Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 262

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Chapter 262

Chapter 262 - The Shocking Conspiracy


It was as if an invisible explosion had taken place in the sky .

Inside the Sect Leader’s Hall, the three Sect Leaders, Zhao Fang, Wei Tong, and Lin Xuan all rose from their seats, their faces filled with astonishment .

The disciples at the White Jade Dojo were utterly dumbfounded .

Killing Ouyang Jun?

Was that a joke?

The situation was so obvious now; if Ouyang Jun were to be slain, not only would Ouyang Ba would be mad, even the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area would become enraged too, resulting in unimaginable consequences!

“Qin Nan, don’t you dare!”

At that instant, a roar was heard, as an endless golden glow was emitted from Ouyang Ba’s body, as he lashed out a punch, his face thoroughly filled with murderous intent .

“In your dreams!”

Princess Miao Miao’s eyes turned cold as her tiny figure instantly appeared beside Qin Nan . A boundless Seven Torment Sword Intent was fired from the tips of her fingers, completely nullifying the terrifying Fist Intent .

A grand battle instantly took place without a sign!

“Why wouldn’t I dare?”

Qin Nan raised his head with tremendous effort and glared at Ouyang Ba in the air, as he burst out laughing, “I had no intention of having any contact with your son, but he continuously sent people to trouble me a few times in a row . When my Martial Emperor Core was at the most crucial moment during the process of leveling up, he ambushed me, which almost cost my life! He even challenged me to a duel after I was severely injured, and after being suppressed, he went against his words and used his strength of the Martial Emperor Realm in order to murder me!

“If it weren’t for the trump cards I had, do you think I’d still be alive today?

“Are you implying that he can bully me at his free will, but I’m not allowed to fight back? How does that make sense? Just because he is your son? Let me tell you, I don’t care if he is your son or not, I’ll make sure he dies today!”

A terrifying murderous intent exploded from Qin Nan’s pair of eyes toward the end of his speech, as the saber in his hand was about to be flung downward .

At that instant, a terrifying aura was fired into the air . The suppression of a Martial Dominator descended from the sky like a huge sturdy mountain, crushing downward at the White Jade Dojo, causing it to thoroughly shatter into pieces .

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area had finally executed his attack!

“How bold!” The bulky figure of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area stood in mid-air with a pair of icy eyes and yelled with a thunderous voice, “Qin Nan, Ouyang Jun is the son of the Sect Leader, and you still plan to kill him? You have committed a serious crime, stop it at once! Since you are a rare talent, if you were to hand over all your loot from your fortunate encounters, I will spare your life!”

In the eyes of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, Ouyang Jun’s life was never his concern .

Not only was he interested in the Imperial Mortal Scriptures, he was now even more interested in Qin Nan’s fortunate encounters!

Qin Nan burst out laughing after hearing the words .

The duel was a battle of life and death to begin with . Besides, he had yet to execute the slash, but the envoy was accusing him like he had already committed a crime? He even demanded him to hand over his loot from his fortunate encounters?

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What’s the point of finding such an overblown excuse when he’s pretty much just trying to rob him?

“How nice, ‘a serious crime’, and ‘a rare talent’, huh? Qinglong Sacred Area envoy, do you really think you are unmatched with your Martial Dominator Realm cultivation?” Qin Nan let out a grin and snapped in front of the people of the top four sects, “Who the f**k do you think you are? Get the f**k out of my sight!”

After hearing this, the disciples, the Hall Leaders, and the authorities were dumbfounded .

The three Sect Leaders, in particular, could feel their hearts racing after hearing the words!

That’s the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area he’s talking to!

A Martial Dominator Realm cultivator, not to mention that the Qinglong Sacred Area was behind him!

How courageous does one need to be to call out to the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area to get out from their sight?


The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area went enraged .  A mere half-Martial Emperor Realm disciple dared to mock him lawlessly? He immediately reached out his hand and slapped in Qin Nan’s direction .


It felt like the entire space was going to collapse, as a sixty foot giant handresulting in a thick shadowcrushed downward with a destructive force, causing the ground within twenty miles of the hand to quaver vigorously .

The aura of the Martial Dominator Realm was extremely terrifying!

“Shameless old prick, your grandpa Longhu is here to deal with you!”

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Beyond everyone’s expectations, the Longhu Ancestor Beast uttered a huge roar as an atavistic force was emitted from his giant tiger body, boosting his aura which directly shattered the force of the hand .


The eyes of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area glistened . He never expected this Longhu Ancestor Beast to shatter his force with a single attack!

“Longhu Ancestor Beast, I’ll lend you a hand!”

Old Shan immediately lashed out with his attack; it felt like his palm had transformed into a long saber as he slashed his hand at the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, resulting in a continuous buzzing sound .

“How courageous of you!”

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area uttered a raging cry, as the suppression of the Martial Dominator Realm penetrated the Heavens and Earth . He had finally shown his true strength in his attacks toward the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Old Shan . Although with the two cooperating, they managed to slightly resist the attacks, they were still at a disadvantage .

In addition to that, Ouyang Ba and Princess Miao Miao were both involved in an utterly shocking battle!


In the sky above the Mystic Spirit Sect, the chaotic battle between four Martial Ancestor Realm experts and a Martial Dominator Realm expert caused the entire Mystic Spirit Sect to tremble vigorously, before emitting a boundless force upward toward the sky .

The disciples at the White Jade Dojo had their faces turned incredibly pale after witnessing the shocking battle . Some even fell unconscious after seeing it .

The Hall Leaders and the Sect Leaders stared with their eyes open wide . They had not expected a birthday feast to end up becoming a grand battle .

Upon seeing this, Qin Nan’s face was filled with a shocking murderous intent .

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Martial Dominator, is it?

Son of the Sect Leader?

And they were all planning to bully him?

He would not be convinced today . He insisted to execute the slash . He had made up his mind to slay Ouyang Jun in front of the authorities and the disciples of the top four sects!

As for the consequences?

It did not matter if there was a surging flood behind him . The most important thing in one’s life was to be carefree when dealing with conflicts . What was the meaning of life if one were to bear grudges all the time!?


Qin Nan’s saber was raised high up in the air, which emitted a blinding icy light as he forcefully slashed the saber downward .

Ouyang Bawho was immersed in the battle against Princess Miao Miaohad his pupils contract after seeing this, as he uttered a terrifying raging roar, “How bold of you!!”


Following the furious cry, a golden glow taking the form of a dragon was fired up into the air .

The Martial Dominator Realm aura instantly exploded!

Ouyang Ba . . .  was a Martial Dominator!

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