Perfect for me - Chapter 2

Published at 28th of December 2018 07:23:15 AM

Chapter 2

Sitting down Nick grasped at my hand like as if he was hoping to give us both confidence in what we do . Looking forward to Mrs . Chem she handed us a file and said, "No need to be nervous my husband and I were actually planning on saying yes to your wedding . All you need to know is in the file please look over it . " Carefully I grasped at the file and looked inside . With a skim of the page, I read what I felt was important .

St . Thomas Apostle Catholic Church

Wedding Form

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Rules to Abide

The wedding may not always go as planned, but we will work with you to plan the time and date of your wedding . For the rules that you need to go by is after your wedding clean up the church . We do not do receptions . No food is allowed in church drinks are allowed . We do not take care of declarations, but we will have a helper set up everything for the wedding . We will also supply you with flowers or plant decor you desire . Any other decorations will be taken care of by you . When you finish your wedding please have someone clean out most of the decorations we will take care of the rest . There are no charges to have your wedding here at this church . We will hire a photographer if desired . Also for all we ask is that you be respectful of the property and we will help as much as possible .

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. . .

Once I read most of it and skipped over some parts I was very pleased with how The church will let us take control of our wedding . With a smile on my face, I handed the file to Nick for him to read and decide on whether or not he wants to have the wedding here . He looked over the sheets a few times and seemed pleased . With that, we looked after deciding on having our wedding at this current church . Looking up I decided to tell Mr . and Mrs . Chem our answer and said, "We will love to have our wedding here . " With a clap or her hand, Mrs . Chem joyfully said, "Oh, wonderful I am glad you decided on here . Do you wish to continue talking about the wedding or do you wish to do that later . " Looking at the time Nick turned to me and answered the lady while seeming to tell me his part, "I'm sorry Mrs . Chem I would enjoy talking to you guys about the wedding plan with Ann, but unfortunately, I have to work in a few hours . So I figured it is best we head back home . " Grabbing my hand with great force he dragged me out of the Church .

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Spinning me around Nick grasped at the car keys that were hooked on my belt . With the keys, free Nick opened the passenger door and let me into the car than dashed around the car . In the driver's seat, Nick veered out of the parking lot and headed to our home . With no music to listen to I started to hum the "Star Wars" theme song . After a while, Nick started to hum the "Star Wars" Theme song as well . After a while, we were practically singing the notes to the song all the way home . Once home we exited the car and entered our home holding hands . We laughed and talked about how we love the movie and how we can't wait to get the newer versions of Star Wars that are out on DVD . After entering our single story home we both felt the need to watch some Star Wars before Nick headed to work . Halfway through the movie Nick seemed to be getting anxious and kept looking at his watch . Knowing that he wanted to get to work I stopped the movie .

Turning towards me Nick asked, "Why did you turn off the movie? It was getting to my favorite part . " Sighing I kissed Nicks cheek and said, "I know you are getting anxious about work . " Looking down with guilt Nick did not respond . Knowing that he loves his job I kissed his cheek and said, "It's alright babe, I'm not mad . Why don't you head off to work and I'll start browsing for some dress designs for the wedding . " Looking at me with somber eyes he kissed my cheek and said, "I'm sorry I haven't spent as much time with you as I should . " Grabbing my cheeks he continued, "I promise I'll make it up to you . " With that, he kissed my lips and left out the front door . It only took me a few moments to hear the roar of the car engine and see the car lights leave its parking stall .

Saddened by the fact that he left yet again I went to the desktop and started to look at dress designs I might want for the wedding . Halfway through looking at photos of dresses that didn't attract my eye's I looked at the time . The time on the clock showed that it was going to be midnight in a few hours . Thinking to myself I curled up in a ball . Unable to keep calm I wound up shedding a few tears . I felt so lonely in those few hours of research, but I forced myself to keep looking for something that will keep me distracted . I wanted to go to Nick or have him here I wanted to hug him . I want to be near him lately though he has been putting in overtime . Usually, he doesn't arrive home until 3 a . m building up work hours so that he will have enough vacation time for the wedding . Feeling down and depressed I stood up and started to stretch . With no one around I started to give myself a pep talk to get out of my depressing stage . I kept saying, "Ann now is not the time to be in the dumps . At least he is doing over time so that he has enough time to have a long month off work . That's right I'm not lonely at all . " After a while I decided to calm myself I went to take a shower . In the bathroom and taking a shower I soon relaxed . After a while, I forgot how lonely I felt only moments ago . Slipping out of the shower my skin glowing a pink hue I slipped on a nightgown . Once under the bed sheets, I looked out the glass window and thought to myself "When will he be home, I feel so alone . " Closing my eyes I went into a deep sleep .