Overgeared - Chapter 485

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Chapter 485


The main weapon that Grid focused on was a sword .  Braham had expected Grid to create a sword .  But a hammer? Grid explained to the confused Braham, "First of all, blunt weapons have a high accuracy . ”

A blunt weapon could strike the enemy in every manner . There was no need to try to attack with one side like a sword or spear .  In other words, it was very easy to use and the system guaranteed a high accuracy .

‘Certainly, it fits your purpose of making a weapon with high accuracy . But aren’t there obvious limitations to weapons that are easy to use?’

A blunt weapon was subject to the law of inertia because its center of gravity was to one side .  It was to maximize the power, but the opportunities rarely came .  In the course of attacking, evading, and counterattacking, weapons with weight focused on one side often acted as a poison .  It was especially bad if the enemy was more skilled in fighting .

‘It’s difficult to find an opportunity to use the weight and can also lead to a loss in the center of gravity . Basically, it means the balance is a mess . Think about the reason why most people use a sword as a weapon . The sword is perfect in all aspects of offense and defense . . . ’

"Hey, don’t you know a lot about weapons for a magician?”

He was like someone who collected all knowledge .

"That's right . A blunt weapon has many disadvantages . Compared to commonly used weapons like swords and spears, the balance is bad, and above all, the attack power is weak . ”

Most people thought that a blunt weapon was stronger than a sword .  Systematically, the maximum attack power was much higher than a sword’s .  But that was the maximum attack power . In other words, it was a story for when the weight was used well .

A blunt weapon had the advantage of being able to hit the enemy on all sides, but it couldn’t ‘stab’ or ‘cut . ’ Of course, it would be a different story if a blade was attached . However, that would weaken the unique advantage of a blunt weapon .  It meant it was difficult to deal a fatal blow to enemies with high defense .  The probability of applying the minimum attack power rather than the maximum attack power was overwhelmingly high .

“Don’t forget . I’m a legendary blacksmith, and the God Hands are artifacts made by literally modelling my hands . ”

For a blacksmith, hammers were the best tool .

"I can see the pros and cons of a hammer, and it’s the ideal weapon for the God Hands . "

Of course, Grid didn’t want to use it directly .  In terms of balance, it was true that a sword was much better . In particular, when fighting someone of an equal ability, the use of a blunt weapon would likely fail .  But wasn’t Grid planning to make a God Hands only weapon? The God Hands had infinite durability .  They didn’t need to fear the enemy’s counterattack .  They could ignore whatever the enemy was doing and just hit .

“Also . ”

He wanted to improve the efficiency of the Item Combination skill, which was difficult to use in actual combat .  That’s right .  Grid wanted to create a hammer that not only boasted a high accuracy rate, but also a hammer that shortened the time of Item Combination .

‘Hrmm . ’

Braham no longer gave an opinion . There was no room for disagreement .  Grid became certain and turned his attention to the notification window .


[You have decided to create a hammer . What materials would you like to use?]


"Adamantium, drake’s fangs, Water Clan King’s Tears, and ogre tendons . ”


[Have you decided?]


“Yes . ”


[Please design the item . ]


A blank blueprint appeared in front of Grid .  This was already his 14th item creation .  Grid skillfully drew the blueprint using his experience and high dexterity stat . He didn’t do it too fast . He was slow and careful .

‘The handle is made from drake’s fangs . ’

The role of the handle was important . It was a way to get the best performance from a tool .  In particular, a hammer was a tool used for hitting hard objects . Every time the target was hit, a repulsive force was generated and the user became tired .

However, the disadvantages could be eliminated if the handle was made from the fang of a hard and resilient drake . The repulsive force would be absorbed by the handle .  The drake’s fang was commonly used as a material for spears . It was bound to be robust, since it was so hard to obtain .

“Not too large . ”

It needed to be the right size for the God Hands to swing .  Grid set the handle to the fairly short length of 15cm .

