Overgeared - Chapter 776

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Chapter 776

Chapter 776

There was no blood on Khan’s wrinkled face . His skin was pale all the way to his fingertips .  His body was a mess . It was hard to fathom his pain as he kept coughing up black blood .

“I . . . Take me to the smithy . ”

“ . . . ”

Faker wanted Khan to relax . His chances of survival were likely to increase if he was stable until Sticks came back .  But Faker quickly got rid of that idea .  He recalled that Khan had been working for most of his 80 years of life . Khan would feel alive when striking metal in front of a hot furnace .

"I understand . ”

Doing blacksmithing would help Khan became stable .  Faker believed this and helped Khan . Khan leaned on his shoulder and smiled gently .

“Thank you . Thank you . ”

Faker’s heart ached .  Since when had Khan become so small? Where did his big and hard hands go, leaving only the faded hands of an old man? Time was truly cruel . Faker recalled the bond with Khan since the days of the Tzedakah Guild and worried about Grid above all else .

He knew that the sadness Grid felt would be huge compared to what Faker was feeling now .




Unlike usual, the air was cold .

“ . . . ”

Khan was tearful as he returned to the empty smithy .  This place had been filled with young blacksmiths just a few hours ago .  One day, they disappeared into a handful of ashes, shouting that they also wanted to support King Grid . Khan was filled with great sadness at the loss of their dreams and futures .

“Should we go back?”

Faker caught Khan’s trembling body and asked with a concerned look . Khan shook his head .

"It’s nothing . I will be okay . ”

He had a final work to do .  He would go directly to the souls of the young blacksmiths and comfort them .  Khan thought this and walked up to the furnace . Faker piled up hundreds of potions beside him .

“I will bring the Saintess . Don’t forget to drink a potion whenever it’s time . ”

Nod .

Faker confirmed Khan’s answer and immediately logged out . Then he tried to contact Saintess Ruby using the emergency network .  However, it was currently the moment when the PvP was over and Grid was receiving the gold medal . She couldn’t be reached .

The urgent Faker tried to contact the other Overgeared members . But he couldn’t get in touch with them either . Everyone was thrilled with Grid’s victory and preoccupied with the celebration .


Faker slammed his fist against the wall . He continued to do this a few times until his fists were bleeding .

“ . . . Dammit . ”

Faker was furious with himself .  He was going to defend the Overgeared Kingdom? How could he when he couldn’t even protect one elderly man?

‘Why didn’t I try harder?’

He realized the limits of a normal class . He knew that there were many monstrous players in the world that he didn’t know yet .  Nevertheless, he was satisfied and complacent with this reality .  It was a terrible arrogance . He was mistaken after winning the battle against Black .  A little more, he had to do a little more .

The moment that Faker held his head and sank to the floor .

Yiing .

His phone vibrated as it rang . His face turned rosy as he hurriedly accepted the call . It was Saintess Ruby’s number .




“Grandfather Khan!”

Taang, taang .

The sound of the hammer on the calm night was lonely today . Ruby breathed heavily as she arrived at the smithy .

"Grandfather . . . ”

"Oh, our princess has come . ”

Who was the person standing in front of the flames? Khan’s color was completely white as he faced the furnace . His skin remained cold despite the hot heat .

“G-Grandfather . . . ”

Ruby started crying . The light in her big eyes, more beautiful than jewels, faded .  It was Khan who loved her and took care of her like a granddaughter . To Ruby, he was like a grandfather . She believed he would love her forever and planned to always see him .  But what was this haggard appearance? It seemed that they couldn’t be together anymore . Ruby’s chest ached as she saw Khan try to hide his pain with a cheerful expression .

“Hope! Benevolent Light! Purification!”

Ruby wanted to get rid of Khan’s pain . After hurriedly using heal, she used a cleansing spell to heal his abnormalities .


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[You have healed the target . ]

[The target is old . His body has reached its limits . ]

[The recovery effect isn’t applied properly . ]

[The detoxification effect isn’t applied properly . ]


" . . . !"

In the process of doing good deeds, Ruby had saved many lives . She believed that she could save more people in the future and give them happiness .  Yet she couldn’t save a precious person . Ruby was shocked since she never doubted the power of a Saintess .

“P-Purif . . . Purification! Purification!”

Ruby had a short playing experience with Satisfy . She was unfamiliar with the concept of NPCs . She couldn’t accept reality and continued to use the skill . Khan placed a hand over her head .

