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Chapter 2087: 2087

Chapter 2087: That popping candy time


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Si Yehan’s fingers tightened around his phone as he listened to Wanwan’s voice . He had countless thoughts to say, countless questions to ask, but he couldn’t form a single word . “Wanwan…”

Ye Wanwan: “What?”



Si Yehan dazedly stared at the little fella next to him—this child that she birthed for him . “Tangtang… is my child?”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes . “Try asking me again? Look at your son’s face and try to ask me again!”

Si Yehan stopped speaking after glancing at his son .

When he saw Tangtang that first time, it wasn’t that obvious and he merely thought Tangtang’s brows resembled Wanwan . However, a child had a different appearance every day, and Tangtang did resemble him more and more after such a long time had passed…



But how…

Si Yehan’s voice was hoarse . “When?”

When did she have Tangtang? He didn’t know anything…

At the mention of this, Ye Wanwan felt a bit guilty . In truth, this matter was also her fault since she seemed to have purposely hidden it from him .



Calculating from Tangtang’s birthday, Tangtang was conceived the first time she and Si Yehan got together…

Since she was a ball of anxiety and exhaustion from her parents’ barrage, she hadn’t told Si Yehan that she recovered her memories yet .

“Ah… that one time…” Ye Wanwan cleared her throat .

Ye Wanwan reminded him, “That one time you were bribed by me with a bag of popping candy…”

Tangtang tilted his head, puzzled . He was conceived from Daddy being bribed by Mommy with popping candies?

The second Ye Wanwan’s words hit, those ancient, dusty memories all rushed before his eyes .



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How did she know…

Si Yehan’s eyes shot open, and his voice was hoarse and dry . “You… remembered…”

Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes . “Uh-huh! Not only do I remember, but I also remember every single detail! I thought everything was my wishful thinking and you received one-sided dogged harassment from me back then! I thought I brutishly ravaged you! I thought I forcefully debauched you! So I felt pretty bad the whole time . Who knew? It turns out you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing and kept playing hard to get and tricking me in all sorts of ways? Aren’t you too crafty?!”

Ye Wanwan couldn’t stop her universe from exploding when this was brought up .

As Si Yehan listened to the girl running through these memories word by word, he felt like something lost from his heart was slowly returning to his body bit by bit, swelling him up .

“How could it be forced… From start to end… it was me who methodically tried to keep you… it was me… who couldn’t live without you…”

The man’s hoarse voice came from the other end and extinguished all of Ye Wanwan’s anger instantly, leaving behind a pile of ash .

F*ck! That should be illegal!


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“Who allowed you to suddenly start sweet-talking me out of nowhere… I’m telling you… it doesn’t work on me…” Ye Wanwan grumbled .

“After you left, I kept waiting for you at home . I was afraid you wouldn’t find me when you returned,” Si Yehan said .

“…!!!” D*mn! Illegal!!!

“Wanwan, I want to see you . ”

When Ye Wanwan heard his repressed voice, she didn’t even have a speck of ash left and flowers started popping and blooming everywhere . “Do you think I don’t? My dad and mom are both keeping me under tight lock and key right now . I was only able to send Tangtang over because I spent money to bribe my brother…”

Si Yehan squeezed his phone, knowing he was too impulsive this time . “I will think of a method . ”

In view of his performance in front of her parents last time, Ye Wanwan expressed her doubts .