Paradise of Demonic Gods - Chapter 547

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Chapter 547

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Fang Xingjian sat cross-legged on the ground, looking at the Thunder-Permeating Spear in his hands.

Under his control, the Thunder-Permeating Spear turned into a white glow, occasionally extending out or shrinking in length, changing in a myriad of ways.

"Interesting… To think that this Thunder-Permeating Spear can convert consciousness into its unique power?"

This Thunder Permeating Spear was a Divine Remains Equipment which he had snatched from the Fifth Prince. It was the weapon which the Divine Sun Emperor, the first person who had unified all of Miracle World and then founded the Sun Dynasty, had carried around with him.

Right now, Fang Xingjian was playing around with this Divine Remains Equipment, saying as he did so, "This Divine Remains Equipment is of level 30. It seems like all Divine Remains Equipment are differentiated by their levels."

"Of course," Fang Qian, who was next to him, said "Divine Remains Equipment can hold a portion of a Divine level expert’s power. So, a level 30 Divine Remains Equipment would tend to be able to hold the power of a tier one Divine level expert. It can materialize the will into physical power, but each equipment will have a different effect.

"The Thunder-Permeating Spear, for example, is able to turn into a physical light spear, and produce lightning and flames.

"That Sea Demon Shield should be able to absorb water vapor to use for defense."

"A Divine Remains Equipment of a certain level would possess the power of a Divine level expert of an equivalent level?" Fang Xingjian nodded, saying, "Then it would seem that this weapon of the Divine Sun Emperor isn’t that fantastic either."

"As a standalone weapon, it isn’t amazing," Tyrant said from beside Fang Xingjian. "But the Divine Sun Emperor was the first person to unify the world. When he was alive, even the Mage Association and the Church of the Universal Truth were unwilling to make war against him. How powerful does this show he was? Moreover, back then, he led humanity and went up against the second onslaught.

"This Thunder-Permeating Spear is but one of his 49 Thunder-Permeating Spears.

"Based on the association’s records, back then, the Divine Sun Emperor would always carry these longspears with him. Whenever he came across enemies, with just a casual toss, all 49 longspears would shoot out in turn, and all kinds of enemies would be pierced to death immediately."

"To think that there’s a total of 49 of these Thunder-Permeating Spears?" Fang Xingjian was taken by surprise, "How many Divine level experts did he have to kill for these?"

"Hehe… As the person who unified the world, how many Divine level experts do you think he would have had to kill?" Tyrant said, letting out a cold laugh. "The 49 Thunder-Permeating Spears are only made from the remains of tier one Divine level experts. It was said that he had even more amazing Divine Remains Equipment that had been forged from the remains of tier five, tier six, and even tier seven Divine level experts."

Fang Qian asked curiously, "What kind of Divine Remains Equipment were those? They weren’t passed down?"

"The Grand Solar Nine Dragons Divine Sword and the Royal Solar Crimson Flames Armor were the one pair of sword and armor that let the Divine Sun Emperor be almost invincible back then." As he said that, Tyrant let out a sigh. "But it’s a pity that everyone in this world will have to die one day. It’s the same for this great sovereign who achieved great things in his life. Soon after his death, the Sun Dynasty fell apart. That one pair of sword and armor has been lost ever since.

"There are people who say that the sword and armor were taken by the descendants of the Divine Sun Emperor, while others say the sword and armor were hidden by the Princes back then. There are also people who say that the sword and armor were buried into the tomb together with the Divine Sun Emperor."

These secrets were in the Mage Association’s records. In this world, probably only the Mage Association and the Church of Universal Truth, both having been religious sects for over ten thousand years, would have such a great understanding of this world’s history.

"Alright, these are things that happened too many years ago. Let’s not talk about them," Fang Xingjian said. "The reason I’ve called the two of you today is because I want to ask for your opinion on something."

Although Fang Qian had not appeared for all this time, she was aware of the things which Fang Xingjian had been doing all this time. She asked, "I’m guessing you want the Origin Essence Stone? The Church of the Universal Truth’s influence is too great, and you’ll still have to head to the City of Universal Truth. It isn’t practical.

"As for the royal family, there are the three great Divine level experts, who are namely the First Prince, the Emperor, and the Abyss Lord who is the Ancient Path of Hell’s Sect Master. It’s impossible for you to get it from them.

"It is with the Terrene Shrine that you might be able to figure something out since you’re immune to black magic."

Within a few lines, Fang Qian had listed out Fang Xingjian’s plans clearly. This showed her clear understanding of the situation.

Fang Xingjian nodded, looked toward Tyrant, and said, "That’s right. From these three parties, I can only choose the Terrene Shrine. Therefore, what I want to know is where on earth the Origin Essence Stone is placed, and what other experts are there in the Terrene Shrine."

Looking at Fang Xingjian’s seemingly material gaze, Tyrant let out a sigh and said, "Although I’ve left the Terrene Shrine, and even if I can accept killing one or two of them, what you’re asking is for me to help you get the Origin Essence Stone..."

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"I’m not asking you to help me get it. I’m asking you to provide me with some information," Fang Xingjian said. "I’ll go collect it myself. You just have to stay in Great Western City to help me oversee matters."

Tyrant spoke up hesitantly, "You don’t understand the meaning behind the Origin Essence Stone. It’s not easy for Mages to attain the Divine level. Thus, the leaders, experts, Elders, and many others of the Gray Mage lineage would have their consciousness stored in the Origin Essence Stone after their deaths.

"To the people from the Terrene Shrine, the Origin Essence Stone is where they’ll stay after their deaths. You should understand how important this thing is to the Terrene Shrine.

"One you attempt to snatch it, they won’t let this matter slide until either party perishes. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of crazy things they would do if this were to happen. You should be very clear how amazing the Gray Robed Mages’ black magic is."

When Tyrant said the last line, he had looked toward Fang Qian.

Fang Qian frowned and said, "What Tyrant mentioned is also an issue. If you snatch the Origin Essence Stone from them, it’ll be as if you’re digging up their ancestral graves. It might even be more serious than that.

"Even if the Gray Robed Mages aren’t able to do anything to you, once they use black magic without any inhibitions and call out monsters from alternate worlds which even they aren’t able to control, the world will probably really be plunged into a state of chaos.

"And it’s also in consideration of this that the Empire hasn’t annihilated the Gray Robed Mages after so long. The Gray Robed Mages have the means to let their enemies perish together with them."

Fang Xingjian said, "I don’t need the entire Origin Essence Stone. The cultivation of the tenth level of the mystical prints requires only one gram of it. I just need to chop off a little piece of it. This won’t affect the usage of the Origin Essence Stone, right?"

Tyrant gave it some thought and said, "It won’t affect the usage of the stone, and it won’t result in the worst possible situation either. However, they’ll really be all out to get you, and their ill intent toward you will be above that of the Krieg royal family."

Fang Xingjian said, "There’s no other way out. However, if I have the tenth level of the mystical prints, I’ll have greater confidence in attaining brain regeneration. Once I attain four tiers of perfection, I will be able to deal with the changes in the situation to come."

Tyrant sighed and said, "Other than the person from the other time who could create clones, there’s also a final genius in the Terrene Shrine called the Ghost King..."

Tyrant went on to talk about about the various information concerning the Terrene Shrine.

Fang Xingjian also finally understood this organization which the Gray Robed Mages had created and of the kind of power they possessed.

Tyrant said, "There’s at least one Divine level Mage in the Terrene Shrine. However, these are all things based on when I was still with them. Now that so many months have passed since the world’s metamorphosis, I don’t even know just how powerful the strongest person amongst them has become."