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Published at 22nd of June 2018 01:35:19 PM

Chapter 415: Under his Thumb
"If you want to kill them, you have to ask for my permission . "

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After making such a statement, Ling Xian slowly stood up . Like a God, he looked down on everyone with a heavenly demeanor . He appeared unprecedented, extraordinary, and undefeatable!

As he stood up, the eight array boards exploded with gold lights . Slowly, the lights solidified into eight gold dragons that curled around him . It made him appear even more heavenly .

"Second Elder, the real war just started . Why are you so impatient?"

Ling Xian glared at the Second Elder and marched forward one step . In that instant, the eight gold dragons began to swim in the air, carrying with them earth crackling powers that shot through the sky!

The Second Elder and his subordinates' expression changed . Their eyes flashed with worry .

The O Yang descendants, on the other hand, looked over to Ling Xian in unison . They looked at him like they saw the light in the middle of the night and saw hope in a land of desperation .

Yes, at this moment, Ling Xian was the hope and savior of the O Yang Clan!

"Haha, great! Master Xian finally restored the array!"

"We are saved, the O Yang Clan is saved! I knew that Master Xian wouldn't have let us down!"

"Haha, yes, what kind of person is Master Xian? How could he ever disappoint us?"

Everyone chimed in, their tones full of excitement . The completion powerhouses of the O Yang Clan were nearly crying from joy and their bodies were shaking .

The reason why they bathed in blood and fought with their lives was for this moment - for the eight dragons to be born again . Not only did this represent hope, it also meant that their dead end was no longer a dead end!

"Dammit, you really fixed it . " The Second Elder's expression was dark and the completion powerhouses beside him looked disgusted . The way they looked at Ling Xian was full of killer's intent .

Originally, they could've easily wiped out the O Yang Clan . But because of Ling Xian, they hadn't have the chance to end the fight . How could they not be enraged? But, as angry as they were, they were also fearful .

This was because the power exuded by the array was far too horrifying . Though they hadn't reached the original level, they weren't far from it .

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"This means it isn't time for the O Yang Clan to end yet . You and your mysterious House cannot last much longer . " Ling Xian's expression was emotionless as he stared at the Second Elder, "I have heard about you, I cannot believe we meet each other so soon . "

"I have known your name for a long time too . " The Second Elder coldly snickered, "I originally wanted to go find you after I deal with all clans . But since you showed up, then let me take care of you now . "

He then marched forward one step and terrifying Qi poured out of him . Similarly to Ling Xian, his Qi was suppressive .

However, against the dominance of a completion levelled cultivator of the advanced stage, Ling Xian's expression was peaceful . Staring at the middle-aged man, he uttered out six words .

"I mean to do the same . "

The Second Elder was infuriated at this . No longer able to control his hatred towards Ling Xian, he slammed forward his palm!


At the same time, the other 10 completion levelled cultivators made their moves as well . They knew very well that there was no way out now . The only way to get out of here today was to kill Ling Xian!

This was why they all displayed their most powerful techniques .

The power of the alliance of 11 completion levelled cultivators were earth shattering and unstoppable!

"Eleven completion levelled cultivators… if they were all to die here today, that mysterious House would feel the pain . "

Against the aggression, Ling Xian was not at all fazed and did not move in any defensive manner . If this was before, he wouldn't be able to survive an attacked from 11 cultivators, but now, he didn't even need to defend .

This was because he was not fighting alone . He had the Heavenly Array of the Nine Dragons!

As the attack reached closer to him, the eight gold dragons exploded with light . As their claws slid across, they defended against the attack!


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Another earth-shattering rumble shocked all nine heavens and 10 hells!

One side was the prominent Heavenly Array of the Nine Dragons, the other side was the alliance of 11 completion levelled powerhouses . The clash of the two brought utter shock to everyone here!

All gazes were upon this point of strike . Everyone, including Ling Xian, was waiting, waiting for the result of this . Because from certain perspective, this was a win or lose situation . If the former lost, then the O Yang Clan would be wiped out . If the latter lost, then the Bai Clan will not be able to get away now .

Thus, everyone nervously waited and watched . They wondered if the Heavenly Array of the Nine Dragons were better, or if the Second Elder was more powerful .

In the next second, Ling Xian answered everyone .

