Overgeared - Chapter 745

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Chapter 745

Chapter 745

28 minutes until Battlefield ended .

The Battlefield map had undergone a lot of destruction and the only area left was ‘Trion . ’ 

Trion was a small town with five six-story buildings and around 40 one-story houses . The boxes and drums left in the alleys, the large fountain in the central square, and the side roads created a number of variables by serving as cover . The six-story buildings were connected with clotheslines that were exceptionally thick and sturdy .

Like the other survivors, Grid was forced to move into a tree .

‘The odds are low . ’

Why? Grid had only teamed up with Jishuka, while the other survivors had at least three team members . There was even a team with five people .

‘Most of the people here are rankers . ’

Considering that Kraugel, Chris, and Pon would be present, Grid wasn’t convinced of his superiority . In such a situation, the numerical disadvantage was a huge burden . Above all, the biggest problem was the narrow map .

‘It’s hard to find a sniping point . ’

Grid was a cleric . The warrior Jishuka had to perform the role of damage dealer . She currently had a total of 136 arrows . Theoretically, it could exert sufficient attack power . However, the bow was a weapon that showed its true power when a certain distance was secured .

‘For Jishuka to be active here . . . We must enter a high building . . . ’ 

It would be easy to enter a building . However, as soon as Jishuka settled on a high floor and started shooting, it was obvious that the competitors’ aggro would be concentrated on her .

‘I have to guard the stairs to give Jishuka time to deal with them . ’

However, clotheslines connected buildings . People could use the clotheslines to come from the building next door . It was impossible to contain all of them at the same time .

‘In the first place, I don’t know if I can protect the stairs . ’

They had a numerical disadvantage and it was an environment where Jishuka couldn’t fully demonstrate her archery . In the end, he came to the conclusion that he must play passively .  

‘I should look at the flow . . . ’

Even that seemed difficult . The other competitors were already paying attention to Grid and Jishuka . It was because they were alone . They were branded as relatively easy prey . As soon as the lull was over, Grid and JIshuka were destined to be chased .

‘Shit, these rotten bastards . Why are they pushing me to this point?’

Now Grid was familiar with the camera . He had awareness as an influential person in society . He was inwardly complaining but had a poker face on the surface . Jishuka’s murmur was heard in his ears .

“Indeed . . . Everyone who has survived to the end is skilled enough to team up . It won’t be easy . ”


Was forming a team also a merit?

“How can it . . . Ah?”

Then Grid realized something .

'That’s right, it is a skill . ’

In Battlefield, a solo exhibition wasn’t a ‘rule . ’ There was no provision that they couldn’t form a team . That’s why Grid teamed up with Jishuka .

‘It isn’t easy to form a team . ’

How easy was it to turn competitors into teammates? It was virtually impossible to build a team here in Battlefield unless they had extraordinary competence or had a special charm .  A person who didn’t have skills couldn’t get a team . Grid shook the moment he realized this .

‘The means of proving my skills to people is far more diverse than I thought . I don’t have to be obsessed with just showing off combat skills . ’

Proof .  That’s right .  Grid recognized Battlefield as a place to prove himself .  It was a game where everyone else was in the same situation .  Grid wanted to prove himself to people by surviving to the end .  The rankers had pure talent who didn’t rely only on his items or class . Grid hoped that he would be perceived as equal to those people . Foolishly, he confined his talents to combat ability . He was compelled to show he had better control skills . But not now . A ranker’s skills weren’t just about combat ability . It was much more diverse .

‘I’ll show them . ’

Grid had skills .  He would show everyone in the world why he could rise to this place .  A smile crossed Grid’s face . He found the answer and shouted without hesitation .

“Everybody listen! Surrender! From now on, I will make an item for anyone who surrenders!”

“ . . . ?”

There was awkward silence as the players in the trees tensed up . The survivors looked at each other with bewildered expressions .

‘What nonsense is this?’

‘Is he crazy?’

“I am the Overgeared King!”

In the confusion, Grid revealed his identity . He announced himself as the legendary blacksmith .  He would take advantage of this ability to win . This was Grid’s ‘pure talent’ that he advertised to the world and it was the proof of his ‘competence . ’

“This is a rare opportunity . Why are you hesitating to surrender?”

Grid was confident .  There were few people who could resist his temptations .  It was actually the case . The survivors started buzzing .


'That bastard, pulling out something like this to win . ’

‘But think about it . Isn’t it much better to surrender and earn items than to lose everything after failing to win an uncertain victory?’

‘It’s true . How easy is it to gain items that Grid produces? Doesn’t it go up to a legendary rating?’

‘He can even make growth rated items . ’


The survivors started to realize what a wise choice it was . They bit the bait .

『 . . . 』

The commentators were silent .  The atmosphere of the survivors as they looked at each other showed they were willing to surrender . Looking at it objectively, there were few reasons not to surrender .

『 Why is this result . . . ? 』

One commentator broke the silence .  He wanted to relay a fierce and cool final match so he didn’t welcome Grid’s position .  But he couldn’t condemn it . The way that Grid caused the survivors to feel conflicted wasn’t lousy . It was a strategy that caused admiration .

