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Overgeared - Chapter 761

Published at 1st of September 2018 10:30:51 AM

Chapter 761

Chapter 761

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Seven players from six countries participated in breaking the hero . There was a ‘Hero’ in the center of the stage .

"Are you challenging me?”

A black-haired man asked with a nonchalant face .   He was the ‘Hero . ’




[Breaking the Hero]

It was the event Peak Sword was participating in .  The participants would fight one on one with the Hero and the contestants who defeated the Hero the quickest would win .  It was an ordinary time attack game .  However, the public’s expectation for the event that was debuting this year was very big .

It was due to the identity of the Hero .  It was the PvP winner of the 2nd National Competition, Kraugel .  That’s right . . .  

To be precise, the Hero was a ‘doppelganger’ who duplicated Kraugel’s stats and skills from last year .  How many of this year’s contestants could fight against the strongest player last year? Breaking the hero was enough to stimulate the curiosity of the public and attracted a great deal of attention long before the 3rd National Competition began .

『 Chris from Canada, Damian and Katz from Japan, Pon from Spain, Regas from the United States . . . The participants are amazing . But the number of participants is much lower than expected . Why? 』

『 This the majesty of Kraugel . It might be the Kraugel from one year ago, but Kraugel of last year is still recognized as the ‘best . ’ How many would dare challenge him? I think it’s great that there are seven participants . 』

Some experts interpreted this way, but reality was different . The reason why other players didn’t participate in breaking the hero wasn’t because they feared Kraugel’s doppelganger .

“What’s the point of knocking down a ghost of the past?"

The Argentina team’s waiting room . Soul Predator Seuron scoffed as he confirmed the participants of breaking the hero .

“Pathetic losers . If you want to be a real hero, you should play in PvP . ”

It wasn’t just Seuron .  The elites of the other countries also laughed at the participants of breaking the hero .  What was the pointing of winning a fight with the Kraugel from one year ago? It was clear that this year’s Kraugel would be much stronger than last year after becoming a Sword Saint .  They had to fight and win against this year’s Kraugel in order to be qualified to win the title of the strongest .

‘Breaking the hero is nothing but a refuge for the cowards who don’t dare to challenge the true Kraugel . ’

The people who thought like this didn’t realize that all the participants in breaking the hero were members of Overgeared or deeply related to the Overgeared Guild .




"In the end, we gathered like this . ”

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1st on the unified rankings, Chris .  He broke the expectations of many people and participated in breaking the hero instead of PvP . Then he greeted the other participants .

Pon, Regas, Peak Sword, Katz, Ibellin, and Damian .  All the participants except for Damian belonged to the Overgeared Guild and Damian was a famous Grid fan .  The people who challenged the non-PvP event, breaking the hero, had one thing in common .  They were those who knew the power of Grid’s new sword, the Enlightenment Sword .

In particular, Damian had the direct experience of dying from the Enlightenment Sword .  That’s right .  The reason they didn’t participate in PvP wasn’t because they were afraid of Kraugel like the other strong players thought . Grid was scary .

“But . . . ” Katz ignored the other participants and talked to Peak Sword and Ibellin .  "Isn’t it too difficult for guys like you to challenge Kraugel?”

It was a realistic question, not a hurtful one .  Peak Sword and Ibellin were vulnerable to Kraugel .  It was suicide for Peak Sword to compete one on one against the nimble Kraugel, since Peak Sword had a big delay after attacking . Ibellin was very talented, but he was still inexperienced . He couldn’t handle Kraugel’s skills .

Ibellin replied ambitiously, "I don’t believe I can win! But I think this is a good chance to measure my skills! I’m determined to use today’s challenge as a platform for my growth!”

On the other hand, Peak Sword . . .

“Hut . The Japanese have such futile hobbies? You don’t need to worry about me . ”

The replies were very enthusiastic .

Chris laughed .  "It’s nice that you have faith . But it won’t be easy . Don’t you know? It will be very difficult to win a gold medal against me . ”

Chris carried the fate of his country .  Once he won a gold medal in this event, the chances of Canada being ranked first would be increased exponentially . Chris had an obligation and a desire to win .  Chris’ eyes showed his desire not to yield and it was enough to stimulate the other participants .

The participants became more competitive because they were close friends .  Apart from Peak Sword and Ibellin, there was a fierce war of nerves between those who were regarded as the power of their countries . It was like there were flames in their eyes as they looked at each other .  However, their eyes were amiable when they looked at Peak Sword and Ibellin . The pity was obvious! In this event, they were clearly looking down on Peak Sword and Ibellin!

Peak Sword felt isolated, but he muttered with a calm expression . " . . . I will show you the spirit of South Korea today . ”




『 Chris and Damian have an 80% chance of winning in breaking the hero . 』

『 That’s right . They’re the strongest people who have been often compared to Kraugel since last year . After all, Chris is first in the unified rankings while Damian has been the pope for a few years . I think it isn’t hard for them to beat the Kraugel of last year . Time is of the essence . 』

『 Chris has explosive power with his greatsword, so he’s likely to kill the Hero faster than Damian . Apart from these two, Katz seems to have high odds . Katz has a high chance of winning if he can block the Hero’s agility with his unique ability to control blood . 』 

『 On the other hand, it’s questionable if Pon and Regas can win . Their strength is in their control, the same as Kraugel . It will be difficult for them to win against Kraugel, who’s the peak of control . 』 

『 Peak Sword and Ibellin are highly likely to be eliminated . 』

The experts started speculating ahead of the match .  The evaluation of Peak Sword was very cold .  Peak Sword had a disadvantage against Kraugel because the characteristics of his class were weaker than the other participants . It was natural to analyze that he couldn’t defeat Kraugel when he had a gap between attacks .

