Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 267

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Chapter 267

Chapter 267 - A Pitch-Black Saber Descends From Above

Dead silence .

The place fell into a dead silence .

The crowd of disciples, even the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area and the rest in mid-air glanced toward Qin Nan with astonished expressions .

How strong was his will?

How prideful were his bones?

A disciple with a mere half-Martial Emperor Realm cultivation and a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, why would he have such a terrifying will!


Ouyang Ba glanced at Qin Nan . At that instant, he was at a loss as to how he could threaten Qin Nan .



None of them worked!

Should he kill Qin Nan now?

But if he’s dead, what about the secrets he found in his fortunate encounters?

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area recovered from the shock as a sudden thought came to him, who then snapped, “Ouyang Ba, knock him into the formation too so we can extract his soul . We will know his secrets when we interrogate his spirit!”

His words immediately awakened Ouyang Ba as if he was struck by a stick .

Previously, his focus was to torture Qin Nan, to humiliate him, and to punish him, thus he had forgotten about the Nine Yin Nine Evil Spirit Extraction Formation .

“Right . ” Ouyang Ba stared at Qin Nan as he let out a hollow laugh, “I can’t help but feel impressed now . I’m pretty sure you would have had an outstanding future . However, you are just an ant now . A mere ant which dares to commit such an unforgivable sin, thus death is your penalty!”

With a flicker, he grabbed Qin Nan and was about to fling him into the formation .


All of a sudden, a terrifying force was emitted from Qin Nan’s mutilated flesh, which knocked Ouyang Ba’s figure over hundreds of steps back before coming to a stop .

At that instant, everyone including the envoy was utterly astonished, as they all could feel the presence of a terrifying mysterious force .


Ouyang Ba wore an astounded face . As he was the one experiencing it, it felt like as if there existed an atavistic force concealed within Qin Nan’s body, which had the sign of being awakened .

The crowd could only see a faint green glow on Qin Nan’s back, together with a growing atavistic suppression .

Inside the Nine Yin Nine Evil Spirit Extracting Formation, the Longhu Ancestor Beast turned energetic after seeing this, and burst out laughing, “HAHAHA, you assholes . I don’t even have the courage to trouble this little monster, and you guys dared to do so . Now that you all have infuriated the thing inside him, you all will be facing utter destruction!”

Hearing the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s laugh while witnessing Qin Nan’s extraordinary change, the envoy, Ouyang Ba, and Zhao Fang could feel a chill in their hearts for no discernable reason, as if they were now in extreme danger .

“F**king little bastard, I’ll kill you now!”

Ouyang Ba collected his thoughts as his body began to glow brightly . It appeared as if he was accumulating his force to deal a powerful blow in order to eliminate Qin Nan on the spot .

The secrets that Qin Nan possessed were no longer important, as he would not allow him to pose a threat to their plan with his bizarre change .

However, at that instant, a rare change of the Heavens and Earth took place all of a sudden .

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The wind stopped blowing .

All sounds vanished .

Everything turned stationary .

Following this, in such a weird silence, a rapid piercing sound could be heard coming from a huge distance away . As the sound approached the crowd, everyone could clearly hear an object flying toward them at a terrifying speed .


The object had arrived!

Almost everyone’s gaze was focused on Qin Nan at the White Jade Dojo .


The clashing sound of a metal was heard, as a pitch-black saber descended from the sky, penetrating the ground in front of Qin Nan and stood upright .

At that instant, the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, Ouyang Ba, Zhao Fang, Lin Xuan, Wei Tong, or the aging cultivators who had once witnessed the epic incident could feel their pupils contracting vigorously after seeing the appearance of the saber .

This saber . . .

This saber . . .

Isn’t this saber… that saber?

Isn’t this saber… the saber they had once seen a long time ago?

“Impossible, impossible, where did this saber appear from, did this mean that he didn’t die? Did this mean he was still alive? How could he still be alive after being surrounded by the two Sacred Areas…”

Almost at the same instant, the envoy and Ouyang Ba instinctively mumbled, their faces filled with utter terror .

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Meanwhile, there was a stranger standing beside Qin Nan who had appeared out of nowhere; an old man .

“It’s been too long . ”

“I can’t remember how long it has been . ”

“It’s been a long time since I last appeared before this crowd . ”

“Now that I’ve shown myself, it’s time for a warm-up . ”

The old man said the words in a calm tone, before he reached out his skinny hand and pulled the pitch-black saber out from the ground, and took a step forward .


Ouyang Ba’s clone let out a terrified scream at that instant .

The Disciplinary Hall Leader and the Leader of the Treasure Vault wore blank expressions on their faces, as they had no idea what was going on . However, they could sense an extreme danger with their instincts, as their first thought was to immediately run away .

All of a sudden, they could feel a chill coming from their arms . They instinctively glanced toward their arms, which caused their hair to stand on end! 

Their arms… had been chopped off without their awareness!

“Next, the legs . ”

The old man calmly said . His arm did not move . His saber was not flung, but two terrifying Saber Intents were fired at a lightning speed .


The legs of the Disciplinary Hall Leader and the Leader of the Treasure Vault were chopped off .


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The two could finally feel the pain from their limbs, as they let out cries of extreme agony .

“Your voices are unpleasant, I shall tear you into pieces . ” 

The old man’s hand remained on his side, but countless Saber Intents were fired toward the two victims, which instantly shredded their flesh into a bloody mist .

It only took a split second for this to happen .

“Oh Mama…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast inside the formation could feel his eyeballs almost popping out after witnessing this .

Where the f**k did this old monster come from?

The way he killed his targets, how many people has this old monster killed exactly?


At that instant, the envoy and Ouyang Ba let out a cry and abandoned the Nine Yin Nine Evil Spirit Extracting Formation without hesitation . Following it, they tried their very best to run away at their greatest speed possible, using anything they could come up with, and managed to create a huge distance in just the blink of an eye .

The two Martial Dominators displayed such miserable behavior .

“Stop it right now . ”

The old man did not budge as he calmly spoke .

The envoy and Ouyang Ba, who were now distant from the crowd, shuddered violently and instinctively halted in their tracks, before turning around in a stiff motion .

The old man raised his head and stared at them while pointing his finger at Qin Nan, “Tell me, where did you guys get the courage to harm him from? You now have three seconds to cripple your own cultivation . Otherwise, you two will be dead straight away . As for the top four sects, my request is not too complicated: those with a rank of Hall Leader and above should kill themselves, and that will be it . ”

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