『 It’s a shame to those watching but . . . I have to acknowledge it . Grid is a wise person . He’s resourceful . 』

『 I agree . I never imagined he would use his ability to make items in order to manipulate the survivors . It’s a strategy I couldn’t imagine . 』

Currently, the survivors were playing the game called Battlefield . Wasn’t it cheating for Satisfy to intervene here? There were few people who thought this .  In the end, the survivors were Satisfy players and Satisfy was the reason why they joined Battlefield . It was natural for Grid to use his influence in Satisfy to survive .

Just .

-Nobody did this except for Grid . . .

-They didn’t use it because they couldn’t .  If it wasn’t Grid, who else can make the survivors surrender?

-You’re right .

-Really amazing .  He will win without fighting .

-I felt it from the beginning, but Grid’s wit is really great .  He doesn’t have enough strength? It isn’t that either .  He even beat Hao .  He’s a perfect combination of intelligence and strength .  He’s exceptional among the high rankers .

-He also has the quality of an alpha, allowing him to be the first king .  There seems to be a huge difference between the Grid we know and the actual Grid .

-That's right .  We only got a few glimpses of him from videos and the National Competition .  If we watch by his side . . .

- . . . There will be a huge liking towards him .  Look at the members of Overgeared .  I know why the Overgeared members are so loyal to Grid now .

-Isn’t this why Pope Damian likes Grid?

The praise continued .  They accurately saw Grid . He proved his abilities and his value to people .

Now .

-I don’t think there will be any more fools ignoring Grid .

Grid was reborn as a complete existence . Just like Kraugel who Grid so envied .


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"Now, what is everyone’s choice?”

Grid didn’t know the outside situation and was only focused on right now .  He was expecting a few of the 30 survivors, apart from Jishuka, to surrender to him .

‘Maybe not everyone will surrender?’

Grid was well aware of the value of his production items . Thus, he used his items as a means of transaction and diplomacy . He believed it would work again this time . He knew most of the survivors coveted his items and would surrender .  But there was a problem .  

Putting aside Grid and Jishuka, 14 of the 30 survivors were Overgeared members . The Overgeared members were able to get Grid’s items even if they didn’t surrender here .  This was the part that Grid overlooked . It was evidence of his still lacking intelligence .

An achievement was an achievement .  Just as Grid aspired to win, the Overgeared members also wanted to win .

“That Grid is fake!” Lauel shouted .  “There is no way to prove that he is Grid! Don’t be confused!”

He loved Grid . He wanted to be companions for all his life .  This was Lauel’s true heart .  Lauel really liked Grid . That’s why he had been by Grid’s side for so many years and wanted to be with him in the future .  But he clearly distinguished between priorities .  Lauel never thought about giving up victory just because he liked Grid .  He also wanted to win . He would do his best to win . It was for himself and the people of his country .

It wasn’t just Lauel . It was the same for the other Overgeared members .

"That's right! Grid isn’t that kind!”

“Grid isn’t that kind!”

“What . . . ?”

All of a sudden, a wave spread! Grid was confused by the unexpected development while the survivors, who were misled by Grid’s proposal’ felt overwhelmed .

"That's right . Maybe it is someone pretending to be Grid . I almost made a mistake . ”

“In the first place, will Grid really make us a ‘free’ item if we win?”

“No, I didn’t mean I would make it for free . . . ”

“That person isn’t Grid!”



Grid had no chance to talk .  The Overgeared members kept interrupted when Grid tried to talk .

Jishuka laughed . "Indeed, our kids aren’t that easy . ”

"What? They are Overgeared members?”

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"Yes, just look . ”

“You stupid bastards!”

Grid was irritated but he was smiling proudly . He liked that his colleagues were doing their best in their respective positions .

‘Yes, if you want, then let’s fight to the end . ’

He would fight fairly like they wanted .  The moment Grid became prepared .

"I won’t surrender . . . I want to join your team . Will you make me an item in return?”

“ . . . ?”

In the middle of the bustling atmosphere, a man opened his mouth .  He was alone .  Unlike the other survivors, he didn’t have a team .  Everyone’s gaze focused on the man . As if he was accustomed to attracting attention, the man approached Grid .

"You have two people, so it won’t be a problem if I join?”

The man moved right in front of Grid .

Grid asked him, "Is it okay? I just pulled a lot of aggro because of this turmoil . Won’t it be dangerous to team up with us?”

The man snorted .

"Who would be afraid with you and I together?”

“ . . . ?”

Who was this guy? The moment Grid cocked his head with confusion .

-Cra . . .  Crazy . . . .  I can only say that it is crazy . . .

-Really ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It is an unthinkable development .

-Isn’t this the dream team?

The audience became excited .  The community sites around the world were alarmed, as if they heard about Earth’s destruction . A commentator shouted .

『 K-Kraugel . . . ! Sword Saint Kraugel has announced his intentions to join Overgeared King Grid! 』

That’s right . The only person who didn’t pass up Grid’s production item was the sky above the sky . The strongest person beyond the standards of a human .

“Why are you here . . . ?”

As Grid looked stunned, the world sensed it .

Battlefield .  It would end soon . The last three had already been set .