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Published at 11th of May 2019 06:17:11 PM

Chapter 121
Displaying the Talents

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“You first stop for a second!”

Long YuTian’s words weren’t finished when Qian DuoDuo raised her hand over to stop him . Then she lifted her dress while running over to the servants . She lowered her head to look at the trays filled with all sorts of thin silks, fabrics, gold, and silvers, as well as pieces of jewelry . Qian DuoDuo’s eyes turned to golden yellow .

She swallowed her saliva and asked again, not certain: “These, are all for me?”

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What Long YuTian disliked the most was the way Qian DuoDuo’s eyes opened wide open the moment she saw the money . She really acted as though a woman from the marketplace . Where was the temperament of a girl from a wealthy family?

It seemed as though silvers took first place over anything else within Qian DuoDuo’s eyes . A glimpse of arrogance appeared in his eyes: “Qian DuoDuo, the words that this Wang had said to you, did you hear it or not?”

How could Qian DuoDuo not see the tint of dislike Long YuTian’s eyes held when he had seen her actions? In her heart, a sense of bitterness rose but then she pretended to act as though she cared about nothing . She grabbed a pearl necklace and placed it on her neck then took a silver hanging ornament, gesturing about on her head .

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“Isn’t it just displaying your talents? To this young miss, it is more than easy . ” Qian DuoDuo replied vaguely .

“Don’t think too much of yourself . Those who are attending the palace banquets include princesses, WangFeis and young misses of civil and military officials . Which one of them doesn’t have both the beauty and talent? Their statuses are noble and casually pointing at any of them, they are stronger than you by many times!”

This sentence made Qian DuoDuo’s heart feel stiffy . Her – Qian DuoDuo within his heart was that unable to withstand a blow and someone who does everything wrong?

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She was that much of a confident and narcissistic person . She dared to make a bet that the whole Shen Cheng, the whole mainland, she – Qian DuoDuo was the most unique exotic flower!

Sooner or later, on the Emperor’s palace banquet, she will brighten up everyone’s eyes!

However, Qian DuoDuo snorted disdainfully at the thought of pleasing Long YuTian: “All right, this young lady knows that you are in a bad mood because I have separated you and Zhu SiSi so that’s why you are angry and infuriated with me . In your heart, Zhu SiSi has thousands and thousands of goodness but that is her . You don’t need to crush me on the ground now…Plus, you think I am willing ah . If I can choose, I would rather cross over and take over the body of a farming lady and become prosperous, living a good life and would not want to be within the body of the third WangFei who is always being taken out anger upon . ”

Long YuTian was a little bewildered: “What crossing over, what farming lady? Qian DuoDuo, what type of riddle are you trying to play on this Wang now?”

“Never mind, never mind . Even if I say it, you won’t believe it . Even if you do believe it, you won’t understand . Even if you do understand, you aren’t able to bring me back . ” Qian DuoDuo brushed her arm off, a little irritated . The only thing she needed to do right now is to think about how to break off her relationship with Long YuTian and gain freedom back again .

“Qian DuoDuo, what are you drawing?” Long YuTian finally saw the huge stack of papers on the table . On the top, there were pictures of some sort of robots and such and even some small components . It’s just that this type of model, he had never seen before .

“Oh, this is a drum kit and this is a piano . There are all high tech products . Of course, you don’t know .

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