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Perfect Superstar - Chapter 203

Published at 16th of September 2020 09:52:43 AM

Chapter 203

Chapter 203 – Business and Private Matters

Beijing has the largest number of high-end clubs and private clubs in the country .

Some high-end clubs have strict rules and regulations, and extremely expensive membership fees, forming a special small circle . When Lu Chen was working in Forget Worries Grass Bar, he heard a lot of rumors about these clubs, and some were quite bizarre .

In the eyes of ordinary people, these places were extremely mysterious .

The private club that Li Mushi brought Lu Chen to was called Borui Club . It was located near the CBD on the Second Ring Road and was close to the park . The buildings’ exterior was built with steel frames and glass . It has a unique style and modern flavor .

It wasn’t dark yet, but the parking lot outside the Borui Club was already full of luxury cars .

The number of cars there was so large that it could hold a luxury car exhibition .

When Lu Chen got out of the car, he saw several security guards in black uniforms, wearing sunglasses and earphones .

Li Mushi was obviously a regular there . She took Lu Chen straight in without showing any ID card, and the security staff and waiters bowed respectfully when they saw her .

It has to be said that this sense of nobility made people sigh .

This was a fresh experience for Lu Chen . He was a bit curious, but not envious . Everyone has their own fate, and he also has his pride .

Surprisingly, the decoration inside the club was not magnificent, but presented a deep and restrained design style, without the slightest sense of nouveau riche atmosphere, which made it very special .

Li Mushi said to Lu Chen, “Let’s discuss things first before we eat, would that be okay with you?”


Although she phrased it like an inquiry, her tone was very firm[1] .

Lu Chen remained calm and collected, and said, “The guest will act according to the host’s arrangement[2] . I’ll listen to Big Sister Mushi . ”

Li Mushi glanced at him and said with a smile, “if you really listen to me, that will be good . ”

She said this a little ambiguously .

Lu Chen smiled faintly, but there was a trace of vigilance in his heart .

This immediately let him know that the young lady of the Li family specially bringing him here today was probably not a good thing!

But he wasn’t afraid .

Following Li Mushi, the two took the elevator to the third floor of the club .

On the third floor, after turning right, there was impressively a big space inside . There were three rings in the middle .

There were also a lot of fitness equipment around, and large mirrors are affixed to the walls on both sides .

At the front was a long row of floor-to-ceiling glass, through which one could see the bustling scene of the Central Business District in the distance .

The black ceiling was densely covered with lights, and the bright lights lit up the entire space . Dozens of men and women were working out, and there were people practicing in the three rings . It was a lively scene .

“Big Sister!” “Big Sister Mu Shi!”

Seeing Li Mushi, many people came to greet her, and at the same time, they looked at Lu Chen with inquisitive eyes .

Li Mushi responded with a smile . It felt like she was the queen there .

Inspecting her own territory!

The two sat down in the lounge by the window, and a waiter brought them tea .

Li Mushi personally poured Lu Chen a cup of tea and said, “Let’s talk about business first . Some venture capitalists are very interested in our online crowdfunding and want to buy at least 25% of the shares!”

Lu Chen was immediately refreshed: “How much did the other party offer?”

Frankly speaking, he did the online crowdfunding because, in addition to making it convenient for him to release his own album, he wanted to make a lot of money .

It was naturally a good thing that venture capitalists were willing to hold shares .

Li Mushi said: “Their valuation of the crowdfunding is 20 million…”

20 million?

Lu Chen frowned – the valuation was a little low .

If Lu Chen was alone, and others were willing to pay 20 million, then he would sell it all without hesitation .

But now, the online crowdfunding has the participation of the Li family . It has also obtained copyright protection certificate . So, its value has naturally increased .

Most importantly, the online crowdfunding has completed its first crowdfunding project, and it has been very successful .

This Internet business model was undoubtedly feasible and has great potential .

Its future was promising!


Li Mu observed his speech and behavior[3], and said: “This valuation is definitely low . Frankly speaking, I am very optimistic about the online crowdfunding now . If you like . I can buy 41% of your shares at a valuation of 50 million!”

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Lu Chen’s heart suddenly beat fiercely!

At a valuation of 50 million, 41% of the shares was 20 . 5 million!

Li Mushi’s offer was undoubtedly very sincere . It should be known that it has only been two months since the establishment of the Crowdfunding Network, and the Li family has made great efforts, and Lu Chen has only provided an idea .

An idea in exchange for more than 20 million . In this day and age, that was a miracle of the Internet!

However, Lu Chen was not dazzled by the huge sum of money that suddenly fell . He calmly asked: “Why not buy it all? and leave me 10%?”

Li Mushi said with a smile, “At least for now, the Crowdfunding Network needs your presence . Especially in projects involving the entertainment industry, you can play a good role . ”

The first project of Crowdfunding Network, Lu Chen’s debut album, was completed entirely through his fans . It proved Lu Chen’s appeal while also setting a good example in the entertainment industry .

In terms of crowdfunding, the company has received inquiries from several entertainment agencies .

