Overgeared - Chapter 875

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Chapter 875

Chapter 875

He was sleepy .  Today had been extremely long and hard . He lay down in his bed and thought his sleeping cap looked like an angel .  Grid felt thankful that this beautiful woman was his wife and that this bright child was his son .

“ . . . ”

Grid’s expression was very dark as he stroked their heads carefully .  He was also feeling greatly confused .

‘Agnus, why . . . ?’

Irene’s and Lord’s claim about Agnus helping to protect them hadn’t been their misinterpretation . The Rebecca followers, Overgeared knights, and even Pope Damian testified to it .  Everyone spoke unanimously . It was thanks to Agnus that Irene and Lord were safe .

‘Why the hell did he do that?’

According to the testimonies, Agnus was originally helping the Yatan Church but betrayed them to help Irene and Lord .  Grid could easily guess how much Agnus had lost with this single choice .  Why had Agnus saved Irene and Lord while suffering big losses?

‘A madman who feels pleasure through fighting and trampling on others . . . ’ This was Grid’s evaluation of Agnus .

In fact, the Agnus that Grid met was no different from the rumors . He always laughed as he trampled on someone .  Yet that madman fought for others? Moreover, they were Grid’s wife and son? Grid tried to read Agnus’ intentions, but it was impossible . No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t understand why Agnus had sought to protect Irene and Lord .

“ . . . In the first place, isn’t it too much to try and understand him?”

Agnus wouldn’t be called a madman if he could be understood .

‘He is an opponent who is fickle and doesn’t think too deeply . . . ’

Indeed, Grid shouldn’t waste time and energy on useless things .  He shook off his thoughts and decided, ‘I just need to protect those important to me . That’s enough . ’

It was a promise that he had to keep .  In any case, he was grateful for Agnus’ actions that protected Irene and Lord . It was an unforgettable favor .

“Sigh . . . ”

Irene’s and Lord’s breathing sounds stabilized Grid .  Grid took a deep breath and calmed his mind before looking at the notification windows which were still on one side .  He checked the unconfirmed notifications, belatedly remembering that he was in the middle of a quest .

“Ah . . . ”

He had completely forgotten about the quest . It wasn’t a game for him today as he had only focused on saving Irene and Lord .

‘That’s right . I gave up the sword . . . ’

If he hadn’t given up the holy sword, he would be a half-god overwhelming the world right now .  

“ . . . Hat . ” Grid led out a scoff . He felt disgusted about the greed that had almost made him give up his family, colleagues, and kingdom .

‘However, it is natural to be greedy . ’


[Reward for Gaining the Incomplete Holy Sword:

The ‘Holy Sword of the 4th Evil’ will be acquired .

* Your race will evolve from a human into a half-god . A half-god is a race that transcends humanity and approaches being a god . There will be room for great increases of all abilities .

* The passive skill God’s Command is strengthened . The probability of activating God’s Command will become 100% . However, a critical hit won’t be applied to skills that God’s Command is used on .

* The skill ‘Corrupted Holy Sword’ will open .

* You will be cursed by Goddess Rebecca, God Dominion, God Judar, and God Zeratul .

* Affinity with the Rebecca Church, Dominion Church, and Judar Church will fall to minus values .

* Followers of the Warrior God will chase you .

Reward for Returning the Incomplete Holy Sword:

Goddess Rebecca’s blessing . Affinity with the Rebecca Church will rise to the maximum .

* Affinity with the Rebecca Church is already at the maximum . ]


This was the reward for the Crossroad of Good and Evil hidden quest .  The difference in rewards between giving up the quest and not giving up the quest was too large .

‘I know how great the goddess’ blessing is . ’

He had acquired the Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle skill thanks to the goddess’ blessing .  Grid was likely to get another four fusion skill with the goddess’ blessing . It would become one of the strongest skills he had gained .  However, was it better than a 100% chance of activating God’s Command? Once God’s Command had a 100% chance of activating, Grid would be able to use all the skills twice in succession . He was able to assert that the value of the 100% God’s Command was much higher than Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle .

‘ . . . Well . ’

There was no point in regretting now, even if the reward was very low . In the end, he was able to keep everyone safe .  Grid controlled his heart and finally responded to the notification window that said: [The goddess of light, Rebecca, is awaiting your response . ]

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“Sorry to keep you waiting . ”

-Yes, I was waiting .  It is very nice to see you care for your family .

“ . . . !!” Grid was astonished by the answer of Goddess Rebecca . He had already heard Goddess Rebecca’s warm voice several times, but this was the first time their conversation was so clear .  Wasn’t a ‘divine message’ a one-sided communication? Grid had previously recognized the gods as a part of the system, but he could now establish a new hypothesis .

‘NPC? Is the god an NPC?’

He should’ve noticed it ever since getting the jealousy of the blacksmith god .  Clearly, the gods had personalities and had a form somewhere in existence .

‘If one day I meet a god . . .  Ah?’

