Peerless Martial God - Chapter 169

Published at 7th of January 2017 06:39:42 AM
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Chapter 169


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Lin Feng was reading the words written on stone which made him smile indifferently .


The cultivation tower was one of the resources the Celestial Academy provided, it was there so that all of its students could benefit from it .


Strong students could go to the cultivation rooms on the lower floors and have priority over other people… but preventing other people from entering a cultivation room while not being there was much too exaggerated .


Could they really prevent other students from accessing the resources of the academy when they are not even using them?


Lin Feng stretched his hand and with a flick of his wrist, his Qi erased the name on the stone . He didn’t even look at the name that was written next “Forbidden” . Whoever that person who thought they owned the room wasn’t important . That room was not being used, that was the main thing .


Lin Feng took out his purity stones and placed them inside the hole to activate the room . At that moment, a light appeared from inside the room .


The door of the cultivation room opened itself while emitting a loud rumbling noise . At that moment, a thick pure Qi emerged which made Lin Feng feel both happy and comfortable . He took a deep breath .


At the moment when Lin Feng was about to move inside the cultivation room, someone shouted: “Stop!”


When Lin Feng heard that shout, he stopped and turned around . He saw a beautiful woman who was walking towards him .


Surprisingly, it was a girl . She was wearing revealing clothes and looked very seductive . She was very slender and her waist was swinging with each of her steps . Each of her steps made her entire body look demonically bewitching . Her manner of walking looked both soft and smooth .


A light flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes . As far as that woman was concerned, her beauty wasn’t equal to that of Liu Fei . Even though her body was very similar to Liu Fei, it was much more enchanting than Liu Fei’s body . While walking, her back was straight and her chest was pushed forward . She looked very flirtatious and her waist was slender . Her forearms were folded comfortably under her chest . She could easily make most people burn with lewd desire .


From the front, Lin Feng could even see her cleavage protruding from her clothes . Her snowy white bosom was very large . She looked very alluring . She simply looked perfect .


“If that woman had been a model in the previous world, she would have been internationally famous . ”


Lin Feng was secretly talking to himself . Lin Feng suddenly controlled and made his heartbeat slow down again . His determination and willpower as a cultivator was very strong . He could control all of his bodily functions much better than ordinary people .


“Haven’t you seen what’s written by the door? This room is mine . ”

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The girl had a light smile on her face, but her eyes revealed a certain coldness . She actually looked insufferably arrogant .


“I really haven’t seen anything . ”


Lin Feng was speaking in a cold and detached tone . The girl took a few steps and looked at the stone between the rooms . Obviously, her name and the words “Forbidden” couldn’t be seen anymore, they had disappeared . Someone had completely erased them .


“Did you do that?”


The girl frowned while asking that question . At that moment, Lin Feng could feel the cold Qi she released .


“Since you can carve things into the stone, why can’t someone erase things from it?” replied Lin Feng indifferently without openly admitting that he was the culprit .


She was looking at Lin Feng then suddenly, a bewitching and alluring expression appeared in her eyes which surprised Lin Feng .


Immediately after, the girl walked towards another cultivation room and suddenly punched its door which emitted a loud noise .




Lin Feng looked surprised . What was that girl doing? Why was she attacking the door of somebody else’s cultivation room .


What surprised Lin Feng the most is that she didn’t stop hitting the door . She moved towards another door, then she punched the other stone door which made it slightly shake .


Loud noises spread through the air . A door slightly opened . A cold and detached voice spread through the atmosphere . An extremely cold Qi emerged from the room .


“Who is it?”


Immediately after, the two people came out of their respective cultivation rooms . They were stupefied to see the alluring girl waiting for them . Deep in their heart, they were annoyed but the cold expression on their face vanished . With a big smile on their face, they said: “Jiao Jiao, what’s the problem?”


“Zu Ning, someone is bullying me . ”

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That girl was trying to look lovely so she could manipulate these two young men . She was holding onto one boy’s arm while her large chest gently pressed against the others body which made the one called Zu Ning become frozen . He then started looking at her body looking like a crazed pervert . Their willpower and determination on the path of cultivation was high and they could easily stop themselves from losing their mind because of a woman’s beauty . They both wouldn’t lose themselves in her beauty . However, once in a while, they liked to enjoy carnal pleasures . People who would openly refuse such things were rare .


Especially at the Celestial Academy, it was said that nobody had ever enjoyed being with this bewitching beauty . Yu Jiao was a gorgeous girl .


The other young man, when he saw that Yu Jiao was pressing her breasts against Zu Ning, looked extremely jealous . Yu Jiao made him drool with lewd desire . Unfortunately, he had never had the chance to be with her . At the Celestial Academy, the person who managed to spend a night in bed with her would become very famous .


“Ke Cheng, that guy is surprisingly using my cultivation room . He even deleted my name from it . He is bullying a weak little girl like me . ”


Yu Jiao moved away from Zu Ning and then got very close to Ke Cheng . She grabbed Ke Cheng’s hand and hugged it tightly, Ke Cheng’s forearm was in contact with her entire voluptuous body . Ke Cheng had the impression that he was imploding with desire .


Lin Feng was still calmly standing at his original place watching this scene unfold . That girl was using her body as a weapon . She had managed to arouse both Zu Ning and Ke Cheng . They were both fixedly staring at Lin Feng getting ready to fight for Yu Jiao .


