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Chapter 405: Lifted
Inside the palace, Ling Xian sat on a mat and prepared himself to start brewing the antidote for the curse .

Before him, the half Devious Burial Flower floated in midair, emitting an eerie atmosphere that made others shudder .

Around this flower were more than 10 different types of spiritual medicines, including ingredients that would help detox and those that would help improve cultivation . Without exception however, every single medicine was priceless and insanely valuable .

They were the few spiritual medicines that Ling Xian had asked for .

One had to admit that the Nan Gong Clan was highly capable . After half a day, they were able to fetch all these medicines, achieving an almost impossible mission .

"The Nan Gong Clan really is wealthy . Other Clans would find it difficult to provide me with even one of them . "

Staring at the shining spiritual medicines, Ling Xian gave a joyous smile . Reality was that to lift the curse, not all of these spiritual medicines were needed . Having five of them would've sufficed .

The reason why he asked for all these was to seek revenge against the Nan Gong Clan for giving him a hard time in the beginning . If he didn't rip them off this time, then he would've wasted his time coming here .

"This trip sure is worth it . Not only did I acquire all these valuable medicines, more importantly, I got myself all the gratefulness I need from them . " Ling Xian grinned pleasantly . No longer hesitating, he put the flower and the spiritual medicines into his storage pouch, leaving behind the five spiritual medicines required to make the antidote .

In the cultivation community, curses are the most difficult problem to solve . Even small curses create headaches for powerhouses . Against curses, powerful capabilities are not enough, as solution is limited .

However, if people find a solution, then the curse is no longer scary . Even if the curse is caused by the Devious Burial Flower, it is not scary . The reason why the Nan Gong Clan was troubled by this curse for thousands of years was because nobody knew how to resolve the curse .

That was why no matter how many talents the Nan Gong Clan invited, it was useless . It was lucky for them to encounter Ling Xian .

Encounter a multi-talented Heaven's Favorites who has the Essence of Herbalism .

This essence, one of the seven essences, has the ability to know all spiritual medicines . Even if it is the Devious Burial Flower, the essence recognizes it, recognizes its affects, and recognizes the way to break the curse .

This was why Ling Xian was so confident and so certain .

"Meeting me is the luckiest thing that's happened to the Nan Gong Clan . " Ling Xian grinned, his statement was not an exaggeration .

An essence is one of the most mysterious items in the world and there is only one of each . The Essence of Herbalism, for example, can only be possessed by one person in the entire world .

This means, unless Ling Xian dies, there would not be a second Essence of Herbalism .

Even if the Nan Gong Clan is lucky enough to run into someone who recognizes the Devious Burial Flower, if they do not know a way to lift the curse, it is useless . Thus, how lucky was it for the Clan to run into Ling Xian?

"Okay, let's be fast . "

Ling Xian concentrated hard and began to manipulate his Qi . Following the instruction of the Essence, he began to prepare the medicinal water .

He first took out the godly medicine called the Fruit of Nine Suns, grinded it into a powder form before he started to melt down the other four spiritual medicines and combining everything .

This process was no different than brewing a Dan . Thus, he did it all so easily .

After half an hour, the five spiritual medicines finally merged together and transformed into drops of water . They fell into the bucket he placed before him .

There was no rays of heavenly light and no aromatic fragments . However, this bucket of spiritual water contained an insane amount of medicinal affects that could solve the trouble the Nan Gong Clan faced in the last thousands of years .

Even though the process wasn't hard and could be done by anyone . Nobody else knew that the combination of these five spiritual medicines could lift the curse of the Devious Burial Flower .

In the entire world, only Ling Xian knew!

"Finally I can lift the curse . " Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction . He stood up and began to walk out the door .

… . .

The Sun had set . It was night time .

By the door of the palace, more than 10 completion levelled cultivators were waiting . They had been waiting for half a day . However, they showed no trace of impatience, only anticipation and anxiety .

Even though they believed that Ling Xian could lift the curse, they could not live in peace until proven .

What could they do? This curse had bothered the Nan Gong Clan for thousands of years and every single descendant was worried about it – especially those who reached the peak of the completion level and those who were near 300 years of age .

The desperate feeling of having to count down to the day of their deaths had agonized all descendants .

"I wonder if Master Xian can truly lift our curse . " Nan Gong Ru was very anxious and somewhat hopeful . He was, however, afraid as well . Afraid of being desperate again .

"Wait patiently . Since Master Xian knew of the Devious Burial Flower, he can solve the problem for us . " The grey haired elder consoled . However, his worried look betrayed him and made it clear what his real thoughts were .

He wasn't sure .

Everyone felt the same .

Just then, the door flung open and a silhouette in white stepped out .

Instantly, everyone crowded over . Nobody spoke, but their faces were full of hope .

Seeing this, Ling Xian confidently smiled . He too, did not talk . Instead, he extended a finger, dabbed it in the holy water and then pressed his finger against Nan Gong Ru's forehead .

Just then, the water dissolved into Nan Gong Ru's body .

In the next second, Nan Gong Ru felt a sharp pain in his body and held onto his head with both hands . His body trembled and twitched . The excruciating pain made his face look distorted .

Everyone's expression darkened at this . They began to unleash their Qi in preparation to end Ling Xian's life .

However, as they were about to make their moves, they suddenly noticed that the curse symbol that was once between Nan Gong Ru's brows were disappearing at a speed that was visible to their naked eyes . After a few more seconds, the symbol completely disappeared .

Everyone widened their eyes at this . They couldn't believe it .

After a while, two warm streams of tears began to roll down their cheeks, representing their exhilaration and relief .

The symbol had disappeared . It was obvious what this represented .


The curse that haunted the Nan Gong Clan for thousands of years, the curse that agonized every single descendant of the Nan Gong Clan, had been lifted!

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