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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1630

Published at 23rd of June 2018 11:52:21 AM

Chapter 1630

Chapter 1630: Challenge

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There were many people from the powerful sects and clans of Gold-Fire Tower greeting the members of the Gold-Fire Tower in front of the main stage . They all wore special robes with different colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, golden-red, golden-purple .

Nine different colors which each represented different social statuses . Those who were wearing red were Level One Professors, those in orange were Level Two Professors, those in golden-red were Level Eight Professors, those in golden-purple were Level Nine Weapon Manufacturing Masters . There was only one person wearing a golden-purple robe .

At that moment, the old man in the purple robe was chatting with some people happily .

That Weapon Manufacturing Master looked at a young man in a gentle way and smiled: “Yan Feng, you already received the teaching from Gold-Fire Tower . You’re a Level Two Professor already, and someday, I’ll be your teacher . I’m sure that within three years, you’ll be a Level Five Weapon Manufacturing Master . ”

Yan Feng wore a Gold-Fire Tower robe, and it was orange . That was an honor to him, he felt proud to wear that robe . Soon, he’d become wearing a yellow robe! 

“Master, you’re flattering me . I will do my best to make you proud . ” said Yan Feng politely . He was happy that a Level Seven Professor was flattering him, but who wouldn’t?

“Haha, little boy, I’m sure you won’t let me down . ” said the old man smiling . “I’ve heard that you have an agreement with the Mu Clan, is that true?”

“Indeed . Mu Lin Xue is the most beautiful girl of the Mu Clan, and she’s a very talented weapon craftswoman . If I win, we’ll get married . ” said Yan Feng .

“You’re a good boy . Heroes love beautiful women, so this is only normal . I’ve heard of her, and I think you two would be a good match . I support you in this!” said the old man smiling .

“Thank you, Master . ” said Yan Feng .

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“Yan Feng, how come you’re saying “Master”?” asked an elder . Yan Feng bowed before the old man and said, “I’m not a powerful weapon craftsman yet, so I must be polite . I wouldn’t dare tarnish elders’ reputation . When I become strong enough, things will change . ”

“Haha, I like you more and more little boy . ” said the old man in the purple robe . It was as if Yan Feng had already become a protagonist of Gold-Fire Tower .

“Master, I need to get ready for the tournament . ” said Yan Feng politely . The old man in purple clothes nodded, “Go, don’t disappoint us . ”

“I won’t . ” said Yan Feng, walking away and smiling .

“The Mu Clan is here . ” said a member of the Yan Clan who was gazing into the distance .

“Let’s go and greet them . ” said an old man from the Yan Clan smiling . Just after he said that, the Mu Clan landed .

“Brother Mu, I trust you have been doing well since we last met . ” said the leader of the Yan Clan smiling .

“You’re early . ” said the leader of the Mu Clan smiling . Even though he was smiling, it was difficult to see what he was really thinking .

“Let’s go and have a chat . Yan Feng and Lin Xue haven’t seen each other for a while, so let’s leave the young people alone . ” said the leader of the Yan Clan . It sounded like he was forcing them, leaving the leader of the Mu Clan in a position where he couldn’t refuse .

Yan Feng went to Mu Lin Xue .

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“Lin Xue, it won’t be long before you become my wife!” said Yan Feng . He had been waiting for this day for a long time now .

“You’re ridiculous!” said Mu Lin Xue in a cold way .

“You have no choice because you’re absolutely going to lose . And after that, you’ll become my wife and you we will live together . ” said Yan Feng . Then, he looked at Lin Feng, instantly looking furious .

“I remember back then, I told you not to stand next to my wife . ” said Yan Feng, coldly .

“He’s my assistant and we’re going to participate in the tournament as a team . ” Mu Lin Xue retorted .

“He can’t be your assistant . ” said Yan Feng coldly . Then he looked at Lin Feng and said, “Talk!”

Lin Feng frowned and asked Mu Lin Xue, “Lin Xue, is it safe to be here at the Gold-Fire Tower?”

The Yan Clan was in the northern part of Gold-Fire City, and they had a lot of influence . So, Lin Feng had to make sure that they wouldn’t have another run-in as they did in the marketplace .

“Gold-Fire Tower guarantees the safety of those who rank in the top ten . ” said Mu Lin Xue . Gold-Fire Tower was an important institution in Gold-Fire City, so if anyone got hurt in one of their tournaments, then they might lose participants in future competitions .

Therefore, the rule was that those who ranked in the top ten couldn’t be killed, otherwise, they’d become enemies with Gold-Fire Tower .

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“Oh . ” Lin Feng nodded and smiled at Yan Feng indifferently, “Piss off!”

Yan Feng was astonished, he couldn’t believe what he had just heard . Lin Feng was telling him to… piss off?

“In the northern part of Gold-Fire City, nobody has ever told me to piss off, even in the entire city . ” said Yan Feng provocatively . Just who did Lin Feng think he was?

“Lin Xue, let’s go . ” said Lin Feng, smiling at Mu Lin Xue . Then he stretched out his hand and grabbed hers .

“Right . ” Mu Lin Xue smiled in a resplendent way and held hands with Lin Feng . Then, they passed in front of Yan Feng and walked away .  

Yan Feng was furious . He was proud, and Lin Feng had ignored him . Besides, he was taking his future wife away! 

When the crowd saw Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue holding hands, they finally understood what was going on .

“Who’s that? He dares flirt with Yan Feng’s future wife . ” they thought .

“Yan Feng understands cosmic energies already, it won’t be long before he breaks through to the Huang Qi layer . ” thought more people .  

Members from the Yan Clan frowned, some of them even looked upset .

“Brother Mu, why are your people humiliating Yan Feng?” asked the leader of the Yan Clan in a cold way .

“Lin Xue!” shouted the leader of the Mu Clan .

Mu Lin Xue turned her head and said, “I know what I’m doing and will bear responsibility for my actions . If the Mu Clan wants to expel me, then I won’t object . ”

Mu Lin Xue had waited for that day for a long time, just like Yan Feng . She knew how strong Lin Feng was when it came to deployment spells, so she didn’t care about the Mu Clan’s influence any more .

“You…” the leader of the Mu Clan was furious . He glanced at Lin Feng and said, “You’re shameless!”

“Muyi’s request is difficult . ” thought Lin Feng . Because of Mu Lin Xue’s social status, saving her was becoming even more difficult . He had to rank in the top ten, otherwise, nobody would protect him . Not to mention he had to beat Yan Feng .

“I’ve always been audacious . ” said Lin Feng shrugging . He didn’t know what else to say at this point . The tournament hadn’t even started he had already offended two groups . It’s almost as if he was cursed to upset other people .

“Boom!” A terrifying fire started burning on Yan Feng’s robes . He was standing in the sky above Lin Feng, just one step away from killing him .

“Lin Xue, what is he doing?” asked Lin Feng, pointing at Yan Feng .

“I don’t know . ” said Mu Lin Xue shrugging . They looked at Yan Feng just like they’d look at a monkey in a zoo .

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