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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1405

Published at 14th of May 2018 12:10:03 PM

Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405: Qi Clan’s Last Battle

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There were two disciples left at the top of Qi Tian Peak, but the crowd held no compassion for them . They only looked at them in a cold and indifferent way . The Qi Clan had determined the rules, so they of all people had to respect the rules . The rules had played against them though .

Before, Emperor Qi looked calm and serene, but now he looked furious . He felt humiliated . He only had two cultivators left, and if Qi Qian Ren and Qi Qian Yun lost, it would be a complete loss for them . He’d have to continue managing the event, but his clan wouldn’t even be participating!

“Qi Qian Ren and Qi Qian Yun will probably fight against Hou Qing Lin and Mu Feng, so the others don’t need to worry . ” thought the crowd . The Abyss of Sufferings had helped eliminated Qi Yao, so they had humiliated the Qi Clan too . Besides, even if Tiantai didn’t manage to eliminate the last two, other people would probably manage .

Tian Long Divine Castle didn’t continue attacking people from Tiantai, instead, they fought against people from the Wen Clan . They were waiting for the Qi Clan and Tiantai to battle each other .

Then, it was Tiantai’s turn again . Mu Chen smiled and said, “Qing Lin, you fight against Qi Qian Yun, then Qi Qian Ren will fight the next one . ”

Mu Chen had faith in Hou Qing Lin . If Hou Qing Lin managed to eliminate Qi Qian Yun, the Qi Clan would only have Qi Qian Ren left . Qi Qian Ren would have no choice, but to fight too . Besides, he’d have to fight each time someone chose him . Even if Mu Feng didn’t eliminate him, some others might choose him .

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“Mu Chen seems to be helping Mu Feng . ” thought the crowd . Hou Qing Lin would eliminate Qi Qian Yun first, that way, Mu Feng would have the option to choose his enemy at the end . If Qi Qian Ren was eliminated before, then Mu Feng would be able to fight against other cultivators from the Si Kong Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle . Tian Long Divine Castle’s most incredible geniuses were also slowly starting to emerge, but the princes didn’t choose to fight against any of the cultivators from Tiantai anymore .

At that moment, Hou Qing Lin landed on the battle stage and looked at the members of the Qi Clan . He didn’t need to say anything, he just looked at Qi Qian Yun who then descended from the peak and landed on the battle stage as well .

“Bzzz!” Hou Qing Lin disappeared in the blink of an eye . Surprisingly, he didn’t use his sword right away .

“Boom!” Hou Qing Lin jumped forwards and appeared in front of Qi Qian Yun, raising his two fists and condensing reincarnation intent in them . Six threads of reincarnation appeared .

Qi Qian Yun raised his hands and lights appeared in front of him . He wanted to envelope Hou Qing Lin’s energies within his own . A sound which seemed to come from the past resonated as the lights attacked Hou Qing Lin’s reincarnation intent .

Rumbling sounds continued to appear as Hou Qing Lin continuously condensed reincarnation energies in his fists and attacked the space around Qi Qian Yun .

“Soul Stealing Reincarnation!” said Hou Qing Lin . Then a strong wind filled with reincarnation energies brushed against Qi Qian Yun’s body . Qi Qian Yun could sense how terrifying those reincarnation energies were . They were draining his soul, thread by thread .

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“Bzzz!” Qi Qian Yun was surrounded by empty space energy, which turned into golden lights . At the same time, his blood boiled and his spirit appeared . It was an empty space picture scroll which surrounded his body . He knew that he couldn’t rely on his spirit to kill Hou Qing Lin, but he could still protect himself with it . Millions of golden-empty space energy threads appeared and surrounded the battle stage .

“Qi Qian Yun wants to make the battle stage his own territory . ” thought the crowd .

Hou Qing Lin was fearless though . He continued bombarding the air in Qi Qian Yun’s direction . Explosions sounded as holes started appearing in the space around them .

“Qi Qian Yun and Hou Qing Lin are both comparable in terms of strength . Neither of them can kill the other it seems . They’re both trying to create their own territory using the battle stage . ” thought the crowd . Very quickly, a strong wind swept over the battle stage, it contained reincarnation and empty space energies .

“If I were inside that, I’d die instantly . ” thought many people . The golden threads of energies were terrifying and so were the reincarnation energies .

“What a terrifying battle . Maybe they’ll die together?” thought the crowd . That would be a tragedy . Qi Qian Yun and Hou Qing Lin were both incredible talents .

Emperor Qi and Emperor Yu were fixedly staring at them . Which energy would win? Reincarnation or empty space energies?

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The wind lasted for a long time before finally stopping . Gradually, the crowd saw what was inside . Qi Qian Yun was surrounded by empty space energies, but he was slowly losing his life . He was stretching his arm out, crying for help because he was falling into the abyss of reincarnation .

“Hou Qing Lin isn’t there anymore . Did he die to kill Qi Qian Yun?” thought the crowd .

Emperor Qi was petrified, even if Hou Qing Lin had killed himself to kill Qi Qian Yun, if Qi Qian Yun, was dead, Emperor Qi would be crushed . After all, Qi Qian Yun was his son . Not to mention only Qi Qian Ren would be left .

“Look, Hou Qing Lin is there!” At that moment a reincarnation hole appeared and a silhouette descended from it .

“He’s not dead!” thought the crowd, astonished . Hou Qing Lin was flying back to the stage now . Nobody knew what had had happened between them in the wind, but without a doubt, it had been a terrifying battle .

“Good!” Tiantai’s people were amazed while Emperor Qi was devastated: Qi Qian Yun was dead!

“There’s only one more . ” said Hou Qing Lin, looking at Qi Qian Ren in a calm and serene way . He said it loudly enough for the entire Qi Clan to hear him .
After that, it was the Qi Clan’s turn and they couldn’t choose whom to send . They had to send Qi Qian Ren .

“Will he fight against Mu Feng?” thought the crowd . Then, Qi Qian Ren said, “I’ll wait for you to challenge me . In the meanwhile, I’ll kill other people!”

Qi Qian Ren then looked at a strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals and said, “Come and die!”

The strong cultivator was surprised . He jumped onto the stage and without any surprise, Qi Qian Ren killed that strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals .

“Qi Qian Ren is a coward . Instead of challenging Mu Feng, he is killing other people . ”

“Qi Qian Ren didn’t challenge Mu Feng!” After that, nobody challenged the people from Tiantai or from the Qi Clan anymore . Everybody knew that Mu Feng would have no choice but to challenge him after that .

Just like they had expected, when it was Tiantai’s turn, Mu Feng jumped onto the stage and looked at Qi Qian Ren . He didn’t need to say anything, Qi Qian Ren knew Mu Feng was challenging him .

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