Overgeared - Chapter 420

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Chapter 420

Chapter 420


The mountain wasn't able to cope with the explosion generated by Transcended Link and collapsed .

The Russians showed their skills as the stones poured down like hail .  Transcended Link was a non-targeted skill, so it could be avoided with control, while Linked Kill Wave could be countered with a corresponding skill .



Indeed, third advancement classes were different .  The two second advancement users were unable to cope with Transcended Link properly, while the four third advancement classes handled Linked Kill Wave .  They were hit by the landslide, but they moved their bodies properly and avoided a fatal injury . They were different from small fries .

Among them, the 22nd ranked Alexander was a military student .  He focused on the small shields hanging on both wrists and hardened them, completely neutralizing the strike of Linked Kill Wave .  He wasn't a tanker, so it was probably a skill to neutralize techniques .  

"Indeed, you're a monster . "

Alexander shook his hands like it was numb .

"If it's just the power of the skill alone, you are stronger than Kraugel . "

Just .

"Aren't your total abilities below me?"

Alexander had also participated in the National Competition last year .  He saw Grid defeat Hurent and Bondre in succession, winning the PvP event .  At the time, he had been honestly surprised .  He realized that he couldn't beat this yellow monkey and his pride was hurt .

But now it was different .  Over the past year, Alexander had become stronger . He advanced faster than others .  Grid would also be stronger than last year, but Alexander was certain that he had a bigger growth .

"I also experienced the East Continent . "

One of the people who knew about the Behen Archipelago .

In this notorious instant dungeon, Alexander reached the 15th island and luckily found Fog Island . He bought a large number of elixirs and moved to the East Continent . There, he succeeded in countless quests, receiving all types of titles and a second class .

"My current stats are around 400 points higher than the same level users . By hardening my aura, I can exert powerful attack power and defense at the same time . Can a monkey like you handle me?"

Grid listened to the story and laughed .

Alexander frowned .

"What is funny?"

"In my experience, talkative people like you usually die in one blow . I'm just curious about how many seconds it will take for you to die . "

It was an obvious provocation .  Grid noticed Alexander's temper and taunted him .  But Alexander was a surprisingly cool person .


"Hey monkey . I know that you've been a winner for a while . But keep this in mind . "

The world was wide and there were many people .

"There are more than two billion users in Satisfy . Why do only a few rankers participate in the National Competition to represent their country? You're strong, but there are countless others in the world that you don't know about . " 

The true users that were Kraugel's level didn't show up in the National Competition .  Why? They didn't want to expose their power to the world .

"They don't crave anything enough to risk exposing themselves . They are complete products . "

"What is your point?"

"Well, to put it simply, it means that the rankers who competed in the National Competition are only B-class . They are lacking many parts and are weak and pitiful beings who made a choice to expose their power . Don't be so arrogant when you have only played against them . "

" . . . Hoh . "

It was a plausible logic .  Grid had reasons for participating in the National Competition .  First of all, he wanted the world to acknowledge his abilities . Secondly, he wanted to obtain adamantium and promote Overgeared .   He wouldn't have bothered participating in the National Competition if he had no purpose .  In fact, Faker hadn't participated in the National Competition for two years in a row .

Grid thought about it and came to a conclusion .

"Then Alexander, aren't you also B-class? Are you giving me an advance warning before I knock you out?"

Alexander snorted .

"No, I am A-class . "

Alexander was already strong enough . He knew it wasn't ideal to fight in the National Competition and expose his power .  Nevertheless, he participated in the National Competition for only one reason .

"I participated in this competition for the glory of my country . Now, experience the power of an A-class . Be the cornerstone of Russia's glory!"

" . . . !"

Grid's eyes widened .

It was because something as sharp as thorns rose from the ground at his feet .

His high insight and the power of the Slaughterer's Eye Patch meant Grid quickly detected the abnormality of the ground . Then he moved around with the agility he gained in the Behen Archipelago, avoiding the thorns .

The swift movements were more than Alexander anticipated .

'Yes, this is the trinity of items, stats and skills . '

Alexander linked skills while admiring it .

"It is useless! Aura Explosion!"


The aura thorns that rose from the ground where Grid stood became hard . They exploded and caused damage to Grid . . .

[You have dealt 680 damage to the target . ]

[You have dealt 599 damage to the target . ]

[You have dealt 605 damage to the target . ]


Alexander's eyes widened with surprise .

'What? Why isn't the damage higher?'

That Grid, did he move quickly and get away from the blast radius? Alexander watched the dust caused by the explosion and belatedly realized .