"Please calm down . ”

“G-Grandfather . . . ”

“I'm sorry . I’m giving pain to our princess because I’m too old . Haha . ”

“Uh . . . !”

Ruby fell into Khan’s arms .  Khan’s always hot body was exceptionally cold today . Khan patted her trembling back .

“Don’t be in too much pain . There’s no need to be sad . My grandson has become a wonderful adult and king . Princess Ruby, who was just a girl, is becoming a respectable adult . It’s time for this old man to return to the earth . ”

"Grandfather . . . ! Grandfather! Wahh!”

Ruby eventually started sobbing . She always had a gentle and calm appearance because she was conscious of her great responsibility as a Saintess, but she was still just a girl .

Khan took a deep breath and said, "Huhu, don’t be sad . I should leave when my natural life span ends . Instead, you should celebrate . . . Cough! Cough cough!"

Khan’s health gauge dropped dramatically . His symptoms of poisoning were getting worse .


Faker returned as Ruby was crying out in shock . He brought the priests who had just returned from an expedition .

"I pray to the Goddess of Light . ”

"Give peace to your son . ”

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The priests gathered their hands and started praying . It was the manifestation of the ultimate healing spell Light Prayer, where 17 or more Rebecca priests chanted a prayer .  But even that didn’t work on Khan .

A priest approached Faker and said cautiously, "It’s time to leave . ”

“What are you saying? We have to save him for the next four hours, just four hours . ”

Sticks would return in four hours . No, it could be faster . The sage’s wisdom would surely save Khan .  The priest quietly turned away from Faker’s eyes, which were full of firm belief . It was an attitude that said he believed Faker’s faith was a futile hope .

“Not yet . . . I still have work to do . ”

Khan wiped away the blood at his mouth, let go of the crying Ruby and rose . He approached the anvil in front of the furnace .  An armor was placed on the anvil .  It was plate armor with no visible gaps for a sword or spear to pierce . The gold rings and hinges connecting the black iron plates and the red buckle were all delicately crafted . It was armor with an excellent design . It focused on the safety of the wearer without any restrictions on movements .

“Just a bit more . . . ”

“ . . . ”

Taang, taang, taang .

Ruby and Faker didn’t stop Khan .  He put a new iron plate on the armor and started hammering again .  Connect the hinges, connect the rings, and do it again .  Khan looked at his armor with warm eyes and diligently worked . It was hard to believe he had been affected by the pain of the poisoning not long ago .

" . . . He’s a true craftsman . ”

“I admire . . . ”

The priests marvelled in trembling voices . Their attitude towards Khan was just as reverent as when they prayed in front of Rebecca’s statue . How much time passed?

“Hu . . . huhu . ”

In the latter half of the work, Khan suddenly burst out laughing .  He suddenly realized it .  An armor with gold and red details .  This color, wasn’t it precisely to Grid’s taste? He put a new iron plate on the armor while desperately praying to see his king wear it once .

" . . . Cough!”


Khan coughed out blood again as he was bringing a health potion to his mouth . A large amount of blood soaked the floor . Throughout the work, Ruby and the priests’ heals wrapped around Khan’s body . But it was useless .

‘It’s time to send him off . ’

Faker was forced to accept reality as he saw Khan’s health gauge . There was one-tenth left and it as slowly dwindling .

‘Grid . ’

Faker was nervous .  Grid should’ve received the news by now and Faker hoped that Grid would come quickly . Grid needed time to say farewell to Khan .

'Please come . ’

Come quickly Grid . The moment Faker’s heart was become more and more tense .


" . . . !"

Faker, Ruby and the dozens of priests were all shocked . It was because their souls rang as Khan’s hammer connected to the armor .

“O-Ohhhh . . . ”

“Khan . . . ”

Sounds of admiration flowed from everywhere . Even an outsider could tell . At this moment, Khan had reached a new ground .

Ttaang . . . taang . . . taang . . .

“ . . . ”

Khan’s hammering sound, which had captured everyone’s soul, died down and suddenly ended .  Khan had hardly any health left . At that moment .


[A new legendary blacksmith has been born!]

[Every blacksmith in the world will look up to him and praise him!]


Five seconds .

All players currently accessing Satisfy had this notification window rise in front of them . A world message .

Then .

"Pant! Pant! Khan!!”

Grid came running .

Three seconds .

Without sparing a moment to breathe, he looked at Khan with a devastated expression .

“You came . ”

One second .

Khan smiled with pleasure and opened his arms . Grid jumped into his arms as Khan started to turn to grey .