Overgeared - Chapter 440

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Chapter 440

『 The time limit to produce an item is 8 hours! Blacksmiths, please only use the production method and materials you were given! 』

The National Competition's 17th day .

The blacksmith production game began .  Originally, this was a minor event . But after Grid announced his intention to participate, the situation reversed .  It attracted attention comparable to the team events . The blacksmiths participating in the event felt gratitude towards Grid .

'Thanks to Grid, our value has been raised . '

'Thank you for sacrificing yourself for us!'

What if the people watching around the world saw the brilliant work of the advanced blacksmiths that made an item better than a legendary blacksmith? The blacksmith's reputation would surely soar into the sky . Each item they produced would become a premium and the value would skyrocket .

The eyes of the blacksmiths heated up as they planned to make Grid a sacrifice . Most of them believed themselves to be 'craftsman,' so they were very proud and didn't feel any fear towards Grid . Grid relied on his class, while they had technique .

On the other hand, Grid was looking at the production method and materials common to all participants .

[Production Method: Longsword]

Rating: Normal ~ Legendary

An ordinary longsword .

A distinct disadvantage it that anyone can use it easily and comfortably .

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher . Intermedia Sword Mastery level 7 . 1,500 strength .

The making of the longsword was plain and simple, without anything special . It was good that it was simple .  Grid had produced thousands of longswords, so he could make it with his eyes closed .  However, Grid wasn't careless .  The element that had a greatest effect on the result of an item was luck!

What would happen if he carefully made a longsword? There was a possibility that the result would be a normal sword due to his bad luck . Grid had experienced this thousands of times already!

'It would be different if I could change the production method . '

Grid had accumulated experience and knowledge by making thousands of items .  He used that experience and knowledge to change the production method .  Grid's true skill that no one else could do was minimizing the disadvantages of a production method with his own interpretation and highlighting the advantages .

But this time, the rule was to follow the production method . Therefore, Grid couldn't show off this skill . He was shaking with nerves .

'This is the organizer's manipulation . . . '

It was clear that the rule was made to purely control him .  Due to that, the legendary blacksmith had to feel tension against blacksmiths who hadn't even reached the ranks of a craftsman . The world was unfair .

"Hahh, shi . . . these evil people . Does it make sense to give a legendary blacksmith a penalty every time?"

Grid barely suppressed his urge to curse .  A boy came near him as fire started burning in the furnace .  It was a pleasant looking boy with a bright smile .

His ID was Steng . He was 2nd on the blacksmith rankings .

"Grid, it's been a long time!"

"I agree . "

It was already 2 years . When Irene had just been appointed as rule of Winston, Grid participated in the auction at the lord's castle and briefly met Steng .

"I was so surprised when I learned later that you were a legendary blacksmith! It's a truly delightful and glorious memory!"

"I remember . . . Are you still training under the NPC?"

Steng was a very bright boy .  His positive energy was overflowing, making Grid like him . Steng shook his head at Grid's question .

"I have been independent since last year and now I'm operating a smithy alone . "

"You're running a smithy alone?"

"Yes! I direct the production and circulation of items so that I can provide consumers with quality items at a reasonable price . I'm also making a higher profit!"

It wasn't going through an auction house or merchants, so there was less of a burden from sale commissions .

'Is this good?'

Running a smithy was pleasurable in many ways for a blacksmith . If Grid hadn't joined up with the Tzedakah Guild, he might be running a smithy now .

"Do you make a lot of money?"

He estimated that Steng was around 18 years old . Based on the fact that he was British, he might already have a license .

'With these looks and driving a supercar, he can change lovers every week . . . !'

Grid had a bias towards good looking people, making him feel envious . Steng scratched his head and shrugged .

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"Hehet . . . I can support my grandmother and my sister on behalf of my deceased parents . I'm always happy and thankful for this fact . "

" . . . "

Somehow, Grid felt like he hadn't grown up yet .  As soon as he made a fortune and cleared his debts, Grid bough a 800 million won car! He coughed while the temperature of the furnace reached the ideal level . Steng watched Grid pouring in iron ore and clapped with admiration .

"Amazing! Your ability to adjust the fire is spectacular!"

Apart from Grid, the other blacksmiths hadn't been able to start smelting iron ore yet .  Adjusting the furnace to the desired temperature was simple and easy for him .

'I think your skills are much worse than mine . '

Grid clicked his tongue .  Steng and the other blacksmiths weren't able to handle the fire as well as Panmir, the 1st ranked blacksmith who talked highly at the press conference . Panmir was so sloppy that he couldn't be compared to Khan! 

