Overgeared - Chapter 458

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Chapter 458

[Tiramet’s Belt has been upgraded from epic to unique!]

[Tiramet's Belt]

Rating: Unique (Growth)

* Reduce damage received by 10% .

* Stamina +250 .

A belt that contains the unique magic power of Vampire Viscount Tiramet . * If this belt grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summon Vampire Viscount Tiramet .

Weight: 13


‘It added 150 points to the stamina stat?’

The third awakening increased health by 25 and defense by 0 . 9 for each point in stamina .  The value of a 250 increase in stamina was tremendous, making Tiramet’s Belt a coveted item for everyone, regardless of class .  He could even summon Tiramet if it was raised to a legendary level . A powerful monster that even Grid found hard to raid .

‘ . . . Then . ’

There was one thing Tiramet wasn’t happy about . The ‘Tiramet’s Power’ attached to the Rune of Darkness wasn’t triggered .


[Tiramet’s Power]

If your health drops below 10%, 30% health will be restored in an instant .  

Cooldown Time: 12 hours .


Grid had high expectations for this recovery skill that could overturn the unfavorable battlefield .  He always thought of it as a solid insurance .  But it was never activated in the critical moments .  It was the same when he met Lantier in the Behen Archipelago .  

Grid was embarrassed and betrayed .  It felt like he met an insurance company that he had to pay huge sums to every month .  He felt like it was a scam .  The Grid of the past would’ve suspected a bug or manipulation .  But now Grid was different . There was a reason for the phenomena .

‘When I met Lantier, the immortal passive was activated . . . The immortal passive is triggered when I’m about to die . Maybe this is why Tiramet’s Power doesn’t work . ’

In other words, Tiramet’s Power didn’t restore Grid’s health because he was already dead . In order to enjoy the effect of Tiramet’s Power, his health needed to fall below 10% and have the immortal passive not be activated .

“Comet Group . ”

Grid thought this before suddenly looking at the camera and using PPL .  Sure enough, he was the model of promoting in the broadcasting industry . Damian received the crowd’s applause and cheers as he logged out and greeted Grid .

"I have learned well, Grid . You are my eternal idol . ”

“Don’t exaggerate . Don’t you know that the difference between out skills is just one sheet of paper?”

" . . . ”

Damian knew .  Grid hadn’t used all his power .  If Grid had used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Restraint, the match would’ve been much easier . However, Grid didn’t use Restraint .  

‘It is to maintain my pride . If a pope is defeated too easily, my reputation will plummet . ’

Damian interpreted it freely and was thrilled .  In fact, Grid hadn’t used Restraint because he wanted to raise his item experience a bit more .  In addition, high rankers had a high level, stats, and recovery ability .  There were also accessories that increased resistance to status conditions .   Damian overcame most states in one to three seconds, so the effect of Restraint wasn’t absolute .

"I want the pope’s term to end quickly so I can serve you . ”

Damian wanted to free the Rebecca’s Daughters during his term and then move to Reidan with Isabel . But that wasn’t what Grid wanted .

"No . If you really want to follow me, you shouldn’t retire . ”

" . . . ”

Maybe he would never be able to retire from being a pope? Damian was seriously worried .




『 The fourth round is finally here . The end of the long National Competition is approaching . 』

『 Viewers, please stay on this channel until the last minute . 』

The broadcasters asked in vain .  More viewers around the world were focused on OGC’s channel . They were fascinated by the biased and precise commentary of Peak Sword .

“Why don’t you become a commentator?”

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It was a big hit . The OGC director excitedly asked Peak Sword after seeing that the number of viewers was over 100 million .

“I will answer if you occasionally invite me, but I’m a Satisfy player . ”

“Haha, indeed . You are one of the heroes who represent South Korea . ”

" . . . What hero?”

Peak Sword looked sad .  It was natural .  He was 15th on the unified rankings and one of the strongest in South Korea, but he received the nickname of ‘Useless Peak Sword . ’ He was very frustrated and disappointed that he couldn’t win a medal .

‘Let’s go into mining as Grid suggested . . . ’

Peak Sword was seriously considering it as the fourth round began .

The process was very fast . The winner of the first match was Kraugel, the second match was the US’ Skull and the third match was won by Canada’s Dean .

