Overthrowing Fate - Chapter 57

Published at 17th of July 2019 10:09:49 AM

Chapter 57
Chapter 57: Hero

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Xu Min looked behind him and saw the women holding the children; they covered their eyes so as not to let them see the corpses . The eyes of these women, previously filled with despair and hopelessness, were now filled with a slight tinge of hope .

All the women were doing their absolute best to make the children quiet while they observed Xu Min from time to time . The young man had just changed from being a rogue cultivator to a hero for the small group of people .

Although Xu Min wished to pay more attention to the women, he suddenly heard the sounds of loud voices which were laughing and joking between one another; three voices could be heard, but Xu Min was unaware of whether or not there were more experts than that . There might be some quiet people within the group . He knew that he could not afford to be complacent . If he wished to keep these people alive, then he had to keep battling .

Keeping his eyes on the road in front of him, Xu Min soon saw the shadows coming his way and gritted his teeth . There had been a few quiet people in the group . ‘Cao Cao, I’ll need you to deal with two of them . I’ll deal with the rest . ’ He called out, and the snake nodded his head . Usually he would have joked about saying that he would take care of all of them, but this time, it was serious . The citizens behind them depended on their strength, and they could not afford to screw up .

As the experts moved in front of the alleyway, Xu Min’s eyes locked onto the first person and with a stomp on the ground, he shot forward with lightning speed . With the sword in his hands, he chopped down upon his first target . Stumbling backward, the first expert Xu Min had locked onto opened his mouth, but no sound was emitted since his body was split into two . A green flash appeared by his side, and two of the group’s members plummeted to the ground as the snake once more returned to his neck .

Xu Min, being grateful that Cao Cao took care of the two others, instantly changed his direction and sliced through the neck of another opponent .

“Quick sound the alarm!” one of the surviving people ordered through gritted teeth . His hands wielded a battle axe while the other surviving member was wielding a one hand sword .

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‘More than expected, Cao Cao you take care of one while I’ll get the other,’ Xu Min called out . Without waiting for an answer, the snake around his throat once more turned into a streak of green light which caused the axe-wielding man to collapse .

“I should have brought the alarm!” The last surviving person complained as he turned tail and tried to run away . But, how could Xu Min let him run away? If he escaped, multiple experts would be coming this way in a few moments . So, Xu Min chased after him and quickly ended the expert’s life .

‘We can’t keep going on like this,’ Xu Min complained . ‘We will die ıf we stay within this alleyway . I need to get them out somehow . ’

Taking all the corpses and stacking them in another alleyway, Xu Min made sure to take all the valuables on the corpses, including a small emblem which clearly was the alarm they had spoken about before . Breaking this emblem would cause multiple experts to come rushing to the location .

Moving back to the alleyway where there were many women and children, Xu Min moved towards them; some seemed scared while others appeared hopeful .

“I need help if I am to get you all away from here alive,” he said quietly, “We cannot stay within this alleyway . We will be noticed, but I also know that we cannot exit through the gates . I am not strong enough to jump the city walls with you on my back, so I need to know if there is any way to exit this city without going through the entrances?”

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The question was reasonable . Many mansions were likely to have hidden exits as well as other places scattered throughout the city . These young women and children were clearly working as maids or something similar, so they should know of at least one way, but no one said a thing .

Sighing Xu Min was about to give up when a girl who seemed to be no more than fourteen years of age stepped forward .

“The trickster’s lair has an exit . ” she said hesitatingly, “I am quite sure that the trickster and his friends have already left . I don’t think that the soldiers as well should have too much of interest in a lair down in our quarters of the city . It smells too much, and it is poor . If we move through the alleyways we should be able to make it out within an hour,” the girl explained . Xu Min was excited to hear this .

“That is what we will do,” he said with a nod . Some of the other poor exchanged glances . They were clearly uncertain whether or not they should follow, but soon all of them had determined expressions on their faces . They were not going just to wait for their death . If they were to die, they would die trying to escape .

Xu Min was satisfied as he saw the change in the women . He and the young fourteen-year-old girl went to the front . “Show me the way but stay close behind me . Although we are moving through the alleyways, we might run into groups of warriors . ”

The young girl nodded her head . Walking just behind Xu Min, she pointed out which alleyways they should go .

Since they were traveling through the alleyways, they did not encounter many mercenaries . However, they often had to stop and wait for patrols to walk past if they crossed the main road . Screams could be heard throughout the city . The smell of charred corpses and metallic blood wafted through the entire city . This scent was accompanied by the sounds of shouts and a horrendous laughter from the soldiers .

