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Published at 28th of December 2018 01:43:29 PM

Chapter 77

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When the performance ended, Lu AnLing felt her heart almost jump out of her chest but she remained seated on her stool, with a completely blank expression on her face .

Hearing that the curtains had been closed, Kang Jun walked on stage . Seeing the girl sitting still, not saying a word, the man wrapped her with Kang Liang's jacket, rebuttoned it and then put the broach back in place .

He looked at the girl and gave a satisfied nod before reaching his hand out towards her .

Taking his hand, Lu AnLing's face slowly brightened .

Seeing the brightness on her face, Kang Jun's heart immediately reacted . She was dazzling . Though this caused a sudden shift in his mental state . He was completely conflicted by the thoughts that appeared in his head .

On one hand, he was glad that the girl was happy and had been able to sing on stage . She seemed to really love singing . When he had done some research on her he had also found out that she had once thought of becoming a singer, but she never ended up pursuing it . But on the other hand, the man felt an incomprehensible urge to keep her to himself . To nurture her light by his side . He was being selfish, he knew that, and she wasn't even his wife yet but he couldn't help the thought .

Pulling her up, Kang Jun was in a daze and so, he was slightly rougher than usual . As soon as the girl's body straightened onto her feet, Lu AnLing felt her legs go numb, forcing her to reach for Kang Jun's chest for support .

Leaning against him, she felt his scent fill her up . The girl had been almost completely consumed by music a moment ago . She could still hear it in her ears but now that she was pressed up against Kang Jun, all that filled her was the sound of a heartbeat .

Looking up apologetically, Lu AnLing pursed her lips .


This caused Kang Jun's face to darken slightly . The man brushed stray hairs from the girl's face to give himself a better view into her eyes .

"Don't be . "

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It was his own fault, anyway .

Watching this, Kang Liang felt like he had just been stabbed in the chest and then treated to dog food, so he frowned and walked past the two .

Following him, Kang Jun gently led Lu AnLing down the stairs . She was quite shellshocked at the moment due to the performance . She couldn't quite believe that she had done such a thing .

Once Kang Jun, and Lu AnLing were down the stairs, they saw a tall and elegant looking man by Kang Liang's side . The two spoke amicably .

She knew exactly who he was . It was Mo Yichen .

The man wore a soft smile and a retro suit . Being led over to them, Lu AnLing felt as if she was looking at the embodiment of a cool spring day . The man didn't exude any dominating aura, but his softness was so rare, that any girl would look at him with a smile . Though Lu AnLing did no such thing . She just looked at him in confusion .

Why was Mo Yichen being so close to Kang Liang?

When Mo Yichen saw the both of them, a strange emotion passed through the man's eyes as he greeted Kang Jun, but when he turned to Lu AnLing, Kang Liang stepped between them and said,

"Brother Chen, this is the girl I was telling you about . " Kang Liang chimed .

Smiling Mo Yichen greeted Lu AnLing and thanked her for her hard word .

"No, it was nothing . I was just doing it for my artist . " Lu AnLing said truthfully .

Hearing her reply, the 40 or so, year old man, laughed . "Your artist is lucky to have you . However…" Mo Yichen looked at both Kang Jun and Kang Liang before he turned back to Lu AnLing . "Haven't you ever thought of pursuing a singing career? Listening to your voice today, I really do think you'd be a star . "

Mo Yichen was a smart man and he knew talent when he saw it, or in this case, heard it .

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Kang Liang's eyes brightened to the words Mo Yichen had spoken . This was exactly what he had wanted! Though for some reason the feeling was somewhat bittersweet .

For a second, Lu AnLing pretended to be considering it but she already knew her reply .

Becoming a singer had been Lu AnLing's childhood dream . She had always wanted this but right now, wasn't the best time for her . Mostly when she thought about her relations with the Lu's and Wang Tingting's words . Her child was also at the forefront of her mind .

Seeing her face, Mo Yichen had already assumed her reply .

"How about you take some more time to think about it, and if you change your mind," Mo Yichen took out his business card and then handed it to Lu AnLing . "Contact me . "

Lu AnLing took the card without saying a word, and then she watched as the man turned to walk down the hall .

It was quiet for a while, but then Kang Liang spoke .

"We should also get going . "

Nodding, Lu AnLing began to walk, but when she realized the presence of Kang Jun by her side, Lu AnLing paused .

She turned to look at the man in the eyes . This action caused her heart to skip a beat .

"I think it's best if you come out after us… It'd be bad if we were all spotted together . "

Kang Jun frowned and he hesitated to answer .

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Looking at his brother, Kang Liang nodded . "Bro, you're like a god to every woman and man out there . If us lowly humans are seen with such a celestial figure as yourself, Imagine what would happen!"

Hearing his brother words, Kang Jun frowned more .

Watching Kang Jun's expression turn from bad to worse, Lu AnLing gave Kang Liang a glare .

Putting her hand on his shoulder, Lu AnLing said, "I'll be going home with you anyways so…"

"Okay . " Kang Jun said, cutting her off .

Staring between the two, Kang Liang couldn't help but squint his eyes curiously .

Kang Liang hadn't heard the words Lu AnLing had said to his brother . Her voice was soft and she lowered it just enough so that Kang Liang wouldn't be able to hear her, but if he had, he would have understood Kang Jun's reaction .

But right now, the only thought in his head was, 'that was way too easy…'

"Alright then, everything is settled . " The girl's voice was cheery as she clapped her hands .

Turning around, Lu AnLing waved to Kang Jun and then began to walk towards the exit .

Lu AnLing's smile was bright and she felt a spring in her step despite walking beside Kang Liang .

Watching the girl walk away, both Kang Liang and Kang Jun felt moved . She was like a wild rose growing in the middle of the forest . She radiated warmth, joy, and youth . The world seemed to revolve around her .

What a shame about her outfit though . If she had worn her flaming red dress, she would have looked like a wonderfully bright phoenix being reborn from her ashes .

Accompanying her, Kang Liang had the urge to touch the girl but he didn't .

This was his brother's girl and no matter what he felt for her he knew that it would never turn into actual love . It was just physical and vocal attraction .

He wouldn't allow himself to interject between his brother and the girl, he could swear, the man loved . It was not every day when Kang Jun fell in love but it was every day, when Kang Liang meets a girl he liked .

Pulling open the door, Kang Liang held it open for Lu AnLing . She thanked him and stepped outside .

Once outside, the door slammed shut and three figures quickly ran towards them .

Seeing the brightness in Lu AnLing's face, Ning Jie's face darkened and as for Lin Li and Manager Hong, they slightly paled .

Kang Liang's face also changed when he saw their expressions . He didn't understand why they were so unhappy . This was a momentous occasion .

"I'm glad you're okay! What happened to you?" Lu AnLing asked with concern . She had taken in their expressions but she didn't think that the reason for their negativity was herself .

Manager Hong and Lin Li had been searching for Ning Jie for a while . But not even ten minutes after they had seen Kang Liang and Lu AnLing, they had received a call from Ning Jie . She was in a random closet, but she wasn't sure where . Someone had pushed her in .

Quickly, Manager Hong and Lin Li went to talk to security . Understanding their situation a man had brought them to watch the security footage but the tape was missing . Because of this, It had taken them almost the whole length of Lu AnLing's performance to find Ning Jie . Once they had freed her, they had all ran to the stage but to their surprise, the performance had almost ended . They watched the last few seconds of Lu AnLing's performance in silence .

It was the same silence that was reciprocated now .

There were many unspoken words in the air . Feeling the heaviness grow, Lu AnLing's mouth began to twitch .

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