'No, he didn't avoid it . '

Grid's defense was just absurdly high .

'Overgeared . . . '

The first time that Grid appeared in front of the world in the past .  He called himself overgeared when facing Neberius, a Yatan Servant .  It was a defense that made Alexander recall Grid's intense first appearance .

'But it will eventually break!'

Alexander moved forward .


Twin swords slashed through the air towards Grid .  If Grid didn't have flying magic, he wouldn't have been able to respond easily .  Now Grid was accustomed to Fly after nearly two years . He could move as freely in the sky as he could on the ground .  It was relatively easy to block Alexander's swords .

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

"What . . . ?"

Currently, Grid was armed with a greatsword .  It was common sense that his attack speed would be slow .  But Grid's attack speed was very fast .  The attack speed was between that of a one-handed sword and a greatsword, so it was hard to defend against .

'Even the destructive power . . . !'

Alexander barely defended with his shield, but he couldn't bear the weight of the greatsword . He fell to the ground .  Grid immediately rushed towards him .

"Pagma's Swordsmanship . "

In the empty air, he moved while using Link .



A quick swordsmanship that made it hard to believe it came from a greatsword .  Dozens of black lights appeared around Alexander's body .  Grid believed that dozens of strikes would emerge from Alexander's body .  It was a maneuver to deal with Link .

But Alexander wasn't an ordinary person .  As soon as Grid used Link, he developed an aura tornado, creating a barrier of aura around his body and making it harder .

At that moment .


Link hit the aura barrier and it broke .  Grid and Alexander's gazes met through hundreds of scattered aura fragments .  Alexander laughed .

"Louder than before! Aura Explosion!"



Grid groaned .

It was the first pained expression he made after the target processing started .  It would be difficult to cope with the damage caused by the simultaneous explosion of dozens of aura fragments .

"This is the power of an A-class!"

Alexander took advantage of the momentum to hit Grid's chest with his left hand, while pushing the sword in his right hand into Grid's abdomen .  It wasn't a weak attack .  However, Grid's items were much better .

[The Largest Gloves have reduced physical damage by 4% . ]

[The Shiny Gauntlets have reduced physical damage by 5% . ]

[The Heavy Helmet has reduced physical damage by 6% . ]

[Lantier's Cloak has reduced the damage of all stabbing and cutting attacks by 20% . ]

[Triple Layers has reduced physical damage by 4% . ]

[Triple Layers has reduced the damage of stabbing attacks by 50% . ]

[The enemy's sword is caught in the gap of Three Layers . The skill 'Sword Breaker' is used . ]

[The target's weapon durability has dropped . ]


" . . . What?"

Alexander paled .  The durability of his swords decreased severely just from cutting and stabbing Grid . It even got stuck .  It was like dealing with a named golem boss .

Grid told him .

"If you are A-class, then I am S-class?"

'Damn items . . . !'

Alexander removed his sword and attacked Grid again .

It was the manifestation of his strongest attack skill, 'Exceed Sword,' which concentrated hardened aura at the end of the sword . Exceed Sword had the option of ignoring a certain amount of the enemy's defenses .

Grid didn't avoid it . To be honest, it was difficult to avoid it . He didn't bother wasting strength and just let it hit .  He believed in the Heavy Helmet, Largest Gloves, Shiny Gauntlets, Triple Layers, and Lantier's Cloak, which had high resistance to physical attacks .

Of course, his items certainly paid back Grid's faith .

[You have suffered 8,144 damage . ]

"This is ridiculous!"

Alexander's strongest attack skill only did this much damage? The durability of his sword was further reduced .  Grid struck the miserable Alexander .  Alexander couldn't avoid it .  Grid used a skill the moment he welcomed the attack, so there was no time to avoid it .

Linked Kill pierced Alexander's heart before Alexander could recover his sword .

Puk .

Puk puk puk!

Alexander did his best to the end .

He succeeded in defending against the first strike of Linked Kill with his hardened aura shield . But Grid's Linked Kill was a skill that hit the target at least three times . Luckily, this time it was six strikes .  

Alexander couldn't deal with the overwhelming power exerted by Grid's Greatsword + Failure and turned to grey .

" . . . "

The Russian representatives were speechless .

They never imagined that Alexander, who was the next strongest after Kraugel, would lose against Grid . Frankly speaking, they expected Alexander to crush Grid . But the result was the opposite .

Then Grid said to them .

"Am I still a dog?"

The Russian representatives shook their heads .


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