Perverted Romance - Chapter 143

Published at 11th of January 2019 11:20:04 AM
Chapter 143: 143

Ian and Tia were on their way to the private tarmac when he received Charlie's message .

They made a stop and he asked Tia to wait at a coffee shop .

He told her that he's just gonna meet a client for a moment .

Tia didn't notice anything odd and so she ordered her favorite latte and browse online .

After almost an hour, Ian came back and they went to the tarmac .

Due to time difference, it was already night time at D City .

They spend their whole day visiting brother Andy and his family then went and checked out of the hotel .

Tia thought that they were going back to S City but to her surprise instead of the plane that they boarded last time it was a chopper that was waiting for them .

"Uhh, we're gonna use this?"


Ian nonchalantly replied . Then he walked Tia onto the chopper .

"Wait where's the pilot?"

Tia bewilderingly asked . The chopper only has two seater so she got confused .

She wonders if Ian would be left behind and she's the only one flying back to S City .

Then she saw Ian hopped into the pilot seat buckling up .

Her eyes went wide from shock as soon as she realized that Ian was the one whose gonna pilot the chopper .


She shoutingly asked as the helicopter's propeller whirred readying for take off .

Ian put the aviation headset onto Tia and spoke through the mic .

"Don't worry . Just seatback, relax and enjoy the view okay?"

Tia nodded and tightly shut her eyes as she feel the chopper slowly ascending up the sky .

"Look below . "

She heard Ian speak through the headset . She slowly opened her eyes and saw the aerial view of D City .

The city lights glow like fireballs twinkling under her . She gasped as she enjoy the surreal moment .

"Wow, so awesome . " She exclaimed .

"Do you like it?"

"En . "

She replied and looked at Ian . Ian swiftly kissed her . Tia was shocked silly when she realized what Ian did .

"Hey pay attention to your driving!"

"What? Its in autopilot mode don't worry . "

" . . . "

He replied . He finds Tia's scaredy cat looked so cute .

"Tian-Tian, I love you . "

He suddenly said through the headset . His magnetic voice reverberates in Tia's ears, enchanting her .

Then he reached out to his pocket and held out a box . He looked straight to Tia's eyes .

And in his most sincere and profound voice he said .

"Tian-Tian, before when I was in that dark place I have lost my will to live, but when you showed up you have given me courage to live and fight on .

I have lived my life lost and empty after that, but when I met you again I realized that my reason for breathing is you .

You have given me hope . You have saved me not just before but up until now . You're the only one I need .

I won't promise or swear anything cause I will certainly love and protect you .

Tian-Tian, let all my happiness be yours and let all your sadness be mine . I will let the whole world be yours and only you shall be mine .

So please will you marry me?"

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