohyun realized it as he saw Youngwoo sitting between Yerim and Sehee .  Youngwoo was the true high school girl killer .

“But where did Peak Sword go?"

Towards the end of the meal .  Yerim had an afterthought .  Until now, they had completely forgotten about Peak Sword .

"He's probably out there playing around . "

Peak Sword, who receive the stigma of a sexual harasser due to Youngwoo! He had been chased after by security guards for hours .


[Mass Production Grid Set]

It consisted of weapons, helmet, armor, gloves and shoes .  The weapons were one-handed swords, spears, bows, and shields, and Grid designed them with the intention of giving them to the soldiers of Reidan .  They had an excellent performance and the effect when worn as a set was great, compared to other equipment of the same level .

However, there was a problem .  The level restriction was 160 .  On the other hand, Reidan's soldiers were level 133, so the equipment couldn't be distributed immediately .

'But the performance will go down if the level limit is lowered too much . '

What should he do? Grid thought about it and summoned Piaro and Asmophel .


"Hah . "

Piaro and Asmophel blinked after they came running at Grid's call .

Beside Reidan's outer walls .  Grid was sitting in front of a portable furnace and making items, while four golden hands were hunting monsters near him .

'However, the level is still low . '

The giant worms were very weak monsters, based on Piaro and Asmophel's standards .  They were able to cut the giant worms easily, and it would be the same if Duke Grid used a skill .  Then what about these golden hands?

The four hands joined forces, but it took them more than four minutes to hunt a giant worm . They couldn't take the initiative when fighting .  It was strange that swords were moving on their own, but it wasn't that scary when looking closely . The only point worth paying attention to was the exceptional speed .

However, Piaro appreciated the potential of the golden hands .

'They're much better than when I fought him . I'm looking forward to how they grow in the future . '

Grid asked Piaro and Asmophel .

"How long does it take for the soldiers to gain one level?"

“Currently, it's five days . "


The level up speed was much faster than expected .  Considering that the level of the Winston soldiers remained in the 80's for several months, the soldiers of Reidan were raising their levels at a phenomenal rate .  It was a glimpse of Piaro and Asmophel's outstanding training methods, who were once destined to be the pillars of the empire .

"Then the soldiers will reach level 160 in five months?"

"That's right . "

Asmophel answered without hesitation .  He was so confident that Grid couldn't help feeling greedy .

“Can you raise their level faster?"

"The intensity of the training is already very high . If we overwork the soldiers, they might be injured and there will be many complaints . "

“Does it matter as long as they don't die? And so what about complaints? A soldier needs to do this . "

Grid had experience being a soldier in the South Korean army .  High intensity training? As long as they didn't die, they would eventually adapt . And if they worked hard, they would be too tired to complain .

"Yes? Let's do it . "

"…I understand . "

Piaro and Asmophel swore allegiance to Grid .  They had a obligation to follow him, even if it was a somewhat difficult command .  In the end, the soldiers of Reidan had to suffer .

"Run! Roll! Gear up!"

"Stab! Shoot! Cut! Chop!"

Piaro and Asmophel showed no mercy .  The 1,000 soldiers of Reidan had to endure harsh training every day until their muscles screamed .  As a result, the level up speed of the soldiers increased from 1 . 3 times to 1 . 5 times .  

[The loyalty of Reidan's soldiers has dropped by 9 . ]

[Reidan's soldiers don't respect you . ]


Grid was the target of the soldiers' resentment .  It was very serious from a ruler's point of view .  If the loyalty of soldiers towards the lord was lowered, it was difficult to restore .

But Grid wasn't shaken .  Why?

Ttang! Ttang!

Every day and night without covering production and mass production-type grid set .  Grid knew that the soldiers' respect and loyalty would rise again the day the Grid set was distributed to them .


Irene's due date was in five days .  Because of this, one of the main powers of the Eternal Kingdom and ruler of the north, Marquis Steim visited Reidan .

"Welcome, father-in-law . "

"Ohh! The duke came out to meet me, I'm so flattered!"

Marquis Steim's eyes were bright as he looked at Reidan .  He only knew Reidan as a ghost town, but it had developed quickly after Grid became the lord .  The population was still only 20,000, but it was excellent compared to other cities in the Eternal Kingdom .

No, it was unchallenged when it came to agriculture .  Even the Saharan Empire didn't have such a great agricultural city .

'I'm amazed at the level of determination to develop an agricultural city in the middle of the desert!' 

Indeed, his son-in-law was great .  Marquis Steim smiled proudly .


