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Chapter 347: Next, Xuan Yin House
Before the entrance of the Ling Jian House .

Ling Xian hummed an unfamiliar tone as he walked forward with a smile .

Behind him, everyone from the Ling Jian House watched him leave with fire in their eyes . However, none of them dared to stop him and they all simply watched .

Even Li Jian was the same . He was so angry his lungs were about to burst . However, he didn't dare to make a move . He didn't even dare to speak a word .

Just like that, Ling Xian's silhouette disappeared out of everyone's vision . Their fists relaxed . At the same time they felt the anger, they were now also relieved . It was as if the giant rock on their heart finally dropped to the ground . Their entire body felt relieved .

This uncontrollable feeling made everyone here embarrassed and felt even more humiliated .

Against the casually leaving Ling Xian, who smashed open their House entrance, these people did not stop him, but instead, felt relieved that he was leaving . How could they not feel humiliated?

"Aye… that monster finally left . "

"How shameful . He barged into our House solo, and left at such an ease . When has our House ever faced such humiliation . "

"What else can we possibly do? If you don't like this, then you go stop him! Aye… I'm not scared of you laughing at me, but I am relieved at him leaving . It's like the dark clouds above my head has finally dispersed . "

"Laughing? I feel exactly the same . I can only say that he is far too terrifying . So terrifying that I have lost all courage!"

All of them behaved as if they lost their souls as they smiled wryly .

Li Jian was just the same . If this was any other time, he would be scolding others for such behaviors and speaking such words . However, after losing the battle with Ling Xian, he felt very much disheartened and did not want to speak another word .

"Aye… just go . "

After a long sigh, Li Jian seemed to have aged 10 years . All he could think of in his head was Ling Xian's heaven splitting attack .

An Elder walked before him and inquired, "Headmaster, Ling Xian stated that those people were no longer on Shi Ao Island . Do you believe him?"

"He has no reasons to lie to me . " Li Jian sighed in relief . "If those people were still on Shi Ao Island, he would not show up here . Even if he does decide to do so, he would not have let me live after specifically telling me that someone is here to take my life . "

Hearing this, the Elder nodded softly and agreed . However, he suddenly spun around with a frown and tested, "Headmaster, I am sure that Ling Xian will go to the the Xuan Yin House as well . Should we alert them?"

"Why should we?"

LI Jian glanced at everyone, "The House of Ling Jian has no face left . Why would I tell Xuan Yin House to prepare for his arrival? I actually really hope that Ling Xian can turn the House of Xuan Yin upside down . "

Then, his body flickered and disappeared .

Seeing this, everyone shook his head with a bitter smile and continued to leave . Their backs, like Li Jian's, were of pure sadness .

It was obvious that Ling Xian's actions today had lost all Ling Jian House's face . Everyone's spiritual pillar was now crushed .

He had completed his goal today . Even though he did not kill anyone, his action of breaking the entrance door, and defeating Li Jian, had made them feel far more uncomfortable than if he had killed .

. . . … . .

Seven days later, at the Xuan Yin House domain .

Just like before, upon his arrival, Ling Xian did not waste a word before smashing the House door to pieces and shocking the entire House!

Every single cultivator came in rage . After realizing it was Ling Xian, cold water splashed their hearts and put out the fire in their heads .

When the Supreme Headmaster Ning Wu Ji rushed over, he frowned as he had a bad premonition .

His premonition was accurate .

When Ling Xian began his attacks and unleashed his powers, Ning Wu Ji finally realized just why he had that bad premonition .

Undefeatable completion!

Ning Wu Ji could not believe, and did not want to believe, that after merely two years, the Heaven's Favorite had grown to such new height!

A height that even himself had to look up to!

However, as the Headmaster of the House, he suppressed his fear and forced himself to attack in order to kill Ling Xian here and now .

The result was that he was dominated by Ling Xian after seven moves!

What happened after was much simpler . After Ling Xian swept the House with his Halberd of the Divine Warrior, nobody dared to make a move against him .

Currently, Ling Xian's expression was serious as his black hair draped down his back . He stood in midair with a straight back like an undefeatable monster .

Especially after he single-handedly dominated the House of Xuan Yin, his presence became even more chilling .

"He… he is so terrifying!"

Everyone was overwhelmed by terror and felt like that his liver and gall both seemed torn from within . Their bodies shook in fear!

Ning Wu Ji was slightly better . After all, he was the leader of the House . Deep inside however, he was fearful .

This feeling of fear made him taste a type of humiliation that he had never tasted before .

Ever since he entered the completion level and became the Supreme Headmaster of the Xuan Yin House, he had always been high above others and never felt fear . But now, at the mercy of Ling Xian, his own heart was trembling . How could he not feel humiliated?

However, he had no way to wash off this humiliation .


Ning Wu Ji sighed . The way he stared at the shadow in the sky was complexed .

Two years time, to any cultivator, it's the snap of a finger . However, to Ling Xian, this Heaven's Favorite, lots can change .

At the very least, his identity and Ning Wu Ji's identity had been switched .

Before, Ling Xian gave his all to stop the collusion of Ning Wu Ji and Li Jian Yi . Now, Ning Wu Ji didn't even have the strength to stop Ling Xian .

"The reason for my visit today is to tell you that the Zi Yang descendants are now on other islands . Continuing your raids is just a waste of time . "

Ling Xian's expression was calm as he stood amongst the crowd with his Halberd . He appeared like a divine immortal, yet at the same time, like an atrocious monster .

"You… you aren't killing me?" Ning Wu Ji's body trembled as he stared at Ling Xian in disbelief .

"I am not the person who will take your life . " Ling Xian's face was collected as he repeated his presumptuous statement .

"Watch out for your head . Someone will take it sooner or later . "

As soon as his voice trailed off, Ning Wu Ji became infuriated . However, the next second, his clenched fist released itself .

He now understood one thing .

Against the completion levelled Ling Xian, he couldn't do anything but to accept his fate .

"See you, Headmaster Ning . We will meet again . "

Ling Xian faintly grinned and began to walk away . His body language was so at ease, so relaxed, as if he was taking a stroll in his back yard .

This bathed everyone in anger . However, nobody came out to stop him . They stood where they were and hoped that this monster would disappear from their sight soon .

Just like what happened to the House of Ling Xian, Ling Xian did not kill a single person . However, he barged into the House and dominated the Headmaster, destroying all the pride and glory of the House .

It also discouraged all the ones from the Xuan Yin House, and made them doubt their lifelong belief .

… .

Three days later, the news of Ling Xian barging into the two forces of the Shi Ao Island had spread . It created a giant tornado that swept everyone who lived on Shi Ao Island off his feet .

Instantly, the entire Shi Ao Island fell into a state of shock like never before!

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