A chill went down Grid’s spine as he thought about it . The ‘truth’ that he’d heard from the legendary great magician Braham in the past crossed his mind .

‘Once human desires reach the peak, chaos will come to the world . In other words, if Goddess Rebecca no longer controls the world, God Yatan’s destructive instinct will be exercised . God Yatan will emerge to destroy the world, then Goddess Rebecca will once again create a new world . The two opposing gods on the surface are actually cooperating with each other . Great demons, angels, and humans are all playing in the hands of the gods . ’

These were Braham’s claims .

‘No, there were no gods in the first place . Yatan? Rebecca? The gods aren’t the omnipotent beings that we think they are . Like machines, they are accessories that exist for the world’s providence . There is no reason to serve their existence or endure their trials . ’

They were made like that in the first place . The gods were just accessories of this world .  Grid agreed with Braham’s claims since he knew that Satisfy was a game .  Both Yatan and Rebecca were part of the system Lim Cheolho had created, and they were passive existences that conformed to the will of the world (Lim Cheolho) .

However, Grid’s thoughts changed once he realized the gods were NPCs .  The gods had personalities . They weren’t passive presences like what he had expected . Maybe the individual’s judgment could go against the system .  For example . . .


[Crossroad of Good and Evil]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

After all sorts of adventures, you have won the power ‘God’s Command’ that the fourth malignant saint ‘Taren’ left for later generations . ]


The setting of Satisfy, which Lim Cheolho created, stated that this quest is something ‘Taren left for later generations . ’ This was a ‘truth . ’

‘Human, this isn’t Taren’s arrangement . It is Dominion’s and my arrangement . Don’t listen to the voice of the corrupted one . ’ This statement suggested that War God Zeratul’s claims might be false .  Grid’s entire body got goosebumps .

-Thank you again for fighting for the peace of humanity .

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Goddess Rebecca’s voice was so warm that it felt creepy, yet Grid was blank-faced and didn’t show any response .


[The goddess of light, Rebecca, is awaiting your response . ]


This notification window floated in front of Grid, forcing him to answer .  Grid answered hurriedly, “I just did what I had to . ”

He thought that the gods weren’t evil or part of the system . They were just NPCs with individual personalities .

‘Why does it matter?’

They were beings who stayed in the distant sky and were strong allies who gave humans the power to fight against the great demons .  Yes, there was no problem . He was just one player, and he didn’t need to worry about them .

‘Just . . . ’

It was worrisome that the seven malignant saints might not be evil, unlike what had been known in the past .  A group of bright lights enveloped Grid’s body while he frowned .

-I will give a gift to the hero who fought hard .


[Rebecca the goddess of light has given you a blessing . ]

[The goddess of light, Rebecca, respects you for overcoming the temptation of the seven malignant saints’ offer to strengthen the power of God’s Command . ]

[‘Skill Enhancement’ has been acquired as compensation . ]


[Skill Enhancement]

[You can strengthen one skill that you possess .

The power of the skill will rise .

However, this only applies to class-specific skills . ]

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Class-specific skills—in Grid’s case, it meant Pagma’s Swordsmanship and his various blacksmithing techniques .  He didn’t know how the enhancement would be applied, but this was a terrible reward for Grid who wanted an entirely new skill .  Grid didn’t know about the five fusion skill that Hell Grid used, but he was expecting at least a four fusion skill .  Would it just end with the enhancement?

-Full blessings for your heroic future .

It seemed to be the farewell .  The goddess’s voice became more and more distant .  Grid shouted urgently, “Excuse me! Goddess!”

A conversation meant that flexibility was possible!

-What is going on?

As expected, Goddess Rebecca stopped leaving and listened to Grid .  Grid spoke in a blunt manner, “Help me fuse more sword skills together!”

A god was truly a god . Goddess Rebecca immediately understood Grid’s meaning and laughed, -Huhut .

Considering her high affinity with Grid, she gave him a very valuable hint, -That is something only you can pioneer now .  Isn’t this blessing also supported by War God Zeratul?

“ . . . ?”

-It means this blessing is more valuable than previous blessings .

Goddess Rebecca didn’t say anything else . The warm lights that made Irene and Lord smile in their sleep disappeared like they were lies . Then she was gone .  Grid was left alone and brought up the list of skills which could be strengthened with Skill Enhancement . All of Pagma’s Swordsmanship and the various blacksmithing skills were stated on the ‘Skills that Can Be Enhanced’ list .

‘I can build fusion skills by myself . . . What is the method?’

Grid first confirmed the effect of enhancing a single sword dance technique .  The first one he checked was Link .  The result was amazing .


[Genuine - Link]

[Regardless of attack speed, the number of strikes dealt by Link will be fixed at 40 times per second . The damage is equal to 200% of your attack power .

Link can be connected to another sword dance .

* The enhanced skill is fixed at master level . ]


“Ah . . . ” Grid’s face brightened . When he saw this, he no longer regretted missing out on the enhanced God’s Command .