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Chapter 2454: Chapter 2454

“Mommy, I’m scared . Briar’s head was knocked off by Donald Duck…”

Shortly after, a mini version of Pikachu timidly spoke as it grabbed the bigger Pikachu’s tail .

As soon as Pikachu saw the scared mini Pikachu, she was infuriated .

Pikachu patted the little Pikachu on the head before sinking her energy into her dantian and furiously roaring at Garfield . “Stop fighting! If you keep fighting, you don’t have to bother getting married!”

Garfield froze . Instantly, SpongeBob SquarePants grabbed him by the ear and Patrick Star grabbed his nose .

“Mn… I want to get married today . I don’t want to fight… What are you all doing?” Garfield demanded .

“My younger sister is getting married!” Patrick Star Nameless Nie answered .

“My disciple’s mom is getting married,” SpongeBob SquarePants Yi Shuihan replied .

A person, who was actually wearing a bok choy costume, walked over to the big and small Pikachu and shouted, “It’s all a misunderstanding . Everyone, please stop fighting!”

“Enough! Stop fighting!” Ye Wanwan also yelled exasperatedly .

Everyone had no choice but to stop at once .

“You d*mn bear,” Donald Duck cursed at Bramble .

“You d*mn duck!” Bramble Big Dipper also retorted, not to be outdone .

Donald Duck: “…”

Duck? That sounded weird…

Why did he feel like he was the one worse off?

After everyone stopped, Ye Wanwan finally learned the entire story of the matter .

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It turned out Yi Shuihan went to the wrong location and thought the princess bride was her while Garfield was Si Yehan .

Then… Not only did he leech food and drinks from them, but he also wrecked their almost concluded wedding and messed up the process, so the other group had to restart…

“Sorry… We’re really sorry . We originally reserved the whole venue… so SpongeBob SquarePants thought we were the only group here . ”

Haitang apologized to Pikachu .

“It’s fine . It’s all a misunderstanding, and we were also in the wrong . Hurry on then . Don’t delay yourselves,” Pikachu said .

“Hmph… Handless one and blind one, don’t let me see you again!” Garfield shouted .

The handless Nameless Nie: “D*mn fatso, don’t let me see you again! I’m going to hit you every time I see you!”

The blind Yi Shuihan: “Mm . ”

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After this all-out costume brawl ridiculousness concluded, everyone finally returned to their respective themed castle .

As soon as Ye Wanwan’s group entered their castle, stimulating music started to blast out .

“I walked by myself in the countryside . I’m bringing some sweets for my grandma to taste . She lives somewhere far and remote, so I have to worry if there’s a big bad wolf nearby . When the sun sets over the mountains, I have to hurry home and step into dreamland with my mom . ”

“I walked by myself in the countryside . I’m bringing some sweets for my grandma to taste . She lives somewhere far and remote, so I have to worry if there’s a big bad wolf nearby…”

“Sh*t… rock and roll version of Little Red Riding Hood?!” Lin Que was stunned . “Why does it sound so demonic?!”

“Frigging awesome…” Big Dipper gave a thumbs-up . “How could Sis Feng’s version of Little Red Riding Hood not be demonic? She’s probably a Little Red Riding Hood who carries a backsword on her shoulder while riding a motorcycle and chugging liquor!”

This was a freaking staggering opening!

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“Eh, it’s actually nothing . Didn’t you hear it… That Garfield is playing KFC’s theme song at his wedding?”

Everyone: “…”

“Daddy, Mommy, I wish you a joyous marriage and eternal bliss!” a small gray wolf doll said in a childish voice after walking over to Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan .

Ye Wanwan patted the small gray wolf on the head and hugged him . “Thank you, baby . Mommy loves you to death!”

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