'This is the first ranked blacksmith . '

It was a disgrace to be nervous about dealing with someone with such low techniques .  Grid shook his head and started to concentrate on smelting the iron ore . The impurities in the melted iron ore were filtered out, the orange molten iron emerging from the furnace was brilliant and beautiful .

Gawking .

The eyes of the blacksmiths watching Grid widened .

'How can he draw out molten iron with such high purity?'

'So quickly . . . !'

'The power of his class!'

The blacksmiths admired and denied it .  The reason for Grid's excellent smelting skill wasn't his experience and techniques, but a skill of his class . However, Steng thought differently as he watched from beside Grid .

'This is Grid's pure talent!'

Grid's movements were of the highest quality . Steng was 2nd on the blacksmith rankings, meaning he could recognize that such movements weren't possible by relying on the auto production system .

'Grid is also doing manual labor!'

Steng's enthusiasm grew . The legendary blacksmith was showing his true abilities, stimulating Steng . He wanted to do his best to compete with Grid and grow more from this experience .

"Grid! I look forward to going against you!"

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"In any case, it's a game of luck . "

Steng smiled cheerfully and also finished smelting his iron ore . Grid felt surprised by the skill that was different from Panmir and other blacksmiths, causing him to tremble as he once again felt the absurdity of the world .

'This kid . . . A person who isn't a legendary blacksmith has such talent!?'

It was also important to have innate talent .   Life was also about talent .

'How comfortable would I be if I had a talent?'

As he recalled his past, Grid started hammering like crazy .

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

" . . . !"

Steng, who was making a frame for the sword shape prior to forging, was surprised . It was because Grid didn't put the molten iron into the frame . Rather, he chilled it in water and started hammering at it on the anvil .

'Going ahead with forging without the shape?'

Pouring the molten iron into the frame was important for the shape . No, it was an essential process .  For a longsword like they were making now, the frame was required to balance the shape of the blade .  Yet Grid omitted that process! He just held it with tongs and started hammering at it .

'What? Surely he hasn't given up on the game?'

Steng lost concentration because of his agitation .  He couldn't focus on the quality of his forging as he stared at Grid . It was because the shape wasn't made by the frame . Rather, the shape was gradually appearing under Grid's fingertips .

"Wow . . . "

Grid's skill transcended common sense .  It was more amazing than any NPC Steng had met during his quests . Steng could indirectly guess how many items Grid had made in the meantime .

'People have misunderstood!'

Was it that easy to be the best in a field? It was impossible to be the best simply by luck .  Thus, Steng couldn't understand or recognize the prejudice of those who dismissed Grid's abilities as luck simply because he was a legendary blacksmith .  And he was sure of it at this moment .

To reach this place, Grid had been working harder than anyone else! As Stein was feeling thrilled, Grid reheated the steel that was in the shape of a blade and kept forging .  This was repeated a few times, increasing the strength of the steel . It was also done three times faster than ordinary blacksmiths .

'Amazing . . . ! You're really amazing!'

Steng was convinced .

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"Grid, you are a genius who also puts effort in! I respect you!"

" . . . ?"

A genius?

Grid scoffed because it was one of the silliest things he had heard .  Grid didn't know . From the moment he overcame his lacking talent, he had already crossed the wall of mediocrity .


"Isn't this surprisingly interesting?"

"It's exciting . "

8 hours of making items .  People thought it would be boring .  Nobody imagined it would be fine to watch blacksmiths hammering in front of a fire for 8 hours .  But the situation was different .  Despite producing the same items with the same ingredients, the blacksmiths showed different methods of working and it was great to see them working up a sweat in front of hot flames .

The commentator's witty comments during the work also made it not boring . They sat with friends, family, or lovers and 8 hours passed in a flash .

『 The participants have started to complete their items! 』

『 Ohh . . . ! Look at that glistening sword! Amazing! 』

The swords that the 23 blacksmiths made got a close-up in turn . The basic appearance was the same, but each sword was slightly different .

『 Hey! The 1st ranked Panmir and 2nd ranked Steng have made unique rated swords! The other blacksmiths also made epic rated or rare rated swords with added options . . . Eh? 』

The information of the swords were disclosed to the audience and viewers . The MC who entered the stadium and checked the longswords was confused .

『L-Legendary blacksmith Grid was the only one who made a normal rated sword . . . ? 』


The viewers doubted their ears as the camera zoomed in on Grid . Whether he knew it or not .

"Shit . . . "

Grid's expression distorted and he eventually couldn't resist cursing .

The world was in turmoil .