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Chapter 957

Nie Tang Xiao cocked his small head, sizing up the youth in front of him .

Most beloved… darling?

Could it be this person…?

Could it be that I was created by him and Mommy?

This person was truly groomed by Ye Wanwan . His potential wasn't bad and his attitude was great . Even though he was already an A-lister with countless fans, he didn't put on any airs .

After finding out this was the child of Ye Wanwan's brother, Luo Chen chatted even more fondly with Nie Tang Xiao and gave him candy .

Nie Tang Xiao held the candy and looked at his Mommy then at Luo Chen . The pair acted very familiar and in sync with one another as they discussed their work and scripts . He fell into deep thought .

At that moment, another pair of footsteps came from outside the door .

It was a person wearing an elegantly retro and white, plaid suit . He was carrying a bouquet of gorgeous lavender baby's breath as he walked in . Behind him were his assistant and a man who appeared to be his manager .

His assistant and manager were also carrying similar gifts and fresh flowers in their hands .

The person gave off a different vibe than Luo Chen . He exuded a warm feeling of familiarity and made Nie Tang Xiao feel inspired .

When Ye Wanwan saw this incoming person, she greeted him with a bit of shock . "Xian Yu, you're already finished? This quickly?"

The reporters actually let him get away so quickly?

Han Xian Yu smiled slightly as he walked over . "Mhm, it's finished . Thankfully, Gong Xu was there . "

When he finished speaking, he handed the bouquet in his hands to her .

Ye Wanwan glanced at the bouquet before her and blinked . "These flowers… were given to you by a fan?"

Han Xian Yu chuckled . "No, I'm giving these to you . You've worked hard!"

Ye Wanwan suddenly clutched her heart . She never imagined she would be flirted with . "Mr . Perfect! If your fans found out, they would be so jealous of me!"

Mr . Perfect!

Nie Tang Xiao's ears perked up .

Han Xian Yu quietly observed the youth in front of him and replied, "The fans can only see us actors, who are at the front lines, but it's alright . We all know the effort and struggles you all go through . "

He knew that the incident involving Xu Lin was irreversible and he had already prepared for the worst . However, he never imagined that this person could once again lead them back from the dead .

Ever since he met this person, this person kept creating miracles .

No matter how bright the actors shined from the outside, this person was the team's true soul and spirit .

Ye Wanwan appreciated the flowers she received . "No wonder the fans call you an angel…"

Han Xian Yu is truly too warm-hearted!

He thought of everything and was considerate . He always took care of those around him and made them feel warm and appreciated .

Han Xian Yu watched Ye Bai caressing and glancing down at the lavender bouquet in his arms…

The warmth in his gaze made Han Xian Yu's own heart skip a beat .

He was clearly a man, yet he was more gentle than actual girls…

Han Xian Yu was lost in his thoughts when suddenly, he felt a piercing gaze . After glancing around, he saw that the look came from a little boy behind Ye Bai .

Han Xian Yu: "Ye Bai, this is…?"

Since when did he have a kid?

"Ah, this is Tangtang . He's my friend's child…" Ye Wanwan explained things the same way as she did before .

Nie Tang Xiao stood beside his Mommy, sizing up Han Xian Yu . The caution he held towards him was ten times that of when he observed Luo Chen!A type of flower

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