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week .

Chapter 331

Irene’s bedroom .


"My daughter!"

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Irene and Marquis Steim hugged tightly .

It had been nine months since they had seen each other, so they couldn't control their emotions . They checked each other's health and shed tears of joy . In particular, Marquis Steim sniffed with a runny nose .

Irene used to follow her father around everywhere .  Now his daughter was going to be a mother, so he felt strange and lonely .  Marquis Steim confirmed her appearance and shifted his gaze towards Grid .

“I hope you will always love and cherish my daughter like you do now . "

Grid answered with a genuine heart, without hesitation .

“I will love her more than I do now . "

At the same time .

[The child in the belly has felt the true love of the couple, increasing all stats by 1 . ]

Grid whispered words of love to Irene every day, but there had been no response from the baby in the last few days .  There was five days left before she gave birth .  Perhaps today would be the last prenatal education .


Grid was chatting with Irene and Marquis Steim .

Outside Irene's bedroom, the knights of both families were standing side by side .  The eyes of a young man suddenly sharpened .  His name was Laden .  After Phoenix, he was the best talent in the north .

“There are four people, not three in the bedroom . Does Duke Grid have a shadow?"

'Four people?'

Piaro and Asmophel were confused at Laden's question .  They could only feel three people in Irene's bedroom .   Duke Grid, Irene and Marquis Steim .

'Does this young man want to show off his skills?'

A knight of the marquis .  He was making something simple, bigger .

"Did you say you are Sir Laden? Are you certain enough to interrupt the duchess?"

Irene needed absolute stability .  Taking the risk to go into Irene's bedroom and making a disturbance? What if there was no third person? It was obvious that Duke Grid and Marquis Steim would be furious .  

Piaro warned Laden that he would be held responsible .  Laden understood and nodded, "I will take responsibility . "

If so, there was no need to delay .  Piaro knocked on Irene's bedroom door .

"What's going on?"

Piaro and Laden confirmed Grid's response . Then the knights of both families entered Irene's bedroom .

"What's going on?”

Irene became upset at the crowd entering, so Grid frowned .

"Why is it so loud?"

Laden took a step forward .

"There is a rodent . "


Rodent? Grid was feeling confused while Laden pulled out a sword at his waist .  Then he kept stabbing his sword at the ceiling?

"…Gone . "


It was the worst .  Piaro hit his forehead and Grid's expression distorted .  Laden explained, “A little while ago, I felt someone hiding on the ceiling . But now they have disappeared . "

Grid was dumbfounded .  His insight was a huge 1,550 .  Faker couldn't even secretly approach within 3m without Grid noticing .

"There was a rodent hiding above me? If this is true, why didn't I know about it?"


Laden couldn't say anything . He just bowed his head and waited to be punished .  Grid asked Marquis Steim, "Who is this person?"

Marquis Steim replied with a little bit of embarrassment .

“An outstanding person . He's still young so he sometimes makes mistakes, please understand . "

“Ah . "

The Northern Nova, Laden .  It was the moment when he was branded as a bluffer by Grid .


'Amazing . '

King of Shadows, Kasim .  He was the strongest assassin in the world .  It was surprising that he was caught by a young man .

'Time has given birth to talent . '

The Eternal Kingdom .  Compared with the Saharan Empire, a great number of talented people were being born in the small kingdoms .  In simple terms, the Saharan Empire had 10 times the population of the Eternal Kingdom, so they produced more talent .  This wasn't a good thing from the viewpoint of Kasim, who was burning with vengeance towards the empire .

'Anyway, I'll have to be more careful for the moment . '

Suruk .

Kasim disappeared into the darkness .


"My money . "

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Grid went to the smithy for the first time in a while .  Two anvils were lined up next to him and on top of them, four hands were hammering like Grid .  The young blacksmiths were amazed by the sight .

Khan approached Grid, "You look upset . What's wrong?"

“Marquis Steim brought a young knight and he made me upset . "

“Huhu, giving you a bad impression . The young man is pitiful . "

“Irene is sensitive because of the child… Ah, I want to block his career path . "

"It's a bad idea in your position . You've witnessed it from the side of the victim, that persecuting the weak can cause bad feelings . "

“…Indeed . I wasn't thinking . "

Up until two years ago, Grid was also weak .  He knew how terrible it was to be persecuted by strong men .  But now that he had power, he was thinking about abusing it? Grid was disappointed in himself .

