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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1648

Published at 26th of June 2018 10:34:55 AM

Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648: Making Friends with Important People

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“You killed him?” shouted the leader of the Yan Clan furiously . Yan Feng was the most outstanding disciple of the Yan Clan .

Everyone from the Yan Clan were furious . Yan Feng had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he had become a rising genius and in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had killed him .

Lin Feng turned to the leader of the Yan Clan and smiled amusingly .

“He’s already dead, why do you ask?” said Lin Feng mockingly .

The leader of the Yan Clan shook his hands and a gigantic fire hand appeared in the sky, instantly moving towards Lin Feng .

“Such powerful cosmic strength!” Lin Feng frowned while looking at the fire hand . That hand could kill ten people at the same time .  

Lin Feng groaned coldly and moved back . At the same time, he took out the talisman from Gold-Fire Tower . The Level Nine Professor groaned coldly and attacked to defend Lin Feng . Terrifying cosmic energies appeared, and they sky shook . With that, the cosmic energies from the leader of the Yan Clan exploded and disappeared .

“Does the Yan Clan want to be exterminated?” asked Mu Lin Xue’s teacher . The professors in golden-red clothes and Mu Lin Xue’s teacher moved forwards, all of them looking at the members of the Yan Clan .  

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“You said you wanted the fight to happen, otherwise Yan Feng wouldn’t have died . Now, Lin Feng killed Yan Feng in a fair battle and you dare attack him while still inside Gold-Fire Tower’s territory? Are you trying to provoke Gold-Fire Tower?” asked a professor in golden-red clothes . The Yan Clan’s leader’s face turned deathly pale after he realized what he did .

“We wouldn’t dare, we were just caught up in the moment . Please forgive us . ” said the leader, lowering his head . Even though he was asking for forgiveness, his eyes were bloodshot with rage .

“We forgive you this time, it wasn’t easy for your clan to finish second at the tournament after all . However, if this happens again, we’ll wipe the Yan Clan off the map . ” said the professor the golden-purple clothes indifferently .  

“I understand . ” said the leader of the Yan Clan with his head still lowered .  

“Since you understand, then piss off!” said the professor in golden-purple clothes . With that, the members of the Yan Clan then started leaving .  

A strong cultivator from Sword Mountain looked at the Level Nine Professor, his eyes looked fierce .

“Those people from Gold-Fire Tower are sly . Although Yan Feng could be an asset to Gold-Fire Tower, Lin Feng was a guest of honor who would amount to a lot more than Yan Feng . Lin Feng’s future potential was limitless . ” thought the strong cultivator from Sword Mountain .  

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“Alright, the tournament is over, everybody can do whatever they want now . ” said the Level Nine Professor to the crowd .

“Little Feng, if you have time, come to Sword Mountain . This is our talisman, if you need anything, use it to contact us . We will do our best to help you if you need . ” said the strong cultivator from Sword Mountain to Lin Feng .

Everybody was astonished . Sword Mountain and the Yan Clan had collaborated for a long time and now that person was trying to befriend Lin Feng? If the Yan Clan saw that, they’d be furious .

“Thank you very much, Master . This is perfect, I already have a good friend, who’s like a brother to me, who’s a disciple in Sword Mountain . If I have time, I’ll come and visit . ” said Lin Feng smiling . The strong cultivator was surprised and asked, “Who’s your friend?”

“Ruo Xie, I hope he’s being treated well . ” said Lin Feng laughing . The strong cultivator smiled and said, “Alright, I wouldn’t have thought that Ruo Xie was your friend . It’s no wonder he’s a genius . These days, Ruo Xie is locked-up in a room practicing cultivation . He said he wouldn’t come out until he became an emperor . I think that he’s going to break through to the Huang Qi layer soon . ”

“Ruo Xie is very determined . I have no doubt he’ll break through to the Huang Qi layer . ” said Lin Feng smiling .

“Indeed, Ruo Xie is a great cultivator . Back then, he chased a group of cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, including cultivators of the very top of the Zun Qi layer . In the end he managed to catch up with them and kill them all . Because he’s so merciless, many people in Sword Mountain have noticed him . You guys are beasts!” said the strong cultivator smiling .  

The strong cultivator smiled and said, “Alright, I’m leaving now . Please come to Sword Mountain when you have time . You and Ruo Xie will be able to have a few drinks together . ” Then he left .  

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“Lin Feng, this the talisman of our sect, you can come to Tian Yu Feng whenever you want . ” A few more strong cultivators gave their talismans to Lin Feng .

Lin Feng politely took them . Whether or not he’d choose to go, he expressed his appreciation and gave them face .

“Everybody only pays attention to him . ” thought Hen Chang Tian and Ge Qing Feng smiling wryly .  

Mu Lin Xue smiled in a gentle way . Everybody had forgotten about her too .

“Sister Lin Xue, Lin Feng joined the Mu Clan for you, so does he like you?” asked Mu Qing Ying . Mu Lin Xue’s smile became rigid, she looked embarrassed and confused because she didn’t know either .

She shook her head and whispered, “I don’t know what he wants . ”

“Well, Sister Lin Xue, did you fall in love with him?” asked Mu Qing Ying smiling . Mu Lin Xue blushed, she didn’t look at Mu Qing Ying’s eyes for she was too shy .

“You spent so much time together and he’s so outstanding . If you fell in love with him, it would only be normal . ” whispered Mu Qing Ying after she saw Lin Xue’s reaction .

“Lin Xue!” said a voice at that moment . Mu Lin Xue turned around to see Muyi .

“Father . ” Mu Lin Xue hadn’t seen him for a long time .

“Lin Xue, congratulations!” said Muyi, smiling in a gentle way . He had made the right decision in asking Lin Feng for help .

“You decided to leave back then, so why did you come back?” asked Mu Lin Xue in a cold way . She was blaming her father for leaving her in such a difficult situation . Even though he had been expelled, he shouldn’t have left like that .

Muyi smiled wryly and said, “Lin Xue, I know you’re angry at me, but I didn’t give up since then . I missed you and I really wanted to help you . ”

“Help me to do what? You only came back now that everything’s fine . ” said Mu Lin Xue . Her face was red from anger .

“Lin Xue, Uncle Muyi really wanted to help you . ” said Lin Feng in a gentle way, walking to them . Mu Lin Xue was suddenly confused, Lin Feng called her father Uncle?

“Lin Feng, you…”

“Indeed, Uncle Muyi took me to Gold-Fire City to help you . I didn’t know about Gold-Fire City before and I didn’t know about the tournament either . ” said Lin Feng . Mu Lin Xue was still red, but not from anger . She looked at her father, having understood everything now . Her father had asked Lin Feng to join the Mu Clan!

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