Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1573

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Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573: Forbidden Area’s Lights

Lin Feng was convinced that there had to be some people already inside .  

In the great world, there were many terrifyingly strong cultivators . If one of these extremely strong cultivators had managed to go inside, they probably wouldn’t talk about it to just anyone .  

At that moment, some people arrived next to everyone and looked at Lin Feng, or more precisely, at his sword .

That sword had been into the forbidden area and had come back out . Even though it had only lasted a few seconds, they were still awed by it .

If they could get that sword, they would also be able to see what was inside the forbidden area .

Lin Feng sensed those greedy eyes looking at him .

“That sword seems useful after all . ” said Lu Yao at that moment .  

“Everybody, I only glanced at the entrance, and saw that there’s a terrifying destructive strength inside . My sword was almost destroyed inside, that’s why I brought it back as soon as I could . That sword is connected to my soul, and I’ve been raising it for a long time, so even if it’s in someone else’s hands, it’s useless . ” Lin Feng explained to the crowd calmly .  

Lin Feng’s message had the intended effect . When the crowd heard him, many of them forgot about it . Lin Feng was right, he had raised it, so it would only listen to him .

“Anyone can control a weapon if they’re strong enough . Your cultivation level is low, and you can use the sword to get inside, so if a stronger cultivator used it and cleansed it, they’d be able to explore the forbidden area . ” reasoned Lu Yao . Even though he sounded calm on the outside, on the inside, he was smiling coldly .

“My cultivation level is low? Are you implying is that your sword is more powerful than my sword?” said Lin Feng, glancing back at Lu Yao indifferently . Lin Feng didn’t usually care about his provocations, but this time, he was provoking everybody else against him .

Lu Yao looked at Lin Feng, his eyes gleaming with sword lights . In Sword Mountain, swords were equivalent to people’s lives . They loved swords more than anything else . Lin Feng had only broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer and was from a small world, so Lu Yao didn’t fear him .

“Indeed, that’s exactly what I think . ” said Lu Yao, emphasizing each of his words . Surprisingly, he was even releasing sharp energies, and condensing a sword .

“Slash, slash!” Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword was furious as it suddenly spat out thunderous energies .

The thunderous energies moved quickly, instilling some fear into Lu Yao . The lightning collided with Lu Yao’s sword lights and their energies exploded against each other . But even then, the Tian Ji Sword continued moving towards Lu Yao’s throat .

“Die!” shouted Lu Yao . He suddenly released sharp sword lights from his third eye while condensing a sharp sword with his godly awareness . He had no choice but to use his godly awareness at this point .

The Tian Ji Sword and his godly awareness collided . Lu Yao shook violently, it felt like his godly awareness was going to explode . Lu Yao thought that he was doomed . He hadn’t believed that Lin Feng’s sword could be that fast . He didn’t even have time to use his full strength!

However, Lu Yao realized that he was still alive . Lin Feng had recalled his Tian Ji Sword, which was now floating above his head .  

Lin Feng didn’t kill him!

Lu Yao looked depressed as he recalled his godly awareness . He felt humiliated . He was a disciple from Sword Mountain, but he still lost to a nobody in a contest of swords .

“Brother Lu Yao, don’t fret, he just attacked you by surprise is all . In a real battle, you could have won . ” said one of the young men in the group Lu Yao had joined .  

He had already sacrificed his sword a moment before coming to Si Xiang City, if he hadn’t, he might have won .

“I guarantee you that if you hadn’t sacrificed your sword, the results would be the same . You wouldn’t even have an opportunity to unsheathe your sword . Besides, you won’t have a second chance . ” said Lin Feng calmly .  

“Brother Lu Yao, if you’re not determined, you don’t deserve to be called a sword cultivator . ” said the one next to him . Lu Yao’s looked horrified . If he backed down now, it would be a sign of weakness . After all, Lin Feng was weaker than him in cultivations, so there should be no reason for him to cower-away .

“Do you want to die?” said Lin Feng to the one who was provoking him . Lin Feng knew what that guy’s intentions were .

“If you want to die, come here . ” said Lin Feng . He released cold sword energies which surrounded that person .

That person’s heart started racing . He also released terrifying energies .  

That person’s Qi progressively weakened and finally disappeared . He ended up groaning from the effort . He had come for the great imperial palace, not to fight against this Lin Feng nobody .

“Let’s go . ” said that person turning around and leaving . Lu Yao glanced at Lin Feng in a deep and meaningful way before he left . He wanted his godly awareness to stabilize before he fought against Lin Feng again .

People around them also left after that .

Then, Lin Feng returned his attention back to the entrance of the forbidden area .

“Let’s go . ” said Lin Feng, going to another place .  

Ruo Xie and the girl followed him . The girl thought that Lin Feng was rather mysterious . His dazzling sword was extremely powerful . If Lin Feng hadn’t controlled himself, he could have destroyed Lu Yao’s godly awareness and killed him .

A short time after, Lin Feng and the others travelled a few hundred meters away, still on the periphery of the forbidden area .

The Tian Ji Sword kept buzzing and shaking . It was surrounded by wind and empty space energies . It was also surrounded by thunders . It was getting ready to protect itself against the lights inside the forbidden area .

“Go in!” Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword penetrated the forbidden area again . His soul and his sword were connected so he could clearly sense everything his sword sensed . As before, there was only darkness inside, but there was also those star-like light projections . The destructive strength from before rose again .

“How come I have the impression that it is like a starry sky?” thought Lin Feng . His Tian Ji Sword rushed back, and he continued moving along .

It was always the same, no matter where Lin Feng probed . But during one of these probes, a shooting star passed by . With its appearance, there were more and more lights which contained destructive energies .

“What a terrifying strength!” thought Lin Feng shaking . He made his Tian Ji Sword come back and frowned . It seemed that with his strength, he basically couldn’t go into the forbidden area .

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