Perfect for me - Chapter 9

Published at 28th of December 2018 07:23:07 AM

Chapter 9

I turned around to face Nick and kissed him on the lips . He felt warm and safe he also tasted of honey and something that I couldn't put my finger on . Backing away from the kiss Nick lifted me up off the ground and carried me to the room . That night was the longest most beautiful time of my life, but I'm not going to tell you what happened .

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That next morning I felt sore and exhausted slipping out of the sheets my bare body shone in the faint light coming from cracks in the curtains . Stumbling into the bathroom I touched one of the hickeys that I had gotten last night making me blush in a pink hue . Patting my cheeks I stepped into the shower rinsing off the smell of us from just a few hours ago . Smelling fresh once more I slipped on a robe and stepped out of the bathroom . My hair clung to my shoulders and dripped over the robe . Looking at the bed Nick was sound asleep and slightly snoring making me giggle at how adorable he seemed with his hair a ruffled mess . While a blanket covered his nakedness . Walking around the room I grabbed all the clothes that were tossed around while we made love . With them picked up and put into the hamper I reached into the closet and grabbed a pair of fuzzy pink pants and a pair of socks and a black long sleeve v neck shirt . Slipping those on I felt comfortable and warm . Feeling the need to cook Nick breakfast I headed to the kitchen . In the kitchen, I made pancakes eggs sausage and bacon . It didn't take long for Nick to wake up and smell breakfast . Brewing the coffee I felt like as if this was one of the best mornings ever . Waking up to Nick lying next to me in the morning not having him get ready for work and leave as soon as he gets up this was the best . Turning around I saw nick still naked standing before me horny and with a growling stomach . When his stomach released a ferocious rumble I laughed and said, "Get some pants on . " Not caring that I told him to put on clothes Nick wrapped his arms around me pressing his erection to my back . Turning bright red Nick started to trail kisses down the back of my neck . Lifting me up Nick carried me back into the bedroom for another round .

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I stared up at the ceiling feeling Nicks head resting against my bare chest . I felt exposed imperfect but loved . I don't care what others say about us I love him and he loves me . Kissing his forehead I slid out from underneath him . Arriving in the kitchen I saw the mess that was inevitably never eaten . Grabbing some bacon sausage and multiple pancakes I grabbed a single plate and headed them up in the microwave . What can I say I was hungry . Watching the food turn in circles made me even hungrier so I started to eat slices of cold bacon not caring about the texture when bacon is cold . Honestly though I don't suggest eating cold bacon that didn't get most of the greese patted out it tastes like cold greese and rubber . It's not a good combination . With a ding I knew that the microwave was done heating the food . Feeling starved I grabbed the hot plate from the microwave and started to eat not bothering to add any toppings for the pancakes . While eating my stomach relased a low growl making me aware of the fact that I am still hungry . In the end I wound up eating all the food which I made in tens so I had eaten tem pancakes, ten sausages, and ten slices of bacon . Though I could do with more bacon bacon is an all day thing I believe . Though I do hav to loose more weight and keep my weight the same for the wedding . God, I want more food I'm practically crying over the fact that I am still hungry . I want more food with a rumble in my stomach I walked away after slipping all the dishes in the sink . With that, I turned on the TV and began to watch supernatural even though it gives me so many jump scares it is still a show with depth .