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Chapter 2453: Chapter 2453

“You’re provoking Piece of Sh*t?”

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh in ridicule . This person was probably suicidal .

SpongeBob SquarePants immediately walked forward .

All the guests watched as Garfield and SpongeBob SquarePants got entangled together .

From Garfield’s side, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and some others all started fighting with Big Dipper, Jiang Lihen, and the others . The scene was rather ugly as a myriad of experts in cartoon costumes had started brawling with each other in utter disarray . Some experts accidentally tumbled to the ground and continued to attack their opponents while rolling around .

Ye Wanwan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as she watched this .


A giant noise sent Ye Wanwan reeling back to reality .

Ye Wanwan watched incredulously as SpongeBob SquarePants Yi Shuihan was forced to retreat several steps .

This was the first time in Ye Wanwan’s life that she saw Yi Shuihan ending up disadvantaged .

“Lil Sh*t, you aren’t doing so hot!” Patrick Star Nameless Nie pointed at Yi Shuihan and laughed .

“Heh, as if you’re doing any better . ” Garfield glanced at Patrick Star and swung his soft and fluffy cat paw toward Patrick Star .

“Are you bullying me for not having any hands?!” Nameless Nie seemed to also be riled up after being forced several steps back too .

Ye Wanwan stared closer . It was exactly as he said… The Patrick Star costume really didn’t have any hands . He was just a pink starfish…

“I’ll beat you to death!”

“Patrick Star” mercilessly headed toward Garfield headfirst .

However, Garfield caught Patrick Star’s head .

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Seeing this, “SpongeBob SquarePants” dashed forward and barreled Garfield several steps back .

Soon, SpongeBob SquarePants Yi Shuihan, Patrick Star Nameless Nie, and the Garfield groom rolled into a chaotic scuffle .

“D*mn it… Lil Sh*t, you hit me!”

“I couldn’t see…” SpongeBob SquarePants Yi Shuihan said .

“Hit that Garfield’s head… EH… Why are you hitting my head?! He has a big head, and I have a small head… Are you blind?!”

“Huh? I’m too fat…” Garfield said .

“I don’t have hands!” Patrick Star Nameless Nie said .

“I couldn’t see well…” SpongeBob SquarePants Yi Shuihan said .

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Nameless Nie, Yi Shuihan, and Garfield tussled for ages . One would hit the other’s chest and their crotch would be struck in return, resulting in no outcome even after all the fighting .

Instead, it was Bramble Big Dipper and “Donald Duck’s” fight that intensified .

“Eldest Senior Brother! Come and help me! This brat has a lot of helpers!” Donald Duck shouted at Mickey Mouse .

“I’m wearing glasses, so it’s not convenient . ” Mickey Mouse heartlessly rejected Donald Duck .

“Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother… D*mn it, stop fighting! Today’s a joyful day…” a Pikachu shouted .

The speaking Pikachu was a girl and she had an incredibly melodious voice .

“Little Junior Sister, Thunder Bolt! Electrocute this d*mn bear for me!” Donald Duck shouted .

Pikachu yelled, “Do you really freaking think I can release 100,000 Volts?!”

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All the dolls present: “…”

The dolls from the Independent State never expected to witness someone this martially strong in China, especially that Garfield . His strength couldn’t be described! SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star actually had to team up on him!

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