Overgeared - Chapter 460

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Chapter 460

“I will obtain the title of the strongest . ”

A challenge towards the sky! Grid’s provocative words heated up the Stade de France National Stadium .

“Grid! Grid! Grid!!”

“Do you think you can win over Kraugel!?”

Some people cheered for Grid and others disparaged him .  Most of them were the latter .  It meant that Kraugel’s popularity was absolute .  It was natural .  Kraugel was a subject of reverence without anyone daring to feel envious and jealous, making him special in people’s hearts .

In the first place, looking at it objectively, Grid wasn’t Kraugel’s opponent . People saw Grid as someone who couldn’t grasp who he was going against . In the midst of this turmoil, Kraugel opened his mouth .

“This time, I won’t lose . No, I can never lose . ”

They were shocking words .

" . . . ”

The crowd instantly fell silent . Everyone shut their mouths and doubted their ears .

‘This time I won’t lose . . . ?’

'This time . . . ?’

‘It can’t be!’

Kraugel had already been defeated by Grid? The turmoil disappeared like it was a lie and the match began in silence . The system notification window informed them of the start of the match, rather than the host .

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship . ”

Grid calmed his trembling heart and moved .

“White Light Steps . ”

Kraugel spoke with a determined expression .  The two men with black hair moved at the same time .  Every step that Grid took was gorgeous, with a blood red light scattering with every move . Meanwhile, Kraugel was more elegant and covert . He disappeared from Grid’s field of view in an instant .  

White Light Steps .  It was a footwork skill that increased movement speed and improved the ability to adapt to the terrain . It could be applied as a charging or avoidance skill according to the user’s proficiency .   Under intense sunshine or clear moonlight, it had a stealth function . And right now, the sun was shining down on the stage .

It was a time when Kraugel’s abilities were fully exercised .



The crowd’s eyes widened with surprise .  It was surprising to see Kraugel disappear from in front of Grid .  Would he now appear like a ghost, dealing a deadly blow to Grid? Everyone was expecting it .

Grid used magic while unfolding his sword dance .

“Magic Detection, Link . ”

Magic Detection (Enhanced) .  It was different from normal Magic Detection .  Great Magician Braham completely overturned the formula, minimizing the casting time and maximizing the effect . Due to this, Grid grasped Kraugel’s position in an instant and fired dozens of energy blades .

Kraugel failed in his surprise attack and went on the defensive .



Fast and strong .  Iyarugt’s red light and White Fang’s white light intertwined several times per second, creating an intense storm of energy .  Sparks scattered all over the place, burning some of the stage . The ultimate effects created by two top performers were captivating .

On the other hand, the commentators and even Peak Sword of OGC weren’t able to read the movements of Grid and Kraugel .  

“This is crazy . ”

Godly archer Jishuka .  Only the player with the highest agility and Hawk Eyes could catch Grid and Kraugel’s movements .  But she could only see it . It wouldn’t be possible for her to respond if she faced them .

“It isn’t just fast . The sword’s ever changing orbits . . . ”

One of Kraugel’s nicknames was Godly Control . It was a nickname given to those who demonstrated control abilities that transcended the human realm .  But Grid? Even Jishuka didn’t know that Grid’s control skills had grown to this point .

‘Did he grow again in this National Competition?’

In particular, he faced the strongest people in PvP .


After the last strike from Link, Grid and Kraugel were thrown away from each other .  The feelings of the two men who stared at each other were completely opposite .  

‘He’s incomparably stronger than before . ’

Kraugel was only feeling admiration .

‘Crazy . . . Blocking the skill like that?’

Grid was shocked . Whenever Kraugel encountered Link, he weakened the orbit of Link to his advantageous side, weakening it .

‘Is this a person . . . ?’ 

Indeed, Kraugel was a monster who surpassed Piaro during his peak as a great swordsman at the time when Kraugel competed with Piaro in Reidan .  Piaro called Kraugel ‘a genius who’s eligible to be a sword saint . ’ There was nothing to be surprised about .

‘I can never win in a pure physical fight . ’ CC needed to be actively utilized .

Grid decided to use Restraint while summoning the God Hands to keep Kraugel in check .  While Kraugel was busy dealing with the God Hands, Grid could safely complete Restraint .  The plan worked out exactly as he planned .  They wielded their swords and launched Magic Missiles, causing Kraugel to waste around 1 . 5 seconds . In that gap, Grid completed Restraint .

But there was a problem . The moment that the effect of Restraint was activated, one of the ten rings on Kraugel’s fingers shone and a shocking message appeared in front of Grid .


