Peerless Martial God - Chapter 104

Published at 7th of January 2017 06:39:40 AM
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Chapter 104

Lin Feng was astonished . He wouldn’t have thought that Meng Qing would suddenly join in .

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Uncle Wang was astonished as well and shouted furiously: “You two are working together . However, there is no need to make slanderous accusations . You two are extremely strong . If you want to kill me, just kill me . there is no need to make up reasons . ”


“So you want to die that much?” said Lin Feng calmly but filled with indignation because of that shameless old man .


“What other choice do I have? You are treating an old man like me in such a horrible way . ” replied the old man .


“Don’t worry, there are enough reasons for you to die . ” Said Lin Feng .


Meng Qing started talking and said: “Lin Feng, search him . You might find an item which could be used as evidence, for example, something which would enable several people to communicate even if a long distance separates them .


“Huh?” Lin Feng was stupefied and glanced at Meng Qing . Immediately after, he looked at Uncle Wang again . If Meng Qing was right and Uncle Wang possessed such an item, it would be very clear that he was at the origin of everything that had happened on the journey .


Uncle Wang’s face drastically changed .


“Hehe, I really need to search him . ” thought Lin Feng while staring at Uncle Wang and smiling coldly .


“Stop harassing me with your crazy and unfounded ravings! If you want to kill me, just kill me! There is no need to humiliate me like this! I am a weak old man but I don’t deserve to be humiliated like this . ” said Uncle Wang .


“You don’t need to try and make everyone think you are a victim . That only makes you even more disgusting . If Lin Feng finds nothing, I will die . ” said Meng Qing . She was calm but her words were incredibly sharp .


Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing, smiled and said: “If I find nothing, you kill me . I don’t want you to die, Meng Qing . My life will be enough . ”


When Lin Feng finished talking, his silhouette vanished and suddenly appeared in front of Uncle Wang . He then started holding him tightly and moved quickly so that the old man wouldn’t have time to speak .


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Lin Feng’ hand moved all over the old man’s body and a short instant after took out a small black pouch . Lin Feng untied it and took a little sealed bottle out of it .


“What do you have to say now?” said Lin Feng while looking at the old man who was shaking . Lin Feng had a teasing expression in his eyes .


Duan Feng and Jing Yun were astonished . They were blankly staring at the old man . They needed an explanation .


“Young master, I have always been close to the members of your family . I used to be close to your grandfather, then I was close to your father and now I am close to you . I have been caring for you since your childhood . Do you remember the love and affection that I shoed you?”


Uncle Wang was looking at Duan Feng with an affectionate and tender expression in his eyes .


“I, of course, remember but… . . why?”


Duan Feng hoped that Uncle Wang would give valid arguments but, unfortunately, he didn’t .


“Since you remember, I have nothing to add . If young master wants me to live, I will live, if you want me to die, I will die . ”


When Duan Feng heard Uncle Wang, his heart was pounding . He was moved and touched by the old man’s words .


But it wasn’t the same for Lin Feng who felt his heart grow colder and colder . How could the old man be so shameless and that impudent?


“Meng Qing guessed right and we found evidence that you are the traitor . Do you think that a few emotional phrases will be enough to forget everything?” said Lin Feng which made the old man shiver .


“Lin Feng, young man, this affair has nothing to do with you . You don’t need to act like this . ” said Uncle Wang .


“Nothing to do with me?” said Lin Feng while taking his long sword out which made Uncle Wang look at him in shock . Lin Feng then added: “Didn’t you say that you wanted to die a moment ago? Now that we have irrefutable facts that you are a traitor, why do you no longer say that you want to die? Do you think that we will let you play as many tricks as you want?”

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Uncle Wang could already feel the deadly Qi from Lin Feng’s sword pressed against his body . He was shaking from head to toe with fear . The pressure alone sent shivers down his spine .


“Young master . ” said Uncle Wang while looking at Duan Feng who was his last hope at life .


“No need to beg him . Even if he tells me to let you off, I won’t . I will kill you no matter what to avenge all those who have died because of you, especially all these young guards . They will be able to rest in peace when you die . Who cares if you die?”


When Lin Feng finished talking, his long sword stuck down on the old man . Blood splashed through the air and filled it with the scent of death . That old man was an impudent and a shameless liar, how was it possible to let him continue living?


“Pheewww… . . ”


Duan Feng took a deep breath . He looked very sad at the betrayal and death of Old Wang . He turned around and said: “Lin Feng, big brother, I’m sorry for everything . ”


“It’s alright . You were just misled by him, that’s all . ” said Lin Feng . Lin Feng didn’t blame Duan Feng at all . Duan Feng was still young, only about fourteen years old and Uncle Wang was the closest person to him . Therefore, trusting Uncle Wang was a normal thing for Duan Feng .


