Perfect for me - Chapter 4

Published at 28th of December 2018 07:23:13 AM

Chapter 4

Realizing that I got in on the wrong side of the car I slipped back out and entered the driver's side . Once in the driver's seat, I took off to LeeHwa . Once there, there was a big sign that had "LeeHwa" on the sign . There stood Eva and my other friend Ericka with that they both ran up to me once I exited the car . One moment I was standing on the ground the next I am being crushed by my best friends on the ground . Wheezing I patted their backs while trying to say, "Get off, you guys are a little heavy for me . " Sitting up Ericka made a face as if she had been offended and said, "Mahogany!" Looking at Ericka I said, "Do you even know what that means?" Reverting back to her joyful expression Ericka replied with a stupid face saying, "Nope, I just wanted to say that . " Shaking my head I looked at Eva who was still lying on me and said, "Lazy head . . . Oi . . . Get up . " Looking disappointed almost like a child who had to clean its room she dramatically stood up and helped both Ericka and me off the ground . Standing up once more I looked at them and wondered why there were here so I asked, "How did you know I was coming here?" Snickering Ericka and Eva looked at me and said, "We knew you would be here . Common who do you think we are . We all have known each other since high school you are practically an open book when it comes to us . " Sighing I let it go and started to walk inside the building . Looking back I decided to be my snarky self, "You guys are still short . " Frustrated that I pulled the card and said the same thing that I have always done since high school . They both made faces at me as soon as I made my comment . Walking inside There were row upon row of dresses . I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of dresses . Looking around I saw a dress that caught my eye .

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My friends saw me looking at the dress with wonder . With that, they ran up to one of the female workers and said something to her . With that, she walked towards me with a smile and asked, "Would you like to try on the dress?" To shy to say I would like to do that I nodded my head . Knowing that I wanted to try it on the woman asked for help from other co-workers and they go the dress down and put it in the dressing room . With that, I was practically dragged into the dressing room and I won't say what happened after . Stepping out of the dressing room I felt violated . I felt like the wolverine when He was washed with those scrubs and yelled at in a different language . It was definitely the opposite of comfortable . Seeing me in the dress my friends both shrieked with excitement practically making me deaf . With that, I realized those shrieks sounded like those from the TV show "Friends" . I watch too many movies and shows . With that, my friends sped walked towards me and said, "The dress suits you perfectly . " Looking down I felt like as if the dress didn't suit me because it was too perfect for the wedding but not right for me . Sighing my friends knew that I was dissing myself . Shaking their heads they walked towards me and turned me to the mirror .

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There I stood in a dress that went past my feet the rim was covered in a pale blue and slowly fades out into a snowy white . The shape of the dress is that of a mermaid dress with a single strap . The size fit me just right to hug my curves in the right way . My brown hair flowed down my back and my eyes seemed to pop with more blue than grey this time making my eyes seem to glow . With that, I knew that that was the right dress . Turning around I looked at my friends and said, "You were right . This is perfect . " With that, my friends released the breath that they were holding in anticipation of my opinion . With that, I looked at the workers and said with determination, "I would like to purchase this dress . " Although I know the wedding is not until the end of March 29th and it is February 16th I knew that the dress was perfect . Looking at the price I thought "Perfectly expensive!" With that, I sighed at the price and paid $1,955 for the dress . I tried not to regret the amount I spent on the dress and left with it in a Black fabric bag while my friends helped me carry it to my car . With it in the car, I leaned on my friends and dramatically said, "Carry me . . . " With that Eva tried to support me and gave up nearly making me fall to the ground and Ericka made sure I didn't fall . With that, we laughed and said our goodbyes .

Seeing my friends leave I felt like as if things were going in the right direction for me . I felt like as if I could finally be proud of myself . Skipping around my car I sat down in the driver's seat and headed home . It took a while until I got home with that I pulled into my usual parking spot . Walking around I grabbed the wedding dress and headed inside . I tried to open the door multiple times I gave up and knocked on the door . With that, I saw Nick peek his head out the door and as soon as he saw me he opened the door . Stepping inside I closed the door with my foot . With a deep breath, I headed towards the spare room . With that, I entered the room and hung up my dress in the in-wall closet . Once I put away the dress I ran at Nick and hugged him with all my might . Which wasn't much might I add . Spinning me around in circles Nick sat me down after a while and kissed my forehead . I was so happy at that moment I grasped at his hands .