[The target has resisted the ‘overwhelmed’ effect!]


“ . . . Items!”

Yes, the power of items wasn’t exclusive to Grid and the Overgeared members .  In particular, Kraugel was someone who experienced more adventures and raids than anyone else . He acquired countless items as well as accessories that resisted certain status conditions .

Kraugel rushed towards the upset Grid and swung White Fang .  He aimed for the heart using the passive effect of Heart Selection, but Grid had the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and Iyarugt . He didn’t easily allow an attack .


White Fang and Iyarugt met once again .


[The experience of Iyarugt has increased by 0 . 1%!]


“Hah . . . !”

The experience of a unique item went up so much from just one blow? It wasn’t just because of Kraugel’s swordsmanship . Their level difference also played a large role .

‘Anyway, thank you!’

If he could hold on, it was possible that Iyarugt’s rating would increase in a matter of minutes and he could reverse the battlefield . . .


[You have suffered 2,100 damage . ]


“ . . . !”

When? Grid’s eyes trembled as he was stabbed in the side by a dagger that Kraugel had pulled out . Kraugel continued his offensive with White Fang in one hand and a dagger with a dragon’s tail engraved on it in the other .



“Ku . . . . ock!”

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Kraugel’s swordsmanship became more threatening after he started using two blades .  The gap between attacks was minimized and the orbit became more complicated . It was difficult to respond to the attacks that were even more irregular than Regas’ .

Grid started to allow attacks .


[You have suffered 1,950 damage . ]

[You have suffered 5,130 damage . ]


The damage of the dagger wasn’t very burdensome thanks to the increased rating of Tiramet’s Belt . Grid was also wearing the strongest armor, Triple Layers! The problem was White Fang .

[+9 True White Fang]

Grid was familiar with its power . If he let Kraugel reach the third combo, he couldn’t avoid a serious injury . He tried to somehow stop the attack, but failed .


[You have suffered 4,900 damage . ]

[Your weakness is exposed!]

[Doran’s Ring has been equipped . ]

[You were hit by a sharp cut and suffered 12,900 damage!]

[Health has been absorbed due to the option effect of Doran’s Ring . ]


“Cough . . . !”

Grid became covered with wounds and coughed up blood . The crowd and viewers reacted to the sight .

“The fierce battle became one-sided in an instant . . . ”

“Grid is better than I thought, but it’s over now . ”

“Indeed! The sky above the sky won’t lose to Grid!”

Originally, strength was relative .  Grid had shown excellence in the past, but he was shabby in front of the ‘peak . ’  That’s right .  Now people were overlooking him . Grid was a person who couldn’t be measured!


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Grid allowed Kraugel to strike him and reached into the air .  One of the God Hands flew to him and handed him Grid’s Greatsword .


[The +8 Grid’s Greatsword has been equipped as a secondary weapon . ] 

[Only 50% of the weapon’s attack power is applied due to the double wielding penalty . ]

[Grid’s Greatsword has increased attack power by 30% and skill damage by 20% . ]


Grid also specialized in double wielding .  He faced Kraugel while holding Iyarugt in his right hand and Grid’s Greatsword in his left hand . Kraugel became tense .

‘This attack speed with a greatsword . . . ’

How high was Grid’s agility? In addition, the blue-black greatsword didn’t seem to have an attack speed drop penalty .


"Hup . . . !"

Kraugel’s body was pushed by the offensive power and flew through the air . He couldn’t withstand it when Grid pushed with strength .  This was a chance for Grid .  As Kraugel was unable to control his body properly, Grid used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle Kill .

A targeted skill that couldn’t be avoided, Pinnacle Kill .   Kraugel discovered that it contained a mighty power that made defense insignificant, so he tried to use a counterattack .

‘I can’t let this hit . ’

The power was too strong .  Unlike Grid, Kraugel’s counterattack skill was ordinary and it was overwhelmed by the attack power of Pinnacle Kill .  Should he use Super Sensitivity? Kraugel couldn’t because it was highly likely this would be a prolonged battle against Grid .

In the end, Kraugel’s choice was a kick at close range .

"Jajinmori . ”


The ‘charged’ kick precisely struck Grid’s abdomen .  However, Grid wasn’t pushed away and safely used Pinnacle Kill .  Kraugel’s expressions twisted . It was because his kick had been blocked by a God Hand .


A powerful stab penetrated Kraugel’s abdomen .


The red rain pouring down from the sky shocked the world .