Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1575

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Chapter 1575

Chapter 1575: Limitless

“Three people at once!” Many people’s silhouettes flickered after they saw Lin Feng and the others jump in .  

Those three people weren’t that strong, only two cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer and one of the eighth . They hadn’t even broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet, but they dared go into the forbidden area .  

Nobody wanted to die, and Lin Feng wasn’t an exception to this rule . This must mean that Lin Feng had discovered something .  

At that moment, Lu Yao and the others were there too . They watched as Lin Feng and the others went in . His heart was pounding, he was hesitating, but he really wanted to jump in too .

“I have to!” Suddenly, Lu Yao turned into a sharp sword and jumped into the mist, risking his life .

“Eh?” the crowd was surprised to see another person go in . They were still nervous themselves .

“Let’s go . ” said some people .

Lin Feng and the others were traversing the forbidden area . There was a strong wind, strong enough to scare them away if they hadn’t seen someone succeed already . If Lin Feng had looked back, he would have seen just how many he had encouraged to jump in as well .

Quickly enough, Lin Feng and the two others made it to the elephant’s back . That elephant was as large as a castle, making all cultivators on its back look like ants . Terrifying lights surrounded the elephant’s body, preventing the destructive energies from reaching them .

“More people are coming!” thought Lin Feng when he saw silhouettes flickering behind him .  

Of course, some weaker people also came in and were immediately killed by the terrifying and destructive energies, leaving no traces of their bodies behind .  

“The elephant is still not leaving, it’s like it’s waiting for more people . ” thought the crowd . They had gambled, and it seemed like it was working, the elephant was waiting for them .

The wind spilled over and people could see it from outside . The cultivators who had remained outside saw so many of the others succeed, how could they control themselves? Especially emperors! They had to give it a try too .

Two hours later, there were more than one-hundred people on the elephant’s back and the wind was getting scarier with each minute .

Suddenly, the elephant trumpeted and finally, it started moving .

The elephant turned around and shot out like a golden beam of light towards the depths of the mysterious forbidden area .

Some people had just arrived at the forbidden area when the elephant leaving . They were furious, “No!”

The inside of the forbidden area was gigantic . The gigantic elephant continued moving through the darkness as everyone gazed at the stars and moon lights .

“No wonder that people don’t get out of the forbidden area, without the elephant, everyone would have died . ” thought the crowd . Nobody disturbed one another, they just glanced around and looked pensive .  

“Slash, slash…” terrifying sounds reverberated around them . The elephant was attacking the terrifying energies, leaving many people covered in a cold sweat . If the elephant was killed, they’d die too . They were now convinced that in there, even high-level emperors couldn’t survive .

Suddenly, the elephant trumpeted again, and golden lights flashed again . Golden marks appeared under the elephant’s feet .

“What’s that?” thought the crowd .  

“Oh no!” thought the crowd . A very powerful hurricane was heading towards them, filled with terrifyingly destructive energies .  

“Bzzz!” Suddenly, the marks under the elephant’s feet became dazzling . The crowd watched as the energies from the marks surrounded them . Golden lights appeared in their brain, just like an illusion .

“What a strange strength! That’s a deployment spell!” thought Lin Feng as he recalled Yan Di’s deployment spells .  

“Kacha!” something broke . The crowd thought their bodies were breaking apart . They all started shaking violently, including Lin Feng . As the lights surrounded them, it seemed as if they had been teleported at the speed of light .  

“Boom boom!” Explosions sounded . Lin Feng feared that his body was going to explode, the pain from the deployment skill was severe . He felt disoriented, like he was being tossed around violently .

Lin Feng finally stopped and tried to come back to his senses . He opened his eyes and saw stones all around him, even though there was almost no light to work with .  

“Cliffs!” thought Lin Feng as he rubbed his sore body . He rose up in the air and finally saw some lights . He was in a mountain range, surrounded by cliffs . He had crashed against some rocks a moment before, which would explain his pain .

Lin Feng’s mouth twitched as finally he understood what was going on .

The forbidden area of Si Xiang City was the entrance to a small world, but it was an incredibly dangerous entrance!

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