Perverted Romance - Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: 137

Brandon Zhou is a well renowned hyperrealism (¹) artist and a businessman .

He owned a famous atelier and has his very own museum .

In such a young age, he had dominated the world of art .

His artworks sells millions to even billions of dollars and his dealings doesn't just go with the conventional market but up to the underground market as well .

He was a fast growing counterfeit dealer of painting and scuptures in the black market .

He goes by the name T . K .

That's where he knows about Ian Lee's identity .

Ian Lee is one of the leading players in "the Abyss" the name of the black market organization they both belong to .

He's famous for being the cunning and ruthless man just like his father Ethan Lee .

Many players fear him for they know how Ian deals to those who got on his bad side .

They've all heard stories how Ian tortures and cripples people who tried to swindle him or those who simply pissed him off .

Brandon kept quietly drinking not minding the people who were still talking about Tia .

Then he heard Erwin Huo, who was now tipsy talking suddenly exclaimed .

"Oh, I remembered now! Brandon is a huge fan of Tia too! Now I know why his artworks looks familiar!"

Brandon shot a warning glare at Erwin, but since Erwin was intoxicated, he didn't notice him and continued on his rambling .

"It was modeled after our goddess . "

The people inside the room all look ambiguously at Brandon waiting for his reaction .

They couldn't blame Brandon if he also admired Tia . Because to them, Tia is the epitome of perfection .

She's not just pretty and sexy she's also blessed on the intellectual side too .

Brandon didn't say anything and just ignored Erwin . Indeed what Erwin said was true .

Tia has been his inspiration when creating and drawing his artwork .

Be it her eyes, her nose, her lips, he would leave one of Tia's feature in his paintings .

After all these years he had been madly in love with her .

After he found out that Tia had caught him, he went home and asked his parents for him to take him overseas .

He doesn't have the courage to face Tia after what he did .

At first his parents strongly disagree but he blackmailed them that he will tell his grandfather about his father's shady dealings outside the company .

His grandfather was an honest man who hates underhanded practices .

Brandon knows that the power struggle between his father and his uncle was strong .

And just a misstep on his father's part will over turn the outcome of their competition so his father got no choice but to comply .

Brandon spend his time in the US honing and sharpening his art skills .

But not a day goes by that he didn't think about Tia .

After their drinking session, everyone merrily went out to their own homes .

They had a great time catching up . Especially Erwin who got lucky he had sales talk some of his friends to apply for insurance .

As Erwin walked out of the red light district, someone grabbed him to an empty alley .

The next morning he was found dead with multiple stab wounds and his wallet was empty .

The police announced his death as robbery with homicide .


(1) hyperrealism - is a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph .

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