Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1038

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Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038: Coldness and Death

Lin Feng didn’t ask himself too many questions . All in all, he had an opportunity to become stronger so practicing cultivation was the best thing he could do now . He would benefit from Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s paintings .

Lin Feng walked to the center of the room and sat down cross-legged taking out his Tian Xuan stone . Lin Feng sensed all the energies of the paintings distinctly .

Lin Feng visualized the emperor with the ax, his ice-cold eyes, it seemed like he could crush people’s souls with his eyes . It was as if nobody dared look him in the eyes . There were definitely many things to study in there .

Lin Feng opened his book spirit .

Lin Feng sensed his surroundings distinctly, clearly and slowly, visualizing all the paintings . He could only manage this task slowly . He was realizing how terrifying those paintings were while slowly familiarizing himself with them . The energies were becoming even more intense . If Lin Feng was careless, the paintings would attack him .

After a long time, Lin Feng opened his eyes and took a deep breath .

He had used his awareness to study the paintings, but the longer he studied them, the more terrifying the energies became . So he decided to take a break .

“I can only study one painting at a time . If I managed to study them all, it would be incredible for my cultivation . ” whispered Lin Feng .  

Actually, he really wanted to study only one of them in detail and master it . But in the end, he did things differently . It was such a rare opportunity that he had to make things compact . Studying them all a little was beneficial as well .

Very soon after, Lin Feng started studying again using his Tian Xuan stone and his spirit . He was slowly becoming stronger . Studying imperial teachings could only make him stronger .

Besides, those weren’t ordinary portraits, they were portraits of emperors which contained essential aspects of their own cultivation .

After nineteen days, Lin Feng was still sitting there and he didn’t know how much time had passed .

“Bzzz!” A strength appeared in the room and the Qi became increasingly intense . It turned into a whirlwind and slowly condensed around Lin Feng .


Lin Feng sensed the energies and opened his eyes .

What was going on?

What was going on?

Lin Feng didn’t understand . What a terrifying strength .

He frowned . Could it be a sign that he had to leave the place?

“Towards the massacre place, at all costs, come out alive!” said a mysterious voice at that moment .

Massacre palace? At all costs, come out alive?

That voice wasn’t Mu Chen’s voice . They had probably sentenced the candidates for their last exam .

Many people were going to die inside, but the survivors would become imperial cultivation disciples .

The energies surrounded Lin Feng as he realized that the voice was echoing . He lowered his head and realized he wasn’t in the palace anymore . He was in a terrifying empty space full of energy . There were many people under him and they were all surrounded by the energies as well .

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng had the feeling he was in a space, like the path to mysterious world where the Jade Emperor’s palace was .

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng had the feeling he was in a space, like the path to mysterious world where the Jade Emperor’s palace was .

“Boom boom!” Lin Feng fell down on the ground and he suddenly felt like all his bones were going to break .

“Where am I?” thought Lin Feng . There were pale lights and an evil Qi . It was strangely cold as well .  

“Desolate Qi! I can sense some desolate Qi!” Lin Feng sensed desolate Qi very clearly, especially since he had absorbed it before using his bestial consciousness .

“The energy which brought me here was extremely powerful, maybe it brought me millions of kilometers away from Tiantai . ”

Massacre place… That place was probably where the final exam would take place .

“How to finish the exam though?” thought Lin Feng . Where are the thousands of people he saw in space while being brought there? They were probably all in that mysterious place with him .

Lin Feng started walking, without knowing exactly where he was going . He just wanted to see if anyone else was there and how big that place was .

He was very cold . Had that place undergone a massacre?

“Slash!” Lin Feng heard a sharp sound and he was suddenly surrounded by deadly energies .
He was very cold . Had that place undergone a massacre?

“Slash!” Lin Feng heard a sharp sound and he was suddenly surrounded by deadly energies .

He felt ice-cold . People had died there and he was certain of it now . That energy was so cold that it seemed like it could kill people without any resistance . They could just wait for death .

“How could I die here?” thought Lin Feng feeling determined . He suddenly released some energies .

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously while turning around . The soundwaves produced by his voice contained demonic energies and made the entire atmosphere shake .

“Slash, slash…” subtle sounds spread in the air as Lin Feng was surrounded by those piercingly cold energies . It was as if he could see other people there . At that moment, a dagger filled with ice-cold energies moved towards him .

“Piss off!” Lin Feng raised his hand and punched it

“Boom boom!” Lin Feng’s punch reached a person, who then turned around and ran towards a forest .

“Third Tian Qi layer!” Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and moved extremely quickly to chase that person . That person had managed to hide their Qi . It probably wasn’t someone who was sent there with him .

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