“Thank you, Lin Feng . I hope that you will not refuse to continue travelling with me to the Imperial City . ” said Duan Feng as if he had already forgotten the events that just occurred but his eyes still revealed his sadness .


They were about to head for the Imperial City together . Only Duan Feng, Jing Yun, Lin Feng and Meng Qing were left . It was the first time that Duan Feng experienced the cruelty which people were capable of .


What scared him the most is that the people who had tried to kill him were troops from the army and thus protectors of the Xue Yue Country .


“Hmmm… no problem . ” said Lin Feng while nodding . He then asked to Duan Feng: “Do you still want to continue on your journey and go to the Imperial City?”


“Since we already left, there is no need to escape to another place . ” said Duan Feng whose eyes were started to look less heartbroken . Suddenly, his facial expression changed as if he had an epiphany and said: “Lin Feng, big brother, you don’t need to travel with us though . ”


“The large road that leads to the Imperial City is filled with all kinds people . We just need to find another road and we should be fine . ”

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Lin Feng knew what Duan Feng meant and shook his head .


“Hmm, I have looked at the map but I don’t know how many roads lead to the Imperial City . Let me drive the carriage . ” Said Jing Yun .


Duan Feng was troubled because of all the things that had just happened but still said worriedly: “Jing Yun, sister, don’t push yourself too hard . ”


The four of them moved towards the carriage and Jing Yun drove the carriage while the others sat inside the carriage .  Lin Feng and Duan Feng were having a discussion inside the carriage .


“Duan Feng, there is one thing that I would like to ask you . ”


“Go ahead and ask me . ”


“Uncle Wang accused me of having betrayed the Yun Hai Sect and of being sent by Duan Tian Lang to kill you . What does Duan Tian Lang have to do with you? Why would he want to kill you?”


When Duan Feng heard Lin Feng’s question, he made a wry smile .


“I’m sorry, I may be too inquisitive . You don’t have to answer . ” added Lin Feng .


“If I am still alive, it is thanks to you . There is nothing too inquisitive when coming from you . ” said Duan Feng while shaking his head . He then said: “It’s just that it is a very complex matter . Family matters are always complicated I guess . ”


“My family name is Duan, you already know that . What might be less clear to you is that it is the name which belongs to the Imperial Clan . I am also a member of that clan . ”


“But because my grandparents made mistakes, we ended up in the Yun Yang . Nowadays, there is nothing that distinguishes me from the ordinary people in that small town . ”


Duan Feng was speaking slowly as he told his story . Lin Feng was calmly listening to him . He was amazed because he would have never thought that Duan Feng was related to the Imperial Clan .


“Lin Feng, did you know that the Duan family are the Imperial Clan at the head of the Xue Yue Country?”


“Yes . They are extremely strong and respected by everyone within the Xue Yue Country . ” replied Lin Feng .


“However, I don’t know for how many years the Duan Clan has been at the head of the country and how long they will be able to reign over the country in such a prosperous way . ” said Duan Feng .


Lin Feng was surprised . He had never asked himself that question . Reigning over a country and keeping it prosperous was a difficult task but the Duan Clan had been in charge of the country for a long time . It wasn’t possible for them to reign over the country indefinitely but until now, they had always been the strongest clan at the head of the country .


“Spirit!” suddenly shouted Lin Feng . Lin Feng thought of a possibility . The probability to inherit one’s ancestors’ spirit was extremely high so maybe all the members of the Duan clan were extremely strong because of the spirit they inherited .


“That’s right . That’s precisely it, our spirits . More precisely, it’s the blood spirit . ” replied Duan Feng while nodding .


“Blood spirit? I’ve never heard of that before . ” said Lin Feng surprised . He had never heard about any blood spirit before .


“Lin Feng, brother, the Blood Spirit is as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns . It’s a rarity of rarities . It’s that way in the entire Tian Long Region . It is normal that you have never heard of it . ” explained Duan Feng . Even in the vast and almost boundless Tian Long Region, the blood spirit is extremely rare so it was even rarer in the Xue Yue Country, which was only a small country within the region .


“It is said that the possessors of a Blood Spirit are extremely powerful . It is also said that all their energy can circulate freely into their blood system . This kind of ability greatly enhances the cultivation practices of the Blood Spirit possessors . Younger generations almost systematically inherit that spirit but in some cases it becomes weaker through the generations . ”


“Systematically inherit a Blood Spirit . How terrifying . ” said Lin Feng .


“It is indeed terrifying . I don’t understand all the benefits that come with a Blood Spirit though . ” said Duan Feng making a wry smile . He was still too young . His strength was nothing in comparison with adult cultivators within the clan who possessed a Blood Spirit .


“Lin Feng, after all my explanations, you probably understood why the Imperial Clan rules over this country without question . ”

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