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Lifting his arm, Xu Min made everyone stop . Even the children who had been previously sobbing were now completely quiet . It was as if they had understood how important this was, so they dared not utter any sound . The group concealed themselves in the shadows of the houses . These alleyways were made for the sake of throwing grime and sewage into, and a foul stench masked their movements . No expert wished to enter these back alleyways . Furthermore, they didn’t expect anyone to be hiding within them . Even if they were hiding, they had to come out sooner or later . Going into the grime was something these exalted killers would never think of .

“Okay stop for a moment, everyone,” Xu Min whispered, “we need to cross the main road to be able to get to the next set of buildings . ” His face was ugly to behold as he inched closer and closer to the main road . One patrol of Warriors after another moved in front of their hiding place . He could not help but frown .

Crossing the road, Xu Min realized he needed to battle a group of Warriors . However, even though he needed to battle these Warriors, there was a limit for how long they could battle before a new patrol would walk by . Even Xu Min could only deal with one group at a time .

Waiting for the perfect time, Xu Min saw only one group of Warriors walking past, and he instantly flew into action . His sword was unsheathed, and Qi was swirling around Xu Min’s body which fortified his strength .

“A Warrior is coming our way!” a young man called out . He was wearing the soldier uniform and had three stars embroidered upon the shoulder . He was a three-star Warrior, and looking at Xu Min, he could easily sense that this incoming Warrior was weaker than him . “Don’t call for reinforcement . Let us deal with this guy on our own . There has been a lack of cultivators, and all we have found are old people and women . I wonder if all the experts spent their time running away . ”

The other experts grinned . All of them rushed to fight with Xu Min . ‘Cao Cao take care of the three on the right, and leave the others to me,’ Xu Min ordered before he turned around and rushed towards the left side . Sword in hand and Qi strengthening his arms making the chop he made as powerful as if Xu Min was a three-star warrior, he engaged the men in battle . Whereas with Cao Cao, a green flash appeared and his three targets collapsed on the ground .

The speaker who wanted to fight alone suddenly clutched an emblem in his hands, but before he had the time to break it his hands went limp . He fell on the ground . Getting rid of the other Warriors was as easy, and the first and he quickly returned to

Xu Min gestured to the women and the children to cross the street . They all rushed past the usually very trafficked road and into another set of alleyways . “We need to hurry now,” Xu Min stated . He led them deeper and deeper into the maze of backstreets and alleyways towards the trickster’s lair .

This time, it had been impossible for him to hide the corpses, and he knew that soon they would be pursued by Warriors . It was only a matter of who would move the fastest . Xu Min’s eyes turned serious as he gently hurried the common women and children further and further to the edge of town .

“We need to make one more turn, and then we will be free,” the young woman hopefully said, anticipation resonating in her voice . All the women behind Hui Yue were also filled with hope . However, Xu Min was silent . He felt as though it had all been too simple, too easy, but he dared not say anything . Perhaps these women and children were all innocent and blessed by the heavens with good luck .

Just as he was about to reach the mansion, he finally heard the sound of experts rushing their way . Stopping, Xu Min looked behind them; his action instantly caused the hope within the women’s eyes to become fearful once more .

“Don’t worry, and keep moving forward . I will hold the guards here . Get as far away as you can and don’t stop before you are in another city or found a village that will take you in . If anyone tries to threaten you, tell them that you are under the protection of Xu Min, a cultivator who will catch up with you soon . ” Xu Min asserted He then handed the alarm he had stolen to one of the women . “If they are harming you break this emblem . The Snow Mountain’s Warriors will come instantly . ”

Hearing this, the woman was frightened, but she nodded her head and accepted the emblem . “Hurry go now!” Xu Min ordered . The women and children then rushed forward leaving Xu Min behind . The fourteen-year-old looked back . Her eyes were filled with gratitude, but she did not linger and rushed forward, entering a back door into the trickster’s lair .

As to who the trickster was, Xu Min did not know, but he knew that the women were finally safe . Turning around, he unsheathed his sword . ‘This time, we are in for it, my friend,’ Xu Min said to Cao Cao . ‘I’m sorry, but I need you to go all out . We don’t know how many we are up against, but we need to hold out until the women and children have escaped . Only then can we escape as well . ’

‘Don’t worry about it!’ Cao Cao said with a smile on his snake-face . ‘I have wanted an all out battle for some time . Let us show them how strong we are! There is no way we can allow these weak Warriors to overpower us!’