The Koreans couldn’t deny it .

“It will be very difficult for Peak Sword . ”

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"Peak Sword is a bit dubious . He’s overwhelming when supporting a team, but there are too many vulnerabilities when fighting solo . There’s no answer when his opponent is Kraugel . ”

No matter how much they thought, it was difficult to expect anything from Peak Sword .  People thought that the chance of South Korea becoming first was gone . But Grid thought differently .

‘Peak Sword has the highest possibility of winning . ’

Grid was someone who knew exactly the power of Kraugel last year .

‘He has a paper body . He just needs to be hit . ’

Bloodstone .  It was the best mineral that Grid acquired as a reward in last year’s National Competition . The Iyarugt’s Sheath that was made from it fit very well with Peak Sword . It wasn’t something Grid intended from the beginning, but it ended up like this .  

Duguen! Duguen!

Grid’s expectations were amplified .




『 Wahhhhh! It’s an overwhelming attack power!! 』



Chris, the first challenger of Breaking the Hero, did as well as everyone expected . He blocked the swift attacks of the Hero while hitting back with his greatsword .


In the end, the body of the Hero was damaged by the greatsword .


The Hero perceived the danger and developed Super Sensitivity .  The evasion rate and accuracy of the Hero was instantaneously amplified .  The Chris of last year wouldn’t have been able to handle the Hero in this state .  But Chris had been hunting harder than anyone in the past year . This was how he could maintain the number one ranking . He had encountered Super Sensitivity multiple times due to his ‘Great Swordsman Hunting’ hidden quest and quickly blocked the Hero with the wide area attack of his second class, Tyrant .

In the end .


At the end of the fight, Chris succeeded in breaking the Hero .  It took him 19 minutes to turn the Hero to grey .  It was 20 minutes shorter than the time it took for last year’s Grid to be defeated by Kraugel . He was a strong candidate to be the winner .

“Wow, really great . ”

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"I realize how big a year is after seeing this . ”

Last year .  People thought that the confrontation between Kraugel and Grid were on a different dimension . At the end of a fierce battle, Kraugel was victorious .  Now one year later . No, to be exact, it was one year and three months . Last year’s Kraugel was no longer the best . He seemed like nothing in front of Chris, the first ranked player .  Everyone was realizing how great the power of time was when Damian challenged the Hero .

The Hero was once again defeated by Damian, who used the strong defense of a paladin, various buffs, and the pope skills to win . Damian took 20 minutes and 55 seconds to take down the Hero . It was two minutes slower than Chris .

"Ugh, gold medal . . . ”

Damian became frustrated by the fact that he lost first place .

‘What a monster . . . ’

Chris and the other participants were unable to close their mouths .  It was because Damian’s attack was incredibly powerful . It was comparable to a major damage dealer using the greatsword . His defense was also several times higher .  

‘Watching him get beaten up by Grid . . . ’

' . . . I didn’t know he was so strong . ’

The Overgeared members pledged not to be enemies with Damian .

Then .

"I’m next . ”

The third challenger was Peak Sword . He went on stage without any expectations and faced the Hero .

‘What pressure . . . ’ 

The Hero, which recreated Kraugel from a year and three months ago, had already been defeated two times . This didn’t mean he was weak . Peak Sword forgot to breathe the moment he faced the Hero in a one on one match .  The Hero caught the moment he was distracted .


The Hero narrowed the distance to Peak Sword in an instant .


Peak Sword used Draw Sword .  He was also a strong representative of his country . He restored his breathing .

“Annihilate . ”


Iyarugt showed a beautiful appearance as it was pulled from the red and transparent sheath . At that moment .


[Iyarugt, who is 100% charged with magic power, is in an intoxicated state . He has lost his ego and is running wild . ] 

[The conditions of use for Iyarugt has been changed to ‘person to be sacrificed . ’]

[It’s impossible to summon Iyarugt . ]

[Iyarugt’s damage has increased by 500% . ]

[Iyarugt’s state is delivered to Peak Sword through Iyarugt’s Sheath . ]



Among all the skills that existed in Satisfy, Draw Sword combined the best attack power and speed, drawing a red color in the air .


“What’s this?”

Chris, the other participants, commentators from various broadcasting companies, and viewers were simultaneously amazed .  It was because the Hero’s health gauge fell to the bottom with a single blow .

“ . . . !”

The Hero was more surprised than anyone and stopped attacking, stepping back . He lost a large amount of health and entered defense mode, judging that he was in danger .  This was the limit of an artificial intelligence . The original Kraugel wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake .


The Hero didn’t fight back, making it easy for Peak Sword to retrieve his sword .


[Iyarugt has been picked up by his sheath! 50% of your health has been lost!]


Peak Sword ignored the notification window and attacked again .


The Hero used Super Sensitivity to try and evade, but it was impossible to escape the moment it had allowed Peak Sword to retrieve his sword . The Hero was hit once again and died . Just two blows .  This was what it took Peak Sword to bring down the Hero .

Then .

Swaaaaah .

Peak Sword turned to grey .

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