『 Despite PvP damage being reduced by 50%, the match is over in an instant . 』

『 It’s because they are high rankers . Thus, their attack power is too strong . On the other hand, there is a limit to their health . In particular, there are skills that apply fixed damage or ignore defense, making the defense system ineffective . Well, it’s rare for there to be a long battle because the difference between opponents is clear . 』

『 The fourth match is starting . 』

『 It’s the Grid vs Pon match that everyone expected . 』

『 Peak Sword, who do you think will win? 』

The viewers were able to anticipate Peak Sword’s answer .

'Naturally, God Grid will win . ’

‘It is his victory . ’

‘Will he win in three seconds?’

Peak Sword had greatly favored Grid over Damian .  It was possible to say that he made the buzzword ‘God Grid . ’ But surprisingly, Peak Sword’s answer was different .

『 Pon is very strong . In particular, the attack speed of Rail Spear and Mach Spear will be hard to handle, even for God Grid . If God Grid is hti by one of those two skills, it might be difficult to win . 』

『 Hoh . . . Isn’t this an unexpected answer? Does this mean that God Grid will lose? 』

Peak Sword denied it .

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『 No, why will God Grid lose? It will be hard, but God Grid will win . Do you know God Grid? 』

『 Ah, yes . . . 』

It went as they expected .  People saw Peak Sword was someone who would say that God Grid would win over Kraugel .  At this time, the fourth match of this round started .  Whatever the result, it would be interesting and fun! The commentators and viewers were filled with intense anticipation as they started on the match .  

But surprisingly, the match ended easily .  Grid used the four God Hands to immediately restrain the legs of the white horse Pon was riding and it tilted .  Due to the impact of losing his mount, Pon’s stats fell and he was pushed by Grid’s power . It was a battle method that accurately attacked the shortcomings of a spear knight, who had to be ‘riding’ to use their full power .

“Shit . . . I could’ve fought better if I had a pegasus or soul horse . ”

There was a limit to ordinary horses with no combat ability . Grid reached out a hand to Pon .

"If you buy the diamond class capsule from the Comet Group, you will get a egg that hatches random pets every day as a gift . Maybe a pegasus will hatch from that? Ha . Ha . Ha . ”

"What? Is there something like that? I should buy the diamond class capsule from the Comet Group right away . . . !”

" . . . ”

Pon fell for a typical capitalism method .  He maximized the effect of Grid’s PPL, increasing the appeal of the Comet Group . The Comet Group accepted this very positively .  Now there were few people in the world who didn’t know about the Comet Group .  In South Korea, the birth of another conglomerate after the S . A . Group was about to be born .




'Am I actually incredibly strong?’

As a third advancement class, Dean of Canada was classified as a high ranker .  In fact, he worked with Chris and Vantner during the National Competition to make Canada fourth in the rankings .  But he made it to the semi-finals of the PvP . This was an unexpected result for Dean, his teammates, and the Canadian people .

‘At first, I thought I was just lucky . . . ’

Yes, he thought it was luck when he made it to the round of 16 .  He never met one of the winning candidates .  But this thought changed after he made it to the round of 4 .  Was there anyone weak among the PvP participants? No .  They were all high rankers .  Even those who didn’t qualify as winning candidates were in the top 0 . 1% .

Was it possible to reach the semi-finals just by being lucky? Never . There was also a limit to luck . He must have skills as a base . Dean realized it .

‘Yes, in fact, I am very strong . ’

His confidence grew steadily .

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‘I am qualified to go to the finals . ’

It didn’t matter if he didn’t attract attention because he wasn’t a winning candidate .

‘I am strong!’

Dean climbed onto the stage with that firm belief .  On the stage, a man with black hair was waiting for him .  Grid had sharp eyes, like a beast of prey .  A talented person who had defeated a lot of winning candidates to reach the semi-finals . A monster who won four gold medals alone in the National Competition .

But .

‘I am also a monster . ’

Dean didn’t shrink back .

'I am also equal to Grid . ’

That’s why he was standing on the same stage as Grid .

“Grid . . . From now on, you will be the basis of my great legend . ”

'Is he the same as Lauel?’

Grid wondered as he looked at Dean .


The host announced the start of the match and at the same time, Dean swung a rod at Grid . Then Dean faced a notification window after 10 seconds .


[You have died . ]


" . . . ”

He had been lucky . Dean tearfully figured out the truth as he died .

All that was left was the final match between Kraugel and Grid .