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Overgeared - Chapter 427

Published at 18th of March 2018 11:23:16 PM

Chapter 427

Chapter 427

『 Huhu, Grid pulled out the A lot . 』

『 The first match of the siege . . . It's also against the United States . 』

『 Look at Grid's expression . He has never sweated like this before . 』

『 It's a rare appearance . This means he doesn't have much confidence . 』

The ratings of the siege relay started to rise rapidly . It showed that most people were having great fun with this situation .

-Didn't Yura and Jishuka sleep in Grid's room last night?

-I want to deny it, but it's true . . .  The paparazzi took photos of them leaving Grid's room this morning . . .

-Kuoh . . .  He deserves punishment for being alone with the best beauties in the world .

-The United States will trample on him!

-Grid's misfortune is my happiness!

Hundreds of millions of men were blinded by jealousy .  They wanted to see Grid collapse quickly . The Korean people were resigned .

-Well . . .  It would be hard to win a medal in the siege war, even if we didn't meet the United States right away .

-In retrospect, it's better to be eliminated early .  Our players will be able to take a day off and fight hard tomorrow .

-In particular, Grid must've spent a lot of energy last night .

-Grid was the one who drew the United States .  He thought of the big picture .

-Truly God Grid .

The early elimination was confirmed .  The Korean citizens tried to think as positively as possible . It was the same with Grid .

'I'll finish it quickly and go to the capsule room . '

What if he concentrated on hunting while the other rankers were busy with the National Competition?

'I can get a little bit ahead . '

Grid only thought about the game and had no intention of exploring Paris . Lauel came near him .

"Think of this as war exercises . "

"War exercises?"

Lauel grinned brightly at Grid .

"Isn't your ultimate goal to be rich, to be the best, and to be recognized by people? To achieve that goal, you must become a king . "

The first condition for becoming a king was lineage, but users had no concept of lineage . What Grid needed was justification and a vast territory . It was his destiny to constantly take part in wars to expand his territory .

"Originally, a war simulation requires huge manpower and money . It's difficult to do with Overgeared's current capacity . But today, we have an opportunity to try a free simulation . "

" . . . "

"Try your best . I will teach you strategies and tactics . Well, if you're afraid, you can give up early . This is your limit . "

Lauel was the only one in Overgeared who criticized Grid .  Lauel always pointed out Grid's faults, sometimes making him feel ashamed .  The reason? He was hoping for Grid's development .  Yes, it was the same right now .  Lauel spoke in a high and mighty tone, clearly provoking Grid .

He knew .  The current Grid had lost motivation . Thus, Lauel couldn't stay still .

" . . . "

The Grid of the past would've felt resentful without grasping Lauel's intentions . But now it was different . He saw why Lauel was provoking him and replied .

"Okay, bring it on . "

He was idle for a moment . Giving up? It was clear that he forgot himself these days .

'Wake up . '

Clap .

Grid slapped his cheeks with both hands . His black eyes once again gained their like .

'I will try my best to win . '

As always .


"You're taking care of Grid . "

"Do you think I will lose on purpose?"

The American representatives heard the conversation between Lauel and Grid . Lauel shrugged at them .

"You don't need to worry . I will fight my best for Grid's development . "

Above all, he had to win until they met Russia . Lauel had no intention of being defeated by South Korea .

'The variables that Korea has are the Ruler's Cloak and the Hooded Zip Up . '

Lauel was aware of most of Grid and the Overgeared members' items .  First, the Ruler's Cloak .  It was a legendary rated item that Grid acquired the day that Reidan's Overgeared knights were created .  Charge Command, Military Command, and Ruler's Voice were all skills attached to the Ruler's Cloak, allowing for a simple and efficient commands delivery system .  If Grid took advantage of it, he would be able to efficiently command 50 NPCs and act as a moderate threat .

Next was the Hooded Zip Up .  The invisibility cloaks made by Grid out of the sylphid scales were luxury Overgeared items . Grid, Yura, and Peak Sword all possessed one, so it was necessary to guard against stealth .

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'Other than that . '

He needed to pay attention to Grid's basic attack power .  Yura hadn't grown enough to be comparable to the US representatives outside of hell, while Peak Sword could only tie up one US representative . The other Korean representatives weren't worth discussing .

"Let's go . "

South Korea and the United States were the opening match of the siege event . Hundreds of thousands of people cheered for them as they entered the capsule .


[You have entered Anterava Forest . ]

[You have 20 minutes before the siege starts . Please prepare during these 20 minutes . ]

"South Korea . . . They are only good for warming up the body . "

"Can they even warm up the body?"


In fact, the atmosphere in the United States team was the worst when Zibal picked the A lot .  The siege where they only knew the map and simple rules .  There was a lot of pressure because they didn't have information about 50 NPCs and were expected to open the event in the first match .  They were also worried about meeting Japan in the beginning .