“Thank you . You're too good for me . "

“Huhu, you are also very very good . "

“An old man should keep his dignity . "

Grid smiled and leaned his head against Khan's shoulder for a moment .  It was like a grandchild leaning on his grandfather .  But the young blacksmiths thought differently .

'These two are very close . '

'A love that transcends status, sex and even age?'

'Umm… They should watch their mouths . '

Ttang! Ttang!

In the midst of this deepening misunderstanding, the God Hands kept working .  They produced the necessary basics for the Mass Production Set and delivered it to Grid, who only trusted himself with the high quality materials .

[The skill level of the God Hand's Blacksmithing has increased to advanced level 2 . ]

[The skill level of (Understanding of Gods' Weapons) Legendary Blacksmith's Craftsmanship Skill has increased to level 7 . ]

[The number of times the Legendary Blacksmith's Creation skill can be used has increased by three . Number of items that can be created at present: 13/21 . ]

Grid's growth continued today .



'How rotten!'



"Gear up!"


Reidan's training grounds .  Thanks to the 'Will of Duke Grid!', the soldiers were being overworked today .  They rolled over sand that was burning from the sun, crawled out, jumped over dangerous obstacles, and endlessly stabbed their swords and spears .

'How long will this last?'

These questions were on the verge of disappearing .  It felt like all thoughts were being swept away due to the pain .  It was the process where their muscles were being reconstructed .  They wanted to give up many times .

“The more you sweat, the more you guarantee your family's safety . "

"Do you want to go back to the old days of starvation! Then withstand it! Protect your home!"

Piaro and Asmophel cried out every time their hearts weakened .

‘Yes, stand up!'

The soldiers' eyes were filled with hate .  Wasn't it funny to give up now? They had always been training with the idea of overcoming these trials .  Still, they swore at Grid when they were tired .

'If I think about it, there isn't a war right now, so why do we need to be trained like this?'

‘Duke Grid must be bullying us on purpose!'

‘Damn Duke Grid! Curse Reidan's sun! Fall on the road and break your nose!'

[The loyalty of Reidan's soldiers has dropped by 7 . ]

[Rumors have spread that the soldiers of Reidan hate you . ]

"Wow . "

Loyalty could be raised at any time .  Grid thought this and ordered that the training be gradually increased, not decreased .  Now he started to feel alarmed .  He was being hated? Wasn't this a stage beyond resentment?

'It is time to give them a carrot . '

Grid looked at the list of Reidan soldiers .  The list briefly listened the information of Reidan's 1,003 soldiers .  It was their name, gender, level, and occupation .  The detailed stats, skills and unique story could only be checked with the Great Lord’s Sword .


Grid's eyes widened as he sorted the list of soldiers in order of level .  One person .  There was one soldier who achieved level 150? Compared to the average level of the other soldiers, which ranged between 136~139, it was a tremendous growth rate .


Grid summoned Piaro .

“Did you call?”

After Lauel and Rabbit, Piaro was the next busiest person .  It couldn't be helped, since he had to manage the fields and army at the same time .  But unlike Lauel and Rabbit, who were always tired, his color was very good . It seemed he had no concept of tiredness because his basic stamina was so high .  He was busy, so Grid immediately cut to the chase .

“When I saw the list of soldiers, Royman stands out . What happened? What special training did you give them?"

“Nothing . Asmophel and I instruct all the soldiers the same . "

“Then why is Royman's growth rate so different?"

“It's the difference between talent and motivation . There are soldiers who follow the training schedule without thinking, but there are also soldiers who try to make it work better for their growth . "

“Hrmm, can you give extra training for the soldier called Royman?"

“Do you want Royman to grow faster?"

“Yes, to at least level 160 . "

"I understand . I had already planned to configure a special group, so I will direct my training towards Royman . "

"Special group?" 

It seemed to be something great .  What would be the name of this special group?

'Overgeared Task Force?'

It happened when Grid's eyes were shining like lanterns .

"Duke Grid! Irene had gone into labor!"


Her expected due date was supposed to be in two days .  Grid abandoned the items he was making and ran to the castle in a hurry . Piaro also followed .  A notification window appeared in front of Grid .

[When the baby is born, do you want it to be a boy or a girl? Your answer will have a profound impact on the child’s gender . ]

Grid answered without hesitation .


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week .

Chapter 332

Grid answered without hesitation .

“Daughter! I want a daughter!"

Wasn't a son better than a daughter as the successor? That didn't matter to Grid .  He just wanted a child that was like Irene .  The girl would be bright, kind, and beautiful, unlike him .

'I am afraid a son will resemble me!'