Moreover, the publicity effect of the crowdfunding projects in the entertainment industry was not something that other commercial projects could compare to!

Lu Chen said with a smile: “In that case, I agree with your offer, but the 10% shares I hold must be converted into undiluted founder shares!”

When he cooperated with the Li family, he promised to transfer most of his shares in the future .

But Lu Chen still has to stick to his own interests .

The so-called non-dilutive founder shares means that no matter how big the company expands in the future, and no matter how much the investment increases, the 10% shares he holds would remain fixed!

Li Mushi was surprised .

She originally thought that Lu Chen could easily be knocked down with 20 million, but she did not expect that Lu Chen would offer such a condition . He was clearly asking a question that he already know the answer to .

She was really a little careless, or she underestimated Lu Chen .

10% of non-dilutable founder shares might sound not that much, but in fact, it was a lot!

But Li Mushi was not someone who easily admits defeat . She mused for a moment and said, “I’ll think about it first . Let’s put this business aside . Let’s talk about some private matters . ”

Lu Chen asked calmly, “Is it about Chen Qian?”

Li Mushi stared at him with a sharp gaze: “Yes, what exactly did you do to her last night?”

Lu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “What can I do to her?”

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He told the story of how he took Chen Qian out last night to reassure Li Mushi and the Li family .

After Li Mushi finished listening, her eyes softened a lot .

But she didn’t intend to let Lu Chen off the hook . She said unreasonably, “Who told you to meddle in other people’s business? She’s my sister, and you can’t bully her for nothing!”

Lu Chen couldn’t help but be surprised, because in his impression, Li Mushi was not the kind of unreasonable person .

Lu Chen asked, “So what do you want?”

Without hesitation, Li Mushi pointed to the ring in front of her and said, “It’s very simple . As long as you beat me up there, this matter will be written off, and I will agree to your share purchase conditions!”

“If you lose…”

A sly smile appeared on the corners of her lips: “Then you’ll apologize to Qianqian and make her happy!”

Lu Chen felt that he couldn’t keep up with Li Mushi’s train of thought: “You mean you want to fight me?”

Li Mushi nodded: “Yes, Qianqian learned judo self-defense from me . She said she was no match for you…”

This woman!

Lu Chen saw the excited flames dancing in her eyes, showing a sense of belligerence .

She was serious!

Lu Chen shook his head and said frankly, “You are no match for me, and I don’t hit women . ”

Li Mushi sneered, “How can you know if you don’t try? You don’t have to think of me as a woman!”

She felt that Lu Chen was really boasting shamelessly .

Lu Chen looked at Li Mushi blankly and suddenly said with a smile, “If that’s the case, if you agree to one more condition, then I will compete with you . ”

Li Mushi asked impatiently, “What condition?”

Lu Chen said faintly, “It’s very simple . If you lose, don’t ever harass my big sister again . ”


Li Mushi was a les, commonly known as lala[4] .

Lu Chen didn’t know it at first, but later Lu Xi told him several times that Li Mushi was weird to her .

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Lu Chen felt something was wrong and asked Li Mubai . The latter dodged the question and said that he didn’t understand .

But Lu Chen already understood .

Lu Chen didn’t discriminate against les, and Li Mushi didn’t do anything excessive, but he still hoped that his sister would not be bothered by this .

Li Mushi was stunned and then giggled .

She looked at Lu Chen amorously and said, “Actually, I like your sister very much . Since you have opened your mouth, I will give you face, but only if you defeat me . ”

“Come on, then!” Lu Chen stood up calmly and said, “Let’s solve this problem as soon as possible . ”

His self-confidence and calmness made Li Mushi frown .

But Li Mushi didn’t take it to heart, because she simply didn’t believe that she would lose to Lu Chen .

“Change your clothes!”

The club was very well equipped, and soon someone sent Lu Chen a brand-new suit .

After Lu Chen changed, he stepped into the middle ring .

Li Mushi was already up there waiting for him .

Lu Chen was wearing a black tracksuit, while she was wearing a white tight-fitting outfit, which outlines her strong and healthy, and sexy figure . Especially her long legs, which were simply captivating, full of strength and beauty .

When they saw the two people on the stage, the people around them gathered around to watch the excitement .


Among these people, there were men and women . They were all young, and all of them were in good shape and well-built . Obviously, after long-term exercise, many of them had muscles that were shining[5] . They were undoubtedly not ordinary fitness enthusiasts .

The showdown between Lu Chen and Li Mushi has attracted everyone’s attention!


[1] She said it in a tone as if the things they are going to do has already been decided .

[2] 客随主便 – This a saying which means the guest will act according to the host’s convenience or arrangement . I’m not sure if he is quoting this saying or if he’s saying that he will follow her arrangements .

[3] 察言观色 – an idiom that means to weigh up somebody’s words and observe their facial expression . Or to discern what somebody thinks from his body language

[4] 拉拉 – lala . This is an internet slang for lesbian . The “les” there was written in English letter in the raw, so I wrote it as it is .

[5] Shining from sweat, I guess .

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