Peerless Martial God - Chapter 143

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Chapter 143

That strong freezing Qi seemed like it was coming from the depth of the earth itself .


Wen Ao Xue, who was sitting next to Lin Feng was extremely surprised . A strange expression appeared on his face and he looked at Lin Feng .


“How cold!” said Wen Ao Xue while looking at Lin Feng with his beautiful woman like eyes . Why was Lin Feng body releasing so much cold Qi?


Not only Wen Ao Xue was surprised but the others as well, Liu Fei, Jing Yun, Duan Feng and Yuan Shan were all staring at Lin Feng . They could all feel the cold Qi that he was releasing on their skin . The moment the Qi had reached them they were freezing cold .


Only Jing Yun glanced at Lin Feng for a second and then looked at the monster again .


She looked at the legs of the beast . Its legs were tied with chains but it seemed like its forelegs were actually hands, human hands . Similarly to cultivation slaves, it had a mark on its face . “Han” was written across its face .


Jing Yun got the feeling of deja-vu . She started to look closely at the beast and saw that it looked almost human .


“Han Man!” Said Jing Yun, she couldn’t believe her eyes . She didn’t believe what she was seeing . That beast couldn’t be Han Man!


But in view of the cold Qi coming from Lin Feng’s body, Jing Yun thought that she must have been right with her assumption . That couldn’t possibly be anybody else .


An expression full of hatred and wrath suddenly appeared on Jing Yun’s face . That band of animals was suddenly treating Han Man that way .



“Huh?” said Wen Ao Xue when he heard Jing Yun . He was surprised to see Jing Yun’s facial expression .


“You and Lin Feng know that person?” asked Wen Ao Xue to Jing Yun .


Jing Yun looked sure of herself and nodded: “Yes, we do . He is our good friend . ”


When the others heard Jing Yun, they were stupefied . No wonder Lin Feng had become so furious to the extent that some cold Qi was released from his body .


So that man that was made into a beast was actually Lin Feng’s friend!


“Haha . Not only do they complain about the state of the world and show compassion for trash, but they also make friends with slaves . They are true to their names as beggars! Friends with slaves… Haha!” The political students were making fun of Lin Feng and the others . They had heard what Jing Yun had said .


“Hahaha, their friend is treated as a beast and there is even a person riding him . Haha!” said the young man in yellow clothes .


Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at him . Suddenly, the young man in yellow clothes turned deathly pale . He looked terrified .


“He looks so cold, so heartless!” Thought the young man in yellow .


Lin Feng’s eyes were expressionless and lifeless .


“Filthy beggar!” said the young man in yellow clothes while gnashing his teeth . He had been momentarily scared of Lin Feng because of the expression in his eyes, how was that possible!




Lin Feng crushed his seat into tiny pieces with a punch . The seats on the viewing platform were all made from solid stone . Lin Feng had crushed it with a single strike . He then started walking towards the young man in yellow .




Lin Feng crushed another seat . The heart of the young man in yellow clothes started pounding .


At that moment, Lin Feng arrived in front of him . Lin Feng grabbed the young man’s throat . His movement had been as fast as lightning, so that the young man hadn’t even had the time to dodge . Lin Feng then lifted the young man’s body into the air with one hand . The young man in yellow clothes could hardly breathe from the power of Lin Feng’s grip .




Without hesitation, Lin Feng smashed the young man’s body into the stone chair that he was sitting on . The noise from his body colliding with the stone was terrifying . Then, Lin Feng pressed the young man’s head onto the ground and then trampled over his face . The young man was suffocating from the pressure of Lin Feng’s foot on his face .


This had happened in the blink of an eye, everybody was astonished . All these political students were watching the scene speechless . They were astonished by Lin Feng’s actions . When they felt Lin Feng’s cold Qi, they didn’t dare to attack him .


“If you say one more word, I will crush you under my foot like a bug . ” said Lin Feng in a low voice fixedly staring at the young man in yellow clothes under his foot . His voice was extremely cold .


At that moment, the young man in yellow clothes was bleeding so much that he was half conscious and didn’t really realize what was going on . His head was spinning and he was just staring blankly into the distance .


“A supposed beggar has trampled all over your face . Now everybody will make fun of you just like you made fun of the slaves . The difference is that the slaves are worth much more than you . ” said Lin Feng coldly . He then removed his foot and ignored the young man in yellow clothes . He started walking towards the cage . With every step he took closer to the cage the cold Qi emerging from his body was getting colder and colder .



Everybody was staring at Lin Feng wondering what he was doing and why such a freezing cold Qi was being released from his body . Those near Lin Feng were particularly stupefied . That young man was incredibly terrifying! What was wrong with him?


Those in the cage could feel that the atmosphere was getting colder and colder . The old man was astonished when he felt the cold Qi being released by Lin Feng who was slowly walking towards the cage .


Bai Ze was also stunned, especially since he had also seen the scene a moment before with the young man in yellow . Lin Feng was definitely crazy and it wasn’t a good idea to provoke insane people! Bai Ze’s heart was pounding at full speed in his chest .


When Po Jun saw Lin Feng and how ferocious he looked, his heart also started pounding .


Lin Feng… It was Lin Feng… He had thought he would never see people he knew again .


As far as Han Man was concerned, when he saw Lin Feng, he blinked a few times as if he was seeing things . The bestial expression in his eyes disappeared and was replaced with a sorrowful expression . He had been forced to live like a ferocious beast, he was forced into life and death battle constantly and could’ve died at any time . He had never thought he would see Lin Feng again . Han Man hated Duan Tian Lang, that animal! …and he hated everybody at The Prisoner Arena .


When all the events happened in the Yun Hai Sect, Han Man and Po Jun had survived . But if Han Man had known that he would become a slave and be forced to live the way he had, he would have preferred to die back on that day .


Many survivors had been taken as prisoners and then sold as slaves . That’s how Han Man had been sold to the Prisoner Arena .


During his time in The Prisoner Arena, Han Man had become lifeless . He was humiliated from morning to evening and beaten like a dog . He had even been forced to act as a ferocious wild beast . In the Prisoner Camp, he didn’t stop killing his friends from the morning till the night . He had been taught that if he didn’t kill, he would die, if he killed, he wouldn’t die . He had become much stronger and had a savage ferocity .


Han Man had resisted and because he had tried to resist, he had been forced to live as a beast .


At that moment, when he saw Lin Feng, Han Man’s expression gradually changed . His eyes and face gradually turned red, tears slowly started flowing down from his eyes .


“Lin Feng, my brother!” Said Han Man as he hung his head in shame . He was ashamed to be in this situation where he was rode like a beast… and Lin Feng was, once again, rushing into a powerful foe to save him .


Han Man knew what kind of person Lin Feng was . He had gone to the Precipice of the Abyss to save him, he had gone into the Life and Death Arena to save him and once again he was moving into danger to save him . No matter whom he was facing, Lin Feng would never let his friends down, even if the opponent was incredibly strong . There is no one that he would not challenge for the sake of his friends . His life was worth nothing if he abandoned his friends .


…and at that moment, Lin Feng was risking his life again for his friends .


“Brother, you have suffered hardships . ” Lin Feng’s dark and cold expression suddenly changed and was replaced with a warm smile . Han Man raised his head again when he heard Lin Feng . Tears were unceasingly flowing down his cheeks .


There are some friends who will come to save you no matter how dark the situation becomes!