“Trying to use Jiao Jiao’s cultivation room was a reckless act on your part . ” said Zu Ning in a loud voice while coldly staring at Lin Feng .


“Hehe, what an uneducated animal . Don’t you understand the rules here?” said Ke Cheng while smiling coldly, unwilling to lose against Zu Ning .


“Reckless? Animal?” Lin Feng’s expression was slightly cold . He looked at the two guys with a cold smile . They wanted to use Lin Feng to show off in front of this girl?


Yu Jiao giggled and released Ke Cheng’s arm . She then said while smiling: “I’m free tonight, I don’t know if either of you would be interested in joining me in my room, so I have someone to talk with . ”


Zu Ning and Ke Cheng were stupefied and glanced at each other . A smile appeared on their faces . Even if she had said it would only be to talk with them, it was already a very good start, they might even have the opportunity to enjoy carnal pleasures .


“Are you going first or should I?” asked Zu Ning to Ke Cheng .


“We’re, of course, going together . ” said Ke Cheng with a cold smile on his face . If he said he wanted to go first, how could Zu Ning accept?


“That’s precisely what I thought . ” said Zu Ning while smiling coldly and said: “Well, let’s see who can kill him first? How does that sound?”


“Alright . The first to kill him wins . ” said Ke Cheng while nodding . Immediately after, the two students looked at Lin Feng with clear killing intent and then quickly rushed towards him .

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“Sixth Ling Qi layer . ”


These two guys were releasing a cold Qi and Force into the atmosphere so Lin Feng could determine their strength . They had broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer but they were still infinitely weaker than Ba Dao or Hei Mo . They still had a great deal to learn about cultivation .




A terrifying energy invaded the atmosphere . Zu Ning and Ke Cheng’s silhouettes were moving at incredible speeds .


“Get out of my way!”


Suddenly, a voice shouted, which stupefied Lin Feng . Zu Ning, who had started moving towards Lin Feng at the same time as Ke Cheng, was suddenly punching towards, not Lin Feng, but Ke Cheng .


“I knew that you would do something like this sooner or later . ” said Ke Cheng while also attacking Zu Ning . At that moment, an extremely strong wind emerged separating the two bodies from each other but immediately after, they started moving shoulder to shoulder towards Lin Feng . However, they both remained extremely vigilant of the other .


Lin Feng was calmly standing there looking at the two students who were attacking him at the same time . The expression in Lin Feng’s eyes clearly showed that he found this scene to be ridiculous . They were enemies and were fighting each other and at the same time they were also joining force to attack Lin Feng .


Two stormy waves of energy vibrated in the air, Zu Ning and Ke Cheng looked at each other again and immediately after they both punched towards Lin Feng . Suddenly, a piercing force moved towards Lin Feng at full speed .


Zu Ning who was on the right side had a hideous grin on his face . His left hand thrust out attacked Ke Cheng . They were both using their right hand to attack Lin Feng . At that moment, Ke Cheng was on Zu Ning’s left . If Ke Cheng wanted to attack Lin Feng, he had to dodge the strike from Zu Ning .


“Argh . ”


Ke Cheng groaned and shivered . He increased his speed even more to dodge Zu Ning’s attack and rushed forwards .


“His life is mine . ” said Ke Cheng with a hideous grin on his face . The palm of his hand was about to reach Lin Feng but at that moment, a vast sword force suddenly burst out while emitting a whistling sound . It was extremely sharp and gave a the impression of death . It was terrifying .


That sword force made Ke Cheng’s body become frozen in fright . A glow of light suddenly emerged in the air . In that bright resplendent light, a thick and gray deadly Qi was floating .


“This doesn’t look good!” said Ke Cheng whose facial expression drastically changed . How was this possible? He knew all the strong military students… but he had never seen Lin Feng . How could Lin Feng be so strong? Besides, how could he control such a powerful sword force?


Zu Ning was one step behind Ke Cheng and his expression had also drastically changed . He suddenly stopped moving and froze in place .


That young man was strong . He could sense the terrifying power of that bright and resplendent glow .




That was Ke Cheng only thought at that moment .


He didn’t want to attack Lin Feng . He had looked down on Lin Feng, he had attacked him alone because he wanted to avoid Zu Ning’s attack . He hadn’t been given any time to think, when he stopped and wanted to retreat, that bright and resplendent sword glow had already reached him .


Ke Cheng was gasping with astonishment . He regretted that he had taken the initiative to attack Lin Feng alone .


He was attentively looking at the resplendent sword which had finally reached him . Immediately after, his head no longer had a body to call it’s own .


“Boom boom boom boom boom boom . ”


Zu Ning and Yu Jiao’s heartbeats could be heard, resounding through the atmosphere . They were fixedly staring at the corpse of Ke Cheng on the ground and were shaking with fear .


Beheading Ke Cheng without a second thought had taught them a good lesson . A lesson which needed to be paid in blood .


“You… killed Ke Cheng… . inside the cultivation tower?” said Zu Ning while staring at Lin Feng .


Lin Feng looked at Zu Ning as if he was joking .


When they wanted to kill him, they didn’t care that they were inside the cultivation tower but when they found out that he was stronger than them, they immediately remembered the rules, it was as if they had selective memory when it came to them killing people .


“Not only did I kill him but I will also kill you . ”


Lin Feng’s words coldly flowed from his mouth . He then slowly started walking towards Zu Ning whose heart started violently pounding .

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