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Chapter 1212

Devotee took advantage of Nameless Nie's choking to loudly shout, "Little Young Master, Captain has something to say to you! D*mn ladyboy, am I right?"

Spray of Flowers' eyes were still glued to Si Yehan, and he nodded without even thinking . "Right right right!"

The betrayed Nameless Nie nearly coughed up blood . These bastards!

Ye Wanwan walked to Si Yehan and introduced them to him . "Ah-Jiu, this is Tangtang's uncle . These are his friends . "

Si Yehan's eyes briefly swept over the five people, his dark, unfathomable eyes akin to a bottomless black hole concealing all emotions . He nodded at them curtly, a greeting of sorts .

Spray of Flowers's legs lost their strength and he weakly held onto Devotee . "Ah, this man… is utterly superior-grade…"

Devotee shuddered and hastily pushed him off . "D*mn ladyboy, can't you understand the current situation? How do you still have time to act so man-crazy?!"

Ye Wanwan was afraid she couldn't stop herself from doing something illegal like kidnapping a child if she hesitated the slightest bit . Hence, she patted Tangtang's head and gently said, "Tangtang, your uncle has something to say to you . How about you go upstairs with your uncle and talk?"

The little fella revealed an unwilling expression in regards to Ye Wanwan's words for the first time ever .

Ye Wanwan patted his head . "Be good, Tangtang, go on!"

Tangtang extended his short arms toward Ye Wanwan . "Mommy, hug…"

Ye Wanwan chuckled and hugged him . "Why are you suddenly acting pampered?"

Tangtang buried his head in his mom's neck . "Mommy, Tangtang caught some fish and wanted to make it for Mommy…"

Ye Wanwan saw the beads of sweat dotting the little fella's forehead . He had clearly sprinted back so he could give her his catch as soon as possible .

At that moment, Nameless Nie's phone started furiously ringing again, and the message notification also went off nonstop…

Ye Wanwan thought for a moment before looking at Tangtang . "Your uncle's matter is very important . Hear him out first, alright?"

Nameless Nie interjected . "Actually, it's unimportant… It's unimportant…"

Tangtang said, "Fine . "

Nameless Nie: "…"

In the end, Nameless Nie and Tangtang both went upstairs, and the other four members all relaxed fiercely and hid as far away as they could and ran outside to wait .

As soon as Tangtang's figure disappeared from the top of the stairs, the gentle smile instantly disappeared from Ye Wanwan's face .

Ye Wanwan grew limp . Si Yehan pulled her into his arms .

When his familiar presence enveloped her, Ye Wanwan's collapsed emotionally . "They found Tangtang's biological mother… They want to take Tangtang away…"

Si Yehan appeared to have guessed the situation already . He comfortingly embraced her and patted her back .

Ye Wanwan said, "Ah-Jiu, I clearly don't like children… Children are so troublesome… Why do I feel so sad… that Tangtang's leaving… I don't want Tangtang to go…"

"He eventually has to return to where he should be . "


In the bedroom, Tangtang silently sat on the sofa . His soft and adorable cartoon outfit couldn't obscure the low pressure he emanated at all .

Nameless Nie knew the little devil too well . He knew the situation was perilous as soon as he saw the little devil's expression and wished nothing more than to jump down from the table .

The little devil merely had to make a few off-handed remarks in front of his grandparents, and Nameless Nie's days could turn bleak .

He had no one but himself to blame for thinking up this idea . Now, he had to explain it himself even if he would burst into tears…