But Grid pulled out the A lot after Zibal . He was truly a nice guy .  The US representatives could relax because they weren't worried about South Korea . Their footsteps were light as they entered the castle, which had walls of a low height of one metre .

"Hoh, they are the rumored NPCs .

"Let's take a closer look . "

The castle's garden .  

50 NPcs were present . 15 of them were tankers who were heavy armor and were armed with large shields, while 20 were close combat soldiers wearing light armor and holding sharp weapons . On top of that, there were 10 archers and 5 magicians .

"Panmir, check the status of their items . Then we will measure their stats with a simple spar . "

Zibal was surprised to see the NPCs' faces when he issued the orders .

"Isn't it rude to want to look at our equipment and skills just like that?"

"A rude group of people arrived as reinforcements . . . "

"Do you have any skills? I don't trust you . "

The NPCs remarked . Zibal and the US representatives were baffled at their attitude .

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'These NPCs aren't our subordinates . . . '

'They are equal to our position?'

'We are playing the role of NPC reinforcements?'

Then a notification window appeared in front of the US team .

[A joint quest has occurred . ]

[Siege War]

Level of Difficulty: Not measurable .

Two countries are in a war for ownership of Anterava Forest .

You are a member of Kingdom A .

Cooperate closely with the knights of Kingdom A to occupy the castle of Kingdom B and take over Anterava Forest .

* This quest is specifically developed for the National Competition and isn't related to Satisfy's story . However, the NPCs understand Satisfy's worldview .

Victory Condition: Take over Castle B or wipe out the troops of Kingdom B .

* The time limit is 2 hours . If there is no victor within the time limit, the country with the highest number of survivors wins .

* If you don't attack and only defend, your affinity with the NPCs will drop exponentially and this will lead to defeat .

'This . . . '

They thought that the NPCs had the concept of soldiers . But they were allies? It was quite different from what they expected . It would be difficult to form an absolute command system .

"Let's go the enemy castle . Let those seven people follow our plan . "

The NPCs started to act arbitrarily .  If the US team couldn't give orders to them, any plans developed would become useless .  What should they do? The US representatives were in turmoil for a while before coming up with a good idea .

{Lauel, explain your strategy to the NPCs . } 

{Yes, if they listen to a good plan, they will understand and pass the command rights over to you . }

It was true .  However, it was doubtful if explaining the plan would change the attitude of the NPCs . They couldn't rule out the possibility that there might be stupid NPCs . Lauel asked his team members .

{Who has the dignity, leadership, or charm stats?}


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The US team members noticed Lauel's intentions .  Among them, Zibal, Skill, and Zephyr went forward .  They were top rankers and held various titles, including a nobility title . They had at least 300 points in dignity . In particular, Zibal and Skull had opened up the leadership and charm stat .

Lauel took the lead and declared to the NPCs .

"I am Lord Lauel . As an earl and hero of the Eternal Kingdom, we won't fail . If you trust in my honor and status and follow my commands in this war, I will guarantee victory . "

Lauel was followed up by Zibal, Skull, and Zephyr . Then more than half of the NPCs exchanged looks and nodded .

"I will trust you for the moment . "

"But if you're judged incompetent, we will no longer follow your orders . At that time, you will have to follow our orders instead . "

" . . . Okay . "

Lauel and Zibal nodded without hesitation .  Exactly 31 NPCs bowed to them, while the remaining 19 NPCs watched silently .  Still, it was a level where the chain of command could be completed . On this positive note, Lauel started to explain the plan to the NPCs . The NPCs became impressed by Lauel and gradually started to trust him .

The viewers of the world watched this process and were impressed .

-Wow, I thought it would be bad at first when I saw the status of the NPCs .

-The dignity stat of the US representatives is enormous .  Now the NPCs are following them willingly .

-Lauel is first class .

-Doesn't Lauel seem to have over 500 dignity?

-The dignity stat is the dignity stat, but the NPCs were quickly inspired by the plan .  It seems like Lauel has prepared a great operation .

Then what about South Korea? As the US representatives checked the equipment and skills of the NPCs, the screen switched to the Korean castle .

『 Grid is the first user to become a duke, so it's estimated that his dignity and charm stats are higher than Lauel's . . . 』

『 It's unknown if the other Korean representatives have opened up special stats like dignity . 』

『 In addition, South Korea doesn't have a strategist like Lauel . We have to worry if it is possible for Grid to persuade the NPCs . . . Heok? 』

『 W-What is this? 』

The commentators were amazed and their mouths dropped open . It was the same with the viewers .  Why? Grid wore a small crown and as he walked forward . . .

"I will swear allegiance to you!!"

"Just say the word! I will follow you!"

The 50 proud NPCs knelt before him! The world fell into a great shock as Grid smiled .

'Lauel, it doesn't matter if you are good at strategies . '

Grid would show his unique value by breaking all this down with items . Grid grabbed the Great Lord's Sword and gave an absurd command to the kneeling NPCs .

"Take off your equipment . "