"Heavy is good . ”

Increasing the weight would naturally increase the power .  There was the disadvantage of increasing the strength requirement, but it didn’t affect Grid and the God Hands, who could use ‘all items . ’ In the end, Grid set the size as 15cm in length and 30cm in width .  The handle was short, while the metal plates seemed extremely large and lacking in efficiency .  However, since the size was so big, it was unlikely that it would miss when hitting the enemy .  This was what Grid intended .

‘I need to add some utility . ’

At the bottom of the handle, there would be a red cord made of ogre’s tendon .  The user’s finger could be placed there to throw the hammer . Depending on the situation, it could be thrown like a meteor .

‘In order to shorten the item combination process, I will add an option to increase refining speed . . . I can increase the thermal conductivity . ’

How long passed? It became dark outside the window as he focused on drawing .  Grid originally was nocturnal when playing games .  He found that night increased his concentration .  Grid’s hand movements became more delicate and the quality of the drawing became higher .

Two hours later .  Grid was pleased with the final design and pressed the confirmation button .


[Have you decided? When you complete the blueprint, the number of available creation skill will decrease by one . ]


Grid didn’t hesitate .

“I have decided . ”

Busy . Grid planned to create two items today .  One was a hammer for the God Hands and the other was a ‘sword’ for him to use .  If he used the materials obtained from the drake raid, he was confident about making a good sword comparable to Iyarugt .


[The blueprint has been completed . ]

[One skill count has been consumed . ]

[Please describe the characteristics of the item . ]


Fanciful descriptions weren’t good .  The actual description must accurately portray the functions of the item while enhancing the quality .

Grid started to carefully explain .

“The main material that makes up the metal plates is the god mineral adamantium . Apart from pavranium, it can destroy any other material once struck a lot . Compared to the size of the plates, the handle is relatively short, requiring less force when swinging . It also has a higher hit rate . Structurally, it is easy to use with one hand and it speeds up the refining of items . In addition, the Tears of the Water Clan King mean a new spell can be attached . "


[Analyzing . ]


Chiing .

The design that Grid drew was erased by itself and another image appeared . The skill compensation effect .


[The blueprint has been completed . ]



Grid verified the perfectly completed design and was delighted .  A hammer that could be wielded with one hand .  The gold, shiny, thick, and sharp metal plates that formed the head gave off a foreboding feeling . It looked like it could shatter an ogre’s skull in one blow . In addition, the black handle with the red cord was full of elegance .

Braham saw the name ‘Grid’ written on the bottom of the golden hammer and felt rare admiration .

‘Great . . . ’ The mix of gold and black always looked good . It was luxurious and full of dignity . The colors matched Braham’s taste . ‘The harmony of the appearance and colors gives off a considerable amount of awe . It is enough to give the enemy a sense of fear . Now it just needs a name . ’

“The name . . . ”

The notification window asked him to set the name . Grid pondered for a moment and made a decision .

“Adamantium Hammer?”

‘ . . . ’

Braham finally got a sense of Grid’s poor naming ability . He didn’t want this amazing looking golden hammer to have such a cheap name .

‘The perfection of a work isn’t just determined by its power and appearance . The name should be classy . ’

“Then Adamantium Hammer . ”

Grid liked it because it felt good . He meant it .

Sigh .

There was no answer . Braham had just given up when Lauel suddenly appeared and hurriedly suggested .

“How about Mjolnir?”

"Myol, what?”

"It is a hammer used by Thor . It’s consistent with the hammer you created in many ways . It has a relatively short handle and can be thrown . ”

It didn’t have the ability to come back when thrown, but Grid’s hammer was comparable to Mjolnir when it came to ‘smashing’ and ‘destroying . ’

“Oh . . . ” It was great .  Grid liked the name Mjolnir .  Then .  “Why are you here? How long have you been here?”

“That . . . ” Lauel made an awkward expression . "All of a sudden, Khan came running to me and said you seemed crazy . . . He was worried about your state and asked me to look at you . Then I arrived here and watched your process of creating an item . ”

"Eh? I seemed crazy?”

