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Published at 9th of May 2019 02:05:08 PM

Chapter 406

In the year after the meeting at Kang Manor, many things had changed . For starters, In the weeks after this, Qiao Lan had left T City after selling everything in which belonged to her mother and grandfather, including their ancestral home . Qiao Lan needed to leave and find herself and become a better person . She wanted to rectify the sins of her mother and grandfather but she couldn't stay with the Kang's .

When the Kang's had heard this, they were shocked but no one could blame Qiao Lan for her choice and they all hoped for her happiness . Even Kang Liang, who had hated the Qiao family for so long couldn't help but feel a bit bad for the girl . She was completely alone in the world now .

This was the happiest ending for Qiao Lan . Her possibilities were endless . And even after her departure, the Kang family found themselves prospering but also, they were mostly happy because, Kang Jun, due to his worries for his wife's pregnancy, had decided to stay in T City until after she gave birth and so, the two and their three kids got comfortable in their home .

One day, Lu AnLing was sitting down in a daze with her three children by her side .

By her side, Kang Mingyu stared at her stomach, which bulged, and smiled .

Seeing his expression, Lu AnLing ruffled his hair and said, "Are you ready to meet your little brother or sister?"

Hearing this, Kang Mingyu nodded .

Seeing this, Lu Yuxi and Kang Mei Xue exchanged smug looks and then they leaned in to their brother and grabbed him before they pulled him back slightly .

Smiling Kang Mei Xue said in the boy's ear, "Yes, our little brother will become a big brother soon!"

Lu Yuxi giggled, "He'll be like dad, he'll spoil our new sibling rotten!"

Hearing this, Kang Mingyu frowned .

"I will not!" The boy whined .

Listening to this, Lu AnLing couldn't help but hold back her laughter . Day in and day out the three children were becoming closer and closer and they were beginning to truly understand each other .

In Lu AnLing's opinion, Lu Yuxi wasn't wrong . The more the days went by, the more Kang Mingyu acted like Kang Jun . A cold aura was even beginning to form around the little man . It was adorable . However, unlike Kang Jun, Kang Mingyu was continuously teased by his elder sisters and there was nothing he could do about it .

Touching Kang Mingyu's head, Lu AnLing said, "Whether you spoil them rotted or not doesn't matter, as long as you'll be a good big brother . "

Hearing this, Kang Mingyu looked up to his mother and nodded . "Of course I will!"

Laughing Lu AnLing patted his head .

Looking at his wife from afar, Kang Jun smiled softly . For the passed week, Lu AnLing hadn't been smiling and this was because Lu Xia, being unable to keep her grandmothers secret form Lu AnLing any longer, had told the girl about her grandmothers cancer .

When she had heard, Lu AnLing had rushed to her grandmother, who had been forced to stay in the hospital .

There, Lu AnLing had consulted with a doctor, and she had found out that her grandmother was not in a good place .

When Lu AnLing had found out that her grandmother was close to death, she had cried and cried at her grandmothers bedside but seeing Lu AnLing like this, Grandma Lu scolded,

"Stop crying little Ling . I'm old . . . death in inevitable so instead of crying for me, stop crying for the child inside you . "

Hearing this, Lu AnLing froze . "How can you say that? You're dying . . . "

"I know I am but I will promise you one thing . I'll fight this illness until I can see your baby being born . . . " Grandma Lu said with eyes filled with love .

This was not a consolation . Lu AnLing didn't feel good knowing that her grandmothers days were numbered but there was nothing she could do about it so she heeded her grandmothers words .

In the weeks and months after this, Lu AnLing continuously visited her grandmother who kept getting weaker and weaker and by the time it was time for Lu AnLing to give birth, the woman was almost at the end of her life . . .

As Lu AnLing was in labour, Kang Jun, who couldn't be in the room with Lu AnLing, paced around the hospital with worry consuming his every thought .

His wife was strong he knew this but he couldn't help but worry . And being around the Kang's, Tang's and Lu's who all seemed to be worrying about Lu AnLing too, Kang Jun couldn't relax in the slightest and so, he took a small walk around the hospital .

Kang Jun knew how births worked, they took hours, and hearing that his wife was in pain and knowing she would be in pain for hours caused the man immense fear and hurt .

The man walked and walked and walked until he somehow ended up in front of Grandma Lu's hospital door .

Before he had even noticed, Grandma Lu's voice pierced throughly the man's mind and said, "Jun . . . ?"

Hearing this, Kang Jun turned to look at the woman with slight confusion, but not wanting to be rude, he entered .

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"Hello grandmother . . . " Kang Jun said weakly .

Hearing this, the woman frowned . "Your wife is giving birth, why are you walking around aimlessly?"

"I . . . " Kang Jun started but he could not finish . He didn't quite want to admit that he was afraid . He had not been with Lu AnLing when she had first given birth to the twins, and now that he had the chance too, Lu AnLing felt as if it was best for the man to wait for her outside . She knew how much heartbreak her pain would cause him, even if it was to bring about a little treasure into the world and so, she decided to go about it alone .

Seeing that Kang Jun couldn't answer, Grandma Lu gestured him to sit, and despite not wanting to, Kang Jun did just that .

