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Published at 17th of January 2019 10:51:09 AM

Chapter 164

Since the first moment, she had seen Elder Kang, Lu AnLing had been in a state of confusion .

This man was the Elder of the Kang family? Kang Jun's grandfather?

She just couldn't believe what she had heard .

When she had seen him, she was so shocked that she had almost cursed . Thank the lord she hadn't though because there would be no way back from such a thing .

Lu AnLing remembered a small time ago, at Hotel Helios, when she had spoken to the old man normally . She was so comfortable with him because he was a random old man but now, new meaning was brought to him watching her, at that point in time .

Had he been keeping tabs on her, at that time? Assessing her? The thought made Lu AnLing sick to her stomach . If she had known back then, she would have never spoken to him . . .

Yet, the girl was a bit conflicted, since if she didn't leave a good impression on him then he wouldn't be acting as he did right now, right?

Now, on the couch, sat just three with barely any space between them . Kang Jun sat down on a smaller couch opposite of them with Kang Mingyu in his lap .

The man didn't appreciate how close his grandfather was to his wife but it was quite easy for him the eliminate the man from his periphery .

Kang Jun stared at Lu AnLing for a second whose gaze was far away and empty . Most people would assume that the girl was in a daze but Kang Jun knew better . The girl was thinking of too many things; she was freaking out .

Elder Kang was too engrossed in his own happiness so he didn't notice this . Instead, the man began his questioning .

Elder Kang: "So, has my grandson been treating you well?"

Lu AnLing nodded, "Very . "

The old man gave a hearty laugh . "Good, good . "

After that, he looked at Kang Jun with pride before he said, "I know he's a bit cold, but it's just his personality . I hope you can take care of him . "

"I will . " Li AnLing answered .

The man kept asking her any question that came to his mind and Lu AnLing was so nervous that her heart began to beat in her ears . This made answering questions a lot harder but she wanted to leave a good impression so she tried her hardest to answer the man adequately .

Kang Jun could see how the questioning bothered his wife but in the end, he knew that it was best for the old man to run his cycle or else, he would just come on twice as strong the next time .

The only thing Kang Jun could do was pray that the man wouldn't be too annoying and that his wife wouldn't break down but he believed in her mental strength . Either way, if the elder dared to make Lu AnLing cry, Kang Jun would kick him out right then and there .

Sensing Kang Jun's piercing gaze, Elder Kang finally allowed his mind to fully process the situation .

Then after a few more one to two syllable answers, Elder Kang wanted to frown . He felt a bit sad . When the girl had met him at Hotel Helios she was much more open . At first, Elder Kang feared that Kang Jun had rubbed his insufferable manners on the girl but, in the end, he quickly understood why she was like this . He was an elder, she had to watch the way she spoke .

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Elder Kang took a moment to think of what action he should take, thinking back at when he had first met her, a small sinister smile came to his lips .

Holding onto his chest, the old man began to cough up a fit .

Neither Lu AnLing nor Kang Jun had expected this so the both of them turned to the elder with slight worry .

Lu AnLing put her hand on her old man's back and began to rub it .

Shocked by the old man's loud coughing, Kang Mei Xue and Kang Mingyu ran to the elder's side .

Lu AnLing gave them a look, as if to tell them that everything was going to be fine but seeing as the old man's coughing wasn't stopping, Lu AnLing brought her gaze towards Kang Jun and said,

"Go get some water,"

Kang Jun did as his wife ordered .

Hearing this, as the elder continued to cough, he internally cheered Lu AnLing on . The old man had never seen Kang Jun obey anyone so completely before . The girl was truly a godsend .

When Kang Jun came back and gave Lu AnLing the water, then the girl placed her hand gently on the man's back and she brought the water to him .

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"Grandpa, please drink,"

Elder Kang had felt elated when the girl had called him 'grandpa' in the dining room but now, she said it with so much more care . This caused the man's heart to swell with happiness .

The old man had been forcing his cough so much that he had begun to cry but he still drank the water quickly and then he smiled kindly at the girl .

"Thank you,"

Lu AnLing was glad that the elder was okay but she was still worried, "What happened? Are you sure you're okay?"

Elder Lang nodded . "I'm fine, my throat was just a bit dry . . . "

Hearing this, Lu AnLing frowned before she started speaking . "An adult must drink at least one glass of water every hour . You really must adhere to this . . . "

Listening as the girl scolded him, the old man looked at the girl with happiness . This was the girl who had spoken to him at the hotel!

A small smile began to tug at the old man's lips but he tried his best not to look too happy or else he would be figured out .

Seeing the way that the old man tried to control his facial features, Kang Jun frowned .

He knew exactly what his grandfather had done .

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Kang Jun: "Grandfather, did you just come here to be an annoyance?"

Hearing this, Lu AnLing looked at Kang Jun with shock but it quickly disappeared when she heard the elders hearty laugh .

Then he turned to Lu AnLing and said, "This boy is always so cold, I really pray he isn't like this with you . But if he is, come to grandpa . I'll never forgive anyone who bullies you!"

Lu AnLing was immediately touched by those words . It was the first time hearing those words from an elder who wasn't her grandmother and even then, her grandmother had a weak constitution so she wouldn't ever be of much help .

When it came to Elder Kang, Kang Jun had told her about how he had been one of the 'Kings of the underworld' . So when the man said that he would protect her or take revenge for her, he meant it wholeheartedly and he would never fail to make it happen .

Most people would be afraid of such a thing but Lu AnLing found it quite endearing that the man was so sweet to her . Her own grandfather had never been so kind . . .


Meanwhile, at the Kang family manor, Kang Nianxi had come home and he wasn't alone, by his side, walked Wang Tingting with her head held high .

She was a wife of the Kang's now, there was no point for her to feel inferior to anybody . Or at least that is what she believed, as she walked into Kang Manor as if she owned the place

Seeing this, the butlers and maids welcomed both her and Kang Nianxi with smiles . Though, internally they didn't think much of the both of them . Kang Nianxi resembled Kang Mu in the sense that he was a failure and they knew that Wang Tingting had not been accepted by Elder Kang .

Turning to a butler, Kang Nianxi asked, "Where's Grandfather?"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!