What was this? Grid turned his gaze towards Khan .  Khan’s eyes were red and swollen, as if he had been crying .  His red eyes met Grid’s gaze and he shouted, "I was watching and you kept talking to yourself! Wouldn’t you be worried if I was talking to someone in a place where I was alone? I thought you had gone crazy!! I was really worried!”

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" . . . ”

Grid vowed to use caution when he talked to Braham again . At that moment .


[Please decide the name of the item you have created . ]


The system demanded again .  It was heartless to rush a person like this . Grid clicked his tongue and replied .

“Mjolnir . ”


[Have you decided on Mjolnir?]


“Yes . ”


[An item called ‘Mjolnir’ already exists . A separate model name will be attached to distinguish between them . ]

[The item creation has been completed . ]

[Mjolnir - Human World Version]

Rating: Unique ~ Legendary (Growth)

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 610/610 

Attack Power: 660~1,090

* Accuracy +20% .

* Acceleration will rise when it is thrown .

* Every time the target is hit, there’s a high probability of causing a 0 . 1 second of stiffness .

* The durability of any objects hit will fall (except your own items) .

* 1,990 fixed damage will be dealt to demonkin and the undead .

* There is a chance to induce the ‘fear’ state in those who recognize it as an enemy .

* The workmanship speed of blacksmith related skills will slightly increase .

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 689/689 

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Attack Power: 790~1,400

* Accuracy +35% .

* Acceleration will rise when it’s thrown .

* Every time the target is hit, it will cause a 0 . 1 second of stiffness state .

* The durability of any objects hit will fall .

* 2,400 fixed damage will be dealt to demonkin and the undead .

* There is a high chance to induce the ‘fear’ state in those who recognize it as an enemy .

* The workmanship speed of blacksmith related skills will rapidly increase .

A tool that the legendary blacksmith Grid made from the god mineral adamantium .  It is an all-purpose hammer that can exert absolute power when it comes to destruction and creation .  The huge metal plates give off a considerable amount of foreboding .   It can easily hit the target and cause fear .

It is a weapon that can be compared to the divine weapon Mjolnir depending on the growth .

* Magic Currently Attached to It: None

User Restriction: Level 350 or higher . 3,000 or more strength . More than 3,500 dexterity .

Weight: 4,900


“ . . . Amazing . ”

It was perfect . More than he expected . It could possibly grow to the myth rating, making it the ultimate weapon .  He couldn’t help noticing the dexterity attached to the conditions of use . It was a result caused by optimizing the design for Grid and the God Hand’s use .

‘It’s still okay . ’

It was originally a weapon made to climb to the highest position . He had no intention of selling or sharing it with others .

"How about it? Is it well made?”

Lauel asked as he noticed the satisfaction on Grid’s face .

‘It’s more balanced than Failure?’

Lauel was full of anticipation .   Grid shared the information with him .

“Heok . . . ”

A masterpiece created by the legendary blacksmith with the god mineral .  Lauel was speechless as he saw that the performance of the item far exceeded his expectations .  Grid declared to the astonished Lauel, “Agnus? How long can he be stronger than me?"

The more items Grid created, the stronger he became .

“I am the strongest . ”

Lauel didn’t feel any doubts about Grid’s assertion . He just felt infinite trust .  On the other hand, Braham was comparing Grid to Pagma .

‘Creating the best battle gear . . . ’ A legendary blacksmith indeed had infinite potential .  ‘If my magic power is added, there will be no limit to his growth . ’

Braham thought about it .  Pagma easily betrayed and killed him just because he was a vampire . Ironically, in the end, Pagma had to make a deal with a great demon for the peace of the world .

‘Pagma, I will help Grid . Grid will be reborn as someone stronger than you, who contracted with Baal . Watch from hell and feel regret .  You shouldn’t have betrayed me and chosen Baal . ’