The old woman then put her hand on his shoulder and said, "I know you're afraid, but get yourself together . You're a man and you need to be there for AnLing and for your newborn child . "

Suddenly, a faraway look appeared in Grandma Lu's eyes . "Trust me, once you see your baby for the first time, and you see how much effort AnLing had put into giving birth to it, you'll feel reborn again . "

"What if I mess up . . . " Kang Jun said simply .

"You've already raised Mingyu and Mei Xue fairly well . Why would you mess up now?" Grandma Lu said with slight confusion .

Hearing the woman's words, Kang Jun nodded . For some reason, the fear that consumed him at the moment made him delirious . A part of him felt like raising Kang Mingyu and Kang Mei Xue was different . . . it was easier . . . but this time around he felt different . He was experiencing things he had never experienced before . Like the anticipation of the birth of his child . It would be a baby . A small fragile thing which Kang Jun was responsible for giving them happiness . He felt weight on his shoulders due to this thought . Unlike his responsibilities at the company, Kang Jun cared about his child so much that he was afraid he would mess up, even in the smallest of ways .

Looking at Kang Jun, Grandma Lu could slightly assumed his feelings and so, she said,

"You're going to be a great father . Trust me . The fact that you're worried means you care . . . . "

Hearing this, Kang Jun looked at the woman's sunken eyes . Realizing how sick she truly was, Kang Jun felt his heart ache .

"And how are you?" Kang Jun asked .

Grandma Lu smiled sadly .

"I fear I don't have much time left . . . " the old woman said as she looked towards the door as if anticipating someone to come inside . She then turned to Kang Jun with a serious expression . "But that's fine . The old die and children are born . That's how life is . It's a cycle . But what's important is the now . Right now I'm happy because I'll be getting a new great grandchild . "

Hearing this, Kang Jun didn't quite know how to feel . He felt sad that the woman was dying but at the same time he could understand where she was coming from .

"Look, my grandson, I know that I can't foretell the future or tell you that everything will be fine but I believe that you have nothing to fear . . . you are a good man . I know this . My granddaughter has good taste . But even so, I want to ask you to take care of my granddaughter . " Grandma Lu said desperately .

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Hearing this, Kang Jun nodded, "I will . Always . "

"Good! Now stop worrying and go back to where AnLing is . " Grandma Lu said with a wide smile spread across her lips .

As soon as she said this, Kang Jun began to make his way out the door but then, he stopped, turned to Grandma Lu and spoke .

"As soon as it's possible, I'll bring AnLing and the baby to see you . " Kang Jun promised .

Hearing this, Grandma Lu laughed . "You better . "

Not too long after that day, Grandma Lu passed away in her sleep . After her funeral, Lu AnLing, Kang Jun and their four kids moved abroad .

Three years later . . .

Lu AnLing walked slowly gazing at her surroundings at the T City airport . Lu AnLing had not been to T City is so long that she had almost forgotten how it looked like .

After a small moment of looking around, Lu AnLing took a seat on a familiar bench and watched as people walked by .

Suddnely, a tall handsome figure came into view .

"What are you doing here by yourself my beautiful wife?" Kang Jun said lovingly .

Lu AnLing laughed . "Just reminiscing . . . Did you know, I met you here for the first time? And when I mean first time, I mean first time after the whole Hotel Helios fiasco . I had come back home because Grandma was sick . . . "

Kang Jun smiled and then he touched his wife's cheek before he said, "If I remember correctly, you were the pervert who kept her eyes bellow the belt . "

Hearing this, Lu AnLing blushed and then she punched him in the arm . After doing this, she looked around Kang Jun and said,

"I wasn't a pervert! Anyways, where are the kids?"

"Lihua and Xin are with them . Mei Xue and Yuxi wanted to go shopping as for Mingyu, he's looking after his little Li . "

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"Mingyu sure loves his big brother role . " Lu AnLing said with a laugh .

As she said this, Kang Jun kissed her on the cheek . "We should thanks him . He keeps all three of his sisters busy and happy, so that we can spend more time together . "

Hearing this, Lu AnLing could only laugh .

Suddenly, a voice came from the distance .

"Mom! Dad!"

Hearing this, Kang Jun and Lu AnLing looked towards the voice and laid eyes on their 4 children and Rong Lihua right behind them .

The four kids went and crowded their parents .

"Did you guys have fun?" Lu AnLing asked softly .

The four nodded .

"We haven't been here in so long, it's a bit nice to be back . " Lu Yuxi said .

"Yeah . . . I kind of missed this place too . " Kang Mei Xue said softly as she looked at the commercial adverts on the Infinity project .

However, Kang Mingyu, who held his sister Kang Lili in his arms didn't share his sisters sentiments . So he just stayed quiet .

Seeing this, Kang Lili looked at her brother innocently and said, "It's really pretty here! Right big brother?"

Hearing his cute little sister say this, Kang Mingyu melted and so he said,

"Yes . . . it is . . . "

Seeing this, Lu AnLing almost laughed but she held herself back .

"Your big brother is right! You'll see many pretty things here on our vacation . Now, Come on, lets go visit great grandmothers grave and then go see your great grandfathers . " Lu AnLing said softly to Kang Lili as the big family walked over to the black car which had pulled up in front of them .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!