Typically, a daughter resembled the father and the son resembled the mother, but Grid didn't believe this .  He didn't think a girl would have his appearance and personality .

[Do you really want a daughter?]


[Okay . The baby who will be born soon will reflect your will . ]

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From the smithy to the castle .  Grid ran through the streets using the shortest path .  He wanted to see his child's face as soon as possible .


“You aren't late . "

Lauel was waiting for him at the gates .

“It's been 30 minutes since them midwife entered . Maybe the child will be born soon . Before that, are you really going to name your child Grene? Huh? How about rethinking the name?"

Lauel was sleep deprived, as always .  In the game, he was busy managing Reidan, Bairan, and Cork Island, while in reality, he was responding to the endless flood of inquiries about joining the guild .  So Lauel's somewhat tense words were heard as they headed to the 3rd floor .

Cry! Cry!

The cries of a newborn baby was heard from Irene's bedroom at the end of the hall .


The maid assisting the midwife ran out and shouted .  The emotions in Grid's heart were indescribable .  He really became a father! He felt a vague fear, but his joy was much greater .


The maid responded with a bright expression .

"Your son!"



It was an unexpected and shocking answer .  Grid received a mental blow .  On the other hand, Marquis Steim and his vassals were dancing .

“A precious baby boy was born in our family! A young gentleman, young gentleman!"

“Congratulations Duke Grid and Marquis Steim!"

“I wish you the best!"


A young gentleman .

'A son?'

Didn't it say that his choice would have a large effect on the gender of the child when born, so what was this?


Grid belatedly replied .

'I was originally unlucky . '

When had anything ever gone as he wanted? There were few occasions . The result always went against him .  He had been lucky since becoming Pagma's Descendant, but before that, he had been so unlucky that he wondered if he had sold a country in his previous life .

Yes, this was the reality .

"Hah . "

Grid sighed and entered Irene's bedroom .


"Dear husband… It's a boy who resembles you . I'm so happy . "

Irene’s complexion was noticeably tired . It was difficult to fathom how painful childbirth would be .  But Irene's smile was brighter than ever .  Grid realized something .

'It might be more influenced by Irene's wish than my bad luck . '

Grid was relieved when he saw the baby in Irene's eyes .  What did it matter if it was a daughter or a son? Proof of their precious love had been born .  He was glad and happy .  In the first place…

'We can always have another child if I want a daughter . '

Irene was the only daughter of her family, so she had a strong desire for many children . She wanted to constantly give birth if she could .  Grid smiled and kissed Irene's forehead .

"You must've suffered . Thank you . Thank you for giving this gift to me . Above all, I wish for you to be healthy . "

“Dear husband…"

Irene was always affectionate towards Grid .  Irene was thrilled and handed the child to Grid .

“Please hug him . "

"U-Um . "

Grid was startled .  Didn't the child have black hair like him? It was concerning .  His son, he looked like Grid .

'Please let his nature be different…'

Grid sincerely wished as Irene handed the child to him . Then his eyes widened .

'Why is he so pretty?'

Babies who were just born and couldn't open their eyes reminded him of monkeys .  But what was this? The white skin was resilient and the already opened eyes were blue like Irene .  They were intense eyes like gemstones .

Grid's mouth stretched widely as he looked at his son .  It was an exquisite combination of himself and Irene, so an infinite affection rose inside him .

“What is the name of our grandchild?"

Marquis Steim asked . His mouth was also stretched widely . He looked even more delighted than Grid .

“The child's name…"

Everyone's attention focused on Grid .  In particular, Lauel was staring at him with eager eyes .

‘Please don't let it be Grene!'

Was his wish heard? Grid spoke a normal name for some reason .

"Lord . "

Don't be despised like him, be loved and respected by all .  Don't be envious of others like him, but have a wide heart .  It was a name filled with these wishes .


It was a good name .  It happened when everyone, including Lauel, was feeling happy .

“Maybe I should add my initial preceding it, G-lord . "


Lauel's expression twisted .  He shouted angrily .

"Glord! That is a name that copies the format of an orc chief!"

"Ah . "

Grid felt relieved of the frustration that filled him for a decade .  Glord .  It was a name that he came up thanks to all his naming experience .

“Phew, it's cool . "

Lauel saw Grid's expression and shouted again .

"Please just name him Lord!"

“Isn't that too common?"

"It is better than a name that copies an orc chief!"

He was correct .  Glord was a proper noun in Satisfy, so it was right to avoid it .  After a moment, Grid nodded .

“Okay, I understand . The name of this child is Lord . "

At that moment .