"Second elder, wait for your death!"

Ling Xian's lips curled up into a smile . Both of his hands were formed into fists and transformed into a mysterious hand seal . In that moment, the eight array boards shone with heavenly light and the eight dragons roared . Together, they immediately destructed the Bai Clan's technique and trapped them .

This shocked everyone!

All gazes focused on Ling Xian with shock and questions . They couldn't understand how the originally equally strong attacks turned out this way . What did he do to cause the eight dragons to roar!

However, some of them saw through the move . The few completion levelled cultivators from the O Yang Clan knew .

The Heavenly Array of the Nine Dragons was an array passed down from their ancestors, they naturally knew what was going on . However, no matter how much they pondered, they could not figure out why Ling Xian could use the Awakening Seal!

"How is this possible? I don't even know how to use the awakening seal, how does he?" The O Yang Clan's face was full of disbelief . The others could also believe the reality before them .

The Heavenly Array of the Nine Dragons was a very ancient array . In the entire 36 islands, it cannot be named the strongest, but it can be seen as one of the strongest . The reason why it had fallen so much was because it was missing an array board . Also because it had become very damaged over the years .

As for the last reason, it was because the Awakening Seal was lost along with the ninth array board . Nobody in the Clan knew how to use it and it was why they could use the array defensively rather than offensively .

But before their eyes, Ling Xian had shown them the long lost Awakening Seal . How could they not be shocked?

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Could it be… Master Xian had somehow enlightened himself?

But how was that possible given the short amount of time?!

Some of them had this guess, but this guess was too hard to believe in .

"What's so shocked about this? I simply became enlightened this seal as I was repairing the arrays…"

Feeling everyone's shocked gaze, Ling Xian lost his composure and chuckled . He did enlighten himself, and he did so easily .

What could he do? He inherited the legacy of the Master of Arrays . Ling Xian had seen way more than others in terms of ancient arrays . On top of that, he was naturally intelligent and it wasn't hard to awaken the seal .

Thus, he didn't think this was a big deal .

He didn't know that something so easy to him was very shocking to others!

"Damn the array, Damn Xian Ling!" The Second Elder gritted his teeth as he crazily spun around the Golden Dan inside him in attempt to break the trap caused by the eight gold dragons .

The other completion levelled cultivators gave it their all as well . After the attack just now, they were now aware of the fact that they alone, were not enough to defeat against the array . If they didn't run away from there now, they will be endangered .

"If I didn't have the Awakening Seal, the array actually can't handle you . "

Staring at the anxious crowd, Ling Xian's lips curled up, "Sadly, I have been enlightened . So, you will now all die . "

He then formed the seal again and the eight dragons danced . In an instant, two completion levelled cultivators were slammed to death .

Just like that, the entire situation turned . The original preys turned into predators, and the predators turned into weak preys .

"Second Elder, you never thought this would happen right . This is far too fun," Ling Xian's lips curled up and the seal changed again . Instantly, the eight dragons roared once again and another three completion levelled cultivators died!

It wasn't over . Under his spell, the eight dragons rose up to the sky and swam across as if nobody was there . The slap of their tails made the rest of the cultivators puke out blood!

After a short while, nine completion levelled cultivators had died!

This scene once again shocked everyone!

My god!

How insane was this?!

Everyone's expression was emotionless and their brains were blank .

"Ling Xian, I want you dead!"

After witnessing the death of so many of his subordinates, the Second Elder made his moves aggressively and broke through the barrier created by the eight dragons .

Sadly, the eight dragons were creatures of the God, how could he break through so easily?

"You overestimate yourself . "

After speaking out three words, Ling Xian formed another hand seal and ordered the eight dragons to hit the remaining completion levelled cultivators until they bled .

No matter how much they attacked, they could not win against the eight dragons or get close to Ling Xian . This enraged them and made them feel helpless .

Against the Array that was 30 percent its original state, and Ling Xian's secret technique, even if a cultivator of the Original Level was here, he cannot escape harmlessly .

"Dammit, I am going to kill you!" The Second Elder's face was of pure aggression as he stared deadly at Ling Xian, unable to believe how weak he now was .

Weak? He was beaten to a point where he cannot even slap back! He was completely under Ling Xian's thumb!

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