[Congratulations on the fruit of the couple's love!]

[You are the first user to become a father!]

[The title 'First Father' has been obtained . ]

[First Father]

* When you are in a party with your child, all of your stats will increase by 8% .  

If the child's health drops below 30%, the passive skill 'Father's Instinctive Love' will be activated, increasing movement speed by 80% for 20 seconds and resetting skill cooldown .

Resetting skill cooldown time! It was truly a huge passive skill .  Grid was glad when he suddenly felt doubts .


Why would he go hunting with his child?

'Why is it like this?'

Then Lord's status window floated in front of Grid's eyes .

Name: Lord Steim

Age: 0 years  Gender: Male

Occupation: Young Nobleman

Title: Grid's Son

* The son of a legendary blacksmith . He has inherited most of his father's abilities .

Title: Genius of Eternal

* A genius that represents a country . He overwhelms local geniuses, and his level and abilities will rise 40% faster than normal . In addition, he can acquire skills in a wide range of fields .

However, there is a limit to the level and abilities that can be raised until he is 15 years old .

Title: One who Will Become a Legend

A person who will leave his name in history . There is an 80% chance of being immune to all status effects and illnesses . When attacked, if his health falls to 1 point, he will enter the immortal state for 2 . 5 seconds .

Level: 1

Strength: 31   Stamina: 39

Agility: 25     Intelligence: 47

Dexterity: 90  Strength: 100

Dignity: 15    Insight: 78

Skills: Beginner Blacksmith Skill (F), Beginner Weapons Mastery (C), Discerning Eyes (S), Overwhelming Charm (S), Famous and Legendary Pedigree (SS) .

His mother is the successor of a noble family in the Eternal Kingdom and his father is a legend .  He has inherited all of his parent's strengths, so his potential is outstanding . Teaching him will be inspiring .

However, his talent and environment are so good that he is likely to become arrogant . Education will determine his history .

"This is completely…"

A gold spoon in Satisfy .  Grid was forced to admire it .

Lord Steim .  It was the day when the overlord of the world, who would later have the name of the Overgeared clan, was born .


“Abu . Abu . "

It had been a week since Lord was born .  Compared to when he was born, the beauty of the child was already shining .  He had Grid's eyes and high nose, the good parts of Grid, as well as Irene's face, skin, lips, and pupils .

“So pretty . ”

Saintess Ruby arrived in Reidan two days ago . She had wanted to see her nephew's face .  She smiled and didn't leave Lord's side .  On the other hand, three women were uncomfortable .

Yura, Jishuka, and Sexy Schoolgirl .  The women who gathered in one place after a long time were struggling .

“Well, I'll admit that the baby is pretty . However, the next baby that I'll give birth to will be better . Think about it . How dignified and sexy would a child born from Grid and I be?"

It was Jishuka who talked with confidence .  Sexy Schoolgirl couldn't believe her ears .

“Oh my~ Jishuka, are you going to marry Grid? Ah, in the game like Irene?"

“Huhut, this young girl is talking nonsense . If I was to marry Grid, it should be in reality . You can play the role of concubine in the game . "

"Sister, do you not like me? Are you afraid that I will be sexier than you after one or two years? Yes?"

“This kid, shouldn't you be more self-conscious?"

"Be quiet . I don't have the emotions of a kid . "

Yura intervened between the two girls . She was calm in front of Lord, unlike Jishuka and Sexy Schoolgirl .

“Yura, aren't you worried? Irene and Grid will probably become closer after Lord is born . Our positions will become smaller . ”

Yura spoke to Sexy Schoolgirl in a nonchalant manner, “I am already treated as a folding screen . I don't need to worry . "


In the meantime, Grid was indifferent towards Yura .  One of the world's most beautiful women, Yura, was treated as a folding screen . Jishuka and Sexy Schoolgirl honestly couldn't believe it .  Sehee laughed from where she was playing with Lord with the baby toys that Grid had drawn .

‘It is because Oppa is very shy . '

Everyone forgot it because Grid was married, but he had no experience with love in reality . In reality, he hadn't even held hands with a woman .  An unrealistically beautiful and talented woman like Yura was too high of a barrier to be his first love .  Ah, it might be different if Yura had a big chest like Jishuka .

At the same time .

"It's really amazing . "

The soldier Royman reached level 160 under the thorough guidance of Piaro and Asmophel .  Grid was thrilled when he confirmed Royman's information with the Great Lord’s Sword .  

At this time, a huge 5,000 troops